FPD Chapter 606

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Changing the Past


“As expected, you called me, Willian.” Ysnay looked at me with a smile. Her black eyes looked straight towards me as though she could see through every truth and lie.

“… You already knew that this was going to happen, right?”

“I suspected it. It was pretty predictable, actually.”

I smiled bitterly. I guess it was.

“Then, you surely know what I want, right?”

Ysnay looked at me fixedly and curved put on a complicated expression.

“Do you truly want to do this? You know that it will be very expensive, right?”

I fell silent and did not reply. Instead, I looked at Lena.

The beautiful blue-haired girl was sleeping soundly, but occasionally, I could hear her sobs and whimpers of pain, as though she was seeing something incredibly painful in her dreams.

As soon as I saw that, my determination to go through this became firmer.

“Do it. I’m ready to pay the price.”

“Really?” Ysnay could not help but chuckle with an amused expression. “To think that you will do something like this. Don’t you think that distorting the life of your little sister this way is very evil?”

I sighed and nodded. “It is, but I want to do it regardless.”

After all, I stopped considering myself a good person many lifetimes ago.

“Good.” Ysnay smiled softly. “If that is what you want, then I’ll fulfill your wish.”

Closing her eyes, she raised her hands and activated all the mana inside her body.

Then, she let out two words.

“Come, [Fate].”

Immediately, power filled the room.

Mana as powerful that it seemed infinite started to flow into the room from the surroundings. Then, that mana gathered around Ysnay, as though it was waiting for her orders.

Meanwhile, Ysnay’s body hovered slightly over the ground, and her figure started to shine with a captivating glow. Finally, one second later, a string appeared in front of her.

Then another.

And another.

In less than five seconds, the room was filled with countless strings of different sizes and colors.

Every string represented a fate. They were connected to the walls, the ground, the bed, the clothes, and every object and person.

They contained the information, origin, and past of everything around us and were intertwined in a complicated way, showing the complexity of fate and how even the smallest change could affect many things in many ways.

Then, Ysnay grabbed one of these strings.

One connected to Lena.

“Appear, [Past].” She said.

Immediately, that string lit up.

Images started to appear around the room. Images representing everything that Lena had seen and experienced through her life.

Her feelings, her pains, her experiences.

Everything since the day that she was born appeared, including things that nobody else could remember.

Ysnay looked at these images with a calm look and extended her hand, touching the images softly.

Then, she spoke up again.

“Change, [History].”

And Fate started to be rewritten.

The imaged quickly changed. The past was distorted, becoming something completely new.

Moreover, every person related to that past changed as well. Their reality and memories were altered, becoming ones where the past that Ysnay rewrote was the true ‘reality’.

I could feel every change clearly. Moreover, because Lena was very close to me and our fates were intertwined, my fate was changing in the process as well.

However, I was more powerful than Ysnay. Even when fate was being changed, I only needed a thought to stop the process and stop her [Fate] from affecting me.

But instead, I allowed Ysnay to change it.

Of course, I was careful to limit it to the fate related to Lena. But even so, I allowed Ysnay to change my own fate.

Only this way will Ysnay’s work be meaningful.

Ysnay felt it and smiled. She looked at me with an amused expression and chuckled.

Then, she waved her hands one last time.

And with a shock that could be felt through the fate of the entire world, the past was changed.

Feeling the change, I blinked. Then, I looked at Ysnay.

“Is it done?” I asked.

“It is.” Ysnay chuckled. “I changed fate just like you asked and eliminated every trace of the previous fate. Not even the slightest trace remains.”

“… If I can know, what do I ask you to change?”

“Not even I know it, Willian. I told you, I did not leave any trace behind. Even my fate was changed. Moreover, even someone stronger than me will be unable to realize the change. I know that it’s related to the little girl sleeping in the bed, though. I wonder what was so important that you decided to change the fate of the entire world just for her.”

“Is it so?” I thought for a moment and nodded.

For a few seconds, I tried to find the reason why I asked Ysnay to change fate in my mind, however, I could not find it. I only knew that something had changed completely, but I did not know what it was.

So, I simply stopped asking.

Looking at the peacefully asleep little sister of mine, I smiled softly and caressed her hair.

“Thank you, Ysnay.”

“Don’t thank me. As I told you, my help has a price.”

“You are right. Don’t worry, I’m ready to pay it.”

“Great.” Ysnay chuckled. Then, she turned around and left the room.

Before leaving, though, she turned to me and put on a smile.

“You already should know what I want, Willian. I’ll give you three days. Three days later, I’ll come to get what I want.”

“I understand.”

Ysnay looked at me for a few seconds and nodded. Then, she disappeared from the room.

I sighed and looked at my little sister again. Then, I caressed her blue hair and kissed her forehead gently.

“Good night, Lena.”

A slightly sad smile appeared on my little sister’s face.


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