Hero Machine Chapter 1

Chapter 0 Prologue ①

Information is the most important for an adventurer.
A strong demon coming out with a high bounty, a city that has a nice collection of weapons, you don’t know when useful information would enter.
For that reason, I’m looking at the newspaper as usual.
I found an advertisement that attracts eyes.
「Return soon, Sharuru」
I couldn’t believe my eyes.
If it’s just these you can find this information everywhere but the problem is the advertiser.
Braidea Kingdom, in short, the advertiser is my hometown country.
I have nine elder stepbrothers there so it’s a country that won’t have a problem without me.
Because I thought so, I didn’t hesitate and absorbed myself on being an adventurer but.
Since they can’t pinpoint where I’m staying, they sent the same advertisement on various places and various medium.
In short, the money they threw down is equivalent to what they want to convey.
It’s not just that. Feeling that, I decided to return home immediately.
I arranged equipment that emphasized lightness and convenience.
The sword is as light as a feather because it’s made of special metal, the armor set has a moderate defensive power, it can be converted to a lightweight ring due to magic, the shield is light and small, I chose a hard buckler.
An expensive mantle with thermal insulation effect is worn.
My luggage is proof of identity, traveling expense, mobile food and water bottle and a magic back that’s packed with fast acting recovery magic.
Worst, I’m inside the continent so I can’t use the ship, I have to pass through the land route.
I can use wagons as much as possible in a wagon locations, I’ll walk on dangerous places where wagons can’t pass, I feel reluctant to give up and advance on foot to home.
I did that strict schedule on three days.
I finally reached Braidea Kingdom’s castle, my home.
Guards against demon here are steady so there’s no fear of fighting in the town.
I changed the armor set into a ring and shoulder the shield and the sword is just there.
There are two soldiers in front of the gate chatting while carrying out their duties seriously.
I slowly advanced and the gate soldier called me.
「Tenth Prince Yusharurushu. I received urgent news so I hurried returning home, I wish to have an audience with His Majesty right now」
When I told them, the two looked at me with suspicious eyes.
「You heard about it?」
「I know about it but even if you told me, such a prince dressed like that…」
What the soldiers said are justifiable. I don’t look like a royalty at all right now.
「I have a proof of royalty, would you mind me taking it out from my bosom?」
Receiving permission, I showed a dagger that contains the coat of arms of the royal family.
「It’s certainly a royal coat of arms. But that’s not…」
The men of the royal family are given a dagger with a royal family’s coat of arms when they turn adult, that is the proof identification, it’s a custom that’s already outdated.
My face isn’t well known compared to the other princes, people with high social position suits itself with garments but it’s not necessary if it’s usual.
The big shots usually are accompanied by a large number of attendants and is riding a splendid wagon, I who wears dirtily while walking would be a suspicious man I guess.
「It lights up when a blood of a relative is dripped on the blade, is it no good even if I show it?」
「Sorry but I don’t know about that…」
The aforementioned proof now turned to be a mere façade.
I changed my manner of approach.
「Then, can you call out Claude-sama’s wife, Nine-sama? She can Identify me for you」
Claude is the ninth prince.
He also dropped out of the race for power like me as well, he’s close to my age compared to my other brothers so we get along.
Nine is his wife, my sister in law.
She’s one of the person who’d be glad and rush when she heard my name.
「Sorry but I can’t introduce a man with doubtful origin to the royal family…」
‘Person of doubtful origin’ came
Well, I’m aware that my lineage is inferior compared to my other brothers.
「I don’t mind you putting me on bars. If she saw my face she’d immediately know that I’m Yusharurushu」
「Well, if it’s that…」
「I can’t just imprison you but it can’t be helped…」
Since there’s no other way to confirm, they finally accepted my proposal even though they’re reluctant.
「It’s work after all. Don’t think badly of us okay?」
One of the soldier said it while I wait.
「It’s better than a guard that’s a drinker. Though I don’t have much influence, I’ll tell the king about your eager work」
I told him that I understand that they don’t mean bad.
「You’re not like a prince at all. Royalty should’ve been more bossy」
「I wasn’t raised to be a prince after all. I’m not even familiar with special treatment」
While we’re having such a silly conversation, an expected person came.
As soon as my face is seen on the bars, the gate was opened and she rushed.
「Sharuru, it’s Sharuru right!?」
She said while clinging into me.
The appearance is far more beautiful than me. Nevertheless.
「You’ll get dirty, Elder Sister Nine」1
I said it to remind her.
「I’m being reunited with my cute brother in law. I don’t mind such things」
「Saying that would make me really glad…」
「You didn’t come back at all. I was worried」
The gate soldier who watched our exchange called out fearfully.
「Nine-sama, this person is?」
「Yes, he’s definitely Yusharurushu, My brother in law」
The face of the two when sister said that was a masterpiece.
「Thank you for your works. You can return to your duties」
「I’m very sorry for the rudeness a while ago」
「Didn’t you say that it’s work? Don’t mind it」
The two of them gave their gratitude and I entered in the castle.
「Long time no see. How is elder brother and Dia?」
I asked without any meaning.
「Dia is healthy. …that person…you still know nothing right?…」2
I was worried on the shadow falling into sister in law’s expression while she was speaking.
「…Father in law is waiting for you. …Let’s go and meet him」
My sister in law is now the mediator and she stick with me during the audience without being kept to wait.
The vassals who saw my appearance whispered to each other.
It seems that they’re amazed at me who’s appearing at the audience with such a dirty appearance.
「Yusharurushu had just returned」
I kneeled and lowered my head.
「I’m sorry for being late and having such an appearance」
I apologized for not coming in formal attire.
「What is to apologize for. I understand that you hastened wholeheartedly from your figure. You did well」
My father who’s the king had guessed it precisely. It might be the reason for the admiration from the vassals.
My father had respected my intention.
It’s quite a thing for my country to call me back.,
Thinking so, I decided to ask.
「We have another thing to talk about」
「I want you to become the next generation heroes’ father」
Brave Road house is a blood of Heroes. The world now is underdeveloped so humans desire to exterminate demons in order to expand human territory.
In short, I’ll be a breeding horse to increase the number of humans with such special power. I know that. But.
「With all due respect Your Majesty」
「Umu, speak」
「My rank should be the most under. Isn’t there other people who’s much more qualified?」
The king in front of me is my father but my mother was just a town daughter who wasn’t a noble at all.
Towards those who are higher in rank, I can’t be said good as a lineage.
「None. There’s no one aside from you」
「None, you mean to say?」
「All of your elder brothers have died」
I haven’t understood the meaning.
After a moment delay, I understood its meaning.
「All of my elder brothers!?」
I couldn’t hide my surprise.
There’s no problem if one, two or five died when it comes to the heir, it’s usual for a royal family to have six children.
It’s double when there’s ten people.
It’s too much to think if it’s normal.
Having all my elder brothers die except for me is the exceptional of all exceptions.
「It’s no wonder that you’re surprised. I can’t believe it yet either」
There seems to be various reasons but it’s certain that my elder brothers are no longer with us.
「Let’s continue」
「Though I don’t object, there are a lot of people who don’t know you well. There’s also more that are skeptical about your ability. To convince those people, you would have a trial to keep in your mind」
「I will comply」
Afterwards, I told the king about the gate soldier that I admired for his enthusiasm and ended the conversation.
「The long talk must’ve made you thirsty. Have a drink」
When the King ordered, a maid appeared with a drink without making me wait.
The liquid in the glass is cooled inside the warm castle.
Such luxury is also a privilege of a royalty
The king isn’t a man who prefer luxury. I wonder if it’s specially made for me. But.
I thought of it and declined respectfully.
「Rude! Are you trampling the kindness of His Majesty?!」
My actions offended one of the vassals and he raised his voice.
「It’s fine. Yusharurushu is probably thinking of something」
「Didn’t you hear me? I said that it’s fine」
He glared at the vassal.
As expected of a previous hero.
Though his body can no longer make a child, his insight hadn’t decline.
That vassal couldn’t help but shrink on the spot.
「Yusharurushu, I want to talk with you a bit more. Sorry but I’d like for others to excuse theirselves」
Saying that, the king cleared out everyone.
Each of them left the room in groups.
Confirming that all of them are gone, the king began to speak.
「I want to talk about other things now but」
「Just to be sure, I thought of having two escort you in the shadows, do you mind?」
「With all due respect, Majesty」
「I wish to express my gratitude for your thoughtfulness. However, I don’t need escorts. I’ll be really sorry if you have to cut off the precious staff for such a thing」
「I thought you’d say so but I just want to make sure. There aren’t a lot of people who think of your existence pleasantly」
「I think there’s none who think of me as pleasant, that said, is Fassone-sama around?」3
「It’s the same on the ministers. While the elder brothers are using their life for the country I wasn’t here, so how dare I to return in this country this late, I guess」4
「I looked it up and can’t find any words to return」
「Don’t mind it, I won’t talk about it. I feel sorry to call the free you back home. You’re not at fault」
「You’re too kind」
「We got derailed. Let’s continue」
「Yes. Fassone-sama is a honest person. He isn’t sly to harm me stealthily」
「I think so too. She isn’t a bad woman at root. She even give me candid advice whenever we meet」
「The other widows would be no problem I guess. Since other than Nine-sama, there’s no one that’s thinking about me for better or for worse」
There’s no one deeply concerned to the extent of liking or disliking other than Elder sister Nine.
There’s no one higher in me in place for candidacy, there should be no reason for the widow to dislike my existence.
Since I wasn’t here when my rank changed, the air of my existence isn’t objected.
Well, Fassone is the only one who wouldn’t treat me differently, but it seems that she’s convinced when from the point when the king trusts me and chose me as a successor.
「Then, next would be the minister」
「Even if I’m gone, I think there’s nothing to benefit. If I must say, it’s on the level of a mentally offensive person disappearing」
「I think so too. There’s no practical benefit obtained」
There’s no one who’d be gloomy if I’m not here but more than what’s obtained, they won’t be harmed it seems, that’s mine and the King’s conclusion.
「It’s honestly hard to be close with strangers, you have to show to make the sparks fall to yourself」
「I know your competence. If you say so, it won’t be necessary to use unneeded expenses without regret. Do as you like」
「I truly appreciate it」
「Instead of being escorted, you’re giving thanks for having escorts removed. You really are strange」
「You’re too kind」
「Let’s end our conversation. You must be tired from a long journey. There’s a room prepared so clean off the dirt and relax」


  1. Sister-in-law, but I’ll omit it
  2. John Snow
  3. 「私の事を快く思っていない、と仰いますと、ファスツォーネ様辺りでしょうか?」
  4. 兄達が存命中は放蕩三昧で碌に国にもいなかったのに、今更どの面下げて帰ってきたのか、とな」