Half elves fall in love chapter 186

Chapter 186: Memories of the City of Catalina



“Declaration of the End of the Great Invasion! The declaration of the end of the great invasion has come out!”

One morning. One of the garrison soldiers ran through the spiral corridor from top to bottom whilst slamming in the pot, and we, with our sleepy eyes, vaguely heard it.

“Declaration of end……”
“Who was the one who make it public?”
“Isn’t it Sir Buster or the Queen?”

When I saw him off while yawning at the entrance of the room sparsely, a screaming cheer was heard at the bottom and all the men were amazed.

“Wh, What, what?”
“I wonder if he was very happy”
“I think it’s a good guy who’s excited”

When I was listening to the situation, Tetes and Naris, who looked happy, ran passed me.

“What are you doing, let’s all change clothes quickly and get off”
“Eh, wh, what is the meaning?”
“What are you saying? If you declare the end, there will be a medal awarding ceremony everywhere after a simple ceremony. Does it mean that the people of Celesta will be given a medal too? Tetes-chan”
“Well, I wonder. Maybe we can ask the mayor to find out”

I was wondering if they could give a medal to another country that wasn’t sent for the purpose of defending their bases.

Move forward.

“Well, our reliable companion from Celesta, Dianne Special Duty Corps 100-man commander Dianne. Please take it”
“……Thank you”


“Similarly, 10-man captain Anzeros, 10-man captain Aurora, 10-man captain Keiron, 10-man captain Smithson. Please take it”
“Thank you”
“It’s been a medal since the Ace Knight emblem”
“Wow, that’s cool, Renfangas’s medal”
“I’m going to treasure it”

The medal that I received is a medal which is a mass-produced iron product, the design of an wolf which is the national emblem of Renfangas, the name of the fort Catalina and the year 377 which is this year according to Renfangas´s calendar. In Renfangas, this defense medal will be distributed to all fortresses that have survived the great invasion.

“It’s a good thing to protect the fort and welcome the winter. It’s treated like a normal front medal, so if you collect 15 you can become a Red Arm”

Naris immediately attaches it to the chest of her armor with a clip. Beyond that, there is also Almeida´s figure, who is holding the medal in a rare and proud manner.

“Well, there is no such person because it is only a terrible look even if the person who does not take the front line order becomes a Red Arm. Even if you get a title and retire”
“Ah, I wonder if there are any people who have only collected defense medals for 15 years. It seems like they’ll be promoted in another way”
“That’s right”

Tetes giggled and put the medal on her chest with a pin.

“This is the first time for me to receive a medal”
“Me too”

Boyd and Luna look very happy. We don’t have the chance to receive a medal. Crossbow soldiers still don’t go out of the scope of the experimental operations force, so there aren’t many opportunities for recognition.

“100-man commander Becker……I’m sorry, I’ll prepare it in the afternoon, so here’s merely for form’s sake”
“Ah, it’s fine. Actually, I’m not defending……”

It seems that the timing of entering the city was just recently, so it was not possible to prepare for 100-man commander Becker. He was a 100-man commander who tried to decline, but he was a little surprised because the defenders around him booed him.

“Tetes, is it not possible to decline?”
“It’s no good, or because it’s solidarity like this. Having a defense medal at the same base in the same year will be the most important friendship in Renfangas no matter how many years have passed and declined it means……”
“Its boorish, isn’t it?”
“That’s right”

But it might be nice. A few years later, when I left the army and traveled to Renfangas, I could meet someone in this bar, or find this medal on the wall of a store and talk about this year’s city. I’m sure it will be a good conversation. I’ll take good care of it until then.

The declaration of termination means that most of the garrison has already moved south.

“It’s a shame that the dear meat and beast meat will rot. I’m going to buy them in bulk”
“It’s not going to rot, is it? The butcher soaks it in salt before that”
“If it salted, it’s just a matter of time! It’s raw meat”
“Even if it’s a week from here to Rennesto, I’ll get there. Even if it’s a snack along the way, it’s too exaggerated”

It seems that the soldiers are regretful of the meat left by the butcher while preparing for withdrawal. Whichever way you go to the south, the more delicious livestock meat is in normal circulation, so I don’t think they should worry about it that much, but the food situation here is tough.

“What do we do, Dianne?”
“It’s hard to overdo it during the winter. I think the squad itself should be withdrawn into Polka or Basson”
“……Its reasonable, but I wonder if it’s ok as an organization……”

For the time being, a special task force that has organized even corps-level politics has actually taken a rest during the winter. I’m a little worried about the wind.

“What, I wondered why I was working so far”
“During the winter, we can come and go here to investigate with Maia and Laila, even if there isn’t the whole corps. Now no matter if Maia comes to Catalina or goes to Rennesto. And yet, we can even bring in Isaac, Mikagami sisters and other Celesta soldiers if we want, and that’s a hassle, but you can say that we have a lot of freedom of action”
“…Isn’t the activity during this great invasion a task of hitting a wedge?”
“Yes, you can say that”

When it comes to it. During winter, we will be based in Polka and Basson and we will go back and forth between Catalina and Rennesto as necessary. We are active around bad weather-resistant Maia and we also have a premise that we will bring in personnel from the corps headquarters of Quica, if necessary and put them in. It is possible to bring in human resources from Trot and elf territory with a little effort. It is possible to squeeze the ground to that extent.

“It seemed like a roundabout trip, but considering the future, this month has been meaningful”
“That’s why”

Dianne hits my shoulder.

“We will also withdraw tomorrow”
“Yes. Withdraw to Rennesto, talk to Alex Buster once and then head back to Polka to relieve the fatigue. Be able to leave at any time”
“Y, Yes”

I’m used to the sudden movement, but as usual, it’s sudden.


“Recently, I feel like an aristocrat with many villas”

Keiron murmured while checking the equipment while packing.

“Great positive thinking, right?”

That said, he doesn’t seem so disgusted and Lantz laughs.

“Because, in Polka´s inn, we always are in the same room, and in Rennesto, we have our own beds. Wouldn’t it be great if you thought you were going from a villa to a villa?”
“It might be true if you say so……”

Lantz also nods with his arms crossed.

“It’s certainly good to have your own private items wherever you go”

Goto seemed to decide to hide the erotic picture scroll under his bed. I mean.

“……What are you doing?”
“Eh……because it’s not always possible to come prepared. I’d better stock up for an emergency”
“You’re too reliable to insist that erotic picture scrolls are the best preparation”
“Let me take care of that”

That’s no good.

“I……I’d rather settle in a place where Silvia-san is than a villa”

Boyd must have imagined living with Silvia while carefully cleaning his room. He has a face which seems to be happy. The masturbation brothers click their tongues at the same time.

“Ah, good guys have fiances”
“Read the air, Boyd. I’m flying around at work. I wonder what kind of feeling I’m most happy about. I think it’s because you´re a brute. This is why you´re a non-virgin”
“Eh, ah, emm……sorry……?”

I felt sorry for Boyd. However, I also seem to receive it completely when I interrupt here, so I keep silent.

And night.

“It’s modest, isn’t it?”

On the rooftop of the night when Irina winds up the wind-repelling barrier, she serves liquor only for us. It’s too secret to say a launch. I mean, I just can’t get enough alcohol to act in the town. Attendees were Irina, Laila, Maia, Neia, Dianne, Anzeros, Aurora and 100-man commander Becker. The gauntlet group attends the garrison drinking party. Apple is absent because flying with a hangover will definitely be a problem. Unfortunately it’s a secret to the others.

“You don’t think there was such a fierce fight, it’s a quiet night”

As Irina turns her cup toward the moon, she takes a sip of the delicious 「Stormy Whale」.

“It’s not the end. There are times when hordes of monsters approach and next year there are hundreds of thousands”

Dianne conducts.

“What is that?”

It’s a little strange that the two of them are facing the same direction (turning their backs to the table) and drinking, so I talk to Laila who seems to know something. Laila smiled, turned around behind me, poured alcohol and also turned her head to the moon.

“It’s called a moon cup. It reflects the light of the moon. Drink up the cup. It’s a way of drinking that was popular with beastmen in the past. Alcohol that contains moonlight carries a good dream”

I drink alcohol and I also drink the rest of the cup.

“Doesn’t that mean that beastmen are not good unlike other races?”
“I don’t know if it works for beastmen. I’m not in the mood”

Laila giggled. However, she was familiar with the dragons of the world……well, she said she used to play with Luna’s grandmother.

“Then I’ll try it too”
“It’s certainly elegant”

Anzeros and Aurora also imitate it.

“Let me pour in some alcohol”

It happens that 100-man commander Becker, pours alcohol to Maia. The reason why the progress is subtly slow is that I learned that 「Stormy Whale」 is easy to get drunk because of the heavy alcohol percentage. And Neia was not drinking, looking at the far north land with a cup.

“Neia. Isn’t the liquor good?”
“No. Well, it’s not strong, but its not to the extent I like it”

Taking a sip.

“It’s delicious. ……Kalwin also makes good alcohol”
“Is it made?”
“Although it was only during good harvest, I managed to drink alcohol at the royal palace, so when I was lucky, I was often treated by a hero”
“Well, that’s right”

Another drink.

“……Kalwin has 30,000 people. As a country, there aren’t many, but……it’s not easy to lead or walk with dragons”
“I want them to have a good drink. I want to free them from the life of counting the turn of their children even if it is a bad work. I believe it can be done, but it is frustrating”
“As Neia wants to return as soon as possible, isn’t it good drinking here?”
“I can’t say so. I beat Orn. ​​I was able to do half the meaning of my life”

The meaning of being alive. Words that came out lightly with a bitter smile.

“It is the other half to get back and connect this side and the people. At Kalwin I should have been dead. I don’t think I´m too impatient”

And the other half. Light, just light. ……I was interested in it without any sense.

“Don’t you think about marrying someone peacefully or becoming a mother?”
“Are you talking to me?”
“No, I’m just interested in the consciousness of the hero”

Drink and drink. Not a drink but a breath.

“I’m sure I’ll die before that”
“Don’t look like that. I was chosen from people who couldn’t even have a meaningful life. So I would have to live that way when I returned to Kalwin”

Dianne turned her back and spoke there.

“So, what if Kalwin could connect with us without having to rely on a hero?”
“……I’m sure I’ll die before that happens”
“Why is it so”
“……It’s just an intuition”

Neia was shaking the empty cup comfortably. It doesn’t matter how tragic it is.

“I see. ……Andy”
“What do you think?”
“It’s not accepted”

I’m patting Neia’s head lightly.

“I’m sure we’ll help you before that”
“I hope so……”

Neia smiles and closes her eyes. I don’t know if she is asleep, thinking, or putting up with some emotion.

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