FPD Chapter 349

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The Last of the Red Skull Sisters (3)


Someone asked for the background of the Red Skull Sisters… You can go to their first appearance in chapter 79…



Marana wrapped her arms and legs around my neck and waist. She hugged my body tightly while enjoying my constants attacks.

Each time I thrusted, her body shook and her breast trembled. At the same time, her mouth emitted soft soul-stirring moans.

With her face flushed, Marana put on a seductive expression. Her throat emitted stifled groans, and her eyelashes shivered in pleasure.

I could feel her entire body tensing up. It was obvious she was about to have an orgasm.

Feeling the changes in her body, I moved faster and faster, thrusting and thrusting as though I wanted to break her body.

Then, my penis reached her deepest part, touching the entrance of her womb.

Marana’s honey hole tightened around me, then, her love juices squirted out, drenching my penis.


She had reached a climax.

I looked at Marana’s embarrassed expression while tasting the pleasure brought by Marana’s tight hole. Feeling Marana’s hot and sticky liquid escaping of her moist cave, I could not help but felt refreshed.

But although Marana orgasmed, I did not. I was not planning to stop the enjoyment so soon.

Thus, I took a deep breath and waited until the afterglow of her orgasm faded out to continue with my attacks.

When I felt that Marana’s shivering stopped, I grinned and resumed my attacks.

“Ughnn…” Marana gasped in pain and pleasure, and a small frown appeared on her face.

“W-Wait a moment…” She spoke up.

“Mm? I did no hear you.”

“M-Master, wait…!”

I looked at Marana for a few seconds before smiling and pulling out my stiff penis.

“Thanks…” She sighed in relief.

But it was too soon to celebrate.

I was not planning to stop, of course. Instead, I hugged Marana’s body and lifted her from the desk.

Marana blushed and looked away. But at that moment, she felt that something was touching the entrance of her moist cave.

Instantly, she was hit by an ominous premonition.

It turned out that my huge weapon was standing upwards in front of her slit.

I grinned and adjusted Marana’s body, then, I slowly let it fall.

“Uuu…” Marana let out a soft moan and put her head on my shoulders.

Meanwhile, my glans slowly slid inside her hole, separating her two delicate lower lips and breaking inside her sacred cave.

Marana was shocked. In the current posture, she could feel the size of my weapon more clearly.

For one second, she wondered how something so big could enter inside her.

At the same time, her body trembled in fright.

When Marana felt my huge weapon sliding inside her still sensitive body, she twisted her hips gently, trying to escape from my attack. But unfortunately for her, her body was still weak from her last orgasm, moreover, in the current posture, all the initiative was in my hands.

In fact, I could reach her deepest part in one shot.

I was not in a hurry, though. I was planning to enjoy this beautiful woman as much as I could.

Moreover, watching Marana twisting her body like that was a pleasure in itself.

I kissed Marana’s lips and hugged her body, keeping her in that position.

That, however, was torturous for her.

Feeling my glans inside her, her body shivered. At the same time, her body turned hot again.

It was obvious her body was desiring a new round of pleasure.

However, I was not moving. Instead, I was looking at her quietly with a smile.

Marana saw my expression and understood my intention. Thus, she started to twist her body gently, trying to insert my glans in the deepest part of her.

But soon, she found that her actions only increased her predicament. It was because due to my hug, the most she could do was to twist her waist in the same place, and that was equivalent to rubbing my glans inside her small hole but without inserting it.

Seeing the situation, Marana looked at me with wet eyes.

“Master, please…”

“How perverted. Could it be you are an slut?” I smirked and asked teasingly.

Marana bit her lips and did not answer, too embarrassed to look at y eyes. I chuckled softly and let Marana’s body fall.

“Ugnm…~” Marana groaned seductively. Her little lips opened in a lascivious expression and her legs wrapped around me.

I stared at her while enjoying the warmth of her cave. Then, I started to shake my hips.

“Aghn… Uhhh… Ahns…”

Marana groaned softly while feeling my glans inside her. Her wet lower body sucked on my glans as though it wanted to devour it.

I enjoyed the pleasurable sensation and thrusted fiercely, going in and out of her cave.

Each time I moved, I could feel her fleshy walls wrapping around my meat stick, caressing it gently. At the same time, I could feel my penis hitting the entrance of her womb.

I moved faster and faster, harder and harder, creating slapping sounds that reverberated in the office.

Marana hugged my body tightly while kissing me. At the same time, she moved her waist up and down to complement my movements.

Her soft and beautiful body shook repeatedly, and her breasts moved up and down like the waves in the sea. It was an incredibly wonderful sight.

Her vagina tightened around my penis. Each time Marana groaned, her fleshy cave turned tighter, giving me an incredibly pleasurable sensation.

Soon, Marana’s third orgasm was coming.

Marana half-opened her eyes and stared at me dazedly. She then kissed my lips fiercely and started to swing her waist faster.

At the same time, I moved faster as well.

Feeling that her orgasm was coming, I prepared myself to ejaculate. White-hot liquid accumulated in my abdomen waiting to be shot.

At the same time, my penis became even bigger, causing Marana to gasp.

Suddenly, her body stiffened, and her toes curled.

“C-Cumming…!” With a long shout, Marana pressed her body against me.

At the same time, I thrusted upwards and shot my semen inside Marana’s womb.


For several seconds, the two of us kept that position.

Then, Marana collapsed in my arms.

I smiled gently and kissed her lips and forehead. Marana then looked at me and smiled before putting her head on my chest.

“… That was great.” Marana whispered.

Certainly, but I was not done for tonight.

“It will become better soon,” I said. At least for me, of course.

Without explaining anything to Marana, I stepped across space and appeared in her room, throwing her to her bed.

Before Marana could say anything, I stepped across space again, disappearing from the room and appearing in the infirmary.

Elene was surprised when she saw me appear, but I did not give her time to say anything.

Instead, I moved across space with her in tow and appeared in Raven’s room.

This time, I grabbed the already sleepy kitten and teleported again, bringing the two girls in my hands to Marana’s room.

When Elene and Raven appeared, Marana’s eyes opened wide.

At the same time, Elene and Raven stiffened.

I definitively I’m going to enjoy this night.


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