FPD Chapter 542

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Battle of Fort Mist (3)


With General Anson and Ysnay out of the way, the daemons charged towards the walls without fear.

In just a few seconds, powerful mana fluctuations equivalent to eleventh-layer powerhouses and twelfth-layer powerhouses started to appear.

Such powerhouses rushed towards the walls at full speed.

General Liko’s expression changed. He was aware that the wall would not be able to stop practitioners as strong as them from climbing it.

In fact, even seventh-layer practitioners could climb the wall if they used special techniques and put their lives on the line.

His expression turned ugly. He realized that the battle had turned against them.

However, he could still use the geographical advantage to stop the daemons. Although the effect of it would not last long, that was the best he could do right now.

“Everybody! Get ready to stop the enemy!”

Just when General Liko’s roar ended, the first enemies jumped on the wall!

Two eleventh-layer and one twelfth-layer practitioner landed at the top of the wall and started to slaughter the human soldiers.

But immediately, a twelfth-layer human stepped forward, ambushing the twelfth-layer daemon and killing it in a blow at the cost of an injury in his abdomen.

At the same time, three tenth-layer humans stepped forward to confront one of the eleventh-layer daemons.

As for the last one, Katherine, Rose, and I cooperated to kill it.

After Katherine used a spell to restraint him for an instant, Rose and I used our sword techniques to land two mortal blows.

However, that was just the start. After these three daemon practitioners, even more daemons arrived!

Moreover, the first siege weapon arrived at the wall. Fortunately, Katherine had been preparing a powerful spell for a long time, and cast it at that moment.

“[Destructive Wind]!”


With a thunderous sound, the siege weapon was destroyed by an explosion of super-compressed wind.

That attack, however, drained the entirety of Katherine’s mana.

Fortunately, I was here with her. Grabbing her hand, I transferred my mana to her, filling it completely again.

Katherine was surprised, but as she was already aware of my hidden strength, she quickly accepted it and continued battling.

The battle turned fiercer and fiercer. The daemons attacked as crazy while the humans gave their lives to stop them from advancing.

Fort Mist turned into a meat grinder where hundreds of daemons and humans were dying each minute.

Unfortunately, our disadvantage was quickly becoming more and more apparent.

With the daemons’ numbers, they just needed to continue attacking to eventually overwhelm us.

Moreover, the number of tenth layer, eleventh layer, and twelfth layer powerhouses in the daemon side was much greater than in ours.

Even with the advantage of the wall, it was just a question of time before their more numerous powerhouses killed ours.

And at that point, nothing would be able to stop them from taking the fort.

Many of the human soldiers, aware of that, had grave expressions; and General Liko had the ugliest expression.

This battle had completely gotten out of his control. This was out of his plans!

He even considered escaping more than once, but he stopped himself each time, deciding to wait and see instead.

However, he had already taken a decision.

Once the situation became unsalvageable, he would escape.

Katherine and Rose’s expressions were no good either.

“Claus, at this rate we will lose! Even your teacher looks like she can’t resist much longer!” Katherine said with a solemn look. “You have a plan, right?”

“I do,” I replied with a chuckle.

“Then hurry up and start it! We are going to die at this rate!”

I chuckled again without answering. Nope, now is not the time to act.

Katherine gritted her teeth and unleashed another spell, restraining a ninth-layer daemon that was then pierced by four nearby human soldiers. She then glared at me angrily.

But when she saw my calm eyes, she calmed slightly as well.

Just a glance was enough for her to understand that everything was under control.

But suddenly, her expression changed.

“Oh no!”

I frowned, noticing something wrong.

Spatial fluctuations coming from the daemon army.

And the destination was inside the fort.

The daemons were planning to teleport inside the fort!

“Claus!” Katherine looked at me, and I nodded. Understanding my intentions, Katherine called out at Rose and the three of us rushed towards the direction of one of the spatial fluctuations.

Just at that moment, General Liko looked towards us.

“Prince Claus! Where do you think you are going!? Deserters will die without exceptions!”

I ignored the clown and left with Katherine and Rose.

“Where are we going!?”

“There! The daemons used a teleportation spell to infiltrate the fort!” Katherine answered Rose’s question, pointing to a place inside the fort.

It was in the direction of our house!

“We need to hurry up! The teleportation already succeeded! They could attack Miss Dayana and the others if we don’t hurry!”

I frowned briefly before returning to normal, not panicking.

After all, I left enough safety measures with them.

According to my senses, only five daemons teleported near them. Although they are rather strong, little Lina plus the men of Eternity’s Fangs should enough to take care of them.

And even in the worst of the cases, I can teleport to the house and rescue them.

Mm, this is a good opportunity to test little Lina’s commanding skills.

However, these are not the only daemons attacking.

I could feel that a total of four teams were teleported inside the fort.

If they are not stopped quickly, they will cause great damage to the fort.

I wondered briefly if should stop them or not, before shaking my head.

Anyway, the more damage they cause, the better it’s for me.

It will create a better excuse for General Liko.

I’m sure that after today’s battle, he will put in march his plan to kill me.



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