Inma no Hado chapter 100

Chapter 100: Evolution


Together with music teacher Tomomi Takada is female university student Ayumi Momoi who is a cadet teacher at Ellis all girls high school. Both came over to Kenichi´s apartment, while Tomomi who is now married, lied to her husband.

On the other hand, this beautiful university student, who is famous for her outstanding beauty and style at the university has become crazy about that remote middle-age man. Kenichi violated Ayumi during her student teaching, and she became a sex slave who comes immediately when called.

This newly-married woman and female university student caress the chest from the scruff heavily since a little while ago and leave behind their saliva. While waving their buttocks as if they are feeling, both continued raising a weak voice. They are wearing lingerie with a bold design which they bought behind the back of their husband and boyfriend on their body, while honey juice is overflowing from their crotch on their snow-white thighs.

“Look, here is Kenichi’s weak point… look now, did you see it?”

“It is true!”

“Aah, I want to try it too.”

On his lower region, three young girls who brought their faces near his dick. The elementary student Risa Ito and first-year high school student Yuko Terashima receive a lecture on pleasing Kenichi by university student Shiho Fujiwara.

Shiho is a half devil fused with an Inma, so she is experienced in delighting a man. Usually, Shiho is cool and doesn’t express her feelings, but now she is laughing happily while teaching her techniques to her two kouhai.


It is a good thing for Yuko that her parents aren’t at home today, so she spends all her time in Kenichi´s apartment. Yuko, who became a resident of the apartment is very close to Junko and the Ito mother-daughter duo. Her body, which was embraced many times by Kenichi, has developed already and shows a reaction unfitting of a 16-year-old.


The 12-year-old Risa holds the tip of his huge glans in her small mouth. Many people and talent scouts have called out to her when she walks through the city because Risa became a pretty girl through Kenichi’s magic, such that many people turn around to watch her. However, this lovely girl is more experienced than idols, and she has Kenichi’s penis in her mouth while having an innocent expression on her face. She is using her mouth skillfully with a technique that would impress many people, while her face turns red.

“Ah… Risa even came to do such a thing…”

Watching her daughter doing a hot fellatio with an expression that has completely melted away, Miho, Risa’s mother, unconsciously sighed while licking Kenichi’s toes one by one. However, from her expression and her shaking body, everyone could see that she is jealous of her daughter who is monopolizing her favorite meat pole.

“Uhuhu… just like that, it has been stolen by Risa-chan…”

While holding Kenichi’s other foot before her eyes and wrapping her tongue between his toes, Noriko Aoyama, who was a member of “SHADO,” laughs. Miho also has big breasts, but Noriko’s chest is pushed up so as to break through her dark blue lace bra and she proudly showed off.

This is Kenichi’s harem sex with seven women. All are exceptionally pretty women and young girls, and you can realize that they are all in love with Kenichi who is the only man. A sexy smell combined with body odor drifts from each woman and through the air conditioner, the whole room is filled with that mixed smell.

The other day, Kenichi was attacked by Yuusuke Nagato and Arisa Shinomiya, suffering severe damage, including a bone fracture. However, his body recovered immediately from the Incubus magic, and all the damage vanished as though nothing happened.

But the consumed energy must be regained.

Therefore he repeatedly has sex with his high school students at the school in the daytime and gathers the older women like this in the evening. The greedy Kenichi continues raping his women without running out of energy, while the women reach climax in no time.

“Aaaa!! Excellent!! Unbearable!!”

Miho who sat on Kenichi lying at full length is moving her waist erotically to please Kenichi who pants from her extraordinary skills. Her waist movement stimulates him precisely to the point and suddenly rises to a deep ecstasy. However, when this greedy wife climaxed many times, she continued moving her waist.

“Miho-san… change already…”

“That’s right… You monopolize it for a while now…”

“Because we can’t meet every day, please hand it over…”

Looking at the avaricious Miho who doesn’t want to give up and is having sex for a while now, Shiho, Ayumi, and Tomomi raised an angry voice. They gather around Kenichi’s naked body while looking at Miho with an enviable face, and caressing his mouth, fingers, and chest.

“Hiiiiii! Again, Agaiinnn!! Higuuuuuuuu!!”

As for ejaculating inside Miho, the already-surprising sensitivity and structure of her vagina have improved immeasurably because of the magical power, since she became Kenichi’s sex slave. Miho´s vagina is tightening so much as if to crush Kenichi´s penis; one wouldn’t believe that she has borne a child already.

This isn’t the only change that happened to her since she received Kenichi´s devil sperm. The wave released from the devil sperm remained inside her body and had a big influence on Miho.

Specifically, Miho’s body becomes younger steadily, and she has already noticed it. Miho´s skin became like that of a teenager, and it repels water, her bust grew abundantly, and her waist became thin and narrow.

Whenever a woman had sex with Kenichi, they would notice that they are prettier than before in the mirror. Then they come to demand his magic and pleasure more so that these beauties wait impatiently for Kenichi to have sex with them.

“Aaaaaa!!! Hiiiiiiii!!!”

Ayumi took over for Miho who was dead tired, and she didn’t mind the intensity of sex they have at the moment. The frustration that piled up inside this university student because she recently couldn’t meet Kenichi, released with one stroke and she indulges in a colorful orgasm.

The sex energy of Ayumi floats into his body. This small energy ball shines when all cells of her body are activated. This shining ball wanders to Kenichi’s penis and is absorbed into the black bruise.

Suddenly his super sense became active.

The whole world shines like a crystal and Kenichi can grasp everything that is taking place around himself very clearly. Even if he can’t see all seven women with his eyes, he gets information from their auras when he releases his black wave.

The acute pain was sudden, and it came in the same way as before.


An unbearable acute pain attacks Kenichi´s whole body as soon as he just breathed in the life force of Ayumi again. The acute pain on his whole body is as if he were being pierced by millions of needles and he pushed Ayumi away from his waist, and she rolls aside of the bed.


“Aaaa, Kenichi-samaa!”

“Papaa!! Nooooo!! Papaa!!!”

The eight pretty women are astonished and confused by their important Kenichi is in this agony feeling pain.

“For now, get off everyone!! Because it is dangerous, get off the bed!! Quickly!!!”

Everyone gets off the of the bed as only Noriko remains calm, seeing that Kenichi is feeling pain but doesn’t have an injury.

“Guaaaaaaa!! Higuuuuuuuuu!!”

The naked Kenichi agonizes on the bed from the pain that doesn’t let him faint. He writhed with an agonized expression while squeezing his throat and raising a scream. The beauties around him can only look at him without knowing what to do.

“Aaa…wh-what to do…”

“Noo…. Ke-Kenichi-samaa…”

Kenichi rolled over the bed for a long time so that you would think the pain is endless. For approximately one minute, everyone thought that this excessive pain is unlimited.

In that way, his sudden and intense movement became quiet while everybody worried. He blows out a rough breath and lies wearily on the bed. Greasy sweat appeared on his face, and his whole body was dripping with sweat.

“…Is, is he alright?”

“Ke-Kenichi-samaa…. Wh-what happened?”

“Nooo…. No way he is dying!!!”

The women speak to each other cautiously. To the extent that everyone is worried and Risa is shedding large tears and is crying seeing her dad who she loves in such pain.

Nevertheless, Kenichi was analyzing the situation calmly while turning his face down and controlling his breathing.

(I also had that before…. Perhaps at the time with Natsuki and Aiko, it was similar to the time in my apartment…)

He remembered what happened at that time and understood the meaning of the acute pain. He shifted to the next steps.

He raised his body slowly while everybody watched him breathlessly. He moved his neck and arms to check his physical condition and inhaled deeply.

And his chest was intact. Conversely, his back curled up with the breath he spat out and seemed to grow in just an instant.

Kenichi slowly opens his eyes. His red eyes shine stronger than before. He looked around the beauties surrounding him and soon grins with a fearless, wicked expression.

“Is-is he okay?”

“Nooo! Kenichi-samaaa!!”

“…He, he is fine…”

Seven of the eight women release a voice of relief, while one cling to Kenichi sitting down on the bed. It was Risa who was embracing Kenichi and had her sobbing face on Kenichi´s chest.

(…Th-that’s impossible… ev-evolution?)

Only Noriko isn’t like them and tries to understand what she saw with her own eyes, and she is astonished by her conclusion. She remembers the knowledge she has learned from “SHADO” and chills run through her whole body, and she gets goose bumps.

A wicked devil cannot exist in the normal world as a spirit body. It can only exist in this world by fusing with a human who offers energy to the devil. The devil offers his magic to the human host and helps him gather energy. A human and a devil who fused are in a symbiosis state in this way.

Devils are divided into lower, intermediate and upper devils by their wave strength that is their magic power. Although some definitions are vague, the wave range is limited for a lesser devil, and an intermediate devil can influence around ten people at the same time. An upper devil rarely appears, but it is said that the range of its magical power can influence several hundred.

However, more terrible than an upper devil is a evolved devil.

Originally a so-called evolution that improves the ability of a devil doesn’t happen in the material world. However, a devil who evolved while being fused with a human happened once. SHADO was able to remove the evolved devil found in Denmark 12 years ago when it became an intermediate before it went out of control, but it would become a terrible situation if the devil were left unattended. Anyway, the energy which becomes the food of a devil is different from the spirit world and exists in the material world inexhaustibly.

“Aaaaa!! Papaaaa!!! It is pleasant…”

The orgy restarts on the bed and Kenichi is violating his 12-year-old daughter while laughing. Ramming his meat sword inside her young vagina, enrapturing Risa in the pain and pleasure.

“Aaaa!! Papaa! Papaa!! Risa… Risa is cuummiinngg!!!”

He has sex with an intensity that forces this middle school student to reach climax. As soon as the pleasure wave of Risa opened, the other six women in the surrounding started to pant at once, too.

“Aaaa! Amazing!! I, I´m feeelliinng iitt!!”

“Ahiiiii!! So goood!”

“Wh-why! Why me…AAAA! Cuummiinng!!”

The energy wave that is like a whirlpool wraps up all eight people, before it settling down and being absorbed inside Kenichi.

(…Th-that’s impossible…. Did he really evolve?)

The strength of his wave has clearly increased. Even without a wave measuring instrument here, Noriko knows that he has reached the intermediate level. According to Kenichi’s state a short while ago, there is only one possibility that can explain this phenomenon.

(In, in this…case, the evolution…is a demon king in this case…)

For this impossible situation caused by SHADO, Noriko shudders this time.

That means the fact that the probability of this miracle with odds of 1/10000 has already happened twice. During the time humanity existed until now, there was no one who has met the ultimate devil twice.

(Impossible…Impossible…. A demon king evolution…)

The cackling and chuckling on the bed, vanished from her head as if it’s an event in a distant country. Instead, she hears a harsh and solid voice from the head’s inside.

Noriko doesn’t notice the sound that causes her back to shiver and her teeth to chatter.

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