FPD Chapter 523

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Spanking a Princess (1)


The next day, I woke up in an excellent mood.

Perhaps it was because it had been a few days since the last time we were together, but my two aunts were crazy last night. They did not fall asleep until it was almost dawn.

Of course, I was more than happy to play with them until they were exhausted. I mean, Milfs are life.

Sigh, my life really is the best.

After kissing the foreheads of my two aunts, I left the bed while being careful of not waking up the two women entangled above me.

I then went to the kitchen to find something to eat.

Lina and Andrea were already awake when I left the room. Andrea was preparing breakfast and Lina was seated at the table waiting for it.

When Lina noticed me, she smiled slightly.

“Cousin, good morning.”

“Good morning, little Lina. Good morning to you as well, Andrea.”

“Morning. You are early0. Katherine and Rose are still dead asleep after last night’s battle, and mom and Aunt Dayana are sleeping as well.”

“Should I wake up mom and Aunt Dayana?” Lina asked.

I hurriedly shook my head.

“Let them sleep. They surely were worried about us yesterday and could not sleep well.”

“If you say so, cousin.”

Whew, that was close.

… Although thinking about it, it would have been fun if Lina fails to find Aunt Dayana and Aunt Sera in their rooms only to find them sleeping naked in my bed.

Well, that fun will be for another day.

Chuckling to myself, I sat down beside Lina to wait for breakfast.

“Right, Cousin, can I ask you something?”

“What is it, little Lina?”

“… Well, last night Katherine said that you were flirting with a Daemon Princess on the battlefield. Is that true?”

I could feel Andrea freezing in the kitchen.

I smiled helplessly. Girls, you sure are insistent.

And you, Daemon Princess. I swear I’ll give you a good spanking later!

“What are you talking about? We were not flirting. Quite the opposite, she was trying to kill me.”

“Really?” Lina looked at me with a suspicious expression. But then, she shrugged before smiling mischievously.

“Well, it doesn’t matter. By the way, cousin, when are you going to sleep with me?”

This time, the dish in Andrea’s hand fell to the floor.

I looked at Lina with a speechless look.

This little devil.

“Little devil, it looks like you need a spanking as well, huh?”

“As well?” Lina was confused. But she then smiled again and hugged my arm. “Please, cousin. You already slept with sister and Katherine. I want to be next! How about tonight?”

“Lina! Claus!”

“What is it, sister? Could it be you want to monopolize cousin?”

“You little devil! Come here!”

“Ah! Cousin, help me! Sister wants to pinch my cheeks!”

I shook my head helplessly when I saw Andrea and Lina running around the dining room.

However, I found Lina’s offer tempting.

“Very well, Lina, I’ll visit you tonight.”



“Hahahaha, really. And goodbye, Andrea. See you tonight.”

Escaping from Andrea’s enraged hug, I rushed to the kitchen and grabbed an already-ready breakfast before escaping from the house.

Mm, tonight sure will be fun. I can’t wait for it.

Right now, though, I need to take care of someone else first.

Namely, a certain daemon princess.

After eating my breakfast, I immediately teleported to Princess E’Athar’s tent.

And as expected, she was already waiting for me.

When she felt I appeared, she flinched.

“P-Prince Claus.”

“Hello, beautiful lady. Long time no see you.”

“Y-Yeah…” Princess E’Athar replied quickly, his body shivering slightly.

I could not help but grin when I saw that.

Hehe, girl, I have oh so much waiting for you.

Noticing the bad intentions on my grin, Princess E’Athar trembled.

“R-Right, last night’s operation was a great success.”

“Oh Really?”

“Y-Yes. With this, I have some leverage against the general. Plus, I spread the rumor I was the one that repelled the attackers, so my reputation among the soldiers is increasing quickly.”

“That is good.”

“R-Right?” Princess E’Athar replied quickly, but when she saw the grin on my face, she put on an expression that seemed as though she was about to cry.

She knew that what waited for her was a grim future!

Princess E’Athar hurriedly forced her mind to think, she needed something, anything that could help her to escape that future.

However, my grin and the steps I took towards her slowly announced her fate.

“P-Prince Claus?”


“W-What about the next part of the plan. W-We should start preparing for it.”

“Do you think so?”

“Y-Yes… P-Prince, please, can you stop grinning?”

“Oh? Do you dislike my grin?”

“N-No, it’s not it…”


“B-But, it’s scary.”

“Hehe.” I laughed evilly and continued approaching her. “It’s scary, huh.”

“P-Prince Claus, p-please…”

“What are you afraid of? We are allies.”

“… I-I’m sorry, okay?”

“Mm, well, I accept your apology.”

“Then why you are still grinning!?”

“Because I think bad girls need to be punished.”

Princess E’Athar turned completely pale.

In a decisive attempt to escape, she turned around and charged out of her tent. But before she could leave it, she felt a pair of arms hugging her waist.

Then, she felt how she was carried towards the bed.

“P-Prince, w-what are you doing!?”

“Don’t worry, you will be fine.”

“S-Stop, l-let me go!”

“Why? Are you afraid?”

Princess E’Athar gulped down and looked at the smile on my face with tears in her eyes.

“P-Please, okay?”

I ignored her plea and brought her to the bed.

Then, after I sat on the bed, I lay her on my thigs, with her face looking towards the ground and her buttocks in the perfect place for my hands to hit.

“P-Prince, w-what are you going to do? S-Stop it!”

“Sorry, Princess. But bad girls need punishment.”

With a small smile on my face, I lifted my right hand.

Then, I swung it down.



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