Hero Machine Chapter 12

Chapter 1 「Female Knight Iona⑧」

Next day.
I’m teaching Iona the Brave Arts at the same time as yesterday in my exclusive dojo
There’s an uninvited guest that barged in.
A group of four wearing the armor of the knights.
All have a build like me,
Looking closely, I can tell that they’re just show off muscle.
They’re hardly useful in actual combat.
Everyone of them looking at me alertly.
It seems that they don’t have relationship with the woman.
They’re smiling while having thoughts of looking down on someone but they’re sticking on the unnatural smile.
The smile can cause discomfort on someone that made me think that it’s a certain kind of talent.
「Who the hell are you! Who gave you permission to step foot in here!?」
Iona turned into tsuntsun mode as her practice is stopped.
Umu. that’s brave.
In the first place, this is my private room.
There should be no one permitted by me to enter except for Iona.
The man didn’t care about it and opened his mouth.
「Oh? Do I need permission? I don’t know that」
「Iona Cookrose is the famous man-hater isn’t she? Shouldn’t a man-hated like you not take a sword lesson from a man?」
「That’s right, the word is swung wholeheartedly」
「Well, it may not be just the sword that’s swinging」
He said that while moving his waist back and forth obscenely.
Oh. Those are the type「Men」hated by Iona.
Well, you’ll really become a man hater if you’re surrounded by men like this.
Iona looks furious.
「How did this chaste female knight seduced him? She wished for teaching and visit, that’s how it is1
「Ain’t her face beautiful and well ordered? A woman like her would spread her legs once she saw a good looking man, isn’t she」
He said vulgar words while looking at my face.
These are the models of those who feigned politeness.
I’m the one embarrassed looking at them.
It’s basically the unyielding Iona now relaxes her guard to a royalty after one night, the trivial reason attached to it sticks on their throat.
It’s not that Iona came to study here because I’m a royalty.
Rather she treated me like the same man at first, she’s not friendly at all.
She came to like the gentleman in me and the conclusive evidence is my sword technique and personality.
Me being the last remaining prince and my appearance is just a pre-text, the kingdom leaves women with excellent talents for me to inseminate.
It’s enough reason for those filthy men with no relationships with women.
Well, since we’re both men (If they can see it, but) leaving the tasty role isn’t interesting, that’s probably their feelings.
That’s why I left those feelings and called them out as friendly as possible.
「What is it? Prince?」
They answered as if ridiculing me. A cheap provocation.
I didn’t mind it and kept talking.
「In this world, there are a lot of demons that exists that you can’t knock down」
It seems that they can’t understand what I’m talking about.
「As fellow human, much more as a country men, don’t you think that it’s foolish to ridicule each other?」
It’s easy to take them using force but I want to avoid much chafe.
I thought of taking it smoothly.
「Are you planning to take us with your mouth as you don’t have winning chance with swords? As expected, you’re not different from what they tell a self-indulgent person」
The rumor of me being a foolish prince backfired.
It seems that they’re imagining me that I’m trying to talk them out because I can’t win with my ability.
It seems that they have no idea.
They’re not thinking ahead if suppose I report this to the king and what would be their punishment.
Well, I thought of the possibility of them not being frightened as they think of me as a loser.
Disrespect for the prince even as a joke is quite a sin. The punishment given to them can be imagined easily.
Well, I’m not a child so each and every information isn’t spoonfed.
Anyway, talking to them is useless.
This guys are too stupid. They won’t understand whatever I say.
Persuasion is just a waste of time for them.
I gave up persuading them and moved to use force.
「You shouldn’t disgrace yourselves in front of Iona, is something you won’t understand as you don’t think…」
Yareyare, I continued.
「Very well. I’ll play with you then」
Finally reaching the development they’re hoping for, one man introduced himself.
「Then, I’ll start. No, should I be ending it?」
The two men laughed.
「Hey hey, don’t expect that sort of chivalry spirit. I’ll take on all of you」
They took my words with disdain, the man’s tone run wild.
「You can think of how strong you are now but I won’t listen to your excuses later on」
「I told you from the start」
「Far from me, the four of you can’t even win against Iona」
「Oh. You’re saying that you’re stronger than Iona?」
「That’s why I’m teaching Iona my sword」
「Oh, I’m looking forward to it」
「Yeah, that’s it」
「There’s no stopping now. Please show me the sword of the Hero by all means」
「There’s no need for a sword. Barehanded is enough for me against opponents like you」
The man’s temple bursts as he’s being ridiculed.
There’s no disdain more than not using a sword I guess.
「I don’t care if you use real swords. I won’t get grazed anyway. The result will be the same whatever you use」
「There’s no way a country’s prince be injured to be…」
They’re frightened by the too advantageous condition that they were suddenly afraid.
「That’s useless worry. In that case, I’ll take responsibility even if I’m injured, should I drop a few lines?2
They won’t be bumping into me in the first place, If the colleagues would move backward after me coming to say that.
With such flow, the match with the four using real swords and the unarmed me was set.
「Rule is to put the enemy into the state where they can’t fight. Pointing the sword on the neck would count. Since Yusharurushu-sama is unarmed, he’ll substitute with his finger. When I judged that someone’s unable to combat then I’ll take action to stop it. Anything goes but use of magic is forbidden. Is this okat?」
「I’ll take of your barking mask, Prince」
The man with the most nice physique threatened me.
Well, I’m not scared at all.
At any rate, Iona ordered the match to begin.
At the same time, I kicked one man and the other man.
Their posture was destroyed, the two were twisted.
The rascal who fell down was never able to stand up again.
The armor is heavy so they can’t stand up when they fell once.
I applied my finger on their nape and made a slicing gesture.
「Yes, dead」
The second was 「Killed」in the same way
Well, it’s just a pretense in the end.
The two people that were「Killed」looked at me in surprise.
「Now then, let’s immediately settle the two others」
Then I said and shouted my enigmatic theory.
「That’s unfair! Are you still a knight!?」
「What? I’m not a knight, I’m a hero」
「That’s not what I’m talking about! I’m saying that using a kick is unfair!!」
He said some incomprehensible reason in an angry tone as his saliva fly.
Dirty. Don’t come closer.
「What? Do you think that the fights in the battlefield are that polished? That’s quite a naive thought. In the first place, I’m unarmed you know? Magic is also forbidden. How would you fight? Speak after you have thought about it」
I said in a disgusted manner.
The man can’t say anything back.
「If there’s no complain then I’ll continue」
「Ku…There’s none!」
They acknowledged the resume reluctantly.
Afterwards I used the same thing on the other guy and the guy that was swinging his waist obscenely wasn’t「Killed」, I made him slip on his foot over and over again.
Looking at the lone miserable opponent, 「Why I’m the only one looked by those eyes…」and the purpose of that is to cause them to split up later on.
My character is bad.
They were out of luck when they made me angry.
I allowed Iona’s rudeness once before but that’s only to have her walk back with worn out legs.
Then, the two dragged the other and run to go back the way.
They should learn by experience with this.
At any rate, Iona called out to me when those guys were gone.
「You were going easy on me when we fought right?」
Iona asked me as I fought without mercy today.
「Well, that’s true but…」
「What is it?」
「I don’t want to behave like that when I’m matching against you. Your swordsmanship was beautiful and I also enjoyed myself」
「Now that the obstruction was cleared up. Let’s continue」
「Yes. Please」
I spent the time teaching Iona the Brave Arts while having that feeling afterwards.


  1. 「どうやってこのお堅い女騎士様をたらしこんだのか、ご教授願いたくて参上仕った、というわけですよ」
  2. Written statement I guess