FPD Chapter 496

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Fort Mist (1)


The battle finished quickly. Less than five minutes later, most of the daemons had been killed.

The main reason behind it was my performance. I killed the three strongest members of this unit in less than two minutes, lowering the morale of the daemons greatly.

Actually, the daemons were already at a disadvantage from the start. After all, they were infantry facing calvary. And infantry was inherently at a big disadvantage against calvary.

Perhaps it was different for powerful powerhouses, but that kind of powerhouses are the minority in an army. In fact, usually, less than five percent of the troops of an army are practitioners beyond the fifth layer.

Plus, the daemons failed to stop our initial charge, so they received the brunt of it, suffering big casualties at the start of the battle.

In the end, I did not have to do much to get a victory.

But despite that, the entire calvary was looking at me in admiration.

It was normal. They had just seen how I killed three powerful practitioners singlehandedly and without suffering any injury.

Moreover, I stopped most of the spells the daemons threw to us at the start, reducing the losses of the troops and increasing the effectiveness of our charge.

To the calvary, right now I was like a god of war.

Take that, general.

Chuckling inwardly, I checked on Katherine and Rose, who had just finished the last couple of enemies, and nodded towards them.

Katherine was already experienced in life-and-death combat, so she was pretty calm and nodded back.

The problem was Rose.

Although she replied to my nod with a smile, I could see she was not alright.

It was as though she was brooding about something. As though she was not sure if what she was doing was right or wrong.

I could not help but sigh. It seems like her conversation with the Immortal and the words that Ysnay said that day are still bothering her.

Sigh, well, that is part of her path as a hero as well. I’m sure that once she breaks through this barrier in her heart, her strength will grow by leaps and bounds.

Mm, I should find an opportunity to chat with her later. Perhaps I can give her a bit of advice and harvest a few favorability points at the same time.

Meanwhile, I should focus on the situation in front of me.

Once the last daemon was killed, I walked towards the entrance of the fort and looked up.

Several people were standing on the walls of the fort, looking down at us with nervous and expectant expressions.

They seemed like they were happy about finally getting reinforcements, but at the same time, they were wary of this being a trap.

Seeing that, I raised my voice.

“I am Claus Quintin, Fourth Prince of the Arcadian Empire. I’m here to bring reinforcements.”

“A Prince?”

“Reinforcements! Finally…”

“Thank god…”

“Are we saved?”

I could hear several voices coming from the soldiers on the walls. Their relieves voice made them look like thirsty men that saw water after two days in a desert.

Their situation was that bad.

At that moment, a man with a military uniform and an obviously tired look leaned his head out of the wall and looked at me.

“Prince Claus? Forgive my imprudence, but can you give me proof of your identity?”

I nodded and took out something from my pocket before throwing it at the man. It was a badge that symbolized my identity as a Prince. I usually don’t use it, but I always carry it with me.

When the man received it, he let out a sigh of relief and looked at me with a smile.

“Thank you for coming, Prince. I will let you and your men in immediately. Men, open the gates!”

“Open the gates!”

In the next second, the doors opened with a loud rumble.

According to the customs, General Liko should be the one to enter the fort first, but at the hell with him. I’m not planning to wait for him.

So, I nodded at the soldiers and led them inside the fort.

The same man from before was waiting for us at the entrance.

“I’m happy we finally have reinforcements. I was not expecting to see a prince, though.”

I raised an eyebrow. “Did you not receive the news?”

“We did not. According to our information, the person leading the reinforcements was General Liko.”

Oh, so he is misunderstanding something.

“Actually, the person in charge is indeed General Liko. I just arrived before.”

The man was startled. But he recovered quickly.

After all, although it was unusual for a prince to follow the commands of a general, it was not unheard of.

“Then, the general…”

“He should be arriving soon,” I said and looked back. Just at that moment, the rest of the reinforcements had finally caught up to us, with General Liko leading them.

The general seemed a bit displeased by the fact I entered the fort before him, but he did not make a fuss for that. Such a shame, I had already prepared the perfect retort.

Instead, he stared at the man that received us fixedly.

“Where is the person in charge?”

“General, he is currently repelling the daemons. If it’s possible, I hope you can help us. We can talk after we repel the attack.”

General Liko thought for a moment before nodding. “Very well. Men, go to the wall to help with the battle!”


In all honesty, the soldiers were tired after the travel, and many of them were needing a rest. But they were in much better condition than the soldiers in the fort who had been resisting against the attacks of the daemons for weeks.

However, before the soldiers could reach the walls, a loud cheer arrived at our ears.

“The daemons are retreating!”


“Hahaha, return to your rotten hole, bastard daemons!”

The man that received us sighed in relief.

“It looks like today’s battle ended. Come with me, I’ll take you to the general.”



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