FPD Chapter 513

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Lack of Supplies


Just like I told Katherine, I did not let her rest for the entire night.

Of course, there was no way Katherine would agree to continue doing it in the living room after we were discovered by Rose, but that opened a world of possibilities.

First was my room, where I patiently taught Katherine my broad knowledge about sex.

Two hours later, our room was a complete mess and Katherine was sprawled on the bed, too tired to even more.

Hence, like a good boyfriend, I took Katherine to the bathroom to wash her body (which was covered with semen and saliva). Once there, though, I was unable to resist the temptation and taught her some other things.

Finally, we returned to my room again, where a completely-tired Katherine looked me with a pitiful look as though asking me if I was done.

I smiled and nodded, carrying her to the bed where we cuddled together.

Before falling asleep, though, we ended entangled once more, with Katherine receiving my attacks for another half an hour.

Finally, Katherine was unable to resist the fatigue and fell asleep.

Due to that, we ended waking up pretty late the next morning.

There was still something we needed to deal with, though.

And that was the piercing gazes coming from the other girls living with us.

As expected, when they saw Katherine leave my room and rush towards her room with an embarrassed expression, the atmosphere was filled with an awkward silence.

Of course, there is no way I will be defeated by this level of awkwardness. My level of shamelessness is high enough to ignore it completely.

Thus, ignoring the piercing gazes coming from Rose, my aunts, and my cousins, I sat at the table to eat breakfast.

“My nephew sure has a lot of energy.” Aunt Dayana was the first one to break the silence, shaking her head as though it was not her who was rolling with me on the bed yesterday for several hours.

Aunt Sera, on the other hand, just shook her head without speaking. Judging by her expression, though, she was cursing my womanizing ways.

Andrea just glanced at me and said nothing. However, she made sure to pinch my waist when she was bringing my breakfast.

As for Ysnay, she just smiled amusedly, as though she found the show entertaining.

And the two most interesting reactions belonged to Rose and Lina. The two youngest girls were too embarrassed to even look at me.

When I winked at them, they turned completely red and lowered their heads.

I shook my head and chuckled softly. Sigh, such a great life.

Speaking of which, now that Katherine is officially my woman, I should give her a ring too. I should also give one to Aunt Sera, although I’m not sure if she will accept it.

I think she has not forgotten her husband yet.

The atmosphere in the dining room became even more awkward when Katherine came out of her room. Under Andrea’s slightly jealous look, Aunt Dayana’s expression of interest, and Rose and Line occasional curious glance, Katherine was so embarrassed that she wanted to hide in a hole.

She could not help but glare at me angrily, as though telling me it was my fault.

… I can’t deny it.

In the end, Katherine ended escaping to her room as soon as breakfast ended.

Well, I’m sure she will be fine. She will get used to it after a few times more.

Once Katherine left, Andrea, Aunt Dayana, and the others looked at me silently. They said nothing, but I could see they were waiting for me to tell them about my relationship with Katherine.

I did not know whether to laugh or to cry. These women…

Fortunately, someone saved me at that moment.

A soldier came to tell me that there would be an important meeting half an hour later and I had to be there.

Using that as my excuse, I slipped out of the house towards General Liko’s office.

When I arrived at the office, most of the people had already arrived. Some of them, as General Anson, greeted me when I arrived, but most of them ignored me.

Of course, I did not mind it. I’m already used to it.

Half an hour later, General Liko started the meeting.

“I think that all of you know the purpose of today’s meeting. It’s to talk about our next course of action. Firstly, let’s hear about the current situation of the fortress and the losses we suffered yesterday.”

After that, one of the men in the office stood up and gave a quick rundown of the situation.

Quickly, though, I noticed something.

… The situation in this fortress is really bad.

You should think that after we arrived as reinforcements, the situation of the fortress would improve. And although it indeed improved, it also brought a new problem to the table.

And that is–

“We are short of supplies.” General Liko said after tapping the table twice.

Nobody in the office spoke up.

Yes, that is the problem.

The reason behind it is the attack we suffered when we were in the way to Fort Mist. During that attack, we lost a great part of our supplies.

And with the remaining supplies, we can’t last longer than one week.

“In other words, if we don’t receive supplies, our men will starve after one week?” One of the men inside the tent asked.

General Liko nodded.

“Exactly. However, we can’t expect supplies at this point in time. I estimate that the earliest we will receive new supplies is two weeks later. By then, our defenses will have fallen to starvation and weakness.”

The people in the office looked at each other with stern expressions.

“What do you propose then?” General Anson asked.

General Liko thought for a moment before heaving a long sigh.

“We need to give up this fortress and retreat.”

“Impossible!” General Anson refused immediately. “I’m sorry, General Liko, but none of my men will abandon this fort!”

General Liko frowned. For an instant, an ice-cold gleam flashed through his eyes.

“Are you going against my orders, General Anson?”

“I am. Even if I have to die. I will die defending this place.”

Oh? This man is pretty brave, and stubborn.

Although to be honest, he is right.

With Fort Mist’s importance, giving it up is folly. Actually, I find it strange that General Liko proposed it so readily.

I’m sure there is something fishy behind it.

But thinking about it, the current situation is a good opportunity.

It can be of help to Princess E’Athar’s plan.

Thinking for a moment, I decided to raise my hand.

“General Liko, I have a plan.”



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