Chapter 18

Chapter 18

Sunday morning, Yuki-ane and I ate breakfast. Because Yuki-ane was nervous this morning, when the meal was finished she immediately left. Today is the day I go on a date with Nana-san and it’s also the same day for Yuki-ane`s date with the Chairman. Nevertheless, Yuki-ane left too early. Even if you go to the amusement park now it wouldn’t be open. Because of Yuki-ane`s false start, I don’t think that the Chairman made a mistake in establishing a time.

As for me, I properly watch tv and left the house at an appropriate time. Because the aquarium’s location was around the midpoint of Nana-san and my house, it was decided that assembly should be at the actual location.

Now then, I took out the『Sunglasses of a Conceited Man』because there are a lot of female high school students on the platform of the station on a Sunday, let’s test it out! Well! Those girls will surely kick up a fuss due to my popularity! Putting on the sunglasses, I brush up my hair.



Huh? Amusing? There is no reaction…..again, once more, ei!



That’s right~! If one isn’t popular there won’t be an effect! No, it’s definitely broken! That’s it! Now, that was a waste of time. Meeting with Nana-san should heal this broken heart of mine.

I arrived at the actual location to take a bus going towards the aquamarine park after passing three stations via a train. Because it’s Sunday there are a lot of people. When going to the cashier to get a ticket, hmm? Isn’t that Yuki-ane and Nana-san. Huh? Although I had a feeling that Yuki-ane`s date was said to be at an Amusement park, this is quite the surprise.

“Ah? Is that you, Sei?”

It was the Chairman that called out from behind the back of my bewildered self. Though he was dressed in a simple sharp shirt and jeans, it’s cool because he has a great figure.

“Chi-Chairman! It’s good that you’re safe!”

I felt relieved confirming the existence of the Chairman.

“What? Well, that`s alright, so why are you here?”

“I would like to ask you that too! I am on a date! How come the Chairman isn`t at the amusement park?”

“That was the plan, however, I received a ticket for this place. Putting that aside, when did Sei get a girlfriend!”

His face seems to express genuine surprise! Though it was 100% a result of a card’s effect?

“Since we’re here! Chairman put on these sun glasses. Because it doesn’t look good on me! It’s my way of saying thanks!”

“What are you angry about? I don’t know what you’re thanking me for but, I am grateful, so I will accept it.”

When I passed the sunglasses to the Chairman, I was slightly interested in the effect. If those girls don`t make any noise for even the chairman that means that the conceited man sunglasses was broken.

“Chairman! Put on these sunglasses and then brush up your hair!”

“What’s really going on? I don’t understand it well but……like this?”

The moment the Chairman brushed his hair up “Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa♡” shrill voices were raised. There were heart marks in the eyes of those girls in the surrounding…..I unconsciously struck my knee. The difference in ability….if, there was a machine that measures the degree of popularity it would have exploded due to the impossible measurement…then, as for mine it surely would not have even moved it…..

“Sei, what’s the noise all about”

Yuki-ane and Nana-san came rushing over.

“Nothing really….good morning Nana-san”

Nana-san wore a hooded outer garment on top of a sharp short sleeve in a little mini skirt with a red plaid above the knee, appearing relatively energetic. Shaking her trademark cute large red ribbon. I was greatly excited by Nana-san plain clothes!

“Nice to meet you… it this person, Yukina-sama?”

“Yes, Shuichi Shinjo. He is the president of the student union of my school.”

I introduced the Chairman to Nana-san.

“Is that so. Nice to meet you. I am Misaki Nana a second-year high school student of White Lily Academy.”

“Thanks, buts let’s be frank Sei, how did you get such a cute girlfriend”

“An ordinary man wouldn`t introduce his girlfriend to their senior….”

“Why did you do it?”

The Chairman asked back while tilting his head to the side. Isn`t because they always steal the girl…..

“Well, as for that….”

“Nana-chan aren’t we going to look around together?”

Although I tried to leave together with Nana-san, Yuki-ane came out asking for a double date. Yuki-ane is a hetare.(good for nothing/weak willed)

“I would like to,” Nana-san said.

“I am also cool with it. Besides we will be going in the same direction to enter through the entrance. So perhaps there’s no point in even separating.”


As expected of the Chairman to follow up perfectly. If Nana-san is good then I am also good with going together. Honestly, I was worried about being able to escort Nana-san properly……

As a result, I`m sure it was a good idea to go on a date together. Yuki-ane and Nana-san conversation are very lively because of being in the same club and having a good junior and senior relationship. We were being noisily among ourselves till Yuki-ane reached a point where she was able to gradually talk directly with the Chairman. Nana-san also seemed to enjoy playing together with her crush Yuki-ane. The Chairman also did a follow up for me because it was a win win situation.

Honestly, looking at the fishes I was saved because I wasn’t interested in whether it was delicious or unpleasant! We also ate lunch together and saw the dolphin show together. Although I matched with Nana-san hobbies I should have studied about fishes. Its also great that I was able to study an escort who is popular with girls! However, it’s kind of impossible for me to practice it……..

Incidentally, when leaving the aquarium the four of us laughed together at the fact that the same blue dolphin straps were bought in pairs separately. Of course, the straps were attached to our smartphones on the spot.

At the entrance, when it was understood that’s it time to go our separate way I saw Yuki-ane become flustered for the first time and it was so cute. Conversely, could it still be considered as going on a double date until dinner? I would like to ask Yuki-ane. Cause I`m not able to see the purpose at that point.

We separated from Yuki-ane and Chairman while waving our hand. At that moment Yuki-ane had a miserable face, do your best Yuki-ane!

I brought food ingredients at the supermarket with the feeling of being newly-wed with Nana-san. Inviting Nana-san who seems slightly nervous in my house and then sitting down for the cuisine to be completed while waiting with good manners. It seems that salad, rice, and stew with sauteed chicken meat is on the menu.

While the figure of Nana-san in an apron is making some noise in the kitchen, I waited for about 1 hour, and it seems delicious! Nan-san stew is delicious because it was made out of genuine white roux.

“Hahaaha, it’s the first time I saw Yukina-sam make such a cute face”

Facing towards me, she pecks at the salad while laughing at the incident that happened earlier.

“Though I also saw it for the first time, I was surprised”

“Because Yukina-sama is always trying to be dignified, today it was enjoyable being together”

“Does Nana-san really have a crush on Yuki-ane?”

“Yes, I do, in the past, I had a fear of strangers, I didn’t even have a friend”


It was surprising that Nana-san who is kind, cheerful and robust was afraid of strangers.

“Although the junior high school I went to was a different all girls school, I became a different person upon going on a field trip to White Lily Academy, as for my exam results I had just barely passed the pass mark but I was happy for passing.”

Was that so, the moment I met Nana-san for the first time it was exactly about this time one year ago.

“I was invited to observe the archery club activities with kind people who were also my classmates and that was where I met Yukina-sama. She was quite beautiful but being dignified(cold) it was hard to approach her. But, I was enthusiastic taught by the escorts, I am glad that was able to hit the target just once that day, it felt absolutely great, I joined the club on that same day”

“Was that so”

“Yukina-sama was kind but being surrounded by everybody I became jealous. Although I thought it would be nice if I became like that. I wasn’t able to make many friends. At that time, I got into trouble at the archery club.”*

“Nana-san ?”

“Children that were with White Lily Academy all along transferred through to the high school. There are many skilled children in White Lily Academy because their junior high school also has an archery club. Because of that Yukina-sama only taught us…..”*

So that’s jealous…..honestly, I have a feeling I don’t really understand it.

“So what happened?”

“Incidentally, Sakura-san appeared when even Yukina-sama could not keep up. Suddenly holding a bow and completely hitting the arrow on the target. It was Amazing because, at that time, it was the first time Sakura-san shoot an arrow.”*

As usual, Sakura-san is a cheat.

“Archery is something that tempers the mind, rather than becoming jealous please tell me, do it refine yourself. Fufufu, if you want to become my rival I want to say this to everybody full of confident become my opponent immediate now. “

“That seems like Sakura-san”

“I know right, but in the end I thought I was not confident in myself, at such a time, taking the initiative to call out to Aoi-chan “Let’s have lunch together” who was being merry in class”

It was surprising that Aoi was cheerful in White Lily Academy. Nana-san continues to talk joyfully.

“Then, approaching defiantly someone took my hand dragging me to the rooftop. Sakura-sama and Yukina-sama was there, Aoi-chan introduced me as her best friend, I was surprised but I am happy”

“So Aoi can also do something good occasionally”

“You’re being mean to Aoi-chan. After that, I played together with Aoi-chan, when I had gotten on friendly terms with Sakura-sama and Yukina-sama, I steadily made friends. Therefore, I had transformed thanks to everybody`s grace.”

Putting forward my gratitude for the dinner and the story that came from my sweetheart Nana-san, I placed my hands together saying “Thanks for this wonderful meal”

“Hahaa, I was happy just listening to you.”

“Because it’s about Nana-san. I was glad you talked about it.”

“Let’s clean up”

Carrying the dishes, Nana-san puts on the apron and washes the dishes. Her figure from behind is very attractive.


次は未来の事を下のお口に聞きましょうか! 奈菜さんの背後に俺はそっと近づいた!

Well, the story of Nana-san past was good, and her cooking was delicious. Next, let’s ask for future things with the lower mouth! I gently approached behind Nana-san.*

End of Chapter 18

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