Half elves fall in love chapter 140

Half elves fall in love chapter 140: Happy Birthday of delayed season [Anzeros, etc.]



Kissing repeatedly, I enjoy the shaking of Anzeros´s silky ponytail. The short Anzeros stands on her toes to match my lips with a difference of more than 20 cm. The feeling that it is a little fluttering is cute and I screw her tongue to devour it on purpose.


Some kisses can be called 『Ma』. It seems that unexpectedly screwing her tongue was unexpected as Anzeros’s 『Ma』, the center of gravity is a little stiff and the kiss is about to come off, leaning on my body to prevent it . At first, we were independent each other, but we ended up maintaining a kiss in a leaning manner. It’s like a child who hugs desperately so as not to get lost from its parents and while intertwined with my obscene tongue, such a healthy Anzeros is so cute inwardly.

“I also……Andy-saann”

Aurora breaks into me and Anzeros´s kissing. However, instead of interrupting the kiss, she stretches her neck and kiss my cheek. A sense of opposition. Because it is a forcibly kiss from the side in the place where the lips are piled up, the ear of Anzeros and Aurora come in contact at any rate and twitches each other. While capturing such a long ear-specific reaction in a narrow view, I taste the embrace and tongue of Anzeros and enjoy the butt of Aurora with my fingers. Adhesion for about ten seconds. And when we got away from each other, all three of us were chilling in a chilly temperature.

“Oh, Aurora, I know. I’m going to celebrate Andy, so it’s an afterthought that I’m having fun”
“It makes sense”
“I’m glad I enjoyed it separately, but I’ve never felt better”
“No. You should sometimes try to understand what the pride of a female slave is”
“Pr, Pride?”
“Well, our 『Female』 part is meant to please you. More specifically, it’s a pride that our bodies have 『Performance』 that pleases you. I’m so that I’m losing pleasure without making you happy enough. If you allow the slaves to be self-satisfied, it’s up to you to be honest with us”
“Ah, I thought a little. I couldn’t put it into words but……”

Anzeros nodded to Apple, in a way that seemed a bit brute force.

“Because it’s about a female slave, I want us to have the room to do our best for you”
“……Isn’t it normal sex?”
“Yes. Of course it’s good to be normal, but after all, so that you can be pleased with various feelings, tr, training……”
“Tr, Training……”

Both Ace Knights turn their red faces towards Apple who said that.

“……No, well, it’s certainly more slave-like, but……”
“Isn’t that right?”
“That’s true”
“Well, I want Andy to focus more on service other than inserting it in a variety of ways, even if it’s like that or something that looks like it’s a lookalike. Yeah”

I’m not sure, but they probably want to say that there’s not enough sex to please me anyway.

“I think it’s best to feel good together……”
“Well, maybe Andy-san doesn’t have enough experience. A girl’s body can make men feel good in many ways”
“Certainly, if you don’t taste it and you unilaterally say, 『This is the best』, you’ll feel like you’re being denied the charm of being a woman”
“It’s just magic that doesn’t make any sense to creampie. Our bodies, try to use them in various ways, Andy”
“Va, Variously”

For example. In Lantz and Williams’s erotic picture scrolls, there were various things besides ordinary sex. Needless to say that it squeezes between the mouth, buttocks and chest, rub it against the crotch without putting it in, or put it in the armpit. I feel like I’ve had to step on it. ……But Anzeros and Aurora are a little impossible with their chests.

“Did you look at my chest right now and feel pity, Andy?”
“I felt insulted for some reason”

Muu, Anzeros and Aurora become angry and take off their jackets. Nevertheless, when they take off their nightwear, there is no underwear and they become naked.

“That’s bold”

It’s a back alley where anyone might look into it, even though Catalina is larger than the barracks in Basson and has plenty of rooms. However, Aurora pats her white, slender naked body and smiles with a bewitching smile while tracing the only remaining collar.

“It’s also nice to be treated like a female slave♪”

Apple takes off her clothes in opposition.

“……I, I don’t mind anyone knowing that I belong to Andy-san……”
“I, I……au, but this is the usual……”

A ponytail girl who begins to suffer from the topless. A surreal sight.

“Now, please enjoy my service, 『Master』♪”

Lowering my pants and exposing my lower body, Aurora’s beautiful legs are close together to pinch my calf.

“Ha, muu……nn♪”

The elven princess, who is just naked and has a collar, happily holds my dick.

Aurora’s red hair is shaking. She took my dick deeply into her mouth and then moved her neck back and forth slowly while sucking, without being awkward. This is not the technique of a girl whose growth period has just ended. Especially since I wasn’t eagerly teaching lip service. Although. That’s no doubt.

“You, recklessly……why are you so good?”
“N, Nbuu……oh, are you worried?”
“I can imagine it in general, but……”
“Huhu. Laila-san and Hilda-san……I was taught by them♪”

Is it the route after all?

“The training was rough, but……Andy-san’s dick is delicious without any complaint……n, nku……haa, the passion to get me pregnant is felt even from my throat……♪”

Aurora, who sucks and squeezes my dick says that kind of thing in ecstasy. It’s not just a conscious opposition to Anzeros, but serious obscene and controlled desires appear in her eyes and thrill my back. The noble princess of the forest is dyed in a little crazy crucible of love and aims to be the best among my female slaves. Aurora doesn’t have real slave guts. However, if you think it’s best, you can slam yourself in any form and you’ll be bold. That’s why she wants to be tinged with my desires. Showing me her whole body in the form of a little twisted love I wanted.

“I’m yours……I want to be dyed in your semen……nku, npuru……if you are so engrossed in me, I will serve you in any way……♪”
“I, I too……I too, I´m worthless without Andy-san…… I love Andy-sanand I want to be loved by Andy for the rest of my life……!”

Apple, struck by Aurora´s borealis or suffocating with haha, approaches my crotch as if entangled to my feet. Two beautiful naked woman are entangled around both feet. Fight and love my grotesque penis with their lips and tongues. In the immediate vicinity, you can hear merchants and soldiers who have finished their jobs chatting with each other and in this dim alley, two girls lick and suck my dick, balls and even the anus even if I don’t care about such things. And I sprinkle my semen on them.

“Ha, aa……♪ Ah, Andy-san’s semen……♪”
“It’s warm……ah, I’m happy……♪ It’s the happiest to receive your baby juice……♪”

Aurora bathed in the splash of semen and Apple is no longer ecstatic and engrossed in the residue associated with the cock. In particular, Apple’s excitement is extraordinary and a heartbeat is likely to be heard from the skin dyed in cherry blossoms. After all, the days of blowjob when we were children may have been carved as a deep sexual original experience for her. I forgot. And when I was preparing my breath that had gone up before I knew it, Anzeros, who didn’t participate alone, took off the bottom and coughed up.

“Th, That, ……there’s something I really want to do, but it’s a great present”
“……Anal virginity”

Anzeros takes off her underwear and folds it. She’s a little girl who just wears a collar under her ponytail.

“This is a birth gift or something like that, but I don’t have any emotions……that’s all I can give you now”
“N, No, that……are you really happy with that?”

In fact, the butt hole is different from the vagina and has the impression of an unacceptable sanctuary for girls. It seems that sexual intercourse in the excretion hole isn’t allowed even by prostitutes. ……The two dragons and Selenium forgave me quite easily.

“Andy, ……26 years old, congratulations……get my ass……♪”

Anzeros puts her hands on the wall and sticks out her little ass with a flushed red face. A large amount of saliva and a small amount of semen of the other two people are entangled around my son who faces Anzeros´s lower bottom now

“Oh, you’ll do something drastic, Anzeros-san……”
“I too……I also would like to say that, but if it tears now……uu”

The two female slaves can only see it off.

“Anzeros, shall I put it in? It may tear up?”
“N……put it in. I think Hilda will see me if it tears up”

It seems that they are not taking any measures separately. It’s a literally abandoned gift. I think it would be a pity if it was torn, but I couldn’t control the excitement of using the most embarrassing hole of Anzeros.


That dignified, strong, hardworking. On the bed, she’s so cute, and she’s getting so much better into my desires, and she’s really serious about it, this little swordsman. The hole that is the most dirty and does not assume the entrance and exit is a birthday present. I wanted to care for her body, but my desire exceeded.

“Anzeros……Anzeros, your holes are all mine……!!”
“Kku, haa……a, aa!!”
Meriri, my dick goes down. Thin waist, thin breasts, small buttocks, sly neck and beautiful hair. I tremble with the invasion of lust into the unclean. Tears fall from the mingling. I was thrilled.

“Anzeros, Anzeros……haaa, your asshole…your asshole, I entered……!”
“A, gaa……Andy……higuu”

The clenching sphincter is opened and my dick scrapes through the rectum. Anzeros’s perverted half-elf excretion route is a tool for pleasure. I use this hole for ejaculation. I started shaking my hips with excitement.

“Anzeros……ah, Anzeros……your ass and mouth, of course, your pussy too……I will use them to put out my semen okay?”
“Y, Yeah……all my holes in my body……are holes to put in Andy’s penis……!”
“Ah, that’s right……ah, somehow, damn it, thank you……you pervert, I’m so happy……!”

Laila allowed me a fairly smooth fit from the start and Maia and Selenium didn’t dislike it either. I don’t think it’s irrelevant. But Anzeros is a dependable friend who has been next to me and a cute colleague who has always thought of me. It was strangely satisfying for me to have committed all the holes in her body for the time being.

“Pe, Pervert is you……because you’re a pervert, I’m going to be a pervert too……♪”
“Oh, the perverted knight who nakedly presents her asshole to me as a birthday present in such a place has become my fault……?”
“Y, Yeah, that’s right……s, so……gu, uu……!!”
“Ah……thank you, I certainly received it……!!”

Suddenly, crazy about the tight hole, I ejaculate. The semen flows back into the intestines of Anzeros. And then.

“Ha, Happy birthday, Anzeros……25 years old, congratulations……!!”
“A, Ahaha……”

Anzeros laughed with a tired face as I pulled out my dick.


Anzeros is still stuck because she has no strength. Aurora and Apple, originally wearing negligees, were still naked, with a smile like 『Lose』 to Anzero’s deserted gift. If you’re naked and surrounded by three girls with collars, blood is likely to collect in my penis, but the back alley is a bit hard to get too persistent. Variously. I raised my pants.

“……Ah, emm, Andy”

Anzeros, sitting on the ground with her waist down, turns her face to this side while worrying about the asshole that has not closed yet.

“……I’ll give you another real present”

「Real」 more than the butthole? Anzeros looks angry as if seeing through me who has expected something strange with her asshole that can not be closed after all.

“It’s not a present!”
“……E, Eh”
“Well, think a little”

Anzeros is a little shy after that serious face.

“This, I’m so happy that I can’t call it a present strictly……”
“……I’m serious”

Or rather, it was anal sex that seemed to suffer from beginning to end, but was that satisfied?

“……And if the butt were to be such a special gift, it could only be done once a year, so the presents would have to be a separate mouth……”

It seems to be satisfied to the degree that it wants to do at any time.

“You’re totally horny Anzeros-san”
“Yes……I’m a great pervert”
“N, Noisy, you just said that you’re more prepared!”
“Well, don’t make too much noise, I’ll solve the illusion!”

I wonder if she wants to show it after all.

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