FPD Chapter 63

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Another Kind of Fight (2)


I pushed my waist forward slowly.

My dick slid slowly inside here. Her tight walls clenched around me, wrapping around my rod.

“Uhhh…~” Louise let out a deep moan. Her body quivered when she felt my penis invading her cave.

I observed her reactions and continued pushing forward. Her cave was opening gradually to accept my weapon.

Louise grabbed the blankets tightly. She wrinkled her brows trying to cope with the pain and pleasure she was feeling.

Finally, I felt something obstructing me.

“Ugh…” Louise moaned and looked at me with pitiful eyes. I kissed her lips tenderly to reassure her.

“Are you alright?” I asked.

Louise gave me a small nod. She tried to put on a calm smile, but the brief signs of pain on her face did not escape my eyes. I smiled and moved slowly inside her cave without breaking her hymen. At the same time, I kissed her mouth and caressed her body.

Slowly, Louise’s expression of pain faded and her face turned hot again. She began to pant softly and twist her body below me.

When I was sure she was ready, I thrust my weapon forward.

“Painful…” Louise’s face distorted. She hugged my body tightly and bit my shoulder to try to cope with the pain.

I slowly savored the feeling of taking her virginity and thrust my weapon until the end. Louise’s toes curled down and her body twitched due to the pain and pleasure.

I send a bit of my mana inside her body to alleviate her pain. Louise moaned sweetly and quivered again.

Once the pain of losing her virginity began to fade out, I started to move.

Her cave became wetter, probably due to the blood, so my penis slid inside easier and smoother than before. I began to thrust in and out in a slow rhythm.

Soon, Louise began to pant. Her eyes became moist and her expression turned hazy.

I kissed her neck and moved my hands to her breasts. My pelvis thrust repeatedly inside her cave, bringing incredible pleasure to both of us.

“Ahh…~ So good…~” Louise exclaimed and hugged my back. Her legs wrapped around my waist, and she began to move her waist to cooperate with my movements.

“Louise…” I exhaled in her ear and bit her earlobe. Louise twitched and moaned while kissing my neck.

Our bodies entangled on the bed, fighting with each other and trying to get as much pleasure as possible. Louis had long forgotten about the pain of her virginity and was concerned only with the heat of our bodies.

Her bare skin had turned red. Her nipples perked up under the constant teasing of my hands, and her legs pressed my waist tightly against her cave.

After Louise became used to the pleasure, she began to fight me for the lead. Unfortunately, her inexperienced body was unable to face my constants movements. I thrust inside and moved my dick around her cave, pleasuring every single inch of her skin and causing her love juices to fill her cave.

I moved up and down, attacking fiercely without stop. Before long, the virgin body of Louise was unable to endure the constant bursts of pleasure and shivered.

“Nooooooo…~” Louise let out a long cry and hugged my neck with all her strength. I enjoyed her reaction and paused briefly. When I made sure that her orgasm ended, I began to move again.

“Wait, wait!” Louise said while panting, but I ignored her pleads to stop and resumed moving. Louise’s tight and wet cave brought me an incomparable feeling. Moreover, knowing that she was the niece of my biggest enemy brought me indescribable pleasure.

Louise’s body trembled under my fierce attacks. She bit her lips in a try to suppress her moans, but the continuous waves of pleasure defeated her quickly. Before long, she was again cooperating with me.

“Prince Claus…~ Claus, Claus…~”

Louise mouth moved through my neck and chest, sucking and biting repeatedly to cope with the pleasure. I was sure that for tomorrow, I would have a few new hickeys.

Her skin quivered under my fingers. I sucked her neck and accelerated my movements. My weapon slid in and out easily, breaking through her layers of flesh and touching the entrance of her womb.

Louise cried and exclaimed with each thrust, gripping my arms strongly.

Her womb clenched around my penis. I was not sure if Louise was doing it purposefully or instinctively, but the pleasure it brought me was intense.

Louise was at the sixth layer of magic, so her strength and endurance were higher than a normal human. She continued fighting with me for half an hour without a sign of her third orgasm. But I was sure that she was suppressing it due to her pride. After all, she did not want to cum again before making me cum even once.

I smirked and looked into her eyes. Louise moved her gaze away shyly and bit her lips. But suddenly, she felt a strong impact below.

“!!!” Louise trembled. She felt my movements becoming faster and fiercer, and she began to have trouble suppressing her next orgasm. I noticed it and smiled proudly.

Seeing my smug expression, Louise clenched her teeth and put strength on her waist. Her vagina clenched around my penis, trying to make me cum too.

I put on an amused expression but decided to please her. So, I put all my concentration on her cave and accelerated even more.

Soon, something hot began to build up in my abdomen. I kissed Louise’s lips and put her legs on my shoulders, and then, I began my last sprint.

Louise gasped. Her cave constricted and clenched my penis, and her womb sucked my root to get my seed.

The next second, a great amount of love fluids flowed out from her cave. Louise twitched and shivered while the love fluids splashed on the bed.

I grunted and thrust with all my strength. Instantly, my semen was released and shot inside her womb.

“Ooohhhh….” Louise gasped and closed her eyes. She could feel something hot filling her cave and entering to her deepest part. For an instant, worries about pregnancy filled her, but they were quickly forgotten under the intense pleasure.

Finally, her mind turned completely blank and she fainted.

I looked at the beautiful body below me and smiled. I then kissed her neck and caressed her tits.

Louise twitched and twisted her body, but she did not wake up.

Seeing it, I could only smile wryly and give up.

It looks like I’ll cum just once tonight.


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