Half elves fall in love chapter 265

Chapter 265: Sex Timetable 6 [Laila – Sharon]



Laila was dressed in bikini armor and a ponytail. Her hair clip was probably Sharon’s, but it was an elegant design not seen in Trot or Celesta. She probably couldn’t rent a gauntlet, her arms were still bare-handed, but she still looks good. Sharon, on the other hand, was dressed in Laila´s usual wild style, haphazardly wearing a piece of cloth that could have been a bed sheet or clothing. Her hair, which was usually tied into a ponytail, was pulled down and that alone gave her a very different impression. She didn’t have the same mysterious beauty of unknown identity and nationality as Laila, but instead she had a strangely clean presence, like a spirit or goddess, perhaps because of her good upbringing.

“Laila is not a bad example of a female desert warrior”
“I, Is that so……?”
It’s what she calls herself in her everyday life, but she doesn’t always dress like a 「Female Warrior」. She wouldn’t be worth wearing it if it wasn’t armor for Laila, but she still wants this much equipment if she’s seriously going to cheat. In addition, Laila’s fighting style is based on striking with force. This is the closest you can get to the bikini armor image of a self-made warrior in the wild.

“In a way, it suits her better than Sharon”
As a knight, Sharon, who fights rather well-behaved, looks better in her normal armor.

“U, Umm. It’s not a bad thing to be praised like that”
Laila is a little embarrassed as she scratches her chin. It’s a fresh reaction after all. And Sharon is a little annoyed.

“I don’t look good?”
I thought about covering it up, but I was honest.

“I think you have a knight-like appearance. Of course, as a man who wants to expect sex appeal, this is also something with a high degree of exposure, but in terms of style as a warrior……”
“……Well, that’s a serious statement”
“I made my own armor”
I also made parts for Anzeros and Naris and had more choices and more perspectives.

“And you look good. Somehow, it’s like a spirit……it has a strange and mysterious atmosphere”
The minimum amount of clothing that you don’t decorate feels something like a god, a spirit or a priest who serves it.

“Laila is a recluse because she drinks only alcohol, but Sharon is graceful……”
“Muu……ma, maybe I should change my attitude a little”
“The usual Laila is fine”
While gently stroking Sharon’s golden hair, I rub her boobs. In my head, she’s a spirit, a goddess. It is the most immoral person to sexually harass at the beginning of an encounter. ……No, she’s a real princess in an elf country, so in a way it’s similar.

“Ah, nn……would you prefer to hold a spirit rather than a dragon?”
“I can’t get rid of dragons, they’re always there for me. But I think it’s dreamy to stick your dick in a mystical spirit”
“Ho. How about a desert warrior?”
“I’ll take good care of you later”

Roll up the hem of the cloth that Sharon wore. She imitated Laila, who always didn’t wear underwear and her ass was bare.

“You have a nice ass as always”
I fondled the fleshy buttocks. Sharon’s throat twitched in pleasure. Even a slight difference in atmosphere will change the way you enjoy yourself. I took out my penis while tasting a little fresh pounding.

“Haaa……I think I’ve become such a high-ranking existence……still, when I think that Smithson-san will pour his semen inside me……I can’t control my excitement a little♪”
“Well, even Sharon’s usual womb is a ridiculous partner’s womb”
“It’s not like that. You can think of it as your own personal elf toilet, just like any other”
“Of course I want to flush it like a toilet bowl”

I’m not afraid of things anymore. Even though she is the sister of that Felios. It looks like I’m pretty loved.

“Hoho. Owner likes to rule in rough words, but in fact, he just loves you like a lover. He doesn’t care how reckless you are, he’s so sweet even to me, you’re not just a toilet bowl, you’re a…….”
“Th, That’s why I think it’s Smithson-san’s virtue”
……Well, as Laila says, she might not be treated as a slave. Overall. But honestly, I think it’s bad enough in the eyes of the world and they actually use it like a toilet bowl.

“Normally, I think it’s enough to treat you like a latrine woman, gathering a bunch of guys on a bed and spanking them ass after ass”
“Ho, I’d like you to at least order a pussy to be presented in one hand during meals and work”
“Oh……that’s certainly exciting…….♪”
“I think it is the right of a female slave to be called upon when she urinates and to be made to receive it in her mouth or vagina”
“……Th, That’s it……♪”
Certainly, if you are a man who surrounds a woman as a slave dedicated to eroticism (in the erotic picture scroll), it is not strange to do so much. But.

“That’s just putting me in a difficult position, right?”
“Wouldn’t it?”
Sharon, who was left to fondle her bare bottom and Laila, who was in bikini armor, looked at each other puzzled.

“I don’t know where I’d be able to eat or work while having sex! I don’t like the idea of pissing inside a girl!”
“That’s too bad. It’s a shame, because I’d like to see you be that insistent”
“……You may not be able to be a soldier if you do that, but…… you will eventually fall into that kind of life……”
“Also, while I like to make out with girls and have sex with them hard, I’m not that interested in sex that tests their limits”
“The body of a dragon is not so dangerous”
“I, I’ve been working out for a while, so I’m not afraid to do some serious stuff……”
I don’t know why these girls are so challenging to eroticism.

“Ah already. I’d like to fuck you until you’re satisfied”
I hugged Sharon from behind and buried my nose in the nape of her neck, which was covered by her smooth blonde hair, while I grabbed her breasts with both hands and inserted my cock. It didn’t go in well, though and the glans popped out in front of my crotch.

“Sharon, support my cock and push it in”
“……Y, Yes……♪”
Just the fact that I’m giving this kind of order to Sharon, the proud heroic knight of Renfangas, is really something. And Sharon who executes it with an ecstatic face. It’s very subordinate to my taste. Enough slaves for me.

“It’s a good thing. ……My cute female slave”
“Yes……y, your……naughty slave……no”
Sharon glanced at her attire with only her eyes.

“I’m your pet…….♪”

As always. I’m a little curious as to why this girl has decided to serve me. I’m not sure if it’s because my slaves seem to be enjoying themselves in spite of their name. However, I feel that she is a little bit enthusiastic to say that she fell in love with me normally. Disagreeable. ……Maybe I’m trying to understand by doing the same with my 「Female slave」. It’s not right in the world, a form of affection exchange. All of them have their own special circumstances, but for some reason they all seem to be happy, making love to me. This is because I understand that she is also a 「Special」 knight, who has achieved prosperity and status and yet was overprotected by her brother and mentor. If you can join a 「Special」 group full of such exceptions, you may think that if you don’t join, you can’t be happy elsewhere. ……This costume exchange may be one such greedy quest for 「Female slave happiness」.

“You perverted pet”
“I love you”

I’m going to affirm her like that. I want to make all the beautiful women who have asked me to make them happy happy. I’m not sure if it’s worth it, but I don’t want to leave the girls who depend on me like that to others. I’m aware that I’m essentially selfish, egotistical and greedy to a fault.

“Take it in the womb……be conceived”
“Creampie with feelings”
I know she can’t conceive right now because of the contraceptive magic, but someday I’ll really impregnate them all. Let’s become indecent in front of me and affirm with semen the female slaves who seek affirmation for themselves.

“You are all women who are here to conceive my children”
“Y, Yes……♪”
Making a noise, Sharon’s clothes while standing are already roughly stripped off and she is naked and committed. I don’t even allow her to put her hands on the wall. She just stands there in the middle of the room and backs up. Sharon looks like she’s in pain, unable to care for herself, but I believe that this is how a female slave should be treated, so I continue to pound my hips against hers. And then.

“Here we go……become pregnant, Sharon!”
“N, y, yes……ss♪”

Byururururu, I ejaculate in the depths of Sharon. Then, firmly grasp her boobs and shoulders so that she cannot escape and harden until she is satisfied. Is it the vagina or the penis that is trembling with momentum? ……And when I’m done, I release Sharon and pull my cock out of her as she swims her legs.

“You’re next, Laila. Don’t take off……everything, just your lower armor, down to your knees”
“……Hoho, we’re in a good mood”
“I’m going to fuck you like you’re an adventurer who suddenly wants to have sex in a labyrinth”
“Ho. Reminds me of old times”

Laila smiles and does as I say, pulling down her waist armor and underwear. When I hooked it on her knees, I had no choice but to put it on her waist, which was rather glossy. While my hand plays with her magnificent black hair, which is swaying in her unsteady position, I place my cock against her ass behind her back.

“Laila. You can put it in your pussy yourself”
“……Kukuku, if you’re going to be in the labyrinth, you’ll have to hurry”
Laila smiled and grabbed my cock through the straddles, placed it against her vagina and thrust her hips hard. My cock, sticky with Sharon’s juices and my seed, was easily buried in Laila.

“A lover who impulsively plunges his cock in while walking through the labyrinth together……isn’t a bad idea”
“Hoo……it’s different. It’s a slave who protects herself in the labyrinth and uses her cunt when she feels like it……then……♪”
“Did you have that kind of relationship with the last guy?”
“I……no longer think about anything but you”

Laila looked up at me diagonally with a ponytail hanging in front of her and squinted her eyes.

“If I were to someday pretend to be an adventurer and go to some labyrinth……, that would be the only relationship I would have♪”
“I like that”

Such a trip with Laila. An adventure line that entrusts her escort and sexual desire processing to Laila who pretended to be a human being. ……I don’t think it’s an adventure, it’s just baggage. It’s going to be fun in many ways with the bikini armor Laila.

“Laila, I’m going to get hard……Keep swinging your hips!”
“Hohoho, hurry up……if we don’t hurry, we may be attacked by monsters……♪”

Laila shakes her hips as I tell her to. With my hands on her knees, she withstands my thrusts with an amazing sense of balance. On the bed, Sharon is leaning on her upper body and staring at us.

“Let’s take Sharon on an adventure too……let her pretend to be a priestess or something……”
“Hoho, good……to take a number of disguised slaves on a spanking adventure……really, my owner comes up with good things…….♪”
“I guess……!”
I’ll dream about it for a bit. In fact, I have to be a blacksmith first and I don’t have to do that, though it would be difficult to take only a few with me. If I was just an adventurer and not an army like now, I wouldn’t be complaining about being able to squeak in wherever I felt like it. Yeah, it sucks.

“Let’s go, Laila……don’t spill the seed that’s been poured inside……!!”
“I don’t need to be told that……kku♪”
Ejaculate firmly in the back of Laila. Knead the back without pulling it out until it’s completely pulled out……when the last cramp is over, I slowly pull it out and raise the armor below.

“Sm, Smithson-san……well then, it smells……♪”
Sharon’s protest, who seems to be happy somewhere, is overlooked and they are put up on the bed and they sleep.

“……Ah, I’d like to fuck you both in turn more”
“Ho, so this is Selenium’s arrangement?”
“……You can do whatever you want”
“In case you’re wondering, she’s concerned about my health……”
It’s not hurting my work. But it might be frustrating. Either way, I have to go check with Selenium about the parchment and maybe I’ll ask her if I can fuck more tomorrow. ……It’s not something that Selenium alone can approve or disapprove of, though.


The next day. When I woke up, Sharon and Laila were not there. I guess they weren’t tactful enough to stay like Maia and Almeida. In many ways, I also have girls who are atrophied. ……And what was in my bed when I woke up instead?

“……Nyah, nyah?”
“No, it’s a little thing that cat beasts do when they’re meowing”
“R, Really……?”
“……Sometimes they say the full moon makes them go into heat”
……There were two silver-haired cat beasts. No, one of them was Luna, needless to say. The other one is……? Eh? I don’t know if there were any other cat beasts.

“We, Well then……I’m going to take care of your morning erection, master”
“No, it doesn’t. No, not even on the end
“E, Eh……is that so?”
“……I feel embarrassed to wear it once in a while”
In my foggy head, I finally understood. One of them is……Oregano. Where did she get it? Equipped with silver cat ears and a silver tail. It’s coming out of her asshole……. Is it in there? Both of them were bareheaded and they were cooperating in removing my pants.

“‘……Why are you wearing that?’

When I called out to them, their tails jumped. ……What’s going on with Oregano´s tail, really? No, I’m sure it’s just a tighter butt.

“G, Good morning. Master”
“……Because it’s a big deal, I made it with the hair of a one-horned horse”
Luna shows me a thumbs up on all fours.

“What’s that?”
“……This child has silver fur, too”
“I, I thought Master might like it……”
Oregano’s ears droop on the real ones.

“I don’t hate it but…….”
“Yeah. Andy, you love cat beast”
“I’m happy……♪”
No, it is true that I like them, but there is a misunderstanding. I also love elves. ……No, but you can’t blame me if you do something fresh.

“I’ll take care of it. ……I’ll teach you to be a great cat for Andy”
“I’ll do my best”
“……No, let’s wait a minute”
I’m still worried.

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