Hero Machine Chapter 2

Chapter 0: Prologue ②

The one who guided me is the maid with the tea a while ago.
She’s slightly older than me I guess.
Her face can be called a beauty.
Black hair brunette is unusual for humans in this country but her features doesn’t seem different from the natives of the east.
Her hairstyle goes up so it’s easy to move.
Her height is high for women,the place where I am slim, and the place where you should appear appears and should retire yourself is very well-modulated body build retiring myself. 1
「I am Ashley Screed, the manager assigned to you. Pleased to make your aquaintance」
Saying that, she bowed deeply.
「Yusharurushu Braveroad. Sorry as you got the shorter end of the stick but best regards」
There’s no benefit gained from managing someone unrelated to the seat of power.
It’s common to think that they’re dragged into some trouble.
However, her answer was unexpected.
「It’s far from getting the shorter end of the stick. I had been looking forward to meeting you」
「Looking forward to meet me? The famous foolish prince? That’s a funny joke」
「I’ve heard about the heroic tales of Yusharurushu-sama frequently. I’ll really be glad to hear it from the person’s mouth」
「That’s attached by a lot of exaggerations」
「This means that you’re not as rumors say?」
「That’s for certain」
I was lead to the allocated room while having such a conversation.
But, I didn’t pass to anyone in the castle, it’s strangely quiet.
Additionally, there are some points I’m worried about the maid walking in front of me.
One of the things that made me uneasy is 「That tea」she was carrying.
It’s not prepared by her, it’s most likely that she doesn’t know anything and just brought it there, if this is an acting then it’s quite a considerable thing.
The second is the footsteps.
It’s natural to feel strange with the silence.
Thinking about it carefully, it’s only my footsteps.
She’s not making any footsteps.
And, the third.
It’s said that women of age has a good smell but there’s nothing coming out of her.
On the contrary, I can smell no life from her.
In other words, I’m talkin about the 「Smell of daily life」
There’s only one special occupation I’d know from that.
I can think that it’s just a coincidence if it’s just the two but it’s inevitable after the third.
I couldn’t help but feel suspicious from the suspicious smell.
It seems that the「Trial」has already began.
Therefore I asked a leading question.
「I want to ask something」
「What is it? I’ll answer as much as I can」
「Although the maid clothes suits you well, your main job isn’t of a maid right?」
「My, why do you think so?」
「Let’s see…would you accept the reason of you being too beautiful to be a maid?」
「Oh my, you flatter me」
「Well, jokes aside」
「Is that a joke? That’s a pity」
「Don’t be disappointed since I was not joking when I told you that you’re beautiful」
「I feel obliged from your concern」
Did she see me doubting halfway? The atmosphere changed as if they’re going to attack eventfully.
It doesn’t seem heavy but there seems to be a catch.
I think so while evading.
「A beautiful flower with a thorn, is actually a beautiful lady」
「Oh my, telling that I’m a beauty. I’m embarrassed」
「The truth of you being a beauty won’t change even if you’re an ally or an enemy」
Joking around, I hinted that I recognize that she’s an enemy.
「I thought that I was performing well. Did I become careless without noticing?」
「Your manners and movement were perfect, you don’t have to be ashamed being a maid」
「Then where did you notice?」
「I always love the smell of a woman mixed with soap but,」
「I’ll be embarrassed to react if you confess so suddenly」
「There’s no smell coming out from you. That’s the decisive factor」
「It seems that you’re not a foolish prince at all. It’s informative. Please let me use it as future reference」
Saying that, she jumped back behind and threw something towards me.
Its shape is unusual but it seems that it’s a throwing knife.
It’s comparatively slow inspite the way of movement.
I can grab it but I purposely avoided it.
The movement should’ve been once but I confirmed three hitting the wall with the time lag.
She threw it all at the same line of fire.
The succeeding knife would be done when they grasp the first.
The would itself when it hit isn’t a bit deal but the opponent is an Assassin.
It’s natural that they’re trained somehow or another.
It would be the end of the line if it hit.
「Wise decision. Men with superficial knowledge would be caught with it」
「That’s cowardly. As long as the opponent isn’t decent, the first attack on sight should be avoided」
「Oh dear, I’m not a decent opponent, that’s regrettable」
「That’s a funny joke. That’s even more troublesome than demons」
Saying that, I haven’t met a strong opponent even if I dived into a labyrinth dungeon.
If technical skills to avoid battle is taken into account, I think that Ashley can go considerably deep alone.
That’s how hard she is.
Additionally, Ashley has been smiling from beginning to end in this combat state. That’s eerie in reverse.
「As you have told, I should better not rely on rumors, As expected from the youngest brother of the heroe bloodline. There’s no gentlemen who dodged my attack」
Saying that, her cheeks blushed somewhat. Her eyes look charmed, it’s erotic that you won’t think that you’re in a fight.
Is she that kind? The one who feels pleasure in combat.
Showing such an expression, she made a stance. It’s a peculiar stance where she’s forward bent and her hands are on the back.
Both of her hands are hidden behind her back so the specialized weapon can’t be specific but it’s probably two daggers.
You may think that she’s quite a master when she doesn’t show me the blade.
The matter of the footsteps and smell, then her combat style is really of an assassin.
She threw similar throwing knives in order to compensate for the powerlessness, I should assume that the knife had been painted with some kind of drug.
I can’t even bear a scratch.
I began to talk while doing such analysis.
「I don’t like it」
「What is?」
「The matter of the tea, I’m already tired so I wanted to take a break soon」
「I’m sorry for that. However, I gave you a tea a while ago」
「That tea with the drug?」
The poison was put in because it’s a trial to the end, I can’t say it is, it’s probably paralysis or sleeping drug, I don’t know what kind it is but I’m certain that it’s something that would make it disadvantageous for me.
I noticed that it’s part of the trial.
「It seems you have noticed. As expected」
「It’s not something wonderful to praise. I think I am more well informed than my elder brothers」
There’s no way of me to know as I’m in the lowest rank but my elder brothers until the third rank had a fierce battle for the throne.
「Can I assume that you’re an examiner?」
「Yes. If you pass, it will serve as a role to confirm that you’d be able to make children without problems. You can do what you want with my body if you defeat me at dawn」
She came to attack while speaking. There’s no weight but it’s sharp.
It seems that hitting is her highest priority.
「That’s a fascinating reward」
I avoided it while joking around.
I also take a stance while taking distance. It’s a unique stance, my sword shouldn’t be seen by her from this point.
「What a strange stance」
「Yours too」
「It seems that we’re both familiar with combat with humans」
「It seems so」
Showing the blade to the opponent is equal to showing the movement that you’d start.
There’s no need to do it against an no brain demon opponent but it’s different from Ashley who is specialized towards human combat.
Her main is attacking while sleeping but she’s even formidable straight combat.
I guess I can say that it’s as expected from someone who would measure my ability as a breeding horse.
If there’s such a talent then the future of the kingdom is peaceful, such careless thoughts surfaced in my mind.
At any rate, now that we can’t read our skills, any careless behavior means immediate defeat.
A minute had already passed and we’re still at a deadlock
「There’s one last thing I have to ask」
「What is it?」
「Do you consent to give birth to my child? It’s against my principle to do it forcibly」
「You’re assuming victory already. As expected of a hero, Reliable indeed」
Apart from being able to do it, there’s no hate in her expression like I thought, rather, she has a happy expression on her face.
It seems that she’s the same as me who likes to fight without looking at the results.
Such opportunities is rare for a skilled one like her.
「Then, your response?」
「Of course. It’s already conditioned when you pass the trial. It’s much more charming that imagined, I will warmly welcome the child of the gentleman who defeated me」
Her expression looks natural.,
It seems that it’s her real feelings.
「I’m relieved to hear it. I can make children without reserve」
「Isn’t that being impatient?」
Making an answer, I throw my strongest Brave Arts 「Armor Break Kai」


  1.  背は女性にしては高く、すらりとして出るべきところは出て引っ込むべきところは引っ込んでいる非常にめりはりの利いた身体つきだ