Hero machine Chapter 13

Side Story 「TsunTsun Iona and extreme female knight play」

I thought of using Brave Arts 「Armor Break Kai」today and peeled off Iona’s underwear and made her unable to win against pleasure, I’m able to enjoy the female knight’s 「Ku, Kill me…!」play
The obedient Iona is cute but the tsuntsun Iona can’t just be thrown away, a very simple reason.
That’s why I’ll be enjoying this kind of amour this evening.
Though I’ve already deliciously eaten Iona’s virginity, we’re going to enjoy Iona being a virgin setting because of the play.
「You may be a knight but you’re still a woman. Putting on such a cute underwear, you really can’t throw away your femininity」
It’s the usual thing, contrary to Iona’s gallant atmosphere, she wears a girlish taste in underwear.
The image gap is unbearable.
「K-Kill me…!」
Iona returned some standard words.
I’m quite satisfied that I can hear that from a lovely female knight.
「I took my best to capture you without any injuries. It would just be a waste to kill you」
Returning a standard speech, I expressed a vulgar smile.
「T-This trash…! What do you intend to do with me!?」
Iona’s in high spirits. She looks into it.
「Isn’t that obvious?」
I peeped into Iona’s face and threatened her.
「I’m going to plunge my penis inside your hole and make it my exclusive pussy that cannot think of anything else but my penis and semen!」
「Try if you can! A knight will never yield to a penis!」
「I’ll never lose to pleasure!」Then「You can’t win against pleasure…」the flow is already beautiful.
「Then, let’s begin immediately」
「What!? Mugu!」
I hold her and take away her lips.
「Kuh, for thiis man to take my first kiss…!」
Iona’s really into it.
I requested that 「I’m going to enjoy your tsuntsun as much as possible」but I didn’t prepare any script.
「Ehehe, I took the first kiss of the conceited female knight!」
Well, I’m also into it.
「What a lovely breast. Allow me to press the contents」
「Don’t come closer! What do you intend to do with me!」
「You know it! I’m going to do this!」
I raised her bra while saying.
The beautiful tip of Iona was exposed in front of my eye.
「Hey hey, aren’t your nipples standing? Female knight-san. Are you aroused from being seen?」
「Ku, don’t look…!」
Iona hides her chest with both of her hands.
I hardly think of this as a play.
「Let me have the taste of the beautiful breast you’re clinging to!」
Iona’s attitude changed with that phrase.
「Beautiful…? This thin chest?」
「Yeah. It’s the most beautiful among the women I’ve violated up until now」
Holding it, I answered while changing to ravish her.
Though I love women, I’ve never violated them by force.
「You’re the first man to say something different」
「I see. The men around you have bad eyes. Can I suck up this beautiful breasts?」
「Kuh, Do as you like…!」
Iona looked the other way with her whole face blushing.
Is this really an act?
「Ah…Nn…Don’t suck that much…! If you suck so hard my breast will come out…!」
I licked her tip and made a sucking sound, Oh my, Iona’s nipples are satisfied.
「Thanks for the meal. It’s the first time I’ve tasted something as delicious as this」
「Kuh, don’t be silly…!」
「I’ll make you feel good as my thanks」
「Kuh, Stop! What do you intend to do with me!」
「I’m going to do this!」
I said while taking of her panties.
I opened the meat gate and looked inside.
「Kuh, Don’t look…!」
「There’s the hymen. The kiss was your first time so it’s your first time as expected. I’m lucky today」
There’s no hymen actually.
It’s just a play.
「Then I’ll make this virgin pussy wet and make it ready to accept my penis」
「Kuh, stop…! What do you intend…!」
「I’m going to do this!」
I began to caress her.
Since I groped her breast a lot earlier, Iona’s already flooding.
I licked the overflowing love nectar.
「Kuh, that’s dirty…! Don’t lick that place…!」
「Dirty? Your body is wonderfully clean. There’s no dirty place at all」
「Kuh, clean you say…!? My body is?…Then do as you will…!」
Iona said that with a blushing face.
Umu, just how far will she act?
We continued to have that kind of exchange for a while.
I caressed her enough that it’s now ready to accept.
I placed my tip on Iona’s female entrance.
「Your pussy is already wet. I can’t endure it. I’m coming in」
「Kuh, my virginity… Please, everything but putting that in…!」
「Nope. I’ll make your pussy fall into a used cunt with my penis right now」
「Kuh, then be gentle as much as you can…! At least make this a good memory for me…!」
「No way. I have nothing to do with making memories with you. I just want to make a child. For that reason, I’ll thrust inside your pussy!」
Then I tasted Iona’s body that I embraced over and over again with a fresh taste.
「I’m about to cum! Get ready!」
「Kuh, don’t cum inside…! I’ll get pregnant if you cum inside…!」
「Nope, get pregnant! I’ll carve my own existence on a pussy no men except me knows!!」
Dokudoku, a terrible amount of semen was poured inside Iona.
Iona raised a lovely voice.
I also climaxed along with Iona.
Then, moving to the pillow talk.
「Well, it was beyond my imagination. Iona’s tsuntsun female knight play」
「It’s embarrassing… Is this what you like?」
「There’s no man in this world who hates a tsun tsun female knight」
「Is that so?」
「Yup, it is」
I ended our secret meeting with such conversation.