FPD Chapter 458

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The Queen and The Fox (2)


Seeing Emilia break through her cage, the [Queen] narrowed her eyes.

Her gaze turned sharper, as though she just recognized Emilia as a true opponent. She had finally realized that Emilia was much more dangerous than she thought.

Fortunately, she could feel that Emilia’s strength was being suppressed by something. Thanks to that, she was confident she could defeat Emilia before long.

Of course, that was without taking into account something…

Wrinkling her brows, the [Queen] looked in my direction.

All this while, I had not moved from my location. I just watched the battle without interfering.

The [Queen] did not know the reason, but she was sure it was not due to something stupid like fairness.

Fairness? As Immortals, we long ago stopped caring about that.

Hence, the fact that I was not moving meant that I was planning something.

The [Queen] knew that. Thus, even although she seemed fully focused on her battle with Emilia, the truth was that she was trying to find about my plans.

However, even now she had not found anything wrong.

But instead of feeling relieved, it only made the [Queen] warier.

She was convinced I was plotting something.

And that was true.

Indeed. Just like she thought, I was taking advantage of their battle to prepare something.

I was also taking advantage of this opportunity to observe Emilia’s combat. There is a high probability that we will have to fight each other later, so learning about her abilities beforehand is a good idea.

Unfortunately, there is a limit to how much I can learn just by observing.

Therefore, I put most of my focus on finishing my preparations.

Meanwhile, Emilia resumed her battle with the [Queen].

With a ruthless glint on her eyes, she took a step forward, launching herself towards the elf Immortal.


Emilia’s movements created a thunderous sound that filled the alternate dimension. The whole dimension shook due to the power of her attacks.

Facing such power, the [Queen] extended her hand, slowing the flow of time around Emilia and making her movements as slow as a turtle.

However, the effects of that technique did not last even a second. With a burst of energy, Emilia broke through the constraints of time and appeared in front of the [Queen], throwing a punch straight to her face.

The [Queen]’s body shattered, turning into pieces. However, a new body appeared a distance away, and she once more slowed down the flow time around Emilia.

Emilia frowned. Energy burst out of her body again, breaking the constraints of time once more and rushing towards the [Queen].

Emilia’s movements were so fast that the [Queen] was unable to avoid them.


The [Queen]’s body was destroyed again, only for a new body to appear and cast the same technique for the third time, slowing down the flow of time!

But this time, Emilia did not break the constraints of time as before.

Instead, she stared at the elf Immortal coldly and opened her mouth.

“I’m curious about what you are planning by slowing time around me. Unfortunately, I can’t afford to lose in front of my dad. Therefore, I think it’s better if I destroy your set up before it’s complete.”

Boundless energy surged out of Emilia’s body, destroying everything around her.

This time, though, it was not just a burst of energy.

In an instant, an amount of energy comparable to a sun rushed out of her body. Then, that energy was compressed on her right hand until becoming a dot.

And when it was just a dot, Emilia clenched her hand–


–And detonated it.


With an apocalyptic explosion, all the energy compressed on her hand was released instantly, destroying everything on its path!

I could not help but curse under my breath. This girl, is she planning to destroy this alternate dimension?

I can’t allow it. If this fight escapes the confines of this dimension, the world will be destroyed.

But when I was getting ready to reinforce the dimension, I saw the [Queen]’s lips curving up in a sneer.


And she waved her hand.

Before the explosion could reach her, space and time around her distorted. Then, she created an enormous space-time oddity that surrounded the explosion of energy!

The explosion and the spatial oddity clashed, creating a scene of destruction and chaos that filled the alternate dimension.

But in the instant when the two forces clashed, the elf Immortal slammed her palms together.

Astonishingly, the two techniques fused together, creating an even bigger space-time oddity!

Emilia’s expression changed. She quickly tried to escape, but she suddenly realized she could not move her body.

Panicking, she erupted with even more energy, removing the forces binding her body. Unfortunately, it was already too late.

At some point, the space-time oddity had turned into an enormous wormhole leading towards an unknown part of the universe.

“Goodbye, [Incarnation of Endless Power]. I hope never to meet you again.” The Queen uttered.

“NO!” Emilia turned pale. She hurriedly called upon her power, unleashing as much energy as she could to try to fight against the gravity of the wormhole.

However, her power fell short.

Slowly but surely, she was being pulled towards the wormhole.

Soon, Emilia’s face was dyed in despair.

With an expression of anxiety, she looked towards me and muttered one word.

“… Dad.”

She was pleading. Begging me to help her. To rescue her.

She did not want to be separated from me again. Not when she just found me.

Facing such a gaze, I sighed.

To be honest, for an instant I considered letting the wormhole swallow her.

But in the end, I decided not to.

I owe her too much.

Even if she will try to oppose to my plans, that is a risk I need to face sooner or later.

Plus, this is the perfect opportunity. If I take advantage of the [Queen]’s plans, I will be able to deal with her much more easily.

Hence, [Reality Render] appeared on my hand.

And I swung it down.


Even I would find it hard to destroy a wormhole created by an expert in space-time like the [Queen of Timeless Distortion] using Emilia’s endless reserves of energy as fuel.

But I didn’t need to.

I just needed to destabilize it for an instant.

And during that instant, Emilia’s eyes flashed.


With a powerful eruption of energy, she broke free from the wormhole and escaped.

Then, she used her body to break through space and appeared beside me.

“Dad…” She whispered with an excited expression.

“Not now.” I sighed and said. “We will talk later.”

“Mm.” Emilia nodded softly. However, her eyes were filled with unconcealed happiness.

The fact that I had rescued her made her incredibly happy.

But although Emilia was happy, the opposite was true for the elf Immortal.

Currently, she was looking at us with a stern expression.

“Immortal Soul… Are you going to fight me together with her?”

I shook my head.

“It’s not necessary.”

With a soft chuckle, I waved my hand.

Instantly, the alternate dimension I created crumbled down, bringing us back to the real world.

The elf Immortal frowned in confusion. But in the next instant, her expression changed.

Looking around her, she could see that we were still inside the world tree.

However, the world tree was not the same as before.

Right now, it was sealed by thousands of spatial seals.

Moreover, the seals were so intricate that even an expert like her would need thousands of years to break through them.

In other words, I had put a stop to her experiment.


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