Inma no Hado chapter 133

Inma no Hado chapter 133: Everyday is changing



During biology class.

The teacher ‘s explanation is echoing in the quiet classroom. The voice is settled low and it is strange that there aren’t so much voices, but the back seats are clearly heard. Why is it so comfortable just by listening to that voice?

Until six months ago, the science teacher was invisible and no one paid any attention to him. Even when he started his classes, all girls acted on their own and continued talking with each other. Everyone disregarded him like air and didn’t pay a piece of interest or attention to his existence.

But now all the girls in this classroom are staring at the science teacher with charmed eyes. As if he was an idol, they gazed at him and only concentrated on listening to his voice. Thanks to that, everyone got better in science, which was a by-product in a sense.

No, “everyone” isn’t accurate.

There is a female student watching at the teacher with hateful eyes. Her short glossy black hair matches her cool and intelligent beauty. She is tall and has a slim body.

This student is second year student Rimi Makino, who is staring at her hateful opponent who insulted her. Inside her eyes you can see the fire of hate rising and the question if Midou-sensei noticed.

(I’m not gonna let that happen again…)

After school. Kenichi who knew that Rimi was doing a lesbian play with Eriko Hanai who is a junior at the track field club threatened her with a video and pictures of the surveillance camera. That’s why Rimi was obliged to obey him so that he doesn’t tell her strict parents and so she served him by doing a forced oral service for a week.

She was called to the science preparation room where no one is present and was made to have a ugly and bizarre penis in her mouth. Midou-sensei treated her mouth as if it was a toy and used it as much as he likes and ejaculated plentiful.

Originally speaking, it is the seed that she sowed herself, but she can’t forgive this pervert teacher for what he did. Although Rimi thought about consulting with her friends several times, the image of Eriko appeared and she thought she can endure this even if she can’t talk to anyone. And she was fortunate that it was only for a short time and as promised, he didnt reveal her secret.

(According to my eyes…)

Rimi just remembers that obscene act.

The ugly and dirty genital that erected like a new creature in front of her. It was swallowed and ruled over the inside of her mouth as it wanted and even poured a lot of semen into her body. The peculiar smell and bitterness spread through her mouth and nose and she often was about to vomit.

This was an unbearable humiliation for this 17-year old girl. Rimi was used like a tool in the processing of that middle-aged man’s desire and continued to endure it until the end because she didn’t wanted to accept defeat.

(…However, why recently…)

However, for a while now, that pervert teacher hadn’t contacted her. Even though she was called everyday and being humiliated in the past.

(Is there no longer any use?)

Of course this situation is a happiness for Rimi. If she is possible to return to her normal life as it is, there is nothing better than that. She was frightened to be deprived of her purity, but it could be avoided.

(As it is…without anything…)

Although it was Rimi that thought so, she feels that her chest is heavy. Her mood that she couldn’t explain even herself has been different from before. She doesn’t know why, but she is frustrated.

(Kuu!! He’s such a man…selfish…playing with me as he likes…)

When she noticed, she thinks the same thing again. While emitting a hateful flame from her eyes, she continues looking at the science teacher more than anyone else in the classroom. Rimi can’t even stop watching at his crotch.

(Doing such a terrible thing……stop it quickly?)

Perhaps he didnt contacted her, because he found a girl who replaced herself. It seems that the rumors about Honda-sensei and Yoshikawa-sensei might be true and Rimi wonders if they do the same service as she did.

But right now, her body is burning hot.

(I, I can not forgive that!! Absolutely, I can not forgive!!!)

At first glance it is a hot feeling of justice, but she is like all women who have fallen victim to Kenichi´s fangs. Rimi is still too young in order for her to understand the real meaning behind it.



Responsible for the special division “SHADO” of the Tokyo Police Department is Reiko Arisawa who was in trouble. It is not her job. This cool and superior beauty is suffering from a private matter.

(What should I do…what should I do…)

She got an email just now. The content was very unfriendly. She shall go to the usual bar at eight tonight, at first glance, there’s nothing wrong with that. However, Reiko who understands the meaning of the mail sighed while seeing the name of the sender.

She already had sex three times since the affair started with the man named Saito who she met in a bar. She was badly drunk at the first time, but not for the second or third time. She clearly agreed on her own to have a relationship.

(Today…today is not good…)

These three times so far was when her husband was away from home. She was invited by Saito when her husband was on a business trip abroad or at a domestic conference. Since her two sons are elementary school students and are not at home on weekdays, no one is hindering her.

But today is different. Today is her son ‘s birthday, the whole family is supposed to have a small party at home for the first time after a long time. For that reason has she prepared the favorite dinner of her son since yesterday and only today did she and her husband promised to come early than normal.

(It’s impossible today…absolutely…)

Reinko can’t break her promise to her husband and sons. Of course she also can’t betray her husband anymore.

The reason is reasonably clear from the viewpoint of reason. To ignore such emails and go home as scheduled. Dropping by the pastry shop, she buys the reserved cake and goes home to her family. It is commonplace for everyone to understand such a thing.

However, even at the Tokyo Police Department, does this elite beauty suffer.

(…However…ah…such a thing…)

The memories of being embraced three times revive vividly and melt her mind. The narcotic pleasure that even melts the core of her body remained as hot scratches in every corner of her body.

Saito´s stout penis. An unbelievably huge weapon entered Reiko´s secret flower and raged many times as if it discovered an unknown world. This intense and destructive sex with that man let her realize that the sex with her husband is death. Reiko who didn’t know someone else than her husband was drawn into an unprecedented pleasure hell and was made to experience such intense experience that her head and body seem to be on different sides.

(Nooo…again…so much…)

Just recalling the fellowship with Saito makes Reiko´s lower part become burning hot. Her narrow vagina is also aching already and other body parts respond instantly. Her nipples rubs sharply against her bra cups and create sweet pain. Even her flower comes into contact with her panty and let the entrance open so that sweet nectar could overflow.

(Why…Why am I…)

To the fact that her body has changed completely, this pretty police chief seems to be dizzy with despair and irritation.

Recently she masturbates every night to comfort her burning body. At that time she remembers the sexual intercourse with Saito and got into estrus at home or the office instantly. It is a condition reflection like Pavlov’s dog. As days pass since the last meeting, does the hot and deep desire steadily accumulate.

(Aaaa…I want to see him…but…but…)

Reiko really wants to see Saito. She knows what will happen if they meet, but her inner desire moves and motivates her ripe body and unsatisfied passion. However, she has a family, husband and children. Today is her son´s birthday, the most important day spend with the family.

Reiko is quarreled between reason and desire, while the desire increases rapidly and steadily. Her ripe female body who has already remembered the face and smell of Saito has already run wild.

(Ne, Next time…I dont know when the next time will be…)

The problem is that Saito isn’t at bar every day. Even though he would like to see Reiko, he can’t meet her often because of his work. But today he contacted Reiko who has time to neglect even her family’s promise.

(I don’t know what to do, but…)

She can meet her family anytime. If she care for that, they can do this at the weekend. If she break her promise with her son today, she can correct it if they stay together all the time on Saturday. Both sons are familiar with Reiko and usually spend a lot of time on weekends together as they cannot meet during weekdays.

(Tomorrow…surely tomorrow…)

It is an excuse for herself rather than an excuse for her son. This defense is obviously a false defense against her reason that desperately restrains her.


Reiko makes a hot sigh. The flame of lust is already lit behind her eyes and sweet pheromones drifts from her body. Even if that state isn’t seen, it is clearly visible.

This married woman who was a villain licked her lips with her long tongue and writing an email with an excuse to her husband and sons.



Eiji Shirato was angry.

(Damn it!! What a cancer!!)

He is calling and mailing since yesterday, but nobody answers. This is the first time that this happened. In any case, he couldn’t get in touch with all his women who would handle his desire as soon as possible.

Those women are entertainers, announcers and beautiful butterflies of the night shops. All of them are exquisite beauties selected by Shirato and who have the highest graded face and body. All of them were captivated by Shirato’s sex and drowned in pleasure like drugs, so when he calls them normally, they always come whenever he wants.

(Why, is no one replying!!)

There are 8 women who he has regular relationships with right now. All of them can´t be contacted at all since last night. Every night he would switch between his women to release his desire and to embrace their sweet bodies. However, Shirato is exploding with anger inside his living room.

He already has sent many mails and made phone calls. Usually, there would have been a reply or return call soon afterwards. These beautiful women are crazy about Shirato’s technique and penis and always want to see him, so they should respond immediately.

However no matter how many times he tried to contact them, there was no reply. When he got up, did Shirato take out a 25 year old bottle of McCarran and pour it into a glass with ice before starting drinking.

(If so, shall I also call Yuki…)

He remembers the body of the club mama who is the mistress of Terashima who is his boss. Three days ago he embraced her at his home, but just remembering that superb body and meat jar, let his black desire erupt again.

There is only one problem. Today Terashima has a dinner party with executives at a restaurant, but he may come to Yuki´s store afterwards. Shirato who thought for a while sits deeply onto his sofa when he tries to contact her if Terashima will come tonight, but he only send a mail.



『Ding Dong』

The doorbell rang.

(Who is it? At this hour…)

Shirato seemed to have fallen asleep. He rises from the sofa while shaking his head and confirms the visitor with the interphone attached to the kitchen. It was an unexpected figure that was reflected on the small black and white screen.

(Yano and Kawasaki? Why are they here?)

Those two are members of the Genkai group like Shirato. His watch says it’s 10 PM. There is no prior notification at such time, so why do these two people come to the apartment where he lives.

『It’s me…. You’re looking at the monitor, right? Open the door』

Yano talks through the interphone with a somewhat obscure manner. Shirato had a bad feeling, but he can’t ignore these men. That’s why he went to the entrance and opened the steel door.

Naturally, two men stood there as he saw on the screen. Both of them are wearing a black long coat and have short hair. Their eyes are cold and not friendly like usual.

“Hey, Shirato. It’s been a while”

Yano opens his mouth again. His tone was gentle on the surface, but somewhat sharp too. Kawasaki who stands next to him silently only stares at Shirato. Shirato looks increasingly disgusting when seeing those two who are known as militant factions in their organization without hiding their inner hostility.

“We need to talk. Come with me to the office”

It is requested as a form, but of course the content is a order. Yano talks coldly with a commanding tone. Kawasaki already has strained his body and clearly understood that Shirato’s eyes are looking around.

“Understood. Please wait a minute until I dressed myself”

Saying so, he closed the door. Shirato who returned to his room thinks a little in the room.

He doesn’t know the situation well, but their purpose is clear. Something caused him to offend the headquarters. He doesn’t know exactly what it was, but it won’t be a small matter because those two came.

(I would like to go straight as it is…. Or…)

Shirato quickly turning his head, but after finally wearing his clothes when made up a conclusion, did he thrusts necessary things into his pocket.

As it is, he walked to the veranda opposite to the door. When opening the window and going out to the veranda, the coldness of the winter night affects his body which began to heat up. The wind blows into the room on the 8th floor of a 10-store apartment which is slightly mixed with the tide odor of Tokyo Bay.

Shirato quickly jumped over the fence and danced himself in the darkness of the night.

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