6. Homework


In the morning, when I opened my eyes, Umi’s figure was no longer there.

She must have left while I was sleeping……

(Today she didn’t wake me up)

Umi usually wakes me up at half past 7, but when I look at the clock it’s already past 9:30. I change and go down but there is nobody here.

My share of breakfast was left on the dining table.

I have breakfast alone.

(Umu, I’m kind of lonely)

I was used to being by myself, but after only a few days of liveliness, being alone all of the sudden feels a bit desolate.

(But……Did everyone leave together?)

After eating breakfast I went to the bathroom to take a shower.

(The laundry box, the laundry box……it disappeared)

The thing I was anticipating was not in the laundry box.

(Tsk! Did they hide it somewhere so that I won’t be able to sniff them?)

I dejectedly took a shower and then installed the lock I bought the other day on the door.

(A~a……I wanted to at least get lucky and see Nami once before putting on a lock…… What a shame)

I return to the room thinking to watch my favorite teen idol DVD. I move the manga hiding the DVDs on the bookshelf. Since the shelves have enough depth I put the DVDs behind manga books. Once I move the mangas, I find a piece of paper saying:

“Umi is cuter! If you have time to watch this you should play with Umi!”

(Umi…When did she…)

Well… Certainly, Umi might be cuter.

After reading Umi’s message the will to watch the DVD left me and I just watched TV in a daze. The three sisters returned close to noon. I could tell they returned from their talking voices but I had no intention of leaving my room. I kept on watching tv and just as expected, Umi came in.

“I’m home~ Onii~chan!”
“Welcome back Umi, but you should knock before coming in.”

“Eee~? With how close we are, even if you do dirty stuff I won’t be surprised so it’s fine”
“Iyaiya, if my girlfriend comes over to play, it will be bad if you walk in on us, right?”

“Haaaaaa? Wait a second! It sounds to me like you just blurted out an inexcusable thing”
Umi said so angrily with her hands on her hips.

“What? Who said I don’t have a girlfriend?”
“…Break up! Break up right now!! Give me your phone! I’ll tell that woman that she’d dismissed and I’m your new girlfriend”

“Iyaiyaiya, Umi-chan?”
“Despite having such a cute little sister you still have a girlfriend? Onii, did your head become strange?”

“Iya, aren’t you my aunt?”
“I’m just like a sister! it’s fine so just give me that woman’s address, hurry!!!”

“Ok…I’m calling her now”
“It’s fine if you understand!”

Umi is strangely elated with her success. I take out my phone and make the call.


As soon as I make the call Umi’s phone vibrates in her pocket.

“Wha…Wait a bit, Onii, I have a call……Onii?”

Umi answers the call.

“A, hello? Sorry! I now have a girl I like… so could we break up?”

“I’ve gotten such a cute little sister, I’m in love!”
“So…? What’s the girl’s name?”

“Well… She’s my cute sister Umi.”
“…I see. Make sure to get along with her.”

“I’ll be sure to do that. Bye”

I close the call and see Umi closing the phone with a big smile.

“Oni, *giggle, what are you putting on an act for?”
“Umi. I’m sorry but I’m quite popular, you know”

I’m unusually popular. My mother was quite a beauty and my father also looks younger than his age. If that wasn’t so there’s no way he could get such a young wife like Sae-san. That’s why having inherited my parent’s blood I’m also pretty popular…

But since I like JCs(TL/Note: Japanese shorthand for middle-school girls) I’m not interested in the girls in my class so I refused all confessions.

“Yeah, Onii is cool. I understand that but… your tastes are quite dificult~ You can’t normally date JCs or JSs(TL/Note: elementary-school girls) at your age~”

“So in the end, a cute little girl like me is still closer to your tastes”

(Tsk…I can’t deny…)

“I used to have a girlfriend. I don’t anymore”
“Hmmm….. Onii? Are you a virgin?”

“I’m not, I’m very experienced and I always make women moan.”
“Hmmm…… so you only have experience with prostitutes(TL/Note: 素人童貞 basically means a person who only had sex with prostitutes. I couldn’t find a word in English.)”


Umi starts giggling.

“You’re terrible… Trampling on people’s hearts like that… How do you even know that word?”
“E? Of course I’d know that much… Don’t worry, I’ll accept Onii as you are.”

“He? Aren’t you a virgin?”
“E? Of course I’m a virgin… I haven’t even had my first menstruation”

“Really? Even though you look so grown up?”
“Yeah, my breasts are growing and I’m getting taller but it still isn’t coming”

“That’s unexpected……”
“Even though my friends are flat-chested, there are some girls who already have hair down there, pretty strange”

“Is that so… I prefer it with no hair”
“I know” Umi answers while laughing.

“Well, on that note, you can cum inside as much as you like”
“Iya…… Where did you even hear that from?”

“Ee~? It’s normal for sixth graders nowadays. Onii is ancient *giggle”
“So? When will the kind Umi receive my virginity?”

“He?…A~, well, eventually, yeah… eventually”

(I’m being fooled… Well, no point in hurrying. I’ll just take it gradually)

“By the way, where did you go? Everyone was away.”
“A! That’s right!! It’s terrible! Listen to this!!”

Umi started talking angrily like she just remembered something.

The three of them left to do the formalities to move to the new schools when summer ends. That’s where they were given summer homework.

“And I happy that I didn’t have any homework for the summer”
“I see…”

“And the school we’ll go to is said to be a lot harder than the one we used to go to”
“A-, that might be so”

I’m sorry to say this, but the place where Umi and the others lived was a low-income slum-like place. It’s natural that a quiet residential neighborhood like this one would be better academically.

“That~ is~ why~ help me with the homework”
“Ok, if it’s only a bit of teaching I can manage”

“Huray~! Nami-anee will have to take a test as soon as summer ends. Apparently, the questions will be from the homework, it’s pretty bad”
“E? So Nami-chan also has homework”

“That’s right~ Her face turned blue when she heard”
“Is that so…?”

“This is good, I don’t have to worry about homework anymore,” Umi says looking relieved.

(Oi, you have no intention of doing this on your own, do you?)

“I don’t have to worry about homework anymore so what would you like to do today?”
“Iya iya iya, we have to deal with this first”

“E~? Onii…you’re unexpectedly diligent…”

We made an agreement about how we’ll spend the rest of summer vacation. Study in the morning, play in the afternoon and dirty stuff at night. During the day Sae-san and Nami-chan are there so we can’t do anything dirty so we’ll only make an exception when they are away. That’s good enough for now.

“Bu–, Well I don’t mind but~ can you bear it?”
“A, well study in the living room. If we do it alone I’m sure we’ll get off track”

“Eeeeee?!!! That’s no fun!!”
“Then I won’t help”


While looking dissatisfied, Umi reluctantly agreed.

“Well then, we start today. First, we need to plan everything out. Get your homework and let’s go down!”

When I go down it looks like Sae-san and Nami-chan were talking about something but stopped when I came.

(What are they being so sneaky for?)

I take juice from the fridge and return to the living room. The two of them just watched me silently. No “I’m home” or any greeting at all. Well, it’s not like I’m greeting them either.

(Hmm… Is this what domestic separation is like?)

As I wait in the living room Umi comes with her homework.

“I brought it~”
“Ok, let me see”

There’s not really all that much homework… It’s also not too hard.

“Umi, what’s your best subject?”
“N~ PE?”


Umi laughs cutely, but I won’t be fooled by such a smile.

“You only have homework for Japanese, math, science and social sciences… Among these”

“Ok, I understand…”

I check the contents of the homework and make a schedule.

“OK Umi! This workbook is largely divided into 4 parts. Since there are 4 subjects you have 16 items to do. If you solve 2 a day you can finish in 8 days”
“Eeeeeee? That’s too much”

“If you started when on the first day of summer it would suffice if you solved 1 every day but right now……”
“There’s still plenty of time left!”

“What are you saying? There won’t be any time to do anything else then. If you finish this I’ll take you to the sea as a reward”
“!!!!! Really? I want to go! I want to go to the sea!! I haven’t been there even once since my parents died”

“Is that so? Just wait a bit then”

I call my upperclassman from school.

“A, Senpai? Are you working at the sea this year as well? ……. Are there any rooms open? Ok, that day is fine”
When I put the phone down Umi was smiling at me.

「My friend’s parent is in charge of running a pension by the ocean. We can go to the beach for a night since they have a vacant room!」 「Really?っ??? Amazing! We’re having a sleepover!! Thank you Onii~……*Cry……*Hicup」

Umi is so happy she started crying.

I guess she’s really happy. Even if she had summer vacation she couldn’t go anywhere until now. She must have been so poor she couldn’t have a true childhood. Sae-san and Nami-chan are looking at our discussion with astonished expressions.

「Wa、wait a bit!! I can’t just allow you to take Umi with you wherever you want!」
「……Haa? Why?」

「That’s obvious!! If anything were to happen with you two……」
「Wait, wait,wait、you’re saying I’d touch an elementary-schooler who’s also just like a little sister to me?」

(Well… I already did but…)

「Be, besides, what will you do about the money! There’s no way we can afford something like that!Even if we could, after receiving help with Nami and Umi’s school fees I couldn’t impose on Kaito-san any further……」

「Shut upっ!!!!!!」

I stopped Sae-san mid-sentence

Sae-san and Nami-chan jumped in surprise at my angry shout。

As expected, I also got mad.

That’s because I could see that with each of Sae-san’s words, Umi who was very happy just a moment ago, was becoming sadder and sadder 。

「Can’t believe this……you have some nerve、How can you make her sad when she was so happy? You really surprised me、have you ever given Umi any elementary-schooler-like memories? You haven’t, have you? You might not understand since you still have memories of your parents, but Umi and Nami don’t have anything like that!」

「Th,that……There’s nothing I can do about it!! What do you know?!」
「Aー、I don’t……There’s no way I could…」

When I say that Sae-san looks at me with a fiendish expresion。

Well, I know raising the two must have been very hard for her.

「There’s one thing I do understand though、right now、you’re not poor anymore、you have dad’s support and you also don’t have to worry about a place to stay. Next, you could at least make some summer vacation memories like normal families, right?」

「Even if you say that、staying over……」

「I have all the money we need to go, for Umi as well。If I can’t take dad’s car I can also rent one。Do you have any more complaints? Even without the money I make from work, just my savings are over 10 000 dollars.」

「E? Onii you are rich!!」
(Iyaiya Umi, that’s not the point)

「Anyway、I just want to take Umi to the sea like I would my sister. Elementary-schoolers these day’s wouldn’t even be that happy with just going to the sea.」

「I’ll discuss it with Kaito-san」

「Do as you like……Then Umi, If you do your best today, tomorrow we’ll go get you a new swimming suit. You only have your school swimsuit?」
「っ!!!!! No wayっ!! Reallyっ? Will you buy me a cute swimming suit??」

「Yeah、I’ll buy whichever one you like」

「Wait a second!!!」
「What is it this time?」

「There’s no way I can allow you to buy something like that???」
「Yes? Why? It’s required to go to the beach, isn’t it? Do you perhaps plan on making Umi go in her school swimsuit?」

「You plan on making her wear an embarrassing swimsuit, aren’t you???」
「Are you stupidっ! How did you even reach such a conclusion? Haven’t you watched too many AVs? Besides, even if she wears the school swimsuit、that will just make the dangerous guys with that kind of interests happy……School swimsuits are pretty popular with men. Since they can only see it in schools it’s all the more precious」

「……Is、is that so?」
「Yeah, that’s right……」

after that Umi did her best and finished her homework for today while singing 「Swimsuit, swimsuit~♪」。Evening came and when the time came for us to eat the atmosphere was extremely bad。That’s what happens after Sae-san and I go at each other like that。

(Maybe I shouldn’t have shouted like that)

Well at least one person doesn’t seem to mind.「It’s the sea♪Umi is going to the sea (sea = umi; not written the same as her name but has the same reading)~」. Despite those dad jokes the tension was high。

At night, Umi came to my room to play。

Umi told me we should stop sleeping together since it’s dangeorus。Thes morning when she went back to her room, right when she opened her door she met with Nami-chan。Nami-chan had just woken up and left her room……

She managed to fool her but Umi said that she was so scared her heart almost stopped。

(Oioi、Give me a break……We were almost caught)

If by any chance we are caught, we won’t be able to go anymore. That’s why from today on we’re each sleeping in our own rooms。It’s really a shame but we can’t risk it。Umi went back to her room after giving me one more of the saliva handjobs she just learned。

―――― Next morning

「Onii-chan! Wake up~!! It’s morning~ Today we’re going to buy a swimsuit~」
「……Yes yes…I know」

Umi came to wake me up today as well。

Maybe it’s because she can only think about the swimsuit, it’s a bit of a shame but she woke me up the normal way。

「Good morning, Oni-chan! *kissっ♡」
「Good morning Umi」

After giving me a good morning kiss Umi went down。

Breakfast is just as usual。

But today Nami-chan is reeeeally staring at me。She looks like she really wants to say something but she’s not saying anything

(What is it? I haven’t done anything to her underwear since then)

While thinking it’s strange I continue eating my breakfast。

「Yesterday I spoke with Kaito-san……」
All of the sudden Sae-san starts speaking about taking Umi to the sea。

「So?、What did dad say?」
「Do as you wish……As long as you take responsibility and take care of Umi」

「Is that so? That’s good, right Umi?」

Umi is smiling from one ear to the other。

「Yeahっ! Let’s go get the swimming suit today then!」
「Sure. As long as you finish your homework. I’ll just say this now but we’re supposed to go the day after you finish your homework. If you don’t finish by then I won’t take you with me」

「Eeeeeeee?!!!!、Are you for real? Onii-chan……」
「Yeah, of course.」

「Uwaa…What are you acting like a serious big brother for……Let’s be more flexible……Onii」
「Ahaha、No good、If I don’t do this you definitely won’t finish your assignment, will you?」

「Well, I guess it’s fine since you’re helping」

Sae-san is looking at us looking very dissatisfied。Nami-chan still looks like she wants to say something。I ignore the two and finish my meal, and by the time I take a shower, it’s already time for homework。

While I was watching Umi doing her homework, Nami-chan also came down holding her homework。It seems like the plan is Umi and me are working in the living and she works in the dining room。

「Ne ne、Onii! I don’t understand here」
「Well, For this one……」

Umi’s homework is progressing well, with me teaching her how to solve most of the questions……

On the other hand in the dining room……

「Nee, Onee-chan, do you know how to do this?」
「Which one? Maths……Well……」


They’re not advancing at all…

「Onee-chan, you really went to university, right?」
「……Middle-school maths are pretty hard these days~ Nami, You should solve homework with your own power? You’re doing it for youself……Well then, I’m very busy, very busy……」

Saying so, Sae-san returns to her housework。

(Aa、She was abandoned……)

Nami-chan droops her shoulders dejectedly and glared at Sae-san. After that, she started looking at me with stary eyes。

(……I guess it can’t be helped. Let’s help her out a bit)

「Umi, wait a bit please」
I say that and go to Nami-chan。

「Is there anything you don’t understand?」
「Well, it’s this one…」

「Which one? Oh yes、this problem……You use the formula for this one……」

Just like that standing by Nami-chan’s side, I helped her solve the problems。Nami-chan is looking at me with an astonished expression on her face, but I just help her without minding it。

(Fuっ! How’s that? Did you change your opinion of me?)

「The other problems only have different numbers so try solving them like the others」
「Y,yesっ! Thank you for your help!!」

When I returned to Umi she was strangely in a bad mood but I ignored it and moved on。

「We won’t have tome to buy the swimsuit like this. Focus.」
Umi reluctantly began studying again。

「S, sorry……」
Nami-chan started speaking to me again。

「Yes yes、Umi, wait a bit」
「E~??? Buu~ Onii is helping with my homework aren’t you~???!」

Umi looks dissatisfied but still go to Nami-chan and help her solve problems。

「Do you just know all these formulas?」
「Yeah well, I’m pretty good at math you know」

「Besides math……Are there any other subjects you’re good at? Like English??」
「If it’s middle-school level problems it should be fine. I’m in Technical College after all 」

「He? You don’t know??」

「I don’t…」

「In this district, the hardest school to get into is said to be the state high school. Do you know about East Highschool?」
「Yes, I know about it」
「Aー Even I know that~ It’s the one only very smart people can enter?」

Maybe because she didn’t like being left alone, Umi joined the conversation。

「So, you know that East Highschool is an escalator school for people to get into university」

「Yes yes」Umi was also pretending to know。

「The technical college I go to is an industrial one. The entry exam for Electronics where I go is about the same level as East Highschool」

「No way? For real? So you are smart……I can’t believe it!」

(Oi、Umi、you’re being rude so casually)

「That’s why if it’s only middle-school level problems it’s easy」
「I kind of started admiring you !」

Being told that by Nami-chan who was looking with shining eyes I got a bit full of myself……Umi didn’t miss that。

「Yes yes, Onii!If we don’t continue we won’t finishっ!」
After being forcibly brought back to the living room by Umi we continued working on her assignment。

After finishing that we went shopping together。

I would have liked to buy one of those extreme swimsuits that teen idols wear but if I do that Sae-san will very likely kill me。

「Look look、Onii……you want me to wear one like this, don’t you?」
The one Umi was talking about was just like the ones teen idols wear。

(They really sell this kind of stuff)

The place we went to is said to be the best shop for swimsuits, a swimsuit specialty store。T-back, G-string, micro bikini, they sell it all。There, in the erotic swimsuit corner, that’s where it was。

「Umi? Won’t you try this one on too?」

Umi chose a cute bikini(This one’s also pretty gutsy……)

We headed to the changing room to try it on along with the teen idol-like one。She started with the one she chose by herself。

「Ehehe, what do you think? Isn’t it cute?」
Umi looked very cute saying that。

(Even with just this one, she’s already just like a teen idol)

「Yes, it looks very good on you……You’re very, very cute」

The one Umi chose is a bikini with a tube top bra that ends with a string on the side with little cloth。The backside is a halfback but it doesn’t look bad on Umi。

「Ehehe, is that so? Then let’s take this one!」
「OK, let’s we’ll get this one」

「Now then, let’s see the much-expected one as well」
Saying so the curtain closes and she changes into the next swimsuit。

「Uhyaa……This one’s amazing Onii」
Saying so Umi opens the curtain。

The bra is the kind that often appears in teen idol DVDs, with a string on each side and a square hiding the nipples。

Faintly, the nipples are protruding and the sideboob and underboob are showing。the bottom part is the high-leg kind but, right in the middle, there was a seam that dug right into the crack making a perfect camel toe。

(Amizing!!! That’s so ero-kawaii!!!)

「This one’s incredible, right Onii……Onii?? What happened??」
「Umi! I’m buying this one as well!!」

「E? Eeeee???……Really??」
「Yeah、there’s no one in this world who can wear this swimming suit as ero kawaii; as you! It fits you so well! We have to buy it!」

「Onii……Your eyes are scary. What are you getting so excited for?」

(Ups、No good no good 、I got excited without thinking…)

「Well, if you buy it for me……I wouldn’t mind」

After buying the two swimming suits I split up with Umi on the way home since I had work。Of course, I’m bringing the ero one home myself。I let Umi hold the one she chose herself。

(Sae-san must definitely not see that)

When I return from work late at night, I could hear angry voices coming from the living room.

(Nn? What’s that?)

That voice seems to be Umi’s。

(Iya、Sae-san too…And Nami-chan’s voice as well…I could hear all of their angry shouts)

What’s going on? While thinking that I slowly and carefully open the living room door。There I could see Umi angry to the point her face turned red and Sae-san with a demon like expresion。With a red face……Nami-can was crying。

I try to slowly open the living room door and peek inside, but I accidentally open the door completely.

『*Door opens*』

All three turned their gazes at me……

「E…I’m home…」

Saying that I went into the living room.