FPD Chapter 545

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The End of the Battle (1)


Half an hour later, Rose stepped on the chest of a daemon and stabbed his neck.

The daemon looked at the hero with a grudgeful and hatred-filled gaze, struggling briefly, and finally breathing his last.

“With this, all the daemons had been killed.” Katherine let out a tired breath.

A total of eighteen daemons had infiltrated the fort, forming two teams of four and two teams of five.

However, these eighteen daemons were very strong. The weakest was a tenth-layer practitioner, and the strongest was just one step away from breaking through the thirteenth-layer.

Due to that, the daemons managed to cause a lot of damage before they were hunted by us. One of them was even close to killing the soldiers guarding the gate and opening it.

Fortunately, I killed him before that.

I could not let him open the gates, otherwise, the fort would fall.

Even if I want that the humans lose this battle, I don’t plan to let the daemons take down Fort Mist.

“What should we do now?” Rose asked.

“Let’s return to the walls. The battle there has intensified.”

Katherine and Rose nodded and followed after me.

On the way, I felt Rose staring at me fixedly.

“What is it?” I asked.

“… Nothing, I’m just wondering when I’ll be able to catch up with you.”

I chuckled shrugged smugly.

“You still need a lot of training, young girl.”

Rose rolled her eyes.

“Hmph! I know I’m weak, but one day I’ll become stronger than you. I swear it!”

Girl, there is a long way in front of you.

At that moment, I noticed Katherine looking at us with a speechless look.

“Rose, how do you think I felt when you said you are weak. I mean, what about me then? Am I an ant?”

Rose immediately stiffened.

“S-Sorry, I-I did not mean that…”

“Sigh… Don’t worry. Even though I’m a bit jealous, I don’t mind it. After all, you are my friend… Though I would like it if I am a bit stronger.”

Stronger, huh.

I put on a pensive expression.

“Do you truly want to be stronger, Katherine?”

Katherine was startled and looked at me in surprise.

“… Do you have a way?”

I hesitated for a moment before nodding.

“… I do. But you will have to wait for a while, and it can be dangerous…”

“I-I don’t mind! Please!”

I did not reply immediately and instead considered it again.

But then, I sighed.

Anyway, I will have to do this sooner or later.

… Though I think I should try it with someone else first, just in case.

After all, I’m not sure if there is a hidden danger I have not noticed.

“… Very well. We’ll do it tonight, after this battle.”

Katherine looked at me with a determined expression and nodded firmly.

Ten minutes later, we returned to the wall.

The battle in the wall had intensified greatly since we left. More and more daemons had managed to climb it, and several siege weapons were attacking the tower or being used by the daemons to climb on the wall.

Even so, the human soldiers were resisting firmly. Until now, no daemon had managed to gon beyond the wall (besides the ones we killed just now).

However, it was obvious that this situation would not last. The human soldiers were quickly becoming tired, and the number of daemons was increasing more and more.

In fact, I noticed that gaps had started to appear in the soldiers’ formation. It was just a question of time before the daemons noticed the gaps and took advantage of them.

As soon as we arrived, we rushed towards the battlefield to support the soldiers.

The arrival of two powerful practitioners like Rose and me, plus a skilled mage like Katherine, alleviated a bit of the burden on the soldiers. However, it was just like pouring water in a broken bowl, just extending the unavoidable.

General Liko quickly noticed our arrival and glared at us with an enraged gaze.

“Prince Claus, we will have to talk about this after the battle!”

I shrugged indifferently. As you wish, old man.

I’m waiting for it as well.

The battle turned fiercer and fiercer with each passing second, and the top of the walls had turned reddish and slippery due to the blood of humans and daemons.

Bodies after bodies of both humans and daemons fell from the wall every second. The number of casualties was already approaching ten thousand!

Right at that moment, the situation in the sky changed.

General Anson, who was fighting four daemon powerhouses, was pierced in his abdomen by a sword!

Fortunately, his battle experience helped him to avoid another attack, however, his situation turned from bad to worse.

Now that he received the first grave injury, it was just a matter of time before he received another.

And eventually, these injuries would bring him down.

Furthermore, Ysnay was struggling against five daemon powerhouses right now, so she could not help him.

More than once, Ysnay had been close to receiving a grave injury as well.

“Hahaha, Anson, it looks like Fort Mist and you will fall today.”

General Anson did not reply, just swallowing back the blood he wanted to spat out and looking at the daemon powerhouses around him fiercely.

“Even if I die, I’ll bring a few of you with me to hell!”

“Try if you can.” With a sneer, the daemon general once more rushed towards General Anson, followed by the Cardinal who cast a spell, and the two thirteenth-layer practitioners who flanked General Anson.

General Anson gritted his teeth and used his spear to stop the attacks, however, the impact of the attacks widened the injury in his abdomen!

Grinning, the daemon general stabbed with his sword twice, once towards General Anson’s head and the second towards his abdomen.

Fortunately, General Anson managed to stop them. But at that moment, the two thirteenth-layer daemons attacked him, and a magic circle appeared around his body, slowing down his movements!

“Argh!” With a bellow, his mana surged out, blowing out the magic circle as he jumped away. Unfortunately, the attacks of the two thirteenth-layer practitioners managed to hit his back, injuring him again.

Then, he saw the sword of the daemon general approaching the place between his eyebrows.

His expression immediately turned bitter.

That was not an attack he could avoid.

But just at that moment–


A powerful and sharp sword aura erupted out of Ysnay’s body.

“Do you think you can kill me!?”

With a roar of anger, the black-haired woman raised his sword and filled several kilometers around her with her overwhelming sword intent.


And her sword slashed down.



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