Half elves fall in love chapter 180

Chapter 180: Mountains, Hunting and Late Autumn Taste 3 [Dianne Laila]



Dianne and Laila hold their hands on the standing tree, line up their buttocks and wait for my insertion. On one hand, Dianne is exposed only in the lower half of the body, while on the other hand Laila is naked except the collar from top to bottom. I didn’t mean to do it, but I think it’s more annoying than the naked guys.


And Luna is lying satisfactorily with her face and crotch covered with semen on the dead leaves at their feet. It is strangely obscene that she is unconsciously stroking the upper part of the uterus with her fingers. Dianne, who is raising the body temperature in front of me and Laila, who shakes her hips,also want semen poured into their uterus. With that enthusiasm, I approached the two butts.

“Ah……from me……?”

Grabbing Diane’s brown butt, she smiles happily. Usually, Laila and Dianne have similar feelings, but when you put them side by side, Dianne is more compact with one or two turns. Both are so feminine that their breasts and buttocks are fleshy, although they have a tough impression that they never seem fat. Laila, whose skin color is white like snow, and Dianne, who is brown like the skin of a tree, are in good contrast. While rubbing the two round asses as I like, I push my son who awakened from his tiredness into Dianne.

“Haaa……co, come……♪”
“Ho, you look happy”
“Y, Yes……a, after all, rather than the excitement of hunting, rather than fighting……I like the excitement of being made a woman by Andy……♪”
“Hoho, you’re really honest”

When Laila made fun of her, Dianne clings to the trunk of the tree and looks up at Laila’s profile, protesting with a slight swelling.

“I’m……al, always, honest with Andy……?”

Well surely. Diane doesn’t become honest, but there are too many times when she can’t just depend on the situation. Others conspires and forcibly bring the situation to erotic and flirting, but Dianne will leave it to me whenever I ask, and there is no serious compromise in the work itself. It could be said that this is the reason for the loss, but Dianne hasn’t hidden her strong love for me from the time when she and Selenium were appealing to me alone. I think the clumsiness of life is rather cute, rather than that kind of love.

“Dianne……please become a woman……enjoy my dick and taste it fully……”
“Ah, I……I feel like making up my mind, Andy´s penis……in my womb……!”

The moment I whispered into her long ears, Dianne made a cute voice as she trembles her spine. When I put my hands on her chest to hold her, her clothes get wet and her chest skin becomes slimy. My released semen let her face and chest be sticky. Dianne, who greedily pushes up her hips in that state, slowly starts to attack my dickwhich invaded deeply. It begins to move in a fine and persistent manner so that the glans can be absorbed in the uterine opening.

“Ha, a, aaa……i, inside, only……♪”
“I want to be wrapped tightly in Dianne’s vagina……okay?”
“……I can’t do that……it reminds me of Andy’s thickness more……♪”

The dignified, powerful, and more dependable 「Commander」 figure gradually transforms into a 「Woman」 in my arms. The real feeling of hugging changes from a strong warrior and officer, the War God Dianne, to that of a beautiful and gentle female dark elf who told me that she stay with me forever. Yes, even if she looks like a very magnificent person, if you hug her, she will be surprisingly small, and her emotions as a woman will be no different from a ordinary town girl. Dianne is such a person.And she has been waiting for the moment when she can be a woman. When she thinks that she who cannot be asked because there is no chance usually was able to become bold at last by the excitement of the hunt, that small step is a delight. I want her to feel free to seek me and to feel herself as a woman more. Such a silly wish isn’t just put out, but it’s passed on to her womb as a persistent pleasure.

“Hua, a, a, a, aaa……amazing, andei……Andy!”

Dianne calls my name happily to the world. The semen that had accumulated in the valley of the chest was scattered with the vibration and some was caught on Luna’s body.


Luna shook her ears with the first drop and opened her eyes, but she didn’t avoid or prevent it from sprinkling, just smiling happily. I fell in love a little, and while I felt the fulfillment of the desire for control for a moment, I continue to push forward my waist while still buried violently in Dianne’s pussy. Dianne’s voice gradually rises. Luna gets up quickly and stretches her tongue to lick the semen residues of Dianne’s body.

“Hia, Luna, stop……!!”
“10-man captain Smithson. Nuuureeee, make use of 100-man commander Dianne”
“……Associate Soldier it’s an order to report to a superior”
“Then, it is”

Is it meant to be Luna’s revenge? No, there is no reason to hold a grudge, and revenge is different. What do I say? And so on, while thinking in a distraction as a dull head that was eroded by pleasure, I continue to poke Dianne’s uterus. Dianne endures the pleasure by making her nails put up on the tree trunk and finally lets herself look out. A few moments behind the tightening, I added the last kick-up by shaking my waist greatly to the accumulated pleasure.

“KKu, a, haaaaaa♪”

A explosive ejaculation is released in the vagina. High concentration of semen passing through the opening and urethra, immediately fill the uterus, overflow into the vagina and injected through the gap of the vagina, such as carbonic acid that has been shaken too much. The semen drips down on the ground.


Luna enters under the crotch and tries to receive the drops. Perhaps because of the aftertaste of estrus, the action is more instinctive than ever.

“……I will remember that, associate soldier Basil”

Dianne murmured with a grin. I wondered what it meant for a moment, but……well, I think it’s the cause of the intrusion.

“……You can lick it as long as it’s hanging on your legs, Dianne”
“No, it’s about time to dress up and join Becker and the others”

I insert my son into Laila who looks sideways at the two half-naked women covered in semen and arguing which isn’t understood well.

“Nu……huhu, it’s been a long time……♪”
“I, It’s been quite a while. You have been busy lately”

Perhaps because it has become a little tired through the semen large-scale behavior of a total of three degrees, I of the place where the tension is subtle enter into Laila´s vagina. Well, it seems that Laila also knows that area, so she didn’t ask and shook her hips so that she looked like she was doing gymnastics. As I said, I haven’t had sex with Laila lately, so I’m a little sorry for such a dismal sex.

“……Hoho. Owner, who doesn’t look sour. Don’t let me be packed to the hilt as they are……if you´re satisfied, that’s fine”
“Let me insert it, and don’t say such a unpleasant thing……”
“Ho. But it seems like you’re pushing your time……you’re also breathing harder. Anyway, if we’re free for a while, why don’t we just do it when you feel like it again?”

When that kind of thing is said, it’s my boy who is upset. Holding Laila’s body again and stretch it a little, then I hold one leg and let it rise.


Laila is in a dog’s piss-like position and has her hands on the tree.

“So, let’s let a man put it in and stop doing such generous things. I want to fuck you firmly at my will”
“……Kukuku, I heard that it’s good”

……I feel like I was asked something wrong. However, I reconsider that it would be fine if I was invited by Laila. Laila’s body and mind have something that just fascinates me. I can believe that she will be with me until the time I die, that strong love and motherhood. No matter how much my love is poured, it is certainly not an overkill.

“Let’s go, Laila……!!!”

I started to shake my waist vigorously. Laila’s limbs appear in the cold landscape of a dim mountain. Her boobs sway with a bump. I rub them roughly with one hand and greed is beaten while holding the leg.

“Ku……uu, indeed, a man’s dignity, then……♪”
“That’s right……I wanted to commit you……I wanted you, so I made you mine……!! I’m not trying to make you happy while having a contract……!”

It’ll sound the same when you’re listening from the side, but 「Which is the purpose?」 is important. For me, Laila is mainly a good woman and not a dragon. The contract as a dragon is the main, not the fact that she is a female. If it’s the latter, I’m still convinced that I will fell in love with Laila, but I wanted to have sex with Laila and made her my own. She wore a collar, but in the middle of sex I said 「I’m tired so lets do it again next time」, that it would be pitiful for the other party. So I commit Laila with all my might. Originally, Laila and I have a good compatibility with sex. If I’m out of breath, even if I’m calm in the same way, as soon as I do my best, Laila starts to rise.

“KKu, huuu……huhu, of course, owner’s love is passionate……♪”
“Obviously……I’m your rider……!!”
“Hoho, you’re definitely a good rider……in many ways♪”

Laila distorts her face with pleasure and says so with happiness. Above all, honorable words. I squeeze my power to overrun Laila’s vagina and desperately shake my waist, which is likely to break due to fatigue before pleasure. Eventually, Laila’s voice became only a gasping voice and my consciousness was dominated by pleasure.

“C, Cum, Cumming Laila……!!”
“Nu, a, aa, a, that’s good……to me……♪”

Ejaculation. A large amount of semen that doesn’t fade due to the magic effect pollutes the inside of Laila’s womb.


Laila warps her white throat and cums with a voice in audible range. As usual, semen overflowed from the crotch and when I suddenly noticed, Luna had a slightly greedy look toward us.


In the mountains, a little away from Catalina, we met with the others who had already returned. It is Maia’s job to bring everyone to Catalina.

“Hoo. If you think Captain and Basil have done it, there are quite a few arrows in the preys. Has Smithson an unexpected remarkable ability?”
“Well, it’s normal in the corps”

Lantz gives a follower to 100-man commander Becker who is a little impressed. Is it a follower? It’s a fact.

“Huhuhu. It’s been a long time since my blood boiled. Not yet, my bow can be better”

Naris also looks happy. It seems that this fellow also was excited of hunting.


On the other hand, Maia said so politely. It seems that she found out that I ejaculated a lot into everyone by smelling it.

“Hohoho. Forgive me, it’s been a long time.”
“M, Me too”

Laila puffed up her chest with pride and Dianne becomes a little red.

“What is it?”

Naris tilts her head. Dianne and others are a little speechless.

“I don’t know……”

Luna says something subtle.

“A, Ah. Did you also want to hunt Maia-chan?”

Naris convinced herself. ……It’s a bit subtle whether I should fall in love with a peaceful guy or be happy that I’m saved.

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