FPD Chapter 442

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Sera and Dayana


Meanwhile, when Claus was in Ysnay’s tent.

Sera came to Dayana’s tent after Dayana invited her.

“You are here.” Dayana smiled as soon as she saw her sister enter the tent. “Welcome.”

Sera nodded and furrowed her eyes. Looking at Dayana, she could not help but find something strange.

Despite being late in the night right now, Dayana was dressed very extravagantly.

With a red shirt emphasizing her breast and a short grey skirt, Dayana seemed nothing like someone getting ready to sleep. Moreover, her black hair was combed nicely, and Sera could feel a slight smell of perfume coming from her body.

Sera could not help but think that she seemed like a girl ready to see her lover.

“Dayana? What is with these clothes?” Sera asked with a confused expression.

“Do you like them?” Dayana smiled and giggled. “I took a lot of time deciding what to wear.”

“Huh? I don’t understand. Do you have to go to a party or something like that?”

Dayana just stared at Sera and smiled mysteriously. “You will understand later,”

Sera was confused. She tried to think about the reason behind Dayana’s current getup, But she could not think of anything no matter how much she tried.

Moreover, now that she thought about that, Dayana asked her to come here at this time of the night because she ‘needed to talk about something important’ with her. That seemed rather suspicious in itself.

But after thinking for a while, Sera shook her head.

Dayana was her little sister. She had watched her grow since they were little. Sera was convinced Dayana would not hurt her.

Thus, she decided just to stop thinking about that and wait to see what her sister was planning.

“Anyway, Dayana, I must say you look beautiful in these clothes. Actually, I got the feeling you seem younger lately.” Sera said without hiding the envy in her voice.

“Really? I have been training my mana recently. Perhaps it’s due that.”

“Mana? You never seemed to like that kind of thing.”

“Well, our dear nephew gave me a pretty good technique that did not require too much effort. So I decided to give it a try.”

“Claus?” Sera looked at Dayana suspiciously before smiling. “Perhaps that is the reason then. And it looks to have worked. To be honest, even I’m envious of your looks.”

Sera was not lying. She was thirty-six this year, six years older than Dayana, her younger sister. However, even although Sera had managed to conserve her beauty pretty well, she felt overshadowed in front of Dayana lately.

Dayana seemed nothing like a thirty-years-old divorced woman with a child. Plus, Sara did not remember seeing Dayana depressed by her situation with her husband. Quite the opposite, her mood was always sunny.

If not that Sera had never seen her behaving suspiciously with any men, she would have thought that Dayana was having a tryst with someone secretly.

Actually, Sera had noticed that Dayana was pretty close to a man.

Their nephew, Claus Quintin.

Of course, it was nothing strange that an aunt was close to her nephew. Plus, Dayana’s relationship with Claus had always been very close.

The problem was that their relationship seemed a bit too close recently.

In fact, more than once, Sera got the feeling that Dayana was acting coyly in front of Claus.

Like a girl in love in front of her crush.

However, she did not want to believe something like that. Furthermore, she had tried several times to see if she could catch them doing something wrong, but she had never been successful, making her think she was imagining things.

Even so, Sera still had her suspicions.

Narrowing her eyes, Sera looked at Dayana and put on a serious expression.

“Dayana, tell me the truth. Are you dating someone secretly?”

Dayana smiled mysteriously once more before chuckling. “It looks like you are suspecting something, Sera.”


“Don’t hurry, sister. The reason I invited you here tonight is related to that after all. For now, What do you think of a drink?” Dayana said while pouring wine in two coups.

Sera wanted to refuse, but seeing that Dayana had already served the wine, she could only accept it and accompany her to drink.

Dayana then sat on her sleeping mat and patted the place beside her to indicate Sera to sit there.

Taking a sip of wine, Dayana smiled to her sister.

“By the way, how is the situation with your husband. Do you think you can still save your marriage?”

Sera smiled bitterly and shook her head.

“I have not seen in almost one month. He probably already forgot about me and his daughters. Since he had a son with that woman, he changed completely.”

Dayana sneered. “You should just forget about him. It’s not like he was too much of a catch anyway.”

“Dayana…” Sera looked at her sister and smiled wryly. “You are speaking about my husband.”

“And what about it? Why don’t you learn of me? I cut ties with my husband completely already. I mean, we are strong and independent women. Why should we endure that treatment?”

Sera looked at the ground and sighed. She then downed her cup of wine and extended it towards Dayana.

“More, please.”

“Hahaha, good sister. That is the attitude.” Dayana smiled, downing her cup of wine just like Sera and refilling both cups.

After Sera drank her second cup, she sighed again and raised her head, looking at the roof of the tent with a listless expression.

“It’s not so easy, sister. My husband, Clarence… he is a good man. He treated me well for many years. It’s just that… You know how much he wanted a son. But it looks like I can’t give it to him no matter how much I try… And… I know I’m being an idiot, but I still love him. I mean, he was my husband for many years.”

As soon as Sera said that, she downed her third coup.

After the third coup, Sera was already a bit tipsy. After all, the wine she had been drinking was a rather expensive wine, with high alcohol content.

Plus, Sera was never a good drinker.

Dayana looked at her sister deeply for several seconds before nodding.

“You are right, it’s not easy.”


“However, I think I know how to help you.” Dayana then smiled mischievously. “Have you never heard the saying ‘a nail drives out another nail’?”

Sera was startled. “You… You are not thinking of introducing me a man, right?”

Dayana chuckled. She then looked towards the entrance of the tent and curved her lips up. “Just in time. Sister, are you not curious about if I’m dating someone? I’ll show you the truth then.”

After saying that, she stood up from the mattress and pulled Sera up, before pushing her towards a corner of the tent where there was a cabinet.


“You can hide here. You must not come out until I tell you, okay? Please don’t ruin the fun.”

“D-Dayana, w-what are you–”

“Shhh.” Dayana smiled and hushed Sera. “Don’t make noise, sister. Don’t worry, I’m sure this will be fun.” She then pushed Sera behind the cabinet and went to open the entrance of the tent.

Sera was a bit nervous and wanted to come out, but before she could, she felt someone entering.

“Aunt Dayana, I’m here.”

Dayana smiled flirtatiously. “Finally, why did you take so long, my little man?”

“Well, I had to take care of some things before coming to visit my beloved aunt.”

When Sera heard the flirtatious tone of the conversation, she was stunned.

That was…!!!

For an instant, she considered rushing out of her hideout and confronting the pair. She wanted to ask them what was happening.

But then, her curiosity won out.

And after remembering the words of her sister, she forced herself to remain hidden.

What she did not know, though, was that she had fallen right into her younger sister’s trap.



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