Half elves fall in love chapter 35

Chapter 35: Hometown 【Apple】



Several hours have passed since we left the capital.

“……It, It’s getting cold, isn’t it?”

Aurora clutched the area around the arm of her clothes and muttered. ……Well. A well-thought and well-ventilated South-made horse-drawn carriage. Even though we are heading for Polka which already has snow, everyone hasn’t changed their clothes since we were around the desert. It’s too much of a worry.

“Everyone put on something on top as soon as possible! If we go beyond this mountain it will get cold in earnest!”
“……The elder sister, what about the cold weatherproofed clothes?”
“Laila-chan was supposed to store them away”

When looking at Chibi Laila, Laila riding the handrail of the horse-drawn chair was laughing with an awkward smile and scratching her head.

“……It sticks to my human form. Let’s descend and get out”
“Get down!! It is seriously cold beyond this point”

Bad setup…….

There is a mountain range between Polka and the capital. In the depths of many peaks raging out, we meet unexpected difficulties in the snake mountain range which is a branch of the blue snake mountain range. It gets cold all at once.


Laila who transformed back into her human form after lowering the horse-drawn carriage snaps with her fingers and clothes suddenly comes out from the space around Laila.

“How long has it been since I wore such clothes?”

While wearing a quilted coat, Dianne looks uncomfortable.

“I have not been there for the first time in 30 years since I went to study the medicine in the Toho Mountains”

……Celesta isn’t so cold.

“It is finally here”

Looking up the blue snake Mountains, we indulge in emotion again. ……It was already 15 years since I was the last time at home. Again, I feel slightly uneasy if I think that I will return soon.

“More than half of my life have I been already away from Polka……”
“No, no, I don’t want to remember somewhere in detail, although I’d like to plan properly as I go home”
“Ahaha. Well, you were a child, right?”

The town I lived for the first 10 years of my life, I was 25 years old now as I return home. It is natural that I can’t remember it properly. The scenery in my fragmented memory is an old home built from my grandfather’s age, those who receive water gently thanks to the miraculous spring, the hot springs that were mainly a peeping place for me and the moments I had with Apple at the hunter’s cabin. It and my father’s workplace. I can hardly remember anything else. I should have been running around quite a lot.

“A bit scary”
“……Is that so?”
“Since Basson is almost like a rural village, it has become quite a town in just seven years, I wonder what happened to Polka in fifteen years?”
“Certainly……it has changed quite a lot from the time I just got there”
“Is that so……what are going on, Polka”
“A little more, Andy-san, a little more, the promise with Apple……will be accomplished”

Promise? ……Apple. My first love. The ringleader who made me a face-eater and being misunderstood as a pervert who liked collars. …… No, I don’t dislike it. But it is a bit different from that. It is not meant to be a female slave but a more pure meaningful meaning.

“Andy!! Selenium!!”
“……Everyone seems to have finished wearing their coats”

Called by Anzeros, we return to the carriage.

I wonder why I feel uneasy. Returning to Polka shouldn’t be at least a minus. Either my legs or Apple’s consciousness, there is no assurance that it will surely be cured. My father may be angry. It’s not just a plus but it’s just zero at its worst. It is not negative. Anyway, there shouldn’t be bad things. But somehow my anxiety doesn’t go away from my chest, I had been squeezing Selenium´s hands for a long time in the carriage.


The nostalgic town Polka. We landed in the middle of a snowy road and hide the carriage as usual.

“Take as much luggage as possible, because it will just freeze when we leave it on the carriage”

As commanded by Dianne, we took everything we could carry and went to the entrance of the town. There were two young gatekeepers standing there.

“Welcome to Polka. Walking?”
“That’s the place”

Dianne says so and passes through. ……Don’t get in the way of others.

“Hee……really they let an elf enter”

I murmured unintentionally. The gatekeepers looked strange……not at me, but to Selenium next to me.

“Selenium-chan! You’re Selenium-chan, right!”
“He, Hello”

When Selenium shakes hands, the gatekeepers have both melting faces. ……They seem idle. Certainly, she is pretty cute as she doesn’t look at a bit on human standards.

“Wh, what is it, Selenium-chan, you brought so many beautiful people here”
“You went searching for blacksmith Andy……”

……It seems they no longer recognized my face. That is……uh, there is a big difference between my 10-year old self and my current 25-year old self.

“Hey, this guy is Andy”
“O, Oh! Andy!”
“I missed you!”
“……Who are you guys?”
“Did you forget us? That’s heartless! Hey, I´m Keel of the steamed bun shop!”
“Oh, that fat guy, you got thin”
“Don’t say that I’m fat!”
“Do you remember me. I’m Johnny of the liquor store”
“I forgot”
“I grow old!”

……Ah, I came back. It is somewhat sad that I can’t remember it clearly, but it is certainly my hometown. It is the city where I was born and raised.

“But what did you do?”

The former fatty of the steamed bun shop, Keel looks at me and makes a face that looks worried.

“Ah. ……This is what I came to cure”
“Cured? Were you not returning?”
“Ah, now I’m a 10-man captain in Celesta´s army”
“Seriously, if you are a 10-man captain in the kingdom troops, you are a, emm……”
“Yes Yes”

In the Trot kingdom army, a 10-man captain is a lieutenant and a 100-man commander is a captain. By the way, regular soldiers, semi-soldiers are generally the same as in Celesta and the Master’s rank is the commander in chief.

“Would you go somewhere again after you are cured”
“I don’t know yet. I don’t know if I will be cured or not, and I have to talk with my father about it”

Keel looked delicate. What?

“Anyway, when Selenium-chan comes back, I have to report properly to the baron”

Johnny pokes Keel with the handle of the halberd.

“Well, that’s right. I will go back”
“I rely on you. ……Anyway, welcome back, Selenium, Andy!”

Johnny seems to be a guard now and gives way to us with his chest full of pride.

“……Do you know the baron? Selenium”
“E, Emm……what I would like to say is, Apple’s involvement”

Apple existed to promote dialogue between Trot, Celesta and the northern elves. Is she still have an acquaintance in the form of friends or the identity undertaker?

“……Good, let’s go ahead and let’s meet Apple first”

“It’s not a matter of hurrying to bow to my father’s feet, but Apple should wake up as soon as possible”

……Well, I’m spiritually trying to postpone anything scary of the results. However, there is no doubt that the highest priority is her.

“I understand. ……Hospital, let’s go”
“In the meantime, I will search for an Inn. Older sister, I rely on you”
“Yes, yes”

Dianne leaves the group. After Selenium´s walks ahead, the rest followed behind her.


Polka’s hospital is clearly not fashionable. There is an excellent miraculous spring than doctors. There is little meaning to take the trouble to the doctor and cut or paste it or drink unfamiliar medicine. Still, the hospital was fine.

“Welcome to Polka´s hospital. ……Selenium-chan! It hasn’t been 2 years!”
“Hello. ……Apple, is she still there?”
“Yes, she drinks the water of the miraculous spring on a regular basis”

The nurse who was at the reception had a troubled face.

“If the spring can’t do nothing, then even the doctor can’t do it……”

I don’t know if she is motivated or not.

“After all…but, I have been searching with Andy and found a Celesta dark elf doctor!”
“Hello. I´m Hilda, a magic doctor”
“Ah, roughly”

The nurse hurriedly leaves the receptionist and goes to the doctor. Then, after the doctor who appeared spoke with Hilda-san for a few minutes, we passed through the back room.


Apple slept quietly as if time had stopped.


I call her name for the first time. My first love. It’s a strange half-elf that got fucked by me and played around, yet she got crazy about me. ……Looking at her now, she is certainly different from Selenium. The hairstyle, hair color, ear length, and nice buddy are certainly similar, but they are not quite the same person.

“She deliberately resembles Selenium’s hairstyle?”

To confirm Anzeros’s question, Selenium smiled and answered complicatedly.

“Yes. ……Well, I didn’t think it was so different from the beginning, but we were often mistaken as sisters”
“……Aren’t you blood connected?”

“It’s totally different because Apple is a half-elf of the purple clan in the northernmost forest and I am a half-elf of the forest elves on the east side of the Alfilm empire”

It’s the first look. ……I mean, I don’t really know about Selenium or Apple.

“Emm……uhh. As expected that……”

Meanwhile, Hilda-san traces and investigates Apple’s head and chest.

“…When I heard the symptoms I thought well though”
“What is it?”
“She is dying”

Asking Hilda-san, who tell me something seemingly serious. Hilda-san lightly sighed and tapped the left side of the middle of Apple’s chest slightly.

“She was killed instantly because her heart was shot. ……But, the miraculous spring is a great power, who let her restarted her life activities at the last minute. Occasionally, with high power output medical light technique, she has become like this. ”
“……Th, That……what do you mean?”
“She is in a state where the soul is split into two. A feeling that she lost her cover by hurriedly turning over the overturned pan? Half of it was spilled out and it was missing from the current spacetime”
“No, no that, it isn’t the condition, what is the chance of healing?”

Thirsty. My heart is thumping backward. ……If it was useless, what should I do? I can’t afford to leave things like this, just to say Apple…… was killed? Foolish. To me who was thinking about it……, Hilda-san is again quite easy.

“I will heal her”
“……That’s good……”

It makes a blur. Do you have anything amazing penalty?

“……Emm, without the exception of Andy-kun, everyone else please leave. Alright, just a minute”

Everyone is suddenly kicked out including the doctors and nurses.

And then.

“I only know how to do it with sex”

I started to say something outrageous

“What do you mean”
“Well……if you talk about something that is lost, I can use magic to return the lost essence, but the lost essence won’t come back in that way”
“Th, the essence is a special energy body to connect between the soul and the body, usually a certain amount is synthesized at the time of birth because it uses the same thing throughout life, basically it is not acquired afterward. It is not impossible to synthesize by magic tentatively, but there is a problem with the accuracy of the color adjustment, there is also a medicine to fill there, but this is also difficult to obtain”
“I don’t understand it at all”
“……Emm, in short, you putting in and squeezing out will cause things that are insufficient for arousal to occur in the uterus, so I will also use magic to wake her up from her dream☆”

No, that. Isn’t it a terrible reunion while raping a sleeping girl?

“Okay, I will apply contraceptive magic!”
“It’s not like that. Somehow, look”
“But she is Andy-kun’s female slave?”
“……There is such a story”
“Well, it’s fine, isn’t it. I’m using it, so it’s okay!”
“Ah, don’t look at me like that! It can’t be helped, for now, it is really the only way for surely awakening her”

Sorry, Apple. really sorry. ……I will awake you now.


I ask Hilda-san to apply her magic on my foot so that I can move, to strip off Apple´s futon and to take off her pajamas. Even Apple´s underwear is removed. ……It is surprising that there is no resistance, as we undress a beautiful girl who doesn’t resist at all.

“You okay, Andy-kun? Are you sure you get excited instead?”
“N, no, please don’t fuss over me”

……Apple. I, I……I wanted it the most, I kept thinking for 15 years about that half-elf. I´m connected with that child. Actually, I wanted to embrace you more commonly after talking about various things. I wanted you to accept me in perfect condition. But I want to talk to you again. I want to see your smiling face as soon as possible. Therefore.


My tongue is attached to her hairless, completely wet labia and my saliva are distributed. Apple’s crotch, which has not yet revived correctly yet, isn’t linked with pleasure. So it doesn’t seem to be wet even if I stimulate it. Therefore I poured saliva as much as possible and smeared it. ……And then I leaned on her.


I wet her vagina only with my own saliva. I’m trying to force it in there. Sure enough, I get stuck, I know that she is a virgin. However, the feeling of the lower body, which is trying to dissect the hymen but has no force at all, seems to be a little bit empty. However, that warmth is a genuine living girl. In the true sense, to return to the real thing. In order to hold a real girlfriend, I forcibly swung my waist.


And a mandatory, ejaculation. I hear the pulsation of my own ecstasy, which resonates in my ears and thought that it is just masturbation. I can hear the beat of my partner´s heart when I hold her tightly. I’m glad that both of our heartbeats overlap. But. with this…….

“This is okay, isn’t it……?”

Hilda-san nods. At that time, Apple´s vagina moved. I could see the moving my head bubble. The face which seemed to be made with wax began to have an expression. Pain, puzzle. ……That’s right. It is strange that you can be convinced in a brief moment that you receive a vaginal cum shot suddenly while being violated at the time of awakening. Still, I am. I have been thinking for 15 years and I can finally meet her. I was excited at that moment and waited. And then.


Her eyes open. She focuses on me. And in the next moment.

“Ky, Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!?”

A scream enters my ears. And I´m thrust away.

“GGu, aaa!?”

I roll indefinitely. ……Go, Good. She is probably confused. Because the 10-year-old me became a 25-year-old man. She doesn’t know. ……thinking, I look up at Apple.

“Ya, Yaaa……wh, why……Selenium, Selenium!!”

It was unexpectedly confusing. Hi, I’m Andy. I don’t feel like saying anything. When she heard that voice, Selenium entered first and opened the door as soon as she could touch the door.

“Selenium……Selenium, I´m glad……th, that person, I……now, raped……”
“Apple, its okay, that’s because he’s Andy. Good, Apple……really……!!”

Selenium holds Apple firmly who cries.

“……Wh, What, what is ok, who the hell is he……?”
“Andy-san, Apple……our master’s Andy-san……15 years have passed so he got bigger but that person is”

Apple grabs Selenium´s shoulder and peels off slowly.

“……15 years……?”
“Apple, we came to Polka and met Andy, that was 15 years ago, Apple, you slept for two years”

Apple shakes her head and compares Selenium with me.

“……What is Polka?”
“App, le……?”
“Generally, why Selenium, are you in good shape……you had the Trent´s disease……”
“Apple, eh, a bit……wait, remember……remember, where are you?”
“……But, yesterday, I passed through the borders of Alfilm……”

I felt that Selenium couldn’t believe it.

“……Do you not have memories beyond that point?”


Several minutes later, Selenium came out of the sickroom.

“Andy, sorry”
“No……what’s going on?”

Everyone except Dianne was waiting in the hallway. Toward us, Selenium opens her mouth in a very uncomfortable way.

“……Apple’s memory is at the time three months before she met Andy-san. So all memories with Andy are nonexistent”

……My power left me.

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