FPD Chapter 576

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Raven’s Attempt to Share Immortality


The preparations to start the ritual were simple. Raven would start the technique a Marana and Akilah would try to resist as little as possible while she completed it.

However, I decided to be extra careful this time.

Before starting the ritual, I waved my hand to create an alternate space and brought the three girls there. Then, I used my abilities over space to seal the place and stop anyone else from entering.

This way, even another Immortal would have a hard time to harm the girls.

It can look like I’m exaggerating, but I think it’s necessary.

After all, this time it’s not me casting the technique, but Raven.

Raven is not as strong or as experienced as me. If something goes wrong, her soul could dissipate completely.

Of course, I’m confident in being able to save her even if something goes wrong.

But what if another Immortal interferes?

Perhaps Ysnay, or the unknown Immortal.

Although the probability is not high, I don’t want to risk it.

In all honesty, Raven is the girl that I value the most of all my women in this life. Even if the feelings I have for her are not exactly ‘love’, they are very close.

Thus, I truly don’t wish that anything wrong happens to her.

The girls were surprised when they were brought to the alternate space, but they were already used to me doing impossible things, so they calmed down quickly.

Then, Raven started the process of making a new dependent.

To my surprise, Raven decided to proceed with Marana and Akilah at the same time. I raised an eyebrow when I noticed it, but I did not stop her.

With some awkward movements, Raven created the tridimensional magic array. Then, she opened her mouth.

“I, Raven de Quintin, Servant and Lover of the Immortal Soul Wandering Through Eternity, command today with the Universe Laws as the witness!

“From today onwards, we will be one. And our souls will not be separated ever again!”

Almost immediately, the world trembled in answer.

It was the same as when I created a dependent; only that this time, it was Raven’s soul and mana fueling the process.

But suddenly, I felt several presences focusing on us.

One, two, three, four. Each Immortal in this world focused on us at this time.

Moreover, I could feel their shock and surprise, as though they saw something unexpected.

After all, they could feel that I was not the one causing the changes in the world this time.

Instead, it was a mortal.

However, I did not pay attention to them. My entire focus was on Raven and her two sisters, Akilah and Marana.

The ritual continued as normal. Under the power of the tridimensional magic array, the souls of the three girls escaped their bodies and approached each other.

But at this point, something surprising happened.

Marana and Akilah’s souls did not resist Raven’s soul.

Quite the opposite, it was as though they were accepting the process of fusion.

It was completely different than me, who literally had to force the souls to fuse with mine!

Was it due to Raven’s innate talent? Or could it be due to the connection that there is between them? (Raven had created that connection before based on the first contract I formed with her.)

However, I did not have time to worry about that.

Because at that moment, the Universe’s Laws raged.

Once more, they descended to punish the fool that dared to defy their power.

However, I snorted.

With me here, do you think you can injure her!?

In an instant, my soul was ignited, releasing an unimaginable power that shook reality itself.

Then, I clashed against the Universe’s Laws using the method I had created to counter them.

Meanwhile, the fusion between Raven, Marana, and Akilah’s souls continued.

Perhaps it was because Raven’s soul was not much stronger than Marana and Akilah’s, but the process of assimilation was not as bad as when I was in charge of the fusion. In fact, there was almost not assimilation.

Instead, Marana and Akilah’s souls gradually started to transform, gaining the strongest property of Raven’s soul; of my soul.


The process was slower than when I was in charge, but it was smoother as well.

By this point, I can only admit that Raven is unusually talented in this aspect of Soul Laws.

At least when it comes to ‘connection between souls’, she is much more talented than me.

But when I thought that everything was going to end smoothly, something suddenly happened.

All of sudden, Raven’s face started to turn pale, and the fused souls started to shake.

I was startled. Quickly, I searched for the source of the problem, finding it one second later.

… It looks like Raven is almost out of energy.

I frowned. This is troublesome.

Raven is a fifteenth-layer powerhouse now, the greatest level in this world besides gods. But even that is not enough to complete this process.

In fact, she is not even halfway.

Mm… Should I give her a bit of my energy?

However, If I intervene rashly, I could end messing up everything, causing terrible consequences.

When I was wondering what I could do, something even more astonishing happened.

All of sudden, I felt Raven’s soul siphoning a part of my mana and soul energy!

Moreover, she was wielding it as though it was her own energy!

This is…

I looked at Raven genuinely surprised. God, how many times is she going to surprise me today?

This girl…

So this is her path, huh.

Using her connections with other souls to get more energy than the energy that her body and soul can normally wield and withstand.

Looking at the black-haired cat girl in the middle of the ritual, my expression turned complicated.

Of course, I can stop her from taking my energy if I want, but why should I?

I feel happy about this.

Right now, Raven has surpassed the limits of the world.

In other words, she has turned into an irregular.

No, she is my dependent and possesses my way to Immortality, so she can be considered a full-fledged Immortal instead.

A weak one, perhaps not even as strong as the strongest gods, but now that she found her path, she will grow much stronger in a short time.

Plus, she has access to the huge reserve of energy that is my soul. So, in theory, she can become as strong as me. She just needs to hone her combat laws.

Perhaps after one or two thousand years, she will be considered a top-tier Immortal.

With a wry smile on my face, I shook my head.

Raven, Raven.

I definitively hit the jackpot when I met you.



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