FPD Chapter 492

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Sweet Hope (3)


I stopped my movements at that moment, allowing Hope to catch her breath. But what she did not expect was that my hand left her buttocks at that moment and instead stretched towards her chest, grabbing her two breasts and pinching her nipples softly.

“Uuuu… Ahnnns…”

The double stimulation made Hope want to shout out.

“What is the matter, Hope? You don’t like it?” I whispered in her ear with a playful smile.

“Y-Your highness… Y-You are so bad…” Hope gasped and blurted out, doing her best to suppress the moans that wanted to escape her mouth.

Hope was afraid that if she moaned too loudly, the empress would hear them and wake up.

I chuckled softly and kissed her nape. My penis continued going in and out of her cave and my hands continued playing with her breasts.

After a few seconds like that, I finally released her breasts, making Hope feel a moment of relaxation. However, just when I released her breasts, I suddenly grabbed her arms and pulled her body towards me.

As a result, Hope’s upper body was pulled up, and Hope was facing the sleeping Empress completely.

A feeling of shame, embarrassment, and excitement filled Hope’s mind. In this new posture, she could feel my member reaching even deeper than before.

The result was that the pleasure she was feeling increased even more. She could feel her body releasing even more love juice than before and the moans she had tried to suppress for so long were about to escape her mouth.

Hope hurriedly bit her lips in a last attempt to suppress her moans, however, I started to move even faster, making her effort useless!

She tried to twist her body to escape, however, the current posture made her helpless. She could feel she was completely under my control, and my thing entered much deeper than before.

“Ahhnnn… Y-Your highness… T-This is too… too shameful!”

Hope’s trembling voice reached my ear. By this point, she was close to her limit. She could start to scream at any time.

The incredible pleasure she was feeling made the place between her legs completely flooded. Every time my meat stick invaded her, it would bring out some of her love fluids, creating lustful slurpy sounds that filled Hope with embarrassment.

I grunted and continued thrusting my penis, piercing her deeply each time and enjoying the feeling of her lower cave wriggling and clenching around my penis.

“Hope, you are so tight… I love to fuck you like this…”

When Hope heard these words, her body completely lost control.

Immediately, an immense pleasure rushed towards her mind, making her moan loudly.

“N-Nooo…!” With a cry, her body shivered and twitched violently, then her lower cave tightened around my penis intensely.

The sudden climax came so strong that Hope was unable to control her voice! She moaned loudly and shouted out to release the pleasure she was feeling.

Hope groaned and closed her eyes in shame. She was sure that the empress would wake up at this point.

She wondered why she was so crazy to tempt me in this kind of situation. Could it be that she wanted to show the empress that I was her man?

At the same time, she felt that I was very wicked. I knew that the empress could wake up at any moment, but even so, I did everything in my power to make her scream.

She wondered if I was not afraid of the empress discovering us.

Of course, she did not know that I had put a spell over the empress, so she would not wake up for a while.

The empress was just a few centimeters away from her and she was screaming loudly and having sex with the man the empress loved!

Hope opened her eyes slightly. At that moment, she noticed that the empress’s body moved slightly!

Her expression paled. But immediately after that, she realized that the empress was still asleep.

After sighing in relief, she immediately felt a powerful sense of thrill running through her body.

At the same time, she could not help but think something.

If the empress did not wake up even with this scream, she probably would not wake up any time soon, no matter how loud she was.

When that thought appeared on Hope’s mind, she felt her body shiver.

Then, another loud moan escaped from her lips.


Hearing that moan, I grinned. Immediately, I started to move again. Hope felt the pleasure coming again. Moreover, because she did not bother covering her moans, she felt the pleasure coming stronger than before.

With each stroke, she felt as though an electric current was running through her spine.

“Ahnnn… Come… Uuu… Ahnnn…”

Not even thirty seconds after that, Hope’s second orgasm came.

And this time, the orgasm was even stronger.

Feeling her vagina tightening around my penis, I grunted and released her arms. She then collapsed on the bed to continue receiving my relentless attacks.

Seeing Hope like that, I separated her legs and pressed her body down, almost seating on her ass and using my meat stick to pierce her most sensitive part.

“Woooo… Nooo… Ahhh… I-I’m coming again…”

Facing Hope’s third orgasm, I put strength on my pelvis and slammed her ass harder, reaching as deep as I can and piercing until the entrance of her womb.

With her third climax, Hope’s mind turned completely blank. Under my strong collisions, her body slid forward a bit, almost touching the empress.

I watched that scene with excitement and speed up my waist movements. I could feel something hot building on my abdomen, waiting to be released.

Feeling my orgasm coming, I grabbed her waist and drilled deep inside her, making use of her clenching vagina to achieve greater pleasure.

Finally, I shot my semen inside her.

“Y-Your Highness…!!!”

One spurt, two spurts, three spurts.

Just like that, I deposited my entire load in Hope’s womb.

Meanwhile, the brown-haired woman panted heavily with a smile on her face.


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