Chapter 31

Chapter 31


Outdoor sex with Nana yesterday was the best! The card was so strong I could use Nana’s tight anal! For some reason I’m worried the effect will be weaker on Sakura-san.


Monday morning, I was in an open space surrounded by the trees in the corner of the school early in the morning. Originally there was a Judo hall here but it was destroyed due to the deterioration of the old building and now nothing has been built in its place.


Now, let’s try using『Golgotha Hill』 as a countermeasure for the Gowell Temple Church that I had completely forgotten about! Even if the church was destroyed under the command of Mayumura-san, it’s possible that there could be remnants. According to the explanation of the card, it seems that multiple killing can be done. However if that person is coming on a helicopter…..the best closest open space would be the river beach but that place was also where I was attacked previously. Perhaps if it’s there it will avoid the public attention but I couldn’t think of any other place.


Well, let’s set『Golgotha Hill』!


You can hear the rattling of the helicopter’s rotors spinning. The fighter helicopter descended down from the sky.The wind pressure shakes the trees and the sound of the helicopter was very loud, this was way too realistic. My eyes hurt from the sand being thrown up in my face!


The helicopter landed slowly and when the spinning rotor stopped, a tall and muscular western white man dressed in a suit came out from the helicopter. He had very sharp looking eyes. It feels he was something like a mercenary, he was very intimidating……


“Let me hear your request”


The assassin`s cold voice was frightening, it was like that time when Sakura-san got angry …


“I would like to ask you to wipe out the remnants of the Gowell temple Church. Their base was destroyed under the command of Mayumaru-san of the Tennoji family but there may be survivors so I wanted to request for you to kill the rest.”


“What’s the reason?”

“This smartphone”


I put my hand in my pocket but when I was about to take out the smartphone the asisain took out his pistol and thrust it at me. What’s going on!?”


“Take it out slowly”


It looks like he thrust his pistol at me due to my sudden movement! I was startled! I took out my smartphone slowly.


“The creator of this smartphone stole a cursed sword and the church attacked me without hearing my story in order to recover it. The cursed sword was fused with something else and no longer exists but perhaps they will still attack me and the people around me.”

“……..There isn’t any lie in your request. So I shall accept this request. If you have documents that will be useful put them on the ground and leave”


If there was a lie in my request would he have killed me? Nodding, from my bag I took out the documents collected by Mayumaru-san and put them on the ground and left. Just in case, I had put forward a request to Mayumaru-san to prepare documents on that group. From the moment he pointed his pistol at me I was soaked in cold sweat….Well, it’s good that the request to kill multiple targets was possible. However I thought there would be a request fee. It’s a gacha card so I won’t worry about it.


When I walked up to a point where I could no longer see the assassin, the helicopter went up in the air, flying towards the west. Let’s hope this helicopter is something only I can see or else it would cause a big commotion in school.


Golgotha Hill』Assassin request achievement rate was 99.99%!  Together with Mayumaru-san my response to thee Gowell temple Church was perfect! It takes 3 days to complete the request, so if a magician attacks by then, I’ll repel myself!


Is what I want to say but I don’t have any gacha card….. let’s buy some lunch and then pull the gacha….


Pulling the normal main gacha 7 times


S Smooth razor

Summon weapon- exclusive for contractor- A sharp razor that can permanently remove hair


N Erotic panties for serious girl

Exclusive to females- summon items- becomes horny and frustrated!

She can’t endure wanting to have sex♡ Somebody please put it inside me♡


N School ghost story

Attach to the target to set- they will see 7 ghosts inside the school.


G Zero world

Set skill- You will be able to see your opponent’s movement 30 seconds in future

Can be used 6 times per day- You need to be careful because intense use will exhaust your mind!


N Lightening battle

Summon enhancement- hoist high in the air to set- personal battle field

The speed of the summoned monster increases for a certain period of time!*


N Wig falling

Wind magic- attach to target to set- 3 times wigs will be sent flying 3 meter!*


N stalker footsteps

Attach to target to set- possible to track someone without being noticed by the specified target

Only one time use- caution- The effect will disappear in 1 hour!


Smooth razor』will be used to shave the pubic hair of Sakura-san and Nana! However, it’s unexpectedly a scary tool that makes you forever bald if you shave someone’s hair. 『Erotic panies for serious girl’s 』 is a g-string! Let’s put it on Yukiko-sensei! Should I put the 『School ghost』on the guy that sits in front of me?  I feel like a ghost, but let’s quit … *


I don’t know if 『Zero World』 is a future vision or how much mental exhaustion it will result in but I can use it. This card was slapped on myself. 『Lightening battle』 is on hold until a summoning system comes out. I’ll use 『Wig Falling』 right away! I want to confirm it for teachers who are suspicious of wearing a wig! Especially the homeroom teacher. I think that is definitely a wig.『Stalker’s Footsteps』 will be put on hold for now.


I went to my classroom and slept for about an hour. I woke up 10 minutes before the start of HR and I slapped 『Wig falling』on young boy seated at the front of the class. Now all I have to do is observe. I attached 『School Ghost』to the student before me, huh? Fall off his chair and pointing to the blackboard.


“A hand came out of the blackboard! Hands are coming out! What is that! Wow, don’t come! ”


The schoolboy fell on his backside and wasn’t able to stand up due to fear while crying. As is, he was trembling and holding his head while retreating to the wall behind him. Did hands come out from the wall and reach out towards him! That`s scary, I’m glad I didn’t try it on myself …… Do your best to endure this 6 more times!


That guy was removed from the classroom by a health committee member. It seems that he also started making noise in the nurse’s office and left school early today. I’m sorry, but I can’t stop playing pranks on people!


The homeroom teacher came and his wig was blown off just before he could start Homeroom. Just as I thought. Knowing the truth was refreshing. I also was surprised that the young science teacher in our third period had on a wig! Technology progress is so fast, I couldn’t even tell!


Keisuke and Takeshi caught me during lunch break. I was happy for them becoming temporary lovers with Nana’s big sisters. But calm down a little! It’s unpleasant being hugged by you guys!


『Erotic panties for serious girl 』was used on Yukiko-sense and I passed on the order to wear it every day. Using the『Fertilization notification』 skill, a little angel descends and swirls over the teacher’s head. The brood parasite was successful! Mai wasn’t pregnant. Well, I wonder if she will get pregnant  before the graduation ceremony!


When I was leaving through the school gates when school was over, there was a student in White Lily Academy uniform. It was Kaede Kichijoji, White Lily is supposed to be on a compensatory holiday today….there were also four men in black suits behind her. A luxury car was parked next to them. When I tried to pass by her, she stood in front of me, blocking my way.


“A moment of your time”


This kind of arrogant tone was coercive. Are Sakura-san relatives also like this? By the way, Sakura-san gives out orders without asking.


“I have time but what is this about?”

“You, know Reiji-san right.”


Surprise came out on my face  due to her sudden shocking words. For sure I thought it was related to Sakura-san and yet. No way, is Kaede Kichijoji a smartphone user? This is dangerous, I don’t have a decent card on me ……


“Is that so, it’s as I thought it’s that’s woman’s fault!”


Huh? ‘That woman’ is she referring to Sakura-san? I wonder if she wants to say that Sakura-san is a smartphone user? I don’t understand how she reached this conclusion at all. I guess I will wait and see how this situation plays out?


“Please cooperate with me. I will give you time to think about it. Please decide no later than after school tomorrow.”


I really don’t understand what is happening … When the question mark flies over my head.


“Don’t play dumb! Please tell me what was done by that woman to Reiji-san to me!”*


Kichijoji shouts hysterically. I feel like she decided this on her own without listening to my story. Well, I was the one who erased Reiji-san, but I don’t have to tell this woman.


“No … that woman”

“Sakura Tennoji! Good? Since I’ll pick you up after school tomorrow! If you run away, you’ll regret it!”


Kaede Kichijoji got into the car and disappeared. I don`t want you to disappear after only saying that …*


I need to calm down and organize all this information.

  1. Kaede Kichijoji remembers Reiji Shiratori
  2. The possibility of Kichijoji Kaede being an smartphone owner is high
  3. There is a possibility that Sakura-san has a magic smartphone.
  4. At least Kaede Kichijoji thinks that Sakura-san did something to Reiji-san.
  5. The relationship between Reiji-san and Kaede Kichijoji is unknown.

First, I need to gather more information. I got on the bus  and called Mayumura-san while returning home.


“I’m sorry, it’s Sei, is now a good time?”

“Yes, it is okay”

“Do you know the color of Sakura’s smartphone?”

“The color of the Ojousama smartphone is cherry blossom. I remember that it was the same model as Yukina-sama.”


Magic smartphones are red or black. With this it’s confirmed that Sakura isn’t a contractor.


“That’s right. I want you to tell me about the Kichijoji family, is that okay?”

“I haven’t heard any good rumors regarding the current head of Kichijoji family, Yoshiteru-sama. The dark rumors go up to dealings with polilican from embellishment settlement, black-market lending, corporate blackmailing behind the scenes. Of course if you are a big company, you have to have three faces but Yoshimitsu-san deviates from the rules. Our Tennoji group is no longer associated with them.”*

“Hmm? Kaede Kichijoji came to Sakura’s birthday party, right?”

“This is because Takamitsu-sama, the predecessor of the Kichijoji family was a close friend of my Master-sama. Mr. Takamitsu was a wonderful person but unfortunately he died four years ago.Takamitsu-sama was very worried about Yoshimitsu-sama succeeding him … his grandson Koichi-sama was graduating from university and because Master wanted to meet him, he invited Kaede-sama and Koichi-sama. ”


“Is that so, it seems like Kaede-sama has a hatred towards Sakura-sama, do you happen to know of it?”

“… I can’t answer that question.”


It can’t be helped, I told Mayumura-san thanks and hung up. I don’t think I can get any more information than that.


Isn’t it good enough to only find out that Sakura-san isn`t a smartphone contractor.


Aoi told me that  Kaede-san and Sakura-san were natural enemies for a long time. Reiji-san liked Sakura-san. Kaede liked everything about Reiji. Maybe Reiji-san fiancée was also invited to the birthday party. It’s complicated because Reiji may have disappeared and the possibility of Mayumura-san memory changing because they never meet is possible.


To put it simply, it is more convincing to think that Kaede-san is a smartphone contractor and that she thinks Sakura-san erased Reiji-san existence as a result of a gacha battle, but there is a contradiction. If Kaede challenges Sakura to battle, that ends everything. If you can’t challenge Sakura-san to a battle, she will have to seek out all smartphone contractors and kill all of them. Even if it’s not a gacha battle, the Kichijoji family is likely to hire assassins.*


Rather than going as far as transferring to another school and declaring war on Sakura-san, was it even necessary to question me. If you can’t challenge Sakura to a battle and you still doubt, you can just say “start battle” to the people around her. There is no point in giving me a day to think if it’s worth it to help you.*


In the first place, if you suspect Sakura-san is a smartphone user, transferring to another school to pick a fight is a suicide act. With Sakura’s financial strength she can spend 100 million yen on gacha. There is no possible chance of winning. I don’t care because I have an iron wall guard against Sakura-san called Yukins-nee, but if I didn’t I would have cancelled my smartphone contract …


No way, is it possible that Kaede-san is also protected by an angel, a god, or a devil like Sakura-san? So because of that, the memory delete caused by Reiji-san’s erasure was prevented….. If that’s the cause then my card may also not. This is dangerous …


Getting off the bus and heading home. Should I try calling Sakura-san … When I stepped into the premises of my house, a figure suddenly popped out from behind the fence.

Errr, When I realized what’s going on, a kitchen knife was stuck in my belly. I fell to the ground while losing blood …


End of Chapter


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