FPD Chapter 375

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The Fate of a Hero (1)


“You will need more than that if you want to intimidate me,” I said while creating a whole new dimension, separating the Immortal and myself from the real world.

[A mirror dimension, huh. As I thought, you are an expert at space laws.]

I did not deny it. After all, I have already shown my proficiency in space during my last encounter with the Immortal.

In fact, it would be good for me if this immortal misunderstand that my strongest point is space. That way, I can use my mastery on souls to give him an unexpected blow when we truly fight face to face.

Of course, I don’t think it will be so easy.

The projection of the Immortal observed the surroundings of this mirror space curiously.

It was am exact reply of the normal space. We could even see Evelyn, Dina, Rose, Alice, and the others, but we could not touch or hear them.

[Impressive.] The Immortal said without hiding his admiration. [However, the fact you created this mirror dimension shows that you want to avoid collateral damage… Mmm… You don’t look like a young Immortal; in fact, my guess is that you are almost as old as me, perhaps even older. Immortals of our age have long stopped caring about the wellbeing of normal mortals or the collateral damage of our battles. Thus, there must be something nearby that you consider important… Is it your goal in this world?]

… Sharp.

Although he did not guess everything correctly, he was pretty close. The only part where he was mistaken was that I still care about normal humans.

At the very least, I care about the wellbeing of my women.

That is the problem with Immortals. Even the dumbest Immortal, after living for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of years, will become incredibly wise.

And even the weakest immortal, after living long enough, will become strong enough to crush a world easily.

But I was already expecting this. Since the moment I created this mirror dimension, I expected him to guess some things.

But even so, I would be troubled if we fight and our fight destroys the capital.

I simply chose the lesser of two evils.

Plus, he still doesn’t know about Raven or the fact that I do care about the humans of this world, specifically, the women I have a relationship with.

In other words, the situation is still under control.

I sighed.

“Won’t you consider leaving this world alone? To be honest, I have more important things to do than having to deal with you.”

[Hahahahaha, sorry, but no. It has been a long time since I have so much fun. I’m already anticipating our battle.]

“Ugh… That is the reason I hate dealing with Immortals. All of you are crazy. And battle maniacs like you are the worst ones.”

[Thank you for the compliment.]

… I was not complimenting you.

I exhaled tiredly and extended my hand. With a thought, a rune in my mind was activated.

Instantly, a translucid sword appeared on my hand. The sword seemed like a beautiful piece of glass shaped like a sword.

However, it was much deadlier than it.

It was literally, a sword-shaped fragment of space.

[Reality Render].

The weapon that has accompanied me for many lifetimes.

[How beautiful.] The projection of the Immortal stared at the sword with an admiring look. [Using a fragment of space as a weapon. As expected of my brethren. To think of something like that.]

I snorted. “Stop talking shit. Let’s take care of this quickly.”

With these words, the mana in my body erupted.

Sharp and powerful sword intent filled the mirror dimension, assaulting the will of the Immortal fiercely.

It was peak fifteenth-layer mana. The limit of this world’s species.

[You are right, my brethren. It’s time to fight.] With an excited grin, the Immortal released his power as well.

Intense destructive energy clashed against my mana. I could feel it was mana, but his mana was so destructive that it seemed nothing like the usual gentle mana.

That destructive mana took shape in the Immortal’s hand, forming a giant reddish spear that seemed to pierce the sky itself.

The next instant, the sword and the spear clashed.


The mirror dimension shook. Intense energy shockwaves spread in all the directions, destroying everything in several thousands of kilometers around us.



The Immortal’s spar cracked.

And his right arm was severed.

The Immortal furrowed his brows. He then shook his head as though it was a pity.

[As expected, a mere projection is not enough to fight the real thing.] Instantly, his body started to crumble.

I said nothing. As the Immortal said, he needed much more than a mere projection if he wanted to fight me.

It’s not that the projection is weak. Quite the opposite, according to the power shown in his last attack, this projection should be strong enough to fight the strongest god of this world.

But even that is far from enough.


[… But although this projection is not enough to defeat you, it still has a few tricks.]

With these words, his crumbling body stopped crumbling.

Then, his body regenerated at an unbelievable speed!

In less than one second, he had returned to normal. Even his spear had reappeared.

I frowned. This is troublesome.

… Regeneration? Rebirth? Time control?

No, it looks like…

“… Energy and soul laws, huh… How interesting…” I said.

The Immortal laughed. [Hahahaha, as expected of my brethren, to notice so much with just a clash. I must also say, your mastery of space is truly incredible. To kill my projection with just a blow, and I failed to notice exactly how you did it.]

“Well, I can show you again if you want.”

With an ice-cold look in my face, [Reality Render], the sword in my hand, shook.

Space around me started o crumble, showing the incredible strength behind this attack.

But suddenly, something happened.

The space in the mirror dimension distorted, and then, someone stepped inside it.

Both the Immortal and I were surprised. To think there is someone in this world able to enter this mirror space.

I looked in the direction of the newcomer with a curious expression, but when I saw her, I sighed with a bitter smile.

“… The fate of a Hero, huh.”

Yes, the person that entered the mirror space was the Hero, Rose.


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