Hero Machine Chapter 15

Chapter 2 「Female Knight Makishia②」

Next day
We began the lesson with Makishia added on the group.
Iona continued the same practice model and there’s another schedule given to Makishia.
With that, everyone is in the middle of working diligently in their practice.
「Then, just what kind of Brave Arts will I be taught?」
Makishia threw a question at me.
「I don’t recall saying that I will teach you Brave Arts though. I will only give you basic training to raise your strength」
Makishia can’t hide her surprise.
「Is that really surprising?」
「Because, you’re teaching Iona-san aren’t you? I thought that it would naturally go with the flow with you teaching me your sword」
What a wonderful attitude.
「Well, calm down」
「I don’t feel satisfied but let’s go with it for the time being」
With that, she calmed down after breathing deeply several times.
「You’re calm now?」
「Then, I’ll be explaining」
「Go on」
「It’s necessary to reach a constant power to be able to acquire Brave Arts」
「Shia haven’t reached that yet」
「Is that so?」
「That’s why you’re having basic training」
「I can’t learn if I don’t?」
There’s no shortcut in learning Brave Arts
Makishia doesn’t seem to understand it.
「Well…you may not get it but it’s about this domain of level」
It’s some line that I want to say at least once living as a man.
「I’m not convinced somehow…」
Makishia shows a disappointed expression.
The two of them will be working hard at practice for a while.
Iona’s doing it silently but Makishia speaks out her complains.
Somehow, there’s that image.
Mastering whatever kind of skill is continuous trial and error
There’s a limit to being too impertinent without using the brains.
If you can get strong in one night then no one would be having a hard time.
It must be as I’ve fought demons every single day.

The content of the talk Makishia whispered to me before.
She wants to see me and Iona do child making, if she sees it she’ll invite Iona to go together on her time of duty.
「Won’t the stubborn Iona agree to it?」I asked then she 「I’ll definitely persuade her」showed a groundless confidence, 「Oh, but」I thought, 「Having two beautiful female knights service me」that dreamlike situation is agreed to happen.
I honestly didn’t expect that much but, I don’t know the way she’ll handle it but, Makishia really have brought Iona just like she promised me.
Therefore the there’s two people lining up inside Iona’s room.
「Thanks for waiting」
The two beautiful female knight are wrapped in their nightclothes.
Demonstrating the first talk, Iona took off her nightclothes.
Iona’s wearing her usual girly underwear.
「Look, she’s wearing a cute underwear like I told you」
「Oh, it’s true. Iona-san is really taking care of fashion on the place that can’t be seen」
「Uhm…I’d be grateful if you guys don’t spread around my taste in underwear…」
Iona looks embarrassed.
At any rate, I decided to begin my act with Iona.
「Let’s start then」
I made Iona sit on top of my knee.,
First, I took off her bra that has a cute design.
Iona’s prided beautiful nipples appeared.
「Iona-san’s breast is amazingly beautiful.  I’m jealous of you as the same sex」
「Oh, Shia thinks so too?」
「That’s…calling it beautiful…」
「Did you hear it Iona? Your chest is charming even on Shia that’s the same sex as you」
I first buried my face on her chest that has no volume and massaged it with my hands without reserve.
Iona leaks out a painful sigh.
I rolled my tongue on her nipples, sucked, bite, I stimulated it for a long time.
Meanwhile, Iona’s nipples kept getting hard.
「You’ve played with her breasts for a long time.  You like it?」
「Iona’s breasts, though it’s affirmed if you ask the intention, It’s purpose is to enlarge Iona’s breasts」
「Oh, Iona-san wants to make her chest big. If I can just give my breast to you, I’d do so immediately」
「If also I can get it then I will…」
Even if they’re both female knights, they have contrasting ideas on their chest.
Iona wants it big and Makishia wants it small.
The world is just unfair.
After I finished caressing Iona, I proceed to the next.
「Iona, take off your panties and show your pussy」
Her cheeks are blushing, she may be embarrassed but she follows what I say.
Sperm overflowed from Iona’s vagina.
「Is that? Sharuru-sama’s sperm that he gave to Iona-san, isn’t it?」
「Right.  When eating, when practicing her sword, Iona’s pussy is always filled with my semen, it’s swimming energetically to make Iona’s pussy pregnant.  Thinking about it makes you aroused right?」
「Thinking that Iona-san who has a dignified face has something so lewd inside her certainly makes me aroused…」
「Aaaa…! So embarrassing…!」
The semen from the mating is dripping on her thighs, Iona turned her face away as she’s forced to use her own finger to open her own vagina.
「I will supply a fresh sperm to Iona from now on.  Shia, watch carefully」
I pushed down Iona on top of the bed, I covered her woman entrance and pushed in instantly.
Iona raised a painful voice.
Iona’s insides are slippery hot enough that it melts away.
I began to swing my waist violently without any reserve.
「Ah…! n…! Sharuru-sama…! Doing it…! So suddenly…!」
「I don’t get tired of Iona’s pussy no matter how many times I put it in.,  Rather, it’s tightening as if remembering the shape of my penis.  As expected of my exclusive child making pussy」
「Ah…! Nnn…! That’s…right…! Iona’s pussy…is a child making pussy just for Sharuru-sama…!」
「Oh…That Iona-san is speaking out lewd words…!」
「Iona’s pussy is the best.  I can just forget everything and be inside Iona’s pussy forever」
I pierced Iona much more violent than usual.
「Ah…! Nn…! fuu…! Does it feel good? Sharuru-sama…?」
「Yeah. I’d say this again and again, Iona’s pussy feels the best」
「Is that so?…I’m glad…」
「That big thing of Sharuru-sama goes in and out of that small Iona’s place over and over again. It’s quite a strange spectacle…」
Makishia is supporting from up close, she stared at my thing going in and out of Iona’s inside intently.
「Uhm…N…! Please…! Don’t be so close…! Being seen…is embarrassing…!」
I continue to pierce the objecting Iona.
「I’m sorry for that.  Just think of me as air and continue without minding me」
「Ah…! Nn…! That…! Air doesn’t talk I think…!」
「Iona-san right now is really lewd. I’m somehow feeling strange right now too…」
「Sorry but endure it today. In exchange, I’ll give you lots of love till you can’t stand up tomorrow evening」
「Yes…The excitement doesn’t stop now…」
Makishia’s face is bright red.
Her panties’ insides are probably flooding from seeing the intense silliness that Iona and I are showing.
「For that reason, I want to concentrate on the too charming Iona right now but, Iona」
「Iona’s pussy is tightening amazingly. Are you getting aroused from being seen?」
「Sharuru-sama’s bigger than usual too… Aren’t you the same…?」
We continued the act while making that sort of exchange.
Iona pants under me.
The joining part of me and Iona is making a lewd wet sound.
「Right now my penis and Iona’s pussy is making a lewd sound」
「Tomorrow, Shia’s pussy will be making the same sound so listen to it」
I said some obscene lines and Shia’s face blushed red to her ears.
After coming in and out of Iona’s pussy multiple times, I finally ended.
Iona who’s being kept inseminated by my sperm between her groins pants violently.
「This is child making. It was much more stimulating than I imagined…」
「That’s not the end. Iona, get on all fours」
Iona followed me obediently and showed the meat gate that had been inseminated by me.
「Iona’s drenched pussy that’s been inseminated by me is fully exposed」
「Aaa…! So embarrassing…!」
I went inside Iona again, from the back this time.
「That Iona-san…is doing it like an animal…」
Shia leaks out her impressions as Iona is being pierced by me from her back.
Iona gasps hard meanwhile.
「Child making of a man and woman is really this intense seeking of each other…It’ll serve as reference…!」
Shia who’s been analyzing it is breathing roughly.
It’s obvious that she’s aroused.
While massaging both of her breast violently, I go in and out of Iona’s insides over and over again.
「Iona…! Iona…! You’re the best woman…!」
I whispered to Iona while carrying on powerfully.
「Sharuru-sama…Sharuru-sama too is amazing…! Being embraced by Sharuru-sama puts me on cloud nine…!」
「It’s completely a couple’s world…」
Shia was completely treated as an outsider.
However, she stares at our act eagerly.
Iona and I reached climax again.
Afterwards, I seek Iona’s body over and over on top of the bed until I was satisfied.
「Iona’s really the best girl.  I felt so good that I thought I’d melt」
I embraced her gently while praising her.
Iona gasps seductively.
It’s very sexy.
I kissed her this time while holding her breast violently.
Finally freeing Iona’s lips, we lied down and snuggled.
「I heard that gentlemen that the after sex is just plain but Sharuru-sama seems to be different…」
「Yeah, that’s right.   Iona satisfies me that much so I can’t help loving her」
Saying that, I held Iona’s shoulder gently.
「Me too, I want to satisfy Sharuru-sama so you can love me dearly too…」
Showing an entranced expression, Iona shut her eyes.
I can’t help but feel superior when a gallant female knight shows that kind of expression.
「Ohmy, thanks for the feast」
「Now then, Shia」
「W-what is it?」
「Come here and show me your pussy」
I gave Makishia an order and observed her crotch.
「I-It’s embarrassing…」
「You’ll even be more embarrassed so show it to me without reserve. Endure it a bit more」
Makishia’s panties are stained with a beautiful vertical line.
「Seeing me poke up Iona’s pussy makes Shia get this lewdly drenched even though she’s a virgin」
I said while tracing her clit from the top of her panties that’s drenched with love nectar.
I quickly took off her panties, opened her vagina and exposed her hymen.
「This hymen will be broken by my penis tomorrow night」
Saying that, I crawled my tongue to her hymen that’s smeared with love nectar.
「Ah…! Ahn…! It’s embarrassing when you lick that place…!」
Making a lewd wet sound on purpose, I tasted Makishia without any reserve.
「Shia’s love nectar is delicious.  Thinking that I can’t drink it anymore tomorrow, it makes me feel regrettable」
「T-That’s lewd…!」
「Let’s have Shia feel anguish tonight.  I’ll make you a woman tomorrow evening after all」
「That’s…I’ll ask you to be gentle…」
「I don’t know if you’ve done it but I forbid you to masturbate tonight.  Iona, the two of us will look after her」
「Yes. Certainly」
「E-Even Iona-san!? Even if you tell me, I’ve never done something as vulgar as masturbating!」
「I wonder. Even though you can’t help but want to play with this wet pussy intensely right now」
That’s why I’ll stay here today.
Iona who’s been inseminated without reserve and I who inseminated and filled Iona without reserve showed off a lot of our act to Makishia who’s in the middle of frustration.
Her body is flushed that she can’t sleep.
I’ll take Makishia’s virginity tomorrow.
I’ve got my hands filled with Iona, my groin hurts right now but fun things are fun1 so I can’t help it.


  1. quote by Yui: K-ON!