FPD Chapter 452

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Two Choices, Danger


A few minutes after I met the unknown Immortal, I was inside Ysnay’s tent recounting what just happened.

Ysnay wrinkled her brows and fell deep in thought, or perhaps she was using fate to peer into something, I could not say.

After several minutes like that, she sighed.

“As expected of Immortals, none of them is simple.”

I nodded. That is right. You can never be too prepared against an Immortal.

As beings who have lived for tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years, you never know what kind of hidden trick these monsters have below their sleeves.

Even Immortals with little combat strength as Ysnay are a severe headache when you have to face them, not to mention a combat-oriented Immortal as the one I’m facing.

In fact, it’s my first time hearing about an Immortal taking over a God.

I mean, compared to Immortals, gods are nothing. Why would an Immortal learn something like that?

But today, an Immortal used precisely that against me.

“This is troublesome…” I said with a tired sigh.

“Indeed it is.” Ysnay nodded in agreement. “What do you plan to do now, Willian?”

I fell silent for several seconds before looking at Ysnay.

“What do you think?”

Ysnay narrowed her eyes. With her cleverness, she easily understood my meaning.

Thus, she knew exactly what to answer.

“You must choose. If you choose to use my help right now, I’ll be able to help you to find where his clone is, and with your strength, you will be able to defeat him easily and delay his arrival to this world. However–”

“… That means he will learn about you.” I completed Ysnay’s words with a frown.

Ysnay nodded. “In the end, I’m not very good at combat. Therefore, if that Immortal learns about me beforehand, the help I’ll be able to provide you when you have to fight him will be limited. But, you have another option.”

“Leave him be.”

“Yes. The disadvantage of this option is that he will be able to arrive in this world much sooner than you planned. However, he will not know about me, thus, I can make use of that to create an opportunity for you to kill him. Of course, I don’t know how effective my help will be.”

I fell silent and thought about both options.

Each one has its pros and its cons. One of them will have short-term benefits, and the other will have long-term benefits.

But unfortunately, I can’t use both.

… I hate this kind of choice.

“What is your choice then, Willian? To be honest, whatever you chose is alright for me, however, you will have to pay an equivalent price if you ask for my help now.” Ysnay chuckled and licked her lips seductively, like a big bad wolf looking at an innocent lamb.

Since when did I become a lamb?

I rolled my eyes in exasperation.

A few seconds later, I sighed.

In the end, I chose the second option.

As I said before, no Immortal is easy to face, and you don’t know what you are going to find when you fight one.

Moreover, this one is a very strong Immortal. And although I don’t think I will lose, I don’t want to risk it.

Hence, having a few more trump cards is ideal.

And no matter how much I hate to admit it, Ysnay is a pretty good trump card.

… Unless she decides to betray me for some reason.

Sighing again, I got ready to leave the tent.

Even if I can’t chase after that Immortal right now, it doesn’t mean there is nothing I can do.

Quite the opposite, I should take advantage of the fact that he is still just a clone to learn as much about his plans as possible and destroy them.

And I know the perfect place to start.

“Are you leaving?” Ysnay put a hand on her chin and asked.

“I am,” I said. “I’ll go to see the elves to see if I can find something.”

I planned to go in the morning originally, but after meeting him just now, I decided to bring my plans forward a bit.

Ysnay nodded slightly and yawned like a lazy cat. But then, she frowned.

One second later, her frown turned deeper.

“Willian, you should be careful this time.”


“… I can’t use fate directly in fear of being found out. However, I can still make some small predictions.”

I wrinkled my brows. This pattern…

“Did you see something?”

“I did,” Ysnay nodded with a serious expression. Even her usual playful smile was completely gone. “Willian, you will find danger this time.”

“Danger?” I was taken aback. By danger, does she mean…

“Yes. Something that can kill you.”

I fell silent.

But it was not due to fear.

Instead, my lips curved up in a small smile.

“Danger, huh. That is excellent news. Perfect…”

Ysnay shook her head and smiled as well.

“You are right. At the very least, we can confirm that the situation with the elves is somehow related to an Immortal.”


In other words, I’m guaranteed to get a good harvest this time.

Perhaps, I’ll be able to destroy one of the plans of that Immortal.

As for the danger Ysnay mentioned?

Bah, I have died 707 times already. What is there to be afraid?

“I’m going then,” I waved my hand to Ysnay with an indifferent smile.

“Good luck then, my love. Go and kick some ass!”

I rolled my eyes. However, I did not bother to correct Ysnay this time.

Instead, I created a clone that would stay here in my stead. I don’t plan to stay in the forest of the elves for long, but after hearing Ysnay’s prediction, I think it’s better to make some preparations just in case.

This clone is not very strong, just at the fifth layers of cultivation. But even like that, it can kill a god if it tries.

Then, I took a step forward, compressing the space in front of me.

With my first step, I was in the clouds, and my blue hair and eyes had turned into a crimson red color.

With my second step, I arrived at the elven forest and looked at the endless sea of trees.

And with my third step, I arrived at the capital of the elves.

Let’s see what surprises are waiting for me here.



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