In regards to cheatman TL.

The wn (The Story of Living as I Please After Being Reincarnated in Another World with a Ridiculously Cheat Power) is already finished with 34 chapters. Which makes me happy because that means another project will come sooner.

I’m already working with Raising the Dead on Kumo desu ga, nani ka?

Now, I’d like to ask if you want me to TL the futanari chapter or have me skip those. I personally don’t like futa, but if the readers insisted I TL it, I will (bribe me. loljk).


Next agenda:

I’m now open for the next TL suggestions.

Here are my pointers(Criteria) if you want to suggest one.

  • Chapters must be short (So I can make at least a chapter per two days/ one day)
  • Not that many chapters/Completed series already (Having so many chapters and still updating will make me lose motivation because of the gap, while completed series will give me all the time in the world)
  • R-18 WN is ok.
  • MC must be OP/Alpha/Badass
  • MC got hit by a truck is preferable, but not necessarily needed.
  • MC goes to a different world(either by reincarnation or transfer)
  • WN shouldn’t be hard to MTL (Not much invented words, sfx, and shouting)
  • Harem, Nekomimi, Various other races, is ok, but not necessarily needed.

That’s quite a lot, lol. Still, comment your suggestions, also put syosetu link so I can check.