Inma no Hado chapter 140

Inma no Hado chapter 140: Board of directors



The day of the board meeting.

Yamaji the managing executive director of Ellis all girls high school has been nervous all the time for this day. Today is the time to resolve the long-standing discussion and decide to relocate the school.

For that he has prepared carefully. Plotting with Terashima’s secretary Shirato, they killed chairman Aikawa and made managing director Kawano become unconscious with ICP. Yoko Aikawa who became the new chairman is also blackmailed by Yamaji with a lot of embarrassing pictures so that she doesn’t betray him and that’s because she is captivated by having sex with Shirato.

There are five members belonging to the board of directors except for Kawano who is hospitalized, the other four people are present. Yoko and the two other directors are nevertheless doctrinal and are accessories that have neither a degree nor the courage to criticize himself. In the unlikely event, that it’s the same vote, Yoko who is the chairman makes the final decision.

The Board of Directors begins at 2 p.m. and is first digested from regular matters. During the meeting that is progressing indiscriminately, Yamaji occasionally sees Yoko who sat in front of him diagonally.

This beautiful married woman who will be 42 years old this year looks 10 years younger now. She hasn’t given birth to a child yet, so her proportions are outstanding and her attractive curves can be seen even from the supreme engine colored suit fitted for her body.

However, in the past, the eyes of Yamaji were somewhat empty in order to see Yoko’s licking expression. And even though he wanted to have this superbly plump body as much as possible, he has no desire for it anymore.

The reason was clear. He was concerned about his wife and his interest in other women faded.

Since swapping, he has fucked her every day. On that day, after seeing his wife who is fucked by a man named Kasukabe over the window, he has an unusual degree of obsession.

Yamaji was curious about his wife and ceased to meet Emi. Even though it was really the purpose, what his wife showed with another man was too shocking.

He never meet that man again, but the fact that Yumiko was held by that man still doesn’t disappear. Yamaji cannot change the fact that his wife was embraced for almost a whole day. The past cannot be erased anymore.

(Shit!! Shit!!)

Even if he regrets it, it is already too late. Originally he involved his wife. He won’t be able to blame himself for Yumiko who has been accustomed to a completely hateful act in just one day.


“The final agenda for today is about the matter of relocating this school”

The moment chairman Yoko tells so, Yamaji whose head was fully occupied with his wife will certainly concentrate on the meeting. Terashima, who is a congressman has been strongly kept in mind this time to ensure that the Board of Directors goes well and even after having already arranged personnel and placing orders for necessary materials, he is doing a huge investment. If they can’t decide about the relocation here, a tremendous debt will occur.

“First of all, managing director Yamaji. Could you please explain the story again?”

Being nominated, Yamaji stands up. Because it was the content described by the board twice so far, he explains it without stagnation.

Explaining how the vast lands in the suburbs of Tokyo are naturally blessed and an optimal place for students’ education and considering the economic burden as well as the gains on the sale of the current land. Although the estimated selling price is extremely cheap, in fact it is sold with an extraordinary fee added to it.

“This is the third time of the agenda. There was an accident last time, but this time we can vote”

Yoko looks around the three directors and says so. Yamaji who is convinced of his victory is full of confidence and waits for it to be decided now.

“Then, if you agree with this case, that is for those who agree with the relocation, please raise your hand”

That moment came. Raising his hands quickly and seeing the surroundings.


However, the other three people don’t raise their hands. Yamaji who is unable to swallow the situation, just raise his hands. He can’t understand what is going on.

“Now, let’s review just in case. For those opposed to the relocation”

After Yoko said so the two directors raised their hands. And just a little later, Yoko who is the chairman also raises his hand.

“Wh, What!!”

Yamaji is speechless.

“So, the board rejected the relocation. All right, everyone”

The voice of Yoko which was indifferently sounded and the two other directors nod at each other. This remark is recorded by an IC recorder and it is used as testimony at a later date.

“Wait! Wait a moment!! Wa, wait!”

Yamaji raised a loud voice in panic. The three remaining members however, looked at Yamaji puzzled

“What’s the matter? Managing director Yamaji. This was officially rejected. The resolution on the procedures, there should be no problem in particular?”

Yoko speaks in a calm voice that shows her dignity as chairman. Her expression is intelligent and cool enough that you can’t think she was charmed the other day. Originally she had experience of long-time company executives and experienced such scrubbing stations, so she is also familiar dealing with humans who express their emotions during a meeting like Yamaji.

“That’s ridiculous! That must be a mistake!”

Yamaji shouts loudly and unintentionally. Once the relocation returns to a blank page, a huge investment will be wasted. Of course there is no doubt that it will touch the inverse scales of Terashima.

“Chairman. I have a suggestion for an urgent motion”

Director Shinjo who is one of the other directors interrupted the crazy Yamaji. This thin man never speaks at the Board of Directors. He seems to be a former teacher, but basically a man who should be quiet like a herbivorous animal tries to speak on his own.

“I would like to propose the expulsion of Yamaji-san from the board of directors”
“Wh, What!”

To the development that he had never thought, Yamaji becomes frustrated.

“Are you joking! What are you talking about!”

Yamaji S anger further exploded. His bald head is colored red with excitement and anger.

“Keep quiet, managing director Yamaji!! Director Shinjo, please continue”

When Yoko calmly but unequivocally talks, Shinjo-san began to explain in front of everyone.

“Yes, this is what I found out with Edogawa-san…”

So when Shinjo begins to speak and starts talking, it seems he had prepared something in advance and five papers are delivered in front of Yoko and Yamaji by the other director Edogawa.

“The details are summarized in this document, but we found out that managing director Yamaji uses the relocation of the school to obtain profit for his own company”

Yamaji cannot understand the meaning of these words. But without worrying about such a thing, Shinjo-san keeps talking confidently.

In short, the explanation is about last year when the renovation work of the gymnasium was undertaken by Yamaji’s company and he didn’t do what was contracted, but got stuffed with material cost and personnel expenses and earned extra profit accordingly.

“Are you stupid! I worked properly! Where is the evidence?”

While arguing, does Yamaji has foam around his mouth. But even watching the screaming Yamaji, Shinjo doesn’t change his expression. His face is expressionless, and emotions are missing. Just like being manipulated by something.

“We got the evidence about it. I got the internal material of your company through a certain route and the details of the construction are clearly written here”
“What are you talking about! I have never seen such a document and I am doing my job as contracted!!”

Of course there is no mistake because it is the content that Yamaji instructed, but still he can’t accept it absolutely, so he desperately wants to explain it.

“We also looked into it. We asked a third-party auditing company to confirm that it was a shoddy conclusion”

Edogawa-san hands out another piece of paper. On the cover page is stated as “Design Entry Audit Report for Ellis all girls high school’s gymnasium”, and the name of the auditing company is stated. Yoko begins to look at it and Yamaji is now trembling with his whole body.

“We also got the testimony of former employees, which means that it was an instruction of director Yamaji”
“Wha, what are you saying! I don’t know! I don’t know!”

Yamaji tries to deny it until the end. However, considering this situation, he fully realize that the entire outer moat is already buried and there is no escape.

“Ah, managing director Yamaji. As you can see, if you come to trial on this matter, your statement today and its proceedings will also be submitted as evidence. In that case, if you tell a false story, the judge’s impression is also bad”

As a former lawyer, Edogawa calmly tells so. The fixed targets, some of which are the remarks of this meeting are recorded by the IC recorder.

(Tr, Trial…? Impression?)

Yamaji is upset after hearing those words. The inside of his head becomes pure white and his mind stops without thinking anything.

“So shall we vote on the motion of director Shinjo? If you are in favor of the expulsion of executive director Yamaji, please raise your hand”

While looking at the three hands in front of him, Yamaji-san panics with excitement, anger and upset, so that he couldn’t understand what is going on right now.



“Aaa…more, it gets harder…aaa!!!”

Yoko who wears a dark crimson two-piece suit is panting while being violated from the back at her office desk while standing. The finger with her wedding ring placed on the desk is strongly held and discolored white. You really would wonder if this is her workplace, the campus of a young lady high school. Yoko sticks out her hips next with her hands on the sturdy desk and being raped while wearing clothes.

Her tight skirt is rolled up to her waist and a raging meat spear entered from the side of her black sexy panty into her wet vagina. The penis that got wet with honey juice unexpectedly pushes Yoko´s hole and spreads it out.

“Kuhuuuuu!!! Huuuuuuu!!!”

As the man responds to Yoko’s request, he pushes up his waist from the back and this beautiful wife screams strongly. Her hair is tied up and she wore her black glasses, so it’s hard to see her lewd expression.

Kenichi Midou, the science teacher at Ellis all girls high school ruminate the results of today’s Board of Directors and is thinking about the future, while having sex with the chairman.


Kenichi raped Yoko who was caught by Shirato and liberated her from his spell, while at the same time he made her one of his sex prisoner around one week ago. Although this wife who had disappeared and had resisted with her body initially, she still succumbed to the magical power of Kenichi´s intermediate Inma and made her finally crazy about the unprecedented pleasure in the end.

Kenichi ‘s red tentacles gathered with an overwhelming power and like a wolf attacking a lost wounded lamb, they covered Yoko´s body at the chairman’s office at school.

In addition, it was inevitable for the results of today’s Board of Directors to be so, without Noriko who used her hypnotism skills on director Shinjo and director Edogawa to put them under control. At the same time, using the evidence gathered by Arisa and Masako´s investigation, they were able to dismiss Yamaji-san from the Board of directors which is under Kenichi´s rule now.

(Well, it is not like this…)

The revenge on Yamaji isn’t over yet. Kenichi can never forgive the crime of making his uncle his benefactor unconscious. He is ready for that and gradually tightens the trap.

Of course, the other mastermind Shirato was also removed and even imposing sanctions on the representatives who are the masterminds. Shirato disappeared and is pursued by the Genkai group who get help from Arisa, Noriko and Masako.

Kenichi also passed evidence of Yuki Yamaoka´s and Shirato’s affair to congressman Terashima. Setting a voyeur camera up in Yuki’s apartment and sending the videos to Terashima´s office, the furious Terashima commanded the Genkai group to punish Shirato with severe punishment.


“Aaah…hey…hey, moree…harder…”

Yoko who was impatient with Kenichi who doesn’t move, begs with a sweet voice while turning around. While doing so, she shakes her hips greedily to get some stimulation.

The inside of Yoko is the highest pleasure organ that God gave and Kenichi ‘s penis is in the interior entangled. Not only her husband but also many men became crazy from this vagina. If it is Kenichi from half a year ago, he would have ejaculated the moment he entered.

“Chairman. I need to go to class now, please don’t stick like that”

While grinning and laughing, Kenichi calmly says so and sucks on Yoko´s white scruff to mark her with kiss marks. While admiring the great structure of her hole, he fully massage her breasts from the top of her blouse with his hands extended from behind. The cervix which came down in search of semen is pushed up by Kenichi´s huge meat hammer.

“Higuuuuu!!! Aahiiiiiii!!!!”

Shaking her whole body, Yoko becomes completely absorbed by the pleasure created by the Inma. Her 42-year-old ripe body responds to the desires and greets that pleasure greedily while showing a madness that will never be shown to her husband.

“Aaaa!!! Ikuuuu!!! Cummiinnggg!!!! Hiiii!!!”

Along with acme’s attacks, Yoko´s vagina that never gave birth shrinks violently. The sphincter of the entrance contracts sharply and covers the root, so that the entire vagina hole swells and handles the intruder.

In that moment Yoko´s sex energy flushes into Kenichi’ s body. It goes through his body and eventually becomes a ball and is taken into the black bruise on his penis, which is the home of Kenichi´s Inma.

That feeling activates at that moment. All senses become tremendously sharp and let him see the whole world. It is like a illusion that he was the ruler of the world.

(With this, this school is mine…)

The black wave released from Kenichi ‘s body spread throughout the school and centered on the chairman’s office located in the center of the school building.

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