FPD Chapter 526

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Your Good Luck is My Bad Luck


“Dad, remember to visit me again! I don’t want to feel lonely!”

“I will.” I chuckled softly and exited the seal, returning to the cliff.

Once I was outside, though, I sighed.

This is troublesome…

I was expecting to get a positive answer from Emilia today. The ideal was for her to accept the existence of Raven, Dina, and the others.

However, she didn’t.

And even though she said she would think about it, I don’t have many hopes.

Immortals are stubborn. They seldomly change their ways.

And Emilia is one of these Immortals. It’s unlikely she will give up on her possessiveness. Otherwise, she would have agreed right away.

Well, the situation is not completely hopeless. After all, Emilia is obsessed with me. There is a small possibility that her desire to be beside me can overpower her possessiveness.

However, the chances are at most around thirty percent.

I sighed again. There is no point in worrying about that now.

However, I made up my mind about something.

If Emilia doesn’t accept it…


I will kill her.


I’m sure she will be happier dying at my hands than living with the knowledge we will be separated forever.

That can be a fitting end to our relationship.

Shaking my head, I stepped across space to return to Fort Mist.

But midway, I frowned and changed directions.

When I reappeared, I was in a nearby mountain peak.


“Were you visiting Emilia?”

“I was. Needed to hear her choice.”

“… Did she agree?”

I shook my head. “She didn’t.”

Ysnay smiled softly and shook her head.

“I thought so. Right, do you know she is trying to break the seal?”

I raised an eyebrow in surprise. “Really?”

“Really. She is very good. She has already decoded several parts of the seal, but she did not destroy them fearing that you discover it and reinforce the seal. She probably will break free in twenty years or so.”

“Just twenty years? She has improved a lot.” She needed hundreds of years to break my previous seal.

“I think that the reason she is being so fast is that you are here.” Ysnay glanced at me with an amused smile. “She probably wants to escape quickly to take you away from your women in this world. Well, she already broke one of your seals once, so she is more experienced in it now.”

I chuckled without answering.

Actually, I was already expecting it.

Emilia is an immortal. There is no way she will resign herself to stay sealed forever.

Of course, I admit I’m a bit surprised by her speed, but twenty years is plenty of time.

Plus, I just need to reinforce the seal again if Emilia is about to escape and I have not completed my goal yet.

“Hey Willian,” Ysnay suddenly turned around, looking at me with her deep black eyes that seemed to swallow my soul. “You know I don’t mind sharing you with others, right?”

“… But I’m not planning to accept you.”

“Hehe, right, you are not. However, I would like to think that there is a chance you will change of opinion.”

I remained silent and did not reply.

However, that was enough for Ysnay.

She smiled self-deprecatingly and shook her head.

“It looks like my chances are pretty low.”

“But you don’t plan to give up.”

“Of course not. I’m the Witch of Unending Fates. I’ll not give up so easily.”

I shrugged and turned around. “I wish you good luck, then. Actually, better not. Your good luck means bad luck for me.”

“You are right.” Ysnay chuckled. “But don’t worry, If I succeed, I promise I’ll be the best housewife you will ever meet.”

I shook my head softly and I stepped across space once more to return to Fort Mist.

Behind me, Ysnay stared at the place where Emilia was sealed as she overwrote her own fate, disappearing from the mountain as well.

Just as Princess E’Athar said, the daemons did not attack today. However, through my perception, I managed to detect several powerful daemons in the daemon camp. They must be the reinforcements that arrived today.

It’s very likely they will attack tomorrow.

In other words, I should enjoy tonight as much as I can.

With that thought in mind, I returned to the house, preparing to spend a night of debauchery with the women inside.

Thinking about it, I promised Lina I would visit her tonight, huh…

Should I invite Andrea as well?

To my surprise, I was received by an Aunt Sera looking angrily towards me and an Aunt Dayana giggling with an amused expression when I entered the house.

These two, did anything happen?

I was about to ask them, but at that moment, my perception noticed something.

Frowning, I looked towards my two aunts.

“Aunts, you should stay in your rooms for a while, I need to take care of a visitor.”

“A visitor?” Aunt Sera was curious and wanted to ask about his identity. But before she could, Aunt Dayana grabbed her arm and pulled her towards the room.


“Sister, listen to Claus. You can ask what you want to ask later.”

“Huh? Okay okay, but stop pulling me!”

“Just follow me to the room. Claus, be careful, okay?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” I smiled confidently.

As expected of Aunt Dayana. So sharp.

Wait a moment, why does it seem as though Aunt Dayana is the elder sister and Aunt Sera the little sister?

Chuckling inwardly, I turned around and opened the door to greet the guest who was about to arrive.

“Alver, you are here.”

“Hello, Prince Claus. Can I go in?”


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