FPD Chapter 389

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Lluvia’s Lust


“… I can’t believe I’m doing this again.” Lluvia sighed.

I chuckled and hugged her body, putting it on my thigs. Then, I kissed her earlobe.

“What is the problem? We already did it once before.”

“… And I can’t believe I’m crazy enough to do this again… Goddess, she is my daughter-in-law…!”

“If you want, you can leave,” I said with a teasing expression while my hands caressed her body.

Lluvia gasped softly. She then looked at me and rolled her eyes.

“… It’s your fault I can’t leave anymore.”

I chuckled again and kissed softly.

Lluvia moaned softly and twisted her body on my thigs. My rock-hard glans rubbed against her thigs, wetting it with traces of semen and love juices left from my battle with Clarice.

Lluvia, however, did not seem hurried to start the action. Instead, it seemed like she wanted to let out her frustrations first.

“… Clark, I should not be doing this.”


“… I love my husband… Despite everything, I love him…”

“What about me then?” I asked teasingly.

Lluvia looked at me and did not answer. At that moment, I moved my fingers through her spine, making Lluvia shiver and moan.

“… I still don’t know…”

“Then perhaps you will get your answer in a while.”

With a smirk, I put my member in front of her entrance.

I did not enter immediately. Instead, I teased Lluvia slowly, Causing her to moan and bit her lips. Her face slowly became redder and redder, and her breathing turned more and rushed.

Finally, she could not endure more. Lluvia pushed her waist towards my penis in an attempt to fill it with my weapon.

But I moved back at the last moment and smirked.

“You know what you need to do.”

Lluvia bit her lips and nodded.

“… Please… I want it…”

As soon as I heard these words, my excitement rushed through the roof.

Without hesitation, I pierced deep inside her, reaching the deepest corner of her pussy.

“Ahnn…!” Lluvia moaned loudly and curved her neck up. She then hugged my neck and started to move up and down.

“Ahnnn, ugh, ahn, h-husband, s-son, I’m sorry… I-I betrayed you…” Lluvia said with a bit of sadness mixed with lust.

Soon, though, her sadness disappeared and only lust remained.

“… Sorry… Sorry… Sorry… But I like this…! Ughn… ahn… Good!”

Lluvia wriggled her butt eagerly and her white legs opened sideways to allow my huge member to push deeper inside her. Nectar gushed out of her flower garden as a stream.

The guilt she felt due to cheating her husband and betraying her son made her crazy. Moreover, the fact she was having sex in the bed of her son and daughter-in-law while her daughter-in-law accompanied her in her betrayal turned her even more on.

I felt excited when I saw the troubled expression on her face and heard her crazy moans. My libido surged up again, making me thrust inside her soft, warm, and wet pussy in a crazed manner.

Her tender and sensitive labia rubbed against my shaft fiercely, and my gland did the same, bringing even more pleasure to both of us, The two of us kept reaching one high after other immersed heart and mind within the pleasure.

I kept ramming my thighs to her sensitive body, while my hands fondled and caressed Lluvia perfectly round buttocks. With each thrust, love fluids rushed out of her cave.

Lluvia couldn’t endure this soul-melting pleasure and forgot about everything around her. She forgot that her daughter-in-law was in the same bed, that her son was asleep in a nearby room, and that her daughter could come up at any moment.

In fact, I felt her daughter, Nana, come up to this floor not long ago, but when she heard the moans she stopped abruptly and returned to the first floor.

I was surprised when Lluvia let go of all restrains at this degree. She even coiled her legs around me and opened the entrance of her womb completely.

Instantly, my penis reached to her womb and broke inside it.

“Ahnnnn…..!” Lluvia let out a loud cry and shivered deeply. The sudden pain and pleasure made her orgasm in one go.

The amount of love juice she let out was even greater than Clarice. My legs were completely drenched.

I grunted in excitement and pushed Lluvia down, changing our position to the missionary position and starting a new round of fierce pounding.

I pressed down her body without mercy, not giving her time to leave the afterglow of the orgasm. Instead, I attacked even more aggressively, causing Lluvia’s vagina to contract around my penis like a tightly coiled snake.

“Husband…! Sorryyyyy!!!” Lluvia let out a loud cry and hugged my neck. I smirked and kissed her lips, owning her body and soul completely, and making her mine.

Perhaps because we were making love beside her daughter-in-law, or maybe because she was venting all her frustrations of today, but Lluvia was incredibly lustful today. Soon, she was approaching her second orgasm.

And with a long shiver, she orgasmed again.

However, I continued attacking her. Pounding her fiercely and enjoying the feeling of her flesh opening and closing to receive me.

By her third orgasm, Lluvia was finally unable to endure anymore. She moaned loudly and spasmed as though she was being attacked by an electric current.

At the same time, her throat let out a strange unintelligible moan and her body clung onto me like a koala while reveling in the pleasant aftertaste of the orgasm.

Seeing that, I increased my speed for one last sprint. Finally, I pierced until her womb and injected all the semen I had accumulated in her.

Lluvia let out a loud moan and closed her eyes, lying powerlessly in the bed.

“… So good…” She muttered with a dazed expression.

I smiled and looked beside me. There, a pair of black eyes met mine and smiled lustfully, then, the black-haired young wife pushed me away from her mother-in-law and straddled my waist.

“… You are still so hard…” Clarice whispered astonished.

I smiled and grabbed her waist. Then, I entered her again without mercy.

Once more, her moans resounded in the room.



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