FPD Chapter 553

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Even if I Have to Destroy the Universe


After using the technique that the [Queen of Timeless Distortion] gave me, Safelia’s soul assimilation was controlled.

After that, the process of sharing my Immortality went smoothly.

One hour later, Safelia’s soul had become Immortal.

My heart was beating quickly. The excitement of knowing that I completed my dream was making me giddy.

Finally, finally.

After more than seven hundred reincarnations and hundreds of thousands of years of life, I had completed it.

I took a deep breath to calm down my excitement and focused on Safelia’s soul. Right now, her soul had become Immortal.

But it was not enough. Although her soul was Immortal, it was not invulnerable as mine yet.

Thus, I kept our souls fused to strengthen her soul. Like that, four hours passed.

By this point, Safelia’s soul was like mine, just that many times smaller and weaker.

However, it’s enough. With this, even if an Immortal kills her, he will be unable to destroy her soul, allowing me to bring her back to life again.

By this point, most of the process had been done.

I smiled to myself and focused on Safelia’s soul. Then, I carefully separated it from my soul again.

Less than one minute later, our souls were once more separated.

This time, though, Safelia’s soul was completely different than before.

Her soul carried the properties of my [Immortal Soul].

I could feel Safelia’s soul trembling softly. It was trembling in joy, glee, and excitement after having transcended mortality.

But I was not done yet.

Before returning Safelia’s soul to her body, I used my soul to carve a magic circle on hers.

This magic circle was something I created based on Raven’s specialness. With this, the connection between our souls will remain even if they are separated.

Moreover, it will allow us to share thoughts, feelings, emotions, and even insights.

This is like a marriage contract, just that carved in our souls.

When I finished, I returned Safelia’s soul to her body.

Safelia’s eyes opened immediately. She looked at me with a tired expression before smiling gently.

“Master… We are one now, huh…”

“We are.” I nodded and kissed her nose, making Safelia giggle.

“This feels strange… But wonderful as well… And your soul… So you are an old man…”

Well, the age of my soul is in the hundreds of thousands of years, so I indeed can be considered an old man.

Chuckling softly, I kissed Safelia’s forehead before carrying her to her bed.

“You should rest.”

“Mm.” Safelia nodded obediently and closed her eyes.

The truth was that the process of transforming her soul was very exhausting. Moreover, due to the sudden change of her soul, there was a slight dissonance between her soul and body.

Due to it, Safelia was feeling very sleepy.

Soon, she fell asleep.

I smiled softly and stroke her hair. Then, I burnt a slight bit of my soul, turning it into soul power and then into mana, before putting it inside Safelia’s body.

Afterward, I used that mana to strengthen her body as much as I could and increase her cultivation.

Half an hour later, Safelia’s body was several times stronger than before, and her cultivation had gone from the tenth layer to the fifteenth layer.

Such a rate of progress would have astonished anyone in this world.

However, that was nothing for me. If I truly wanted, I could increase her cultivation much more.

That was unnecessary, though. This much should be enough for her body to adapt to her new soul smoothly.

Moreover, her cultivation is now at the peak of the fifteenth layer, the limit of this world.

If she wants to advance beyond this, it’s better if she forges a path of her own.

That should not be too difficult for her. Right now, she can see the memories of my past lifetimes.

Even if these memories are just information, the insights and knowledge about laws in it should be enough to help her to find her path.

When I finished, I kissed Safelia’s forehead again and stood up.

Then, I turned around to face Ysnay and the [Queen of Timeless Distortion], who had been observing everything from start to end.

The first one to speak was Ysnay.

She looked at me with a complicated expression before sighing.


Then, she closed her eyes and disappeared from the room as though running away.

The [Queen] snorted after seeing that.

“As expected, I don’t like that [Witch].”

I could not help but raise an eyebrow. “Do you have any enmity against her?”

“I don’t.” The [Queen] shook her head. “However, I don’t like it when a traitor like her is so shameless to ask for forgiveness from the person she harmed.”

I was a bit surprised when I heard these words. She knows about that?

“You know about our story?”

The [Queen] rolled her eyes. “You are pretty famous among Immortals, [Immortal Soul]. The love triangle involving you, [With of Unending Fates] and [Incarnation of Endless Power], is pretty well known. After all, several Immortals have been involved in it, and some of them even died.”

I could not help but smile wryly when I heard that.

Yeah, I remember that something like that happened. More than once, in fact.

I remember once when Ysnay fooled three Immortals to fight me, only for me to kill them after a fierce battle.

There were also several times when Emilia barged in the places of other Immortals while searching for my traces. More than once, she ended fighting these Immortals and even killing them.

“Actually, I admire the fox girl, [Incarnation of Endless Power]. She is fighting for her happiness, so she deserves praise. The [Witch], on the other hand, I despise her.

“I hate traitors. But I hate it even more when these traitors come back to ask for forgiveness after all the pain and harm they caused.”

I frowned and looked towards the [Queen] with a complicated gaze.

Just now, I felt endless hatred and killing intent coming from her emerald-green eyes.

At that moment, everything clicked into place.

Her purpose, and the reason why she helped me in exchange for two favors. I finally understood it.

I remembered a story about [Queen of Timeless Distortion]. A story that occurred when I was around ten thousand years old.

“I see. So that is your goal, huh.” I sighed softly.

The [Queen] narrowed her eyes. For an instant, her eyes were filled with powerful killing intent.

“Do you plan to stop me, Immortal Soul?”

I shook my head.

“I don’t. However, you should know that what you want to achieve is almost impossible.”

“Is it so?” The [Queen] chuckled. At the same time, endless determination and madness filled her eyes. “However, I’m going to do it regardless.

“… I’m going to bring his soul back to life,


“Even if I have to destroy the universe in the process.”



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