Chapter 30

Chapter 30


“Hey, well isn’t it Sei!”

“Why are you wandering around here? What about the Japanese style tea shop?”


I happened to bump into Aoi in the hallway when I was on my way towards her tea shop.


“Sei, from midday isn`t the tea shop most busiest?”*

“Well, that’s right?”

“I’m cute, so I decided to be on duty from midday”

“You shouldn’t say that about yourself”


Chii, I wanted to see Aoi in a Japanese attire. Aoi is the best subject if you only appreciate her looks.


“Let me show you around!”

“I think you want me to treat you to something? That’s definitely a trap”*


When I turned my face in a huff, Aoi approached me and whispered to me.


“Sei~ Was Nana-chan delicious?”

“Ahmm! Nana’s home cooking was the best!”

“Hmmm, but the dessert was even better, right?”


Damnit, did she hear that from Nana…..she is her best friend.


“Tsk I have up to 1000 yen…..”

“Thank you Sei, I want the cake from the track and field club and the dumplings from the baseball club!”


Aside from the 1000 yen in reserve and excluding the money I will use on my date with Nana, I will come to only have 300 yen remaining….


“Instead, let me teach you a date course that Nana will like”

“All right, ojousama ”

“Then let’s go!”


She got me! This girl is quite good at using the carrot and stick approach…in the end my hand was pulled along by Aoi and was taken around school. Next time I will make love to you when it’s just the two of us at home. I’m not angry when I think so, but I’m tired …..*


Aoi returned to her duty and I now had 1 hour of free time to kill but that’s no good as I don’t have any money due to that unexpected expense……when I went by the gym with a glance I saw that the stage play of Midorikawa high school was finished and was in the progress of curtain call, the men lined up were wearing real armor greeted the crown side by side. If I watch the next play I will definitely be late for my appointment, so I decided to just rest on a bench.*


Since I have a lot of free time I will just roll the Gacha…the scene of the Gacha’s billing was frightening.*


[S Naked Goddess]

Exclusive for females- set photo- the card strips the target naked

Keyword [Birthday suit]


Alright I will use this on Nana! I will have outdoor sex with the shy Nana!


N Salty boy!』*(not sure)

Set skill- attach to set -the skill affects the appearance of glasses to tilt*


Hmmm, should I paste this on myself for the time being…what kind of skill is this?*



[G Second base]

Set job- attach to set- The second batter attack or the teams defense play is successful

Make a spectacular showing with secret batting 「Home run」and secret defense「Triple jump」?

Shirt number 4- Will activate on the second base!*


Should I even put this on myself since I can’t use it, I don’t play baseball. I`m kinda worried about the secret defense Triple jump.*(not sure)


Well that killed some time. I now have 40 minutes until the appointment with Nana….should I take a nap.*

Huh? A man in shining armor was walking towards my direction. There were also 2 real swords hanging on his back. Is he from Midorikawa high school drama club? I became stiff. It looks like Orichalcum armor. Recently even other school`s club activities you can`t be trifled with.*


“Hey, you”



The student wearing the armor walked towards me.


“You saved me the trouble of finding you! You were the one who defeated Reiji Shiratori of Midorikawa High School? Sei Eguchi!”


“Huh…..nn no that wasn’t me!”

“Battle start, I will take your SD card!”


This confirms that smartphone users’ memories aren’t erased. So he is here to take revenge for Reiji……


『You were challenged to a battle. Transferring to the battle field [theater stage]』


The battle field stage was 20 m long and 10 m wide,there is a curtain above the wooden flooring and the audience seats are outside the area… unexpectedly I was summoned to a stage that was similar to the one in White Lily festival….but I will be the one to win! I equipped the hero`s apprentice coat and the M sword.


“Are you here to take revenge for Reiji?”

“Do you take me for a fool, who would do something like take revenge for such a man! I wanted to be the one who would kill him someday!”*


The man in the armor summoned ghouls, kobold, goblin, rabbits and wolves.


“If that’s the case, let’s stop this!”

“Hmm, if you fought Reiji then you shouldn’t have many cards? Your also a high school student! You’re not rich as that guy? Perhaps, you want to escape, considering these facts!”


This scumbag! However, from the equipment of this guy he has a fantasy weapon type smartphone.I don’t think there is a possibility of a treasure box. Since he intentionally equipped two swords.*


The trouble with weapon cards is that they are hard to set up in advance. Having said that without using the summons even if I throw them in the trash can they give only a small amount of experience. From his word he isn’t rich and it seems he also has a high level unexpectedly. Ahh! The wolf that leaped at me was slashed and killed


“Chuu, I was going to give that weapon to the drama club”

“You are even thinking of that? A weapon is something you can’t sell in hell!”*


I retreated after killing the goblin and kobold. My opponents sneer at me while seemingly observing me. Chuu it’s seems that he isn`t stupid.


“That guy was looking down on me all the time, ridiculous!! Keke, the guys that appeared smart was grouped together with the weak and the stupid at my school and were feed to the ghouls! It was a sorry sight! They were crying while being eaten by those monsters, Hahaha. I was chosen! So I’m the strongest!”*


I see, this guy that shouts out so wildly can only have an inferiority complex….


Reji-san was a rich person so he had employees who could prepare the things he needed. I wonder why Reiji went to such a suspicious smartphone shop.I can understand if he acted with this guy and bought it together. This guy pretends to be Reji-san’s friend, I think it’s obvious he always planned to do anything to gain victory.*


The ghouls were erased with purification magic and the rabbits attack was dodged and then sliced up. Is this the end of his summoning magic?*


“Humph, your weak. Did you even distribute your status point properly? This will be a piece of cake!”


My enemy ready his sword and charges at me. He is trying to save his cards and fight me head on! Because a gacha battle is normally fought while keeping in mind there is another fight in the future.


Strong slash intersect and collides. The magical M sword got nick in the blade….in addition, it’s possible that he had set a combat job card. As for my opponents until now their slashes were amateurish but this guy was different. He made that guardian angel swordsmanship look average.


“I have Naegling(Beowulf sword) with a master swordsman job! Hey, with this sword your sword is completely trash!”


The famous sword Naegling dropped down its large neck with one blow on my firm dwarf sword! He’s got  really good weapon.…

Exchanging slashs with my opponent, I went straight into a counter but was repelled by his amour…..seriously!


“Chuu! You’re fighting with the tendency of a small fry!”*

“Hahh! You think I`m a small fry? I have the armor of Achilles! This armor belongs to the Trojan war hero! There is no way it will be pierced by someone like you! It isn`t something you can comparable to your hero’s cloak!”*

“Don`t look down on a hero!”


The apprentice hero and the knight in full armor had a fierce fight on top of the stage. Given that it was a life and death match there was a continuous exchange of deadly blows. That guy aims his attack at my sword. Because of the narrow space if I lost my weapon I will be in a bad position.

The drawn sword glistened between me and the knight. The cracks on the M increases and will break at any moment….


“Gradually we are reaching the finale!”


When my M sword stopped a blow from the knight`s sharp sword, it had broke….I moved back from the samurai’s pursuing sword, dodging it, my back hits the wall. Dangerous, I was in a pinch!!!!


“I have driven you into a wall! For the curtain call only me is enough! Disappear small fry!”

“The reversal from a desperate situation with no escape in sight is the proof of a hero!”


I threw 『Godly chalk throw』as a bluff. Invoking 『Godly chalk throw』a black board and a teacher`s platform appeared on top of the stage with an old teacher wearing a worn out suit writing numerous formulas on the blackboard. That old teacher`s eye shines and he grabbed the chalk and threw it at a speed that would put a great gunman to shame. That happened in 0 second. 1 second later as expected the high speed chalk attack is a student kamikaze attack when they receive that blow.


“Gahann! Damnit! My eeye hurrrtttttsss”


The knight intercepted the high-speed chalk, but the shattered chalk powder seemed to jump into his eyes, the only gap in the full armor. Nice! Old man sensei! When I reach retirement age, I’ll send you a message!


Summoning 『To become round』I also took out the iron dagger. It’s better than nothing. I threw the 『To become round』ball at the violent knight holding his sword in one hand while applying pressure to his eyes. Continuing, I summoned 『Noisey Metal Slime』 with the intent to use it as a decoy to an extent. The metal slime appeared wearing a sunglasses and holding a guitar. At the same time『To become round』hits it’s target.


“Gyyaaaaaa! Gabbbbbaaaaaa, stoppp oooooo, guzzzaaaaa gebagigigigig!”(noise sound)


I see? From inside of the full body armor an extremely dreadful sound was heard. The knight collapsed in the center of the stage while gushing out blood. There was a pool of blood on the floor of the stage in the center of the armor. I was dumbfounded with what I saw. It seems I have won? The knight was completely still on the ground. The noise from metal slime was also silent.  *


What happens to a person’s body if their inside of an armor without gaps suddenly becomes fat and expands…he was being forced against his own armor and his body was crushed….thats nasty…actually, with this I can never know which cards are useful.*


The SD card that had rolled to my foot was picked up. ♠2 Mark. Perhaps this is a law smartphone.


“Comedy, tragedy are known to be the finest theater! The audience won`t be disappointed! Disappear small fry!”*


Inserting the SD car, the curtain call was performed!


『The Noisey metal slime has been terminated. Battlefield is being released』


I returned in front of the bench instantly. When I checked the smartphone screen.


『Law card has been added to the Sub Gacha. Law card has been added to the Sub Level gacha 』


I decided to give the SD card marks meaning where Law is ♠, Chaos♦, normal♥ and heresy ♣ .

My level increased by 3 becoming 25. Now then, what should I do…well its good if ero gacha, weapon or armor comes out. Pulling ero gacha!


G Golgotha(Calvary) hill

Summons a sniper- set request, number of uses:1

Summons a man with 99.99% commission achievement rate!

Appears boarded on a helicopter. Handshake is strictly prohibited. There is 0.01% chance of misfire.*

Caution, please make sure there is no lie in the request。The request will be completed within 3 days!


G Fertilization notice

Set skill- only for the contractor- partner`s selected pregnancy status will be known.

Pointing on a partner an angel who only the contractor can see comes down when she is pregnant.*

Can be used 7 times a day


R Harem King sword

Summon weapon- only for contractor- A sword whose power increases as the degree of popularity increases


Golgotha hill』is an assassination card! I wonder what will happen if there is a lie in the request…..I pasted『Fertilization notice』on myself. I have to check if Mai, Aoi or Sakura have gotten pregnant. 『Harlem King’s Sword』 I think will be weak if it’s based on my popularity ..

Ahh! I must go to Nana’s shop soon, isn`t it also time to meet up! I headed towards the shooting stall of the archery club where Nana was.*

End of Chapter

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