Half elves fall in love chapter 107

Chapter 107: Bikini Armor Rhapsody



5 days after starting to make armor for Sharon at Jackie-san’s workshop. Armor making was progressing smoothly. Bikini armor is one of the simplest structural armor if it fits perfectly. If this is a chainmail or lamellar armor, it will not be enough to have a rough preparation for a month, but Sharon’s armor……will probably be completed sooner than expected because of Jackie-san’s skills.

“However Bocchan, you´re very particular about the shape. ……It’s certainly a good idea to make it right, but it’s a profession that moves when its a swordsman. It’s natural to squeeze and increase many kilometers in a day, so it’s a good idea to be too dimensioned”
“It’s okay. I’ll adjust it with engravings”

I take out the engraved sword that Diel gave me. It is an excellent one that can let you engrave in advance. I’ve never used this sword as a sword since the fight against the Holy Beast and it has always been used with a sheath that has been cut off to expose only a few centimeters of cutting edge and a rag cloth is wrapped around it for safety.

“That’s why I’m tempted to do some crafting. Anyway, I don’t think it would be a hindrance to Bocchan, its length”
“I’ve seen a real crest carving pen on sale in Klavés, but it costed 5,000 gold coins. If I have something like this, it will be most satisfactory”
“Haaaa……Indeed. But if you want to make money with that skill, you should buy the pen. It’s a craftsman’s tool. And Boss Smithson always said that if it could fit into one’s hand, you would not be able to put a string on it”
“My dad overcharged and my mom always froze”
“Hahaha. But some of my fleas are about a thousand gold coins, even if they’re not five thousand”
“……Did your wife get angry?”
“Actually a little bit”

Jackie-san and I continue to work while laughing together. Jackie isn’t always caught up with bikini armor and he teaches me while striking various things like horseshoes and carpentry tools. I finely engrave a crest on the bikini armor. The bikini armor I made for mischief to Dianne was applied with a crest to see through, but this time it’s purely strength manipulation. Since the engravings is to play with the characteristics of the material itself, it it possible give the metal a flexible elasticity that it cant be bent by human power or give the leather backing a feeling of adhesion so that it doesn’t slip slightly. Various additional functions can be added.

I’m immersed in such work, that the time has passed as if I flew and the sunlight which inclines before one is aware is dazzling. When I suddenly looked up and heard the sound of Jackie-san hammering at the same rhythm as my father in this familiar workshop that was once my home, I missed my childhood. Jackie-san’s roaring sound, at least as much as I hear, sounded the same as my father. A nostalgic sound of a blacksmith who repairs everything in this Town. Eventually, Sara who is tired of playing will come in quietly and jumps on the big back, saying “Meal is ready!”. ……A long time ago, I believed that would be the case and I had no doubt. Now that the women who should be protected have been able to do it, it is the figure that is aiming again.

“Hey Jackie-san. I wonder if I can become a blacksmith like my father”
“How about it?”

Jackie-san doesn’t move even with my sudden sentiment, but laughs a little while wiping his forehead with a towel.

“I’m still incomplete, I haven’t even seen a studio in the capital city where my boss came out. I don’t know how to be like boss”
“I see……”

Jackie-san turns to me and tells me to be reliable.

“I’m sure boss would have said, 『You can be relieved, because you are just like me Andy』”
“……Ah, saying”

I smile. Some tears came out.


When I returned to the inn, Dianne was opening a letter.

“Letter? Its unusual in Polka”
“It just came with the flying dragon service”

Dianne reads the letter silently for a while. Feel free to turn around and steal here……I’m also a soldier to the extent that I don’t do anything. I wait quietly.

“All right, it looks like we’re ready”
“It seems that the adjustment in Celesta´s territory is over. We will fly to Renfangas within a few days. For the time being, there are faces of Northern Elves and Felios. A line-up is necessary”
“E, Eeh?”

If I fly now, I’ll be in trouble. I want Sharon’s bikini armor to be completed in two or three days and not one day. Dianne laughs bitterly when she sees me in a hurry.

“Even if you don’t have to worry, I’ll wait for you to make your armor. ……But hurry up, 10-man captain Smithson. Winter approaches if you take it any further and relax. It’s still summer, but as you’re raised in Polka, you’ll know how much the winter influences the monster which will hinder the exploration”
“Yes, I understand”

I hurry up and salute with my right fist on my chest. I return to Jackie-san´s workshop. Even if I stay up all night, I need to finish it.

“Bo, Bocchan, it’s better to take a little rest……”
“I don’t have enough time! Sorry for the inconvenience, but be patient tonight and tomorrow!”

I make Jackie-san’s workshop a nightless castle and challenge the finishing work. Actually I wanted to make the surface paint a little more stylish, but I put up with only a minimum of gloss. I adjust the shoulder pads……this requires a try-on. I was going to call Sharon tomorrow and adjust it then. After that. I have to decide the shape of the waist armor. Sharon’s butt has a lot of volume, but I was worried about whether to focus on the defense range or to make it lighter, but let’s take a large defense range with priority on processing difficulty.

“Uh, there is so much to do and there isn’t enough time……if I can’t do it from this time, it’s a nuisance to Jackie-san……”
“……Good grief”

Looking back to the voice, Sharon was there. Wearing fashion based on the northern elf-like grass color, she is smiling and watching me with her arms crossed.

“If it’s sound, I can erase it with my illusion magic”

I shout to Sharon, who is spinning her fingers with her arms folded, as I count the work process.

“Th, Thank you! Get undressed!”
“Quickly! Get naked!”
“Ye……Yes……al, already, so suddenly……”

I pull on Sharon’s clothes that she has begun to take off, to hurry up and help her take it off. It was Sharon who resisted a little, but she took it off as if she gave up. I apply the chest armor that was processed to her breasts and tighten the latch. And I let her put on the temporary shoulder armor.

“How is it?”
“Eh……so, so much……I mean, it feels pretty good……”
“Okay next is below”

Because the brain is rotating at high speed, I take off her underwear without hesitation. If I pull it, the string will break, so I tear it off and throw it away.

“Ky, Kyaaa!?”
“Open your crotch!”
“Nah, th, that way of speaking……”
“Don’t grumble about something!!”

Wearing a pants-type waist armor with the naked crotch open. I immediately give instructions to see the balance between weight and movement of the armor protecting the sides.

“Move, as violent as possible”
“Eh……li, like that”
“Do it as long as you can”

She repeats the stun steps with a little reddish face. ……In such back-and-forth exercise, I don’t know how good or bad the armor is.

“Turn around. Turn your hips as violently as possible”
“Well, isn’t it just a little overbearing?”
“I can’t afford it anymore. Come on, hurry up”

Sharon rotates as said. Rotating as much as possible by kicking roundhouse kicks. Is there a problem with follow-up performance? No, the person in question does not seem to be painful to move. Is this all right?

“Okay, stop. Now it’s my turn”

Sharon resisted, when I was trying to remove the armor.

“St, Stop it, I can take it off myself!”
“Don’t worry about that and be obedient!”
“Hii……ye, yes”

At first glance, Sharon may be surprised when she stops moving. Then I remove all armor from Sharon and start adjusting. To re-adjust the shape, I would like to rework it using a furnace. However, although the furnace has already been turned on, the amount of heat has not yet increased. With this heat, it doesn’t make much sense to put it in the furnace……n, wait.

“I see, the heat resistance of the material seems to be messed up with the engravings……”

I took the engraving sword that came out of a strange sheath first and I started to examine the engraved figure in my head in front of the shoulder armor, while Sharon who concealed her chest and crotch with her hands looks at me mysteriously. I thought about it for about three minutes, and then wrote a crest at a dash. Its speed, just like the handling of a restaurant’s lather.

“……Smithson-san, that……magic trait……?”
“It’s an engraving crest. Thats sky-blue clan´s traditional technique of Klaves. ……This is the case”

After gently putting it in the furnace for 30 seconds, the shoulder armor is red hot, although it is not a great amount of heat. I can do this.

“Okay……please a sound erasing barrier”
“Ye, Yes. ────!!”

Kan, Kan, Kan, I swing the hammer. The material is quickly reworked into an ideal shape, although it is an instinct of helping the engraving. ……No, if I soften the material a little more with this application, I might be able to hit with less force. Unlike ogres and dwarves, my strength is no different from that of ordinary townspeople. It is important not to overdo it. However, the counter figure looks a little difficult. ……No, I´m going to be patient. No, it is better to trace the engraved crests with graphite. It would be a problem if strange engravings combined to get the characteristics of the day after tomorrow. However, this technique makes me feel cool. If I show it to Boss Sreed or other blacksmiths, they are likely to call it cheating. No, I’m not sure that I’m an cheating blacksmith because I haven’t finished my full-time training. Well. If they call me that, then they shall do so. I take the way of making products that satisfy customers.

“Sm, Smithson-san……hello?”
“All right, if it gets cold with this……I don’t really add a lot of heat, so it’s quick to cool down. All right, try it on again, Sharon”
“E, Eh?”

Sharon who is driven by time and is completely pushed by me in a forcible mode, turns around and wears the armor.

“Okay, move! Shake your hips more strongly! I don’t know if that’s the case!”
“Th, That’s……li, like this!?”
“No, turn like this more! Yes, good. That’s the way!”
“All right, that’s enough. You are tired, so be obedient”
“S, So, I myself……”
“Yes Yes, that’s right”
“Ki, Kyaaa”

I strip Sharon and throw her on the bench in the corner of the blacksmith. And it can be processed again. In the meantime, I have come up with a technique that involves engraving in the middle of the process.

“I might be a genius……”
“E, Emm, Smithson-san, I’m happy that you´re crazy about my armor, but what am I supposed to do as you have torn my panty?”
“Don’t worry about that and take a rest, you still have to try-on again”
“……Ha, Haa”
Only the sound of hitting iron is lowered to the minimum and Sharon’s sound illusion skills may be excellent, as only the speaking voices pass normally.

And I continued to work until the next day with the cornering tension as it is.

“Bocchan, I prepared breakfast, but……what is this!?”

When Jackie-san showed up, there’s Sharon lying naked on the bench and various things are said (I don’t understand what she is talking about) and I keep engraving.

“……Ah, emm, Bocchan? And that over there……a customer?”
“Ah, Ah……wait a minute, Jackie-san, I’m in great shape right now. If I complete this technique now, I’ll take the world”

With Jackie-san having a strange face next to me, I continued to process it with a slightly clearer head.

“”Th, That woman, she is going to catch a cold……what the hell is this……panty?”
“Ah, wait for that. Hey, Sharon, get up. One more try”

Try on.

“Fo, Forgive me already……already, I’m tired……”
“Don’t worry about that and get up. I will help you voluntarily”

The armor is put on her chest.

“U, Uh……that’s fine……”

She seems to be exhausted.

“……Bo, Bocchan, that……I’ve heard rumors that you´re popular, but you’d rather do it in moderation”

With a vague head, I really explore the meaning of Jackie-san’s words while holding a naked pigtailed busty elf in my arms. ……I abandoned thinking after a few seconds.

“……No, I’m in a hurry”
“Th, That’s right. Then, even when you felt like it, it was so sudden……”
“Hey, Sharon, get up. If you don’t move, it won’t start”


In the middle of the day, there was Sharon wearing a bikini armor completed by a new method devised by me with a tired face.

“……Smithson-san, it’s amazing when you do it……hey……”

While wearing it, she rolls her back up drowsily. I don’t think it’s that she is not strong enough because she is a black arm, but it might have been a burden on her nerves to try it on and move as I ordered her.

“……Maybe you’ve taken advantage of Sharon and did something?”

I was confused when I was seen with strange eyes by Anzeros. Sharon sighed with a half-opened eyes.

“……It might have become a story still if I was violated incidentally……”
“What a sudden rush”
“……Mentally, I’m already……I mean, every corner……kuu”
“Don’t sleep!”

Sharon´s gratitude……well, it ended with her saying 「Thank you very much」 half-sleeping. I’ve worked so hard that I’ve just wanted her to try it out, even if it’s not as good as Anzeros.

Nonetheless, it was a day when I realized a lot of new possibilities for engraving, probably because I was urging forward after a long time.

By the way.

“Belga. What do you think about that conversation?”
“If you think about it in common sense……Sharon was tainted”
“By a human……”
“Well wait, Felios. Calm down. It’s not too late for Sharon to cry. There is also a line of misunderstanding”
“How many times have you failed with it?”

I heard that Felios and Berga were secretly listening near the workshop that night. I was scolded with great eyes when we passed each other, but I don’t think I have done anything bad.

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