Hero Machine Chapter 0 Part 6

Chapter 0: Prologue 0 ⑥

She first placed soap on her hand and began carefully.
She placed soap on the whole pole then let her hand stroke it up and down.
After washing all of it, this time she rubbed the glans with her fingertip.
My thing reacts to the stimulation iresistibly.
「It’s really an amazingly strong penis… This ran inside me wildly and inseminated me…」
She’s staring at it preciously while making sure she still moves her hand.
「I’ll be cleaning it so please mate with me again」
I answered as Ashley still does it.
「You’re ready to go again? It’s really so strong, it’s amazing…」
Ashley speaks while having an enchanted expression while continuing her service.
She’s insensitive with men weaker than herself, that’s what she said.
With that skill.
It must be considerably difficult for her to come across a man that would satisfy her.
Unable to be satisfied sexually until now, I can see her becoming very greedy
「I’ll begin to service you with my breasts this time」
Saying that, she wrapped me in between her soft breasts, then she started a vertical motion.
「N…Nn…Nn…How does it feel?」
「Yeah, it feels great. Ashley’s breast is the best」
Ashley’s soft pair of hills wraps me and just the sticking feeling feels good enough.
And if you add the stimulation in it, it would feel good.
「Fufu, The hero is pleased, it’s one of my highest honors」
It feels like she likes to serve than be served but ,「Stronger than her」 If you fulfil that one condition, she would be happy to have you as an object to serve.
Well, that’s doesn’t mean it’s an ordinary condition.
Ashley’s an assassin so you won’t be able to win normally.
Her weapons is always painted with some kind of drug.
Because of that, the key to victory is to not take an attack but.
Her attacks are very sharp that it’s difficult to dodge.
You would be admitting defeat without being able to hurt Ashley even a single cut.
That’s quite a troublesome condition.
If you satisfy that difficult condition, you would be receiving her service just like what’s happening to me right now but.
「What are you thinking about?」
Ashley’s voice pulled me back to reality.
「N? Oh right. I was just thinking that I was able to defeat a skilled assassin like Ashley without being hut」
「N…N…You’ve done it so it’s just a talk now」
Ashley kept talking without stopping her service.
「Never let you…pass…make desperate efforts…then take your life… That’s the…intent…of the duty…given to me…」
「And yet I still won」
「Yes… Therefore…Having embraced…by you…isn’t a disgrace…but an honor…」
Though we’re having a serious conversation, she doesn’t get negligent of her service.
The feeling of ejaculating doesn’t come but my thing is already congested and about to burst.
「That’s the highest honor for me, you say」
「You are the hero… I haven’t…given up, but…I’ve…already thought…from the start…that it’s impossible…to win…with a frontal attack」
「Thus you used drugged daggers to supplement」
「Yes… It was such a self conceit…」
「Even if I cannot…defeat you…I took pride…on being able to make the first cut…」
「But, that didn’t reach」
「Yes… You…have such an excellent…crisis evasion…more than…I have imagined… From the drugged drink beforehand…to the knife I threw…painted with drugs…even the short dagger…」
Ashley’s cheeks is flushed while she’s servicing me.
It’s very sexy when combined with her expression.
「You mentioned it in battle」
「That I’m a coward. I’m sensitive to suspicious scents」
「I thought…that if you are…a coward…it’s better…for you to disappear…」
「Being a coward isn’t that bad you know? So to speak, it’s a crisis prevention ability. If you go too far you’d freak out」
「I agree…with that… Fear…of unknown…and conquering…fear…is something I can’t do…」
「If Ashley fought upfront, she’d be tough」
「I’m grateful…」
「On top of that , I used the means where I can’t be careless. It’s normal to be cautious」
「Your…skills in sword…is superior…」
「On top of that…your evasion…is superior…I felt that I’m in a real threat…」
She point that out while pushing the tip of her nipples against my glans.
「Swords are consumable after all. I want to avoid contact as much as possible」
「Yes… I understood that…」
「Also, it’s a good opportunity to counterattack whenever you were able to dodge. That’s the reason why I don’t take attacks too much」
I’ve already been washed enough and if this continues I would ejaculate.
For that reason, I had her stop washing my body.
I had the bubbles washed away then soaked in the bathtub again.
「How does it feel?」
「Yeah, this is the best. Should I wash Ashley’s back as my thanks?」
「I feel grateful to have the hero wash down my back」
Our bodies heated up from the conversation then Ashley left the bathtub.
She has already washed her body except for her back earlier so I took charge of her back.
I thoroughly washed her pure white back.
「How’s it? Does it hurt?」
「Not at all… It feels good…」
I’m only washing her body purely but Ashley speaks really pleasured.
The lower part that’s been caressed until a while ago seems to react.
But, I finished washing Ashley’s back normally.
Then, the two of us soaked in the bathtub again.
「It is okay to touch me on other places you know?」
「Thinking how I would enjoy what’s later, it’s bad to snitch food. I’ll fully cherish you as much as I endure」
「That’s’ something to look forward to」
Ashley answered while having such a sexy expression.
It seems that I can mate with such a beauty again and again.
I soaked in the comfortable hot water while having such thoughts.