Inma no Hado chapter 146

Inma no Hado chapter 146: Female Announcer



Higashio Kaori is walking swiftly through the lobby of a designated hotel while suppressing her feelings.

That’s where many people are. She looks down and go to the elevator as inconspicuous as possible so as not to attract people’s eyes. Because she wears a hat and glasses, it is not possible to understand who she is and it is still not overboard.

Her face is known to people all over the country, because she is moderating the morning TV-programm.

Her explosive popularity and the fame as a announcer are a problem for her now. Moreover, if it is an outing of the purpose like today, it is not possible to be able to see her real face even more. The people of weekly photo magazines aim at her and you don’t know when and where they are.

And the moment Kaori was alone in the elevator, she finally was relieved. At the same time hot desire rises from her lower body and she wants to go to the targeted floor as soon as possible.
She had no skinship for about a month now and her body is desiring it.


Kaori, a popular female announcer, was raped by Shirato Eiji at a charity party from a big politician. Kaori, who was hired as the moderator, was lured into a hotel room after the party was over and was raped by brute force.

Shirato who had gotten used raping women, played with her until morning though she resisted desperately because Kaori has a husband. During that time did Shirato took pictures of it and forced Kaori to respond to his calls whenever he wants.

At first it was a violation and threatening relationship. However, while being fucked many times did Kaori drowned in pleasure and told her husband lies when there was a call and she went to met the person she should usually hate.

Today, she got a message again from Shirato after a long interval. There was no contact at all for about one month and because she had endured the thirst of her body, she didn’t think twice and started to come immediately.

However, the room specified this time isn’t the usual double room, but the luxury premium suite on the top floor, that’s why Kaori feels excitement and embarrassment to something different from the usual. It has been a year and a half since she became Shirato´s woman, but it was the first time in a month that there was no contact between them and Kaori was aware of the yearning of her crotch. The sexy underwear which she bought for this meeting are of a bold design that even her husband doesn’t know. It was found in a lingerie shop when she visited Paris because of an interview and she bought it as the role of a mistress.

As usual, when she entered the penthouse using the card key that she received at the reception, there was no one in the big drawing room and four glasses of wine and a glass of beer were placed on the table.

(…Eh? Wh, Why…?)

Kaori thought that she was in the wrong room for a moment, but at that moment she felt like as if she could hear a lady’s sweet voice from the bedroom.


(Wh, Who…? Eiji-san…?)

As she approaches the bedroom, does she try to look inside through the door shadow. At the moment when Kaori thought that she could see the bed a little, was her hand grasped by an extending hand from the shadow and Kaori was dragged into the bedroom.


Unexpectedly screaming, her body stiffs.

“Amazing! Higashio Kaori really came…”

The woman who took Kaori´s hand is laughing at Kaori and looks like a child who found a friend when playing hide and seek. That woman with a pretty face is about the same age as Kaori when you look closely.

“Aaa!! Again, Agaaiiinnn!! Higuuuuu!!!!”

Kaori started to observe the bed after hearing the panting voice of a woman and the woman who showed her back is embracing a man on the bed and receives a great wave of ecstasy now. The woman who has sex while still wearing her clothes is still tasting tremendous pleasure, so that even her body trembles.


To this unexpected incident, this pretty announcer can not move. During that moment did the beautiful woman in front of Kaori took out handcuffs and put them on Kaori´s hands.


Kaori fearly tried to remove it, but it is not a toy, but a real one which cant be removed without a key, no matter how much Kaori struggles. Next the beauty who robs the freedom of Kaori´s hands puts out a black collar and put it around Kaori´s neck before forcing her to sit next to the bed.


At that time, Kaori realized that another beautiful woman with a black collar and handcuff like herself sitting on the floor a short distance away. This woman also noticed Kaori, but she quickly returned her eyes and gazed at the union on the bed.

Kaori tried to open her mouth and call for help, but she noticed that she couldn’t issue a tone. Next she tries to raise her voice but nothing comes out and Kaori started to panic.

“Huhuhu…. It’s useless to call for help…. The collar is special and when you try to raise a loud voice, your voice doesnt come out…. When you speak normally, you will hear your voice”

The woman who handcuffed Kaori smiles thinly and speaks happily to Kaori, who hasn’t swallowed the situation yet.

This pretty woman is wearing a black tight skirt and a white blouse. At first glance she looks like a secretary of a big company, but her appearance diverges intensely and she is inconvenient to work at a company.

The white blouse that covers her upper body is so thin that you can see the purple lace bra that completely encloses a huge chest that pushes up the blouse. The lingerie that digested the greasy body shows the softness of the meat and it is an incredible view even for Kaori. The hip curve indicated by the tight skirt faces upwards and the upper end of the seam stockings which can be seen from the slit of the thighs stand out of sexyness.

“Aaaa…, unbearable…. Amaazziingg!!”

On the side where Kaori was sitting, did the woman who has sex in the woman on top position continue to raise a joyful voice. She steadily shakes her back and hips to receive more pleasure.

A body conscious dress stuck to her body and is wound up to her waist so that white hips are exposed. Looking closely, the woman’s arms were also handcuffed behind the back and a black leather collar was wrapped around the neck.

Kaori thought that the man was Shirato at first, but she immediately noticed that the atmosphere was different. That man is leaning against the bed board and buries his face in the chest of the woman, so Kaori cannot clearly see his appearance, but it seemed that he was about the same age as Kaori.

“Wh, Who! Who are you guys!”

Suddenly Kaori could say something, when she talks in a normal tone. The beautiful woman who handcuffed Kaori turned around and started smiling and grinning.

“Huhuhu…. You don’t need to get nervous, Kaori-san. Or is it better to call you Kaolin as you´re called by everyone?”

That woman turns behind Kaori and places her hands on Kaori´s shoulder and talks into her ear. Even if Kaori´s tries to resist, she has no strength in her body.

“You’re trembling…. Hehehe, cute…”

When the beautiful woman confirms the appearance of Kaori, did she licks her crimson lips with her tongue.

“Hey, Kenichi-samaa…. Can I play a little with this announcer?”

The beautiful woman turns her hands forward from behind towards Kaori´s chest and strokes it, while saying so.

“Hiiii!! Nooooo!!”

Kaori tries to escape by twisting her body, but she can’t do anything.

“Don’t overdo it”

“I understand. For Kenichi-sama, I’ll making you ready…”

Saying that, the pretty woman makes sure of Kaori ‘s chest size.

“Noo! Stopp!! Don’t touch mee!!”

Kaori is tasting the caress of another woman for the first time in her life. She desperately screams out of fear and disgust, while remembering that horrible feeling. But her body can’t resist by all means and she need to endure that her body is played with as that woman wants. Kaori is so frightened in this state that her head is spinning from a too strong shock.

“Higashio Kaori, you have a unexpectedly big chest. Looking slender in clothes”

While ten fingers examine the chest of Kaori, does the beautiful woman reports to the man on the bed. Kaori´s body is getting hot from shame and the wonderful caress.

“Huhuhu…. After all I wonder if your husband is loved by you? Or perhaps you are pretty fine to have a cheating party like Shirato…?”

Why does this woman know her secret? Kaori forgets about the circumstances and her mind is upset, because everyone in this room is forced to know the secret that should never be known.

“I, I know what you came here for. So, you came to look for sex with that yakuza man? You wanted to be held for the first time in a long time, so you brought your excited body here to have sex right?”

Kaori is speechless and the beautiful woman continues further.

“If they know that a famous woman like Kaori has an affair with an tattooed gangster and hides it from her husband, all news and weekly magazine would be happy…”


At that moment Kaori, who has her nipples teased from above the bra and was disturbed by the stimulation raised a high voice.

“Oh dear…you’re sensitive. I wonder if you’ve accumulated so far…or was it completely developed by Shirato?”

Kaori´s chest is still massaged, while that woman continues to whisper into her ear. Her head gets hotter and hotter and her mind stops thinkings. A heat wave spreads from her crotch to her whole body along with the stimulation from her chest.

“You’re really mean, aren’t you? Your husband is only allowed by using a rubber, while that gangster does it raw? What were you going to do when you got pregnant? Huhuhu…”

Why does this woman know everything? It was clarified that absolutely no one knows about it and Kaori is full of despair now. Net that woman´s hands entered her blouse and reached even under her bra.

Shirato didn’t use any contraceptive device at all since he raped Kaori and ignored her who pleads him to use a rubber and ejaculate outside of her vagina, while he enjoyed it to cum inside her vagina. Kaori who got accustomed to that way is supposed to feel dark pleasure despite being disgusted with the feeling of a huge penis shivering in the womb that can not be tasted by her husband.

“Then, what would happen if your husband knew you were refusing him but you’d be happy to drink that gangster´s semen?”

At that moment Kaori, who has already her nipples teased responded to the sturdy pleasure current and that woman’s word of ruin, before screaming and shivering with her body. The mixed stimulation with guilt, tranquility and fear gives a dark and deep pleasure at the same time as this married woman was caught in a swamp of desire.

“You betrayed your husband with such a lovely face… Don’t you think he is pity?”
“Yes…. I´m sorry…”

Kaiori apologized to anyone for her sin and she remembered the pleasure of having her crotch soaking wet.

(Huhuhu…a pervert announcer with plenty of masochism… Kenichi is pleased.)

To see through the shameful propensity that can not be said to anyone of this popular announcer, Noriko further deepened the caress.



How much time has passed.

“Ahiiii!! Aaaaa!! Again, not gooooddd!!”

Higashio Kaori, a famous announcer gives a high voice to the feeling of ecstasy, thanks to the skillful caressing of Aoyama Noriko who is accustomed to such a lesbian act.

“After all…. Huhuu, you need to wait a little. Be patient”

Noriko like a demon stops caressing when Kaori was about to cum and repeats it many times. Kaori who kept up with ecstasy will gradually become crazy.

Before Kaori came here, her body was starving for pleasure. Honey nectar is already overflowing and she cant even endure it anymore.

“Noo! Why…. This is disgusting! More, more! Please, let me come!!”

This married announcer who repeatedly repeats the same thing completely bloomed and finally raises a call to the unknown woman. It is the appearance of the desire of a beautiful wife and the shout of a female who is captured by pleasure.

A woman who knew the sweetness of a fruit can not withstand it when her nipples are teased and her chest is massaged since a while ago.

“Not good…. If you want it, then please ask Kenichi-sama”

While praising the nasty light in Kaori’s big black eyes, Noriko confirmed the weakening condition of the prey, before deepening the cunning and spiteful caress further.

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