FPD Chapter 84

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Blood Night (1)


The Blood Night Gang was one of the fourth strongest gangs of the capital. They dominated the eastern part of the city and had been around for more than twenty years.

According to Marana, the Blood Night gang and the Red Skull gang were long-time enemies. The Blood Night gang feared the powerful strength of the leader and vice-leaders of the Red Skull gang and had tried more than once to destroy them.

Unfortunately, Marana and her sisters were too strong. Even though the Blood Night gang had some people that could face them, nobody could stop them if they wanted to escape. Due to it, the Blood Night gang could only compromise in fear that Marana and her sisters go all-out in revenge if the Red Skull gang is destroyed.

Marana, on the other hand, doesn’t dare to go all-out against them in fear of her subordinates losing their lives. After all, even if she manages to destroy the Blood Night gang, most of her subordinates will die during the battle.

Moreover, she does not want to offend the force behind the Blood Night gang. Even if she doesn’t know the identity of that force, she knows it’s very strong.

This situation caused a delicate balance between the two gangs. Marana was happy with the status quo. After all, she was not interested in making Red Skull one of the strongest gangs. In fact, the only reason she created the gang in the first place was to create a safe environment for her ‘family’.

But it was different for the Blood Night gang. For them, the existence of the Red Skull gang was like a blade hanging over their necks. They constantly lived in fear of the Red Skull gang one day attacking them.

So, they never stopped finding ways to destroy or annex the Red Skull gang.

“In other words, it’s not the first time you clash.”

Marana showed a dark expression. “I have told them more than once that I’m not interested in going against them, but they don’t believe me… This time they crossed the line.”

I looked at Marana briefly and shrugged.

We took less than five minutes to reach the place of the battle. Besides Marana, Akilah and another sixth-layer warrior were with us.

But once we reached, the battle had already ended.

Seven men were lying on the ground injured. One of them, Marana’s brother, was so badly injured that he was just one step away from death.

Beside them, a group of men was standing with mocking smiles. They were looking at the men in the ground with bloodthirsty expressions.

“Ralph! What do you think you are doing!?” Marana looked at one of the men and asked coldly.

Behind her, Akilah’s eyes had turned red. She wanted instantly to charge to rescue her brother, but Marana stopped her.

“Can’t you see?” The man named Ralph smirked and put his right foot on Marana’s brother’s head. “I’m punishing someone.”

Marana became enraged. Her presence surged around her, pressuring the entire place with her killing intent.

However, Ralph remained unfazed and smirked. “How terrifying. Damn, I can’t control my legs.” Then, he increased the strength on his right foot.

“Ugh!” Marana’s brother groaned and opened his eyes. He looked at his sister with eyes filled with determination. He was telling her to not care about him.

But Marana could not do it. He was her brother, so in the end, she relented and called back her killing intent.

Ralph grinned. “Woah! Much better!”

“What do you want, Ralph?” Marana closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm down. When she opened her eyes again, they had become as cold as the coldest ice.

“Miss Marana sure is straightforward. I’ll be honest then. I hope miss Marana can surrender her gang to us. Don’t worry, I guarantee that your position in the Blood Night gang will not be lower than mine. After all, miss Marana is a very strong warrior. Of course, it’s the same for your sisters and brother.”

“In your dreams!” Akilah exclaimed.

“Are you sure about that answer?” Ralph looked at Akilah with lustful eyes. “I want to remind you that your brother’s life is in my hands. Even if miss Marana is stronger than me, she is unable to rescue him before I kill him.”

Marana’s expression darkened. “Despicable!”

“Think about it, miss Marana. I already called my leader over, and I’m sure it will not take long for him to come.”

Marana fell silent. As Ralph said, it would be hard to rescue her brother from their hands. Moreover, she knew that there was other person as strong as Ralph nearby. Although she could not see him, she knew he was waiting for an opportunity to attack.

She looked at me briefly to gauge my reaction, but when she saw I was smiling indifferently, she frowned. She could not understand what I was thinking.

“… Ralph, if something happens to my brother, I’ll make sure of destroying the Blood Night gang!”

“Yeah, but I also know that you will not risk the life of your brother if there is a possibility of saving him. So, what is your choice?”

Marana fell silent. She looked at me with a pleading expression, waiting for me to say something.

I looked into her eyes with a teasing expression. She instantly understood what I wanted, but for her brother, her pride did not matter.

“… Please.” She said and bowed her head.

Akilah, Ralph, and all the people nearby looked at the scene with eyes opened wide. None of them expected that Marana would bow towards me.

Akilah was even more surprised, but in the next second, she bit her lips, and then as her sister, she also bowed.

I looked at the two of them profoundly before smiling. “Of course, you are my subordinates after all.”

Then, I looked at Ralph and smiled brightly. “Will you let them go or I need to force you?”


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