FPD Chapter 351

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4P (2)


“!!!” Marana let out a long a loud gasp.

I grinned and watched how her body twitched below me. Then, I started my sprint.

Marana’s insides were wet and moist, and her fleshy cave was very hot. I entered and exited it constantly, inserting my burning stick until her deepest insides.

The red-haired woman was unable to endure the pleasure, moaning loudly and hugging the body of her little sister above her.

The image of the sexy woman and the cute cat loli hugging each other was incredibly exciting. Instantly, my lust increased two hundred percent, and my movements became even faster.

Once and again, I attacked Marana, not letting her rest even for one second.

At that moment, Raven finally woke up from her orgasm.

When she saw what was happening, she pouted and turned around, hugging my back and kissing my lips.

“Big brother, I want…”

Patience, my little kitten.

I hugged Raven’s petite back and sucked on her lips, tasting her delicious tongue and using my tongue to invade her mouth.

At the same time, I continued pounding Marana’s brains out.

Marana moaned and groaned loudly, twisting her body and gripping the sheets of the bed. Each time I inserted inside her, her body shook and her breast moved up and down.

Her insides were incredibly tight, and her sexy moans resounded in the room, stimulating us.

Under my constants attacks, her mind turned blank, and her mouth opened in a long groan that sent shivers to my spine.

I grunted and accelerated, reaching deeper and deeper inside her.

Eventually, Marana was unable to bear my attacks. Instantly, her toes curled and her body tensed up.


Then, she shivered violently and cummed.

I grinned in satisfaction. As expected, sex like this is great.

But now that Marana cummed, it’s time to change.

As though reading my thoughts, Raven separated her lips from me and smiled. She then pushed me out of Marana and sat on my thigs, pointing my huge weapon to her fleshy insides.

“… Big brother, my turn…”

With an innocent smile, the little kitten descended slowly, swallowing my meat stick centimeter after centimeter.

The huge weapon opened her lips slowly, invading her moist cave.

I grunted and enjoyed the feeling of penetrating her. I could feel how her small cave pressed against my penis, wrapping around it tightly.

Such a feeling was heavenly.

With a sigh, I hugged Raven’s body and started to thrust.

“Uhn… Ahn… Big brother…”

Once more, we two combined our bodies, using our most intimate parts to communicate with each other.

I enjoyed each and every one of Raven’s sounds and expressions. Each time she moaned and groaned, and each time her eyelashes shivered, I felt incredibly excited.

Her petite body was completely dominated by me. I kissed her small chest, her soft neck, her sensitive earlobes, and her petite nipples.

And every time, Raven quivered and shivered softly, gasping occasionally.

Soon, she was close to a new orgasm. I stared into her eyes with a smile and kissed her nose.

“Big brother… I love you…” Raven whispered.

“Me too.”

Then, I sped up my movements.

Once and again, I went in and out of her, bringing her closer and closer to her climax.

At the same time, I prepared myself to shot my baby seeds inside her small uterus.

When Raven’s body tensed up, I smiled and pistoned thrice with my entire strength.

“Big brother…!” Raven shouted loudly and shivered in pleasure. Simultaneously, I shot my hot stuff inside her.

Then, her body lost strength and collapsed in my arms.

I grinned. This felt so great.

But at that moment, I felt someone approaching towards my back.

Suddenly, a naked body was pressed against my back and a pair of soft lips kissed my nape.

Oh? So you are unable to resist anymore, huh?

I turned around and looked at sister Elene, who was looking at me with a wanting look.

“Sister Elene?” I smirked and asked.

Elene turned red in embarrassment. But then, she bit her lips and kissed my lips.

“… My turn.” She whispered completely embarrassed.

Your wishes are my orders.

Without waiting, I hugged her body and threw her on the bed.

Then, I pounced on her violently, invading her in one go.

“Ughn…” Elene moaned. Feeling my member inside her, she opened her lustrous lips and let out a soft gasp.

I grinned and started to thrust. Once and again, without stopping.

I watched Elene’s body groan below me, struggling to endure my fierce attacks.

The poor nurse was like a boat in the middle of the storm. She was under the constant assault of the waves, unable to do anything but resist.

“Uhn… Anghn… Agh…” Elene grunted and gasped. She then hugged my back and kissed my lips fervently.

At the same time, I grabbed her breasts and started to play with them.

The smell of sex filled the room. Love juices belonging to Elene drenched the bed completely.

But it was not the end. Soon, I felt two other bodies hugging me and rubbing against me.

Raven and Marana kissed my back and nape, one of them even holding my balls and playing with them.

Sigh, this is life.

Enjoying the pleasure brought by the three girls, I continued my assault on Elene. I pounded her insides, reaching to her womb and making her scream in pleasure.

The black-haired nurse shivered constantly, gripping my shoulders and holding my body as though trying to find release on it.

At some point, her blue eyes had turned hazy, and her mouth was opening and closing constantly, only letting out some occasional moans.

Then, her body violently shivered.


Elene’s vagina tightening around my penis, and her love juices drenched my abdomen.

I pulled my penis out of her and looked at Elene satisfied. I then looked at the two girls on each one of my sides.

With a smile, I kissed Marana and Raven and started a new round.

Just like that, the lustful moans and excited groans resounded in the room until dawn.

When we finally finished, the room was filled with a pungent smell of sex, and the three beautiful women lay collapsed in the bed.




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