FPD Chapter 50

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Hope’s Lesson (2)


Both Daisy and Hope were surprised, but Daisy nodded at the next instant. Although she didn’t know what I was planning, she will never disobey my words.

Seeing the two girls together, my excitement grew to an all-time high lev. I could not help but lick my lips and look at the naked bodies of the two girls.

“Daisy, lick Hope’s breasts.”

Daisy was startled, but she understood at the next instant. Hope, on the other hand, trembled when she heard my order. She could not believe she was doing something so shameful as this.

Daisy did not hesitate. She licked her lips and brought her mouth to Hope’s breast. She then used her tongue to lick Hope’s nipples.

Hope’s body shivered and a loud moan escaped from her mouth. She could not suppress the strange feelings she was feeling now.

The shame of having her nipples licked by Daisy while being seen for a man, caused her a kind of pervert pleasure that she was unable to suppress. Moreover, when she remembered that I was also a prince, the pleasure shot up even more.

After all, she could be considered as the woman of the emperor, even if the emperor did not touch her in years. But now, she was on the bed with his son.

Daisy continued licking Hope’s breast. She was pretty awkward at the start, but I guided her slowly, teaching her how to use her hands and tongue to pleasure Hope. Soon, Daisy began to suck and bit Hope’s nipples while using her hands to grope her breasts.

“Ughh…~” Hope groaned in a muffled voice.

When Daisy finally got the hang of playing with Hope’s breast, I began to act.

My hands moved to Hope’s lower body. I stroked her abdomen and legs softly, making Hope’s body twist uncomfortably. I then brought my hands near her hidden cave and began to stimulate it.

My hands stopped close to touching her vagina. They stimulated the area surrounding it and teased Hope repeatedly. Soon, Hope began to move her body searching my hands, but I stopped her.

When Hope looked at me in doubt, I smirked.

“I know something better.”

Then, I brought my mouth near her lower body.

“W-Wait…” Hope panicked briefly, but I just smiled and stuck out my tongue. Then, under Hope’s dumbfounded look, I licked her cave.

Instantly, Hope felt a burst of soul-stirring pleasure.

“Ahhnnnm…~” Hope’s body shivered strongly. A flood of love juices flowed out of her cave and a moan escaped her lips. I smirked inwardly and began to move my tongue.

Hope’s orgasm became even stronger. She used her legs to press down my head and quivered in pleasure. Her love juices wet all my face, but I ignored it and continued my ‘lesson’.

“W-Wha… Ahnn…~”

When Hope’s orgasm finally finished, she was attacked again by the pleasure coming from her breasts and lower cave. Her hands grabbed the blankets tightly and her body tensed up. It was her first time experienced such incredible pleasure.

Even when the emperor slept with her, the pleasure wasn’t close to this. She could feel her mind getting lost in the constant bursts of pleasure coming from her body.

My tongue invaded her cave fiercely. I moved it around her walls, stimulating her vagina and causing more love juices to flow out.

At the same time, I used my face to stimulate her crotch. My nose rubbed her clitoris repeatedly, making Hope cry in delight. Daisy also increased the tempo of her movements, stimulating Hope even more and bringing her close to her third orgasm.

And finally, her body twitched.


Hope looked blankly at the ceiling, trying to process the incredible pleasure she was feeling. She forgot about Daisy, Claus, the empress, and the emperor, only concentrating on the feeling of pleasure.

I stood up with a grin and smiled at Daisy. Daisy understood my cue and moved aside.

I then grabbed Hope’s legs and spread them out. Hope was still lost in the aftertaste of her last orgasm, so she allowed me to move her body as I wanted.

So, I put my rod before Hope’s entrance and rubbed it softly. I then looked at Hope and asked enticingly.

“Hope, can I put it in?”

Hope looked at me with a lost expression. Her eyes regained a bit of clarity for a moment, and then, she nodded.

Without hesitating, I thrusted my waist forward.

“Ahhnnnm…~” Hope screamed loudly. Her back arched up enticingly, and her legs wrapped around my waist.

I was unable to suppress my excitement anymore. Without waiting for Hope to get used to the feeling of my dick, I began to thrust fiercely.

Each thrust was full of power, piercing her cave deeply and hitting her womb. Hope’s womb twitched with each hit, creating a sucking sensation that made me groan in joy.

“So nice…” I whispered and increased my thrusting speed. Hope’s cave was not so tight as Daisy’s, but it was deeper. I could feel my dick rubbing her long walls every time it entered and exited.

“Prince… Please… So confortable…~” Hope moaned seductively. I smirked and continued attacking her.

Hope’s body twisted every time my dick thrusted forward. Her body turned soft and her mind blanked. She could only moan and scream with each one of my movements.

I then grabbed her legs and put them over my shoulders. The new position allowed my weapon to pierce deeper, causing Hope a new wave of pleasure.

“So deep…~ Ahhnnn…~” Hope groaned softly. My penis impacted her womb repeatedly, causing her multiple waves of pleasure and pain. Moreover, an uncomfortable numb feeling made her shake her waist to increase the speed of my thrusts.

Perhaps because she had climaxed thrice, this time Hope was able to endure longer without climaxing. But even with that, she could feel a new burst of pleasure forming on her abdomen. The repeated attacks of my weapon made her tremble in anticipation.

Her body twisted and trembled on the bed. I observed her naked body with an expression of excitement and pride, enjoying the different expressions on her face.

Finally, I felt her next orgasm coming.

Her cave tightened around my penis. Increasing the pleasure I was feeling. I suppressed a groan and accelerated even more, entering and exiting her cave quickly.

“Prince~ So comfortable…~” Hope let out a loud moan and tightened her walls even more. I could feel our orgasms coming and pressed my body against her.

With her legs over my shoulders and my body pressed against her, Hope’s cave received the full strength of my thrusts. She moaned and screamed incoherently.

Then, something white filled her mind.

Instantly, her body shivered.

I felt a new burst of love juices flowing from her cave. Her vagina tightened around me, sucking on my penis as if it was a baby.

I grunted and finally shot my first salvo of the night.

A thick and hot liquid was shot inside Hope’s womb. Hope’s twitched again and shivered while feeling the hot liquid, and finally, she fainted.

However, I was not done with her tonight.

When she fainted, I turned her body around and grabbed her ass.

Then, I thrusted forward once more.

Instantly, Hope woke up again.


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