FPD Chapter 520

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Assaulting the Daemon Camp (2)


Above Fort Mist.

The expression of the Daemon General, who was fighting against General Anson, changed suddenly.

He hurriedly looked towards the daemon camp anxiously.

“The alarm!?”

Without hesitating, he flew towards the camp.

But before he could leave, he felt a chill on his spine, forcing him to move away.

“Where do you think you are going!?”

“Anson! It must be your fault!”

“Hahaha, I don’t know what you are talking about!”

Grinning wildly, General Anson attacked the daemon general fiercely.

Not just him, he also attacked the other two thirteenth-layer practitioners, stopping them from returning to the daemon camp.

“Where do you think you are going!?”

“Bastard!” The daemon general’s expression turned ugly.

Now that the camp was being attacked, he knew he needed to return.

Even if he knew there was a fourteenth-layer practitioner left to protect the camp, he needed to make sure everything was alright.

However, it seemed like Anson did not plan to let them go.

He was fighting crazily. So crazily that the daemon general and the others could not leave unless they wanted to be gravely injured.

In the end, the daemon general gritted his teeth.


With a growl, he released a torrent of mana towards Anson.

General Anson avoided that. But during that opportunity, the three daemon powerhouses charged towards the camp.


“Not so easy!”

Snorting, General Anson created a sea of killing intent that swallowed the three daemon powerhouses.

It was a domain!

Blood Sea. Anson’s personal domain. His strongest technique.

As soon as the domain appeared, the three daemons felt a strong sense of crisis.

Without hesitation, they clad their bodies in mana and executed their strongest defensive techniques.


The killing intent around them turned into countless weapons that assaulted the three daemons.


In front of that attack, the three daemons could only defend.

However, that made the daemon general panic more.

He understood General Anson well. He normally would not use this technique unless there was no other option.

The fact that he did not mind using this technique right now meant that whatever was happening in the daemon camp was incredibly important.

Thus, the daemon general gritted his teeth and put on a determined expression.

Then, he forced even more mana out of his body and rushed towards one of the other two daemons.

“You, go!”

With an ice-cold face, he kicked the daemon out of the domain, helping him to escape.

But in exchange, he received the impact of the killing intent.

“Ugh.” The daemon general grunted. Blood flowed out of his mouth, and his mana turned slightly messy.

But soon, his mana returned to normal.

He then focused on defending once more as he looked at General Anson.

He could only hope that the thirteenth-layer daemon plus the cardinal of the Daemon God Church were enough to take care of whatever was happening in the camp.



Meanwhile, in the daemon camp.

“Who dares to steam the supplies!?”

A powerful bellow spread to the entire camp followed by a powerful mana that suppressed us.

The mana was so powerful that even Rose and Katherine turned pale.

“Claus, we need to leave right now!” Katherine said with an anxious look. However, I shook my head.

Right now, only Ysnay and I remained calm.

“We need to continue. There are still two tents remaining.”

“But that voice!”

“Don’t worry. Teacher will take care of that.”

As though to confirm my words, a daemon appeared in the sky at that moment.

The cardinal of the Daemon God Church!

He was an old man holding a staff in his hands. But despite being an old man, the daemon emitted a level of mana so powerful that it sent shivers on Katherine, Rose, and the members of Eternity’s Fangs’ spines.

“Damn rats!”

Bellowing in rage, the cardinal waved his staff, releasing a giant sea of fire that descended towards us!

But then, a harrumph resounded in the camp.


One second later, Ysnay appeared in the sky, waving her hand slowly as a sword made of threads appeared in it and cut the sea of fire, turning it into nothing.

When the daemon cardinal saw that, his expression changed.


“Nice to meet you, old man. Now, die!”

With a smile, Ysnay waved her hand again, and her sword cut towards the cardinal’s neck.

The cardinal’s expression turned frantic. He hurriedly raised his staff to stop the attack.

But to his surprise, Ysnay’s sword went through the staff, arriving at his neck unimpeded.

The attack was so fast that the eyes of the old man froze in fear.



A spell activated at that moving, moving the old man hundreds of meters away.

But when he reappeared, his face was pale in terror.

Because a red line had appeared on his neck.

If he would have teleported one second later, he would have died.

“Oh? You avoided it?” Ysnay asked with a teasing smile, like a cat playing with her prey or a child playing with a toy.

And that was exactly what was happening.

If Ysnay truly wanted to kill him, the cardinal would have been unable to avoid dying.

However, Ysnay knew I did not want it. At least, not right now. That was the reason she did not kill him.

Smiling again, Ysnay walked towards the daemon cardinal with a playful look.

“Great. Then, old man, let’s see how long you can avoid my sword.”



While Ysnay and the old man fought in the skies, I urged the others to move.

“To the next tent!”

The men of Eternity’s Fangs moved without hesitation. They used brute force to break through the barriers protecting the tent and proceeded to loot the supplies inside.

But now that the alarm sounded, the remaining daemons in the camp had been alerted.

Not even five seconds later, tens of daemons appeared before us.

“Stop them!” One of the daemons cried out, raising his sword with a fierce expression.

“Katherine, Rose, you know what to do!”



The green-haired girl and the black-haired hero nodded at the same time and stepped forward to face the daemons.

Half of Eternity’s Fangs’ members stepped forward as well.

As for the rest of us, we continued looting the tents.

Twenty seconds later, the fourth tent was emptied, and the men of Eternity’s Fangs rushed towards the last tent.

“Claus! We need to leave!” Katherine yelled to hurry me, but I did not reply.

At that moment, another powerful presence appeared in the sky.


With a bellow, the newcomer thirteenth-layer practitioner released a sword slash towards us.

But before it could touch us, Ysnay teleported in front of it.


Using her sword of threads, she cut the sword slash into two before swinging her sword in the newcomer’s direction.


The daemon paled and used all his mana to stop the attack, only to realize Ysnay’s sword was cutting through his mana as though it was butter.

Fortunately, the cardinal released a beam of fire towards Ysnay at that moment, forcing her to stop her attack to defend against the beam of fire.

“Two against one, huh. Great. Better yet!”

The daemon cardinal and the thirteenth-layer practitioner smiled grimly.

While Ysnay stopped the two daemon powerhouses, the men of Eternity’s Fangs arrived at the last tent.

But suddenly–

“Daemon Sword, [Cutting the Moon]!”

A powerful sword slash lit up the night sky.

Then, a beautiful female daemon appeared on the roof of the tent, swinging her sword towards the men of Eternity’s Fangs.

E’Athar Deora, Princess of the Daemons, had appeared.


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