FPD Chapter 463

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No Space for Her


“Something is wrong with this world. The fact that there are five Immortals in this world at the same time can’t be a coincidence. You should investigate it, Willian.”

The first thing Ysnay said after she heard my story was that.

We were inside my tent in the camp. I returned here after I finished dealing with Emilia, and Ysnay appeared immediately to ask me about what happened.

I did not mind talking about it to her, although I hid the most important details (Such as the place where I sealed Emilia). And when Ysnay heard that yet another Immortal appeared in this world, her expression was one of surprise.

Her reaction was normal, though. The fact that another Immortal somehow was interested in this world seemed too much to be a coincidence.

You must know that Immortals are not cabbages. Two Immortals staying in the same world is already a cause of concern, and if three Immortals gather in the same place it means that there is something abnormal about that place.

But there were five Immortals in this world. That number was enough to scare even the most powerful interstellar and interdimensional empires in the universe.

To be honest, I also thought it was too coincidental. However, that seemed the only answer.

“Emilia and you are here because of me, the reason the unknown Immortal ended interested in this world is that this world is relatively close to the world where he currently is, and the [Queen of Timeless Distortion] is famous for the countless experiments she has done in thousands of different worlds. Their reasons are completely different. It doesn’t seem like something someone planned.”

“How about you then? Why are you here?”

I fell silent. Yes, why am I in this world?

When I reincarnate, I don’t pay much attention to the world where I end. I just chose a random direction and let my soul wander through the nothingness of space until I find a world where I can reincarnate.

That process can take from tens of years until thousands of years. Once, my soul wandered through space for almost twenty thousand years before finding a world with intelligent life.

Due to that, it’s theoretically possible for other people to interfere with my reincarnation and take me to a world of their choice.


“I’m very careful when I let my soul wander through space. Nobody should be able to differentiate my soul from a normal soul when I’m like that.”

“You are right.” Ysnay nodded in agreement. “Is it a coincidence then?”

“Most likely. Although if you think about the situation again, I can be considered as the factor that made this world special.”

Ysnay froze.

An instant later, she smiled wryly.

“You are right. Emilia and I are here because of you. And if you are included, it means three of the five Immortals are here because of you. However, I think you should investigate it either way. Just in case.”

“I will.” I nodded. However, I don’t think I can find anything.

“By the way, congratulations on sealing Emilia again. I never thought you would succeed so easily.” Ysnay suddenly said.

I smiled wryly. Neither I did. In fact, I was surprised that everything went so smoothly.

In normal circumstances, I should have been unable to seal Emilia without fighting a difficult battle first. However, in the end, I sealed her without using much of my strength.

I should thank the [Queen of Timeless Distortion] for that. Unexpectedly, her arrival gave me the perfect opportunity to deal with Emilia.

“What are you going to do about her?” Ysnay asked curiously.

“… I’m not sure yet. Perhaps I will seal her for one thousand or two thousand years more. I have not decided.” I lied.

In fact, I made sure to hide the conversation I had with Emilia after I sealed her from Ysnay.

With a bit of luck, perhaps this small lie will be useful later.

Ysnay looked at me deeply before sighing.

“Don’t you think you are being too cruel? You know how much she loves you.”

“I know. However, there is no space for her once I complete my plan.”

Ysnay fell silent. Her eyes, however, flashed with a complicated glow.

These words could also be applied to her.

Once I complete my goal, her last trace of hope will disappear.

By then, there will not be more space in my side for her.

“So pitiful…” I heard Ysnay whisper softly, unsure if she was referring to Emilia or herself.

I did not reply, silently showing her my determination to complete my dream.

At that moment, four people entered my tent.

“Cousin, you are here… Hello to you as well, Miss Ysnay.”

“Cousin, we were searching for you!”

Andrea and Lina, my two cousins, walked towards me followed by Aunt Dayana and Aunt Sera. Andrea did not forget to greet Ysnay, although she frowned slightly when she saw her.

Not just her. Both Aunt Sera and Aunt Dayana raised an eyebrow when they saw the black-haired Immortal.

“Hello, little girls.” Ysnay returned the greeting with a soft smile before looking at me. “I’ll be leaving then. We will talk later.”

“See you later.”

After Ysnay left the tent, Andrea looked at me with a pout. She said nothing, but I could read from her gaze that she was slightly jealous.

Her little sister, one the other hand, did not seem to care about Ysnay in the slightest. As soon as Ysnay left, Lina rushed towards me and jumped on my arms, hugging my neck and sitting on my lap.

“Cousin! Were you doing something naughty with that woman?”

“Little devil, what are you thinking about? I don’t have that kind of relationship with her.” I smiled wryly.

“Really? That is good. I don’t want to see big sis in a bad mood again.”

I could see Andrea stiffening slightly after hearing these words.

“L-Lina! W-What are you saying!?”

“Huh? Was I mistaken? But you always put a scary face when you see cousin flirting with other girls.”

Andrea’s face turned so red that she seemed a tomato.

She could feel her mother narrowed her eyes behind her, and her aunt looking at her in amusement. She was so ashamed that she wanted to die.

As for Aunt Sera, her gaze had turned incredibly frigid since the moment she saw Lina sat on my lap.

And when she remembered what happened just a few hours ago between her, Aunt Dayana, and I, her eyes turned sharp. She was looking at me with the look of a mother ready to defend her children from a big bad wolf.

“… Lina, don’t you think you are a bit too close to Claus? Even if he is your cousin, you two are male and female. That is inappropriate.”

“Really? Why?”

“Yes. Women should only behave like that with the man they will marry.”

“Oh… That is not a problem then. I’m planning to marry cousin in the future. We even kissed already.”

The atmosphere in the tent froze completely.

Andrea, Aunt Sera, and even Aunt Dayana stiffened before the sudden revelation.

At the same time, I realized Lina had a devil-like smile on her seemingly innocent face.

Aunt Dayana was the first to recover. One second later, she looked at me and smiled playfully.

“Goddess. My nephew sure is a Don Juan. How many girls are you planning to add your harem before you are satisfied?”

I did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Stroking Lina’s soft red hair, I avoided Aunt Sera’s gaze which was turning scarier with each passing second and smiled wryly.

Now, how should I resolve this situation?



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