FPD Chapter 491

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Sweet Hope (2)


The bed of the empress was very big, so big that even with the empress sleeping on it, there was more than enough space for Hope and me.

The current situation was very exciting for Hope. After all, we were having sex in the bed where the woman with who I had sex just now is sleeping.

The sense of thrill caused by this situation was amazing. It was so strong that Hope’s eyes were shining excitedly.

Fear, nervousness, and anticipation mixed together to create a feeling of thrill that seemed to fill Hope’s body.

“Y-Your Highness, careful!” Hope whispered nervously after I threw her in the bed. She looked at the side and saw that the empress still sleeping soundly, hence sighing in relief.

“… You are so bad, your highness.” She pouted.

“And my Hope is so cute.”

Hope blushed deeply. She then extended her hands and hugged my neck, bringing her mouth close to mine for another kiss.

Among kisses, we continued taking our clothes. I had only my pants on and Hope had an easy-to-take-off dress. Thus, it took us less than one minute to get naked.

Hope was very careful to not wake the empress up. But when she saw that the empress did not seem to react, Hope became bolder.

I grinned and started to kiss Hope’s snow-white body. My mouth and tongue moved through her body, leaving traces of saliva and small bites all over her flawless skin.

Hope let out a soft moan that reverberated through the silent room, making her became incredibly nervous.

Instinctively, she brought a hand to her mouth.

But when she looked at the empress again, the empress was as still as before.

Instantly, Hope felt an incredible feeling of excitement.

It was as though she was stealing the empress’s man in her own face.

A hot sensation spread through Hope’s body. Passion and lust started to fill her mind.

“Your highness…” She muttered my name with a longing look and let out a moan when I bit her nipples.

I did not stop there and continued sucking and biting her breasts. I played with her two huge mounds as my other hand moved to the place between her legs.

As soon as I touched it, Hope shivered. A sticky liquid started to leak out of her cave, drenching my hands.

“Ahn…” The moan of the beautiful woman resounded through the room. Her petite body twisted softly on the bed, as though tempting me to play with her thoroughly.

When I saw that, I felt my lust increasing crazily. I could not help but bit Hope’s nipples harder and continue playing with her cunt.

My hand rubbed her entrance, using a finger to slowly tease her cave and invade it slightly, only to take it out immediately afterward. Such teasing made Hope really uncomfortable, making her long for that joyful feeling of fullness.

However, I did not satisfy her. Instead, I continued playing with her lower cave, occasionally pinching her clitoris as I continued kissing her neck, shoulders, and collarbone.

“Ahn… Your highness…”

“Be careful. You don’t want to wake up the empress.”

Hope looked at me and pouted. However, she did look in the empress direction, sighing in relief when she confirmed she was still asleep.

But at that moment, she felt something entering deep inside her.

The sudden feeling made Hope gasp and almost moan loudly. She hurriedly covered her mouth to not wake the empress up.

Then, she started to feel how my fingers invaded and wriggled inside her vagina.

“Mmmh~… Mnnhhn…~ Uuunmmm…~”

Hope’s muffled moans filled with lust became shorter, and her breathing turned fast. The feeling inside her lower cave made her mind blank.

All of sudden, a powerful shock traveled all over her body, making her let out a muffled scream.

Her lower cave twitched strongly, clenching my fingers and letting out an enormous amount of love juices.

“My Hope sure is a pervert,” I said with a slight grin as I watched her orgasm.

Blushing, Hope covered her eyes. However, she soon opened them again and looked at me with an expression of excitement.

“Your highness…”

I understood immediately what she wanted. And I was more than happy to oblige. My member was already completely erect, ready to enjoy the carnal pleasure.

Without hesitation, I turned her over, with her body kneeling on the bed waiting eagerly for me to enter.

In this position, Hope was looking straight towards the empress, making her blush in shame and excitement.

However, before she could think too much about the situation, she felt a big object stabbing deep into her body and she could not help but let out a yell of pleasure.


Hope’s eyes opened widely. She hurriedly covered her mouth, but that only made me more excited. My hands grabbed her ass and my meat stick started to rampage inside, rushing in and out of her frantically.

Hope’s body was completely wet and incredibly sensitive. The excitement of our current situation made her even more excited than normal.

She gasped softly and let out several muffled moans. However, after covering her mouth for a while she felt as though she could not breathe.

That, coupled with my fierce collisions, made her put her hands against the bed and let out a loud moan.

Her body shook fiercely, moving back and forth with each collision. She looked at the empress who was sleeping a few centimeters away from her and could not help but feel incredibly embarrassed.

She did not dare to continue looking, so she lowered her head and put it against the bed, groaning as her ass endured the aggression of my attacks once and again.

Gradually, she became more and more lost in sex.

Feeling the big and hard member invading her sensitive vagina, her body trembled. She grabbed the bedsheets tightly while putting her mouth against the bed and trying to use it to suppress the moans.

But after one round of collision, her arms could no longer support her body. Her body which was being constantly assaulted by me leaned forward more and more.

Finally, in order to be more comfortable, she gave up the support of her arms and instead lay her upper body completely on the bed, leaving only her raised buttocks to withstand my attacks.

“Ahnn… Uhh… Ahnn…”

The pleasure continued attacking Hope repeatedly, but she did not dare to shout out, because she didn’t know if the empress would wake up. To be honest, she was a bit scared, however, she was even more excited.

The feeling of adventure gained by this kind of sex was too much for the innocent her.



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