Inma no Hado chapter 155

Inma no Hado chapter 155: Endless desire



“Aa…ii…. Wonderful…”

Kenichi and the new teacher, Momoi Ayumi face each other at the face-woman on top position on the reception sofa in the chairman’s office.

Ayumi with a gorgeous face is pierced deeply from the side of her flashy designed panty while wearing clothes and continues to raise a joyful voice while shaking her waist. Under the curled up skirt, everything is soaking wet and a lewd water sound can be heard.

“Ah, cum! Cummingg!”

Moving her waist herself, Ayumi rubs against the glans that protrudes inside her secret hole and her whole body trembles from the couples of orgasm. For other men, Ayumi´s pussy with an excellent structure is so incredible that they cum the moment they enter inside, but Kenichi is different and he plays with Ayumi´s breasts that are covered by a bra.

Meanwhile, the sex energy that was released by Ayumi is bioenergetic energy and is absorbed as the food of the Incubus that fused with Kenichi. An Incubus let the opposite sex reach ecstasy and absorbs the exhaled bioenergy.

The absorbed energy is also distributed to the host, Kenichi and Kenichi feels that energy caught in his body every time he takes care of Ayumi. His penis erected fully inside Ayumi´s pussy and even when he cums it doesn’t lose its hardness.

Furthermore, as the energy activates, the Inma´s magical power develops, and it turns out that Kenichi’s perception becomes more and more sensitive. It spreads like a radar in every direction centered from Kenichi, and it can sense events that can not be understood by human eyes and ears.

For example, Shiho is licking the joint part and Junko is sticking to him from the side are near and there is no one around the chairman’s office and only three male teachers are in the staff room. All of that is understood by the super sense which spread like a radar and that the male teachers are making rumors of the new pretty female teachers Ayumi and Shiho who entered this year.

“Aah…. Ayumi´s juice has dripped down…”

Shiho, who squatted down on the floor, is facing the joint part of Kenichi and Ayumi. She sucks the sweet liquid dripping down the joint part and licks it clean.

Shiho who was told by a fortune teller that she is the reincarnation of the white snake is not a normal human. Similar to Kenichi, she is a half-devil who can use magic by fusing with an Inma. That ability is beyond a normal human, especially in sex she has a tremendous ability.

Shiho likes pervert oral service in particular and continues to suck for a long time if she is left alone. Shiho who is passionate and has skillful techniques continues sucking for 2 hours and has drunk Kenichi’s evil semen three times in the meantime.

“Aah, great…”

Once Kenichi released a big wave of the biggest ecstasy and made Ayumi faint at once, did he pulled out his penis from Ayumi´s pussy and his huge meat pillar appeared in front of Shiho ‘s eyes. It is embossed clearly and the love juice on the surface is awesome enough to strike a heavenly storm.

“Uuh, I will lick you…”

When Shiho gladly said so, she did not mind the honey fluids of her colleague and let her thin pink tongue roll over the dusky black surface. Shiho who licks and licks with a surprisingly long tongue seems to be really the reincarnation of a white snake with white skin.

“Aah…Kenichi-samaa…kiss me…”

Feeling left out from the fun for a moment, Junko cuddled up from the side and deeply kissed with Kenichi. Although she neglected Kenichi like air just a few months ago, she dedicated her body and mind to him already.


It was Junko who was also be called Madonna at this school, when Kenichi fused with the Incubus and she became the first chosen target. At that time Junko had an affair with an energetic and handsome preacher and secretly did not put Kenichi into her view of love.

Her big tits pushes up her clean blouse so that the male teachers called them mystic breasts. Moreover, the line continuing from there is troublesome enough to let you sigh and her waist which is only 56 cm is necked like a bee.

This English teacher with such a super body is now regarded as Kenichi’s possession and is the most faithful sex slave among all the beautiful women owned by Kenichi. If Kenichi want her body anywhere at anytime, as well as collaborating with other beautiful girls will also she will proceed at once. Moreover, even though she is a teacher, she is supposed to trap a female student that Kenichi aimed and even help to make her one of Kenichi´s girls.

“…Junko, your breasts have gotten bigger again, right?”

Kenichi grabs her clean blouse and big tits wrapped in a thin purple lace bra, before he buries his face in her soft and attractive meat hills. Sweet sweat and scent of perfume are mixed and pheromones which stimulates the animal desire of men is rising richly from the valley of her chest.

“Noooh, I don’t know…. Please check it yourself”

Hugging Kenichi´s face with her chest, while wearing silver rammed eyeglasses, this intelligent beauty raises a nice remark. With a gesture and facial expression that can not be thought of Junko who had high pride in the past, clearly shows that she belongs to Kenichi.

“Yes, it’s gotten bigger after all…”

Kenichi holds Junko’s breasts with great pleasure and enjoys the soft but crisp feeling. Compared to a married woman its soft and not worn out and it continues to protrude firmly without hanging down.

“It’s shameful…. Recently, my bra is so tight and I’m troubled…”

Junko´s cheeks become red by saying so. Actually she became more and more beautiful as her body became more ripe.

Not only Junko but also the other beauties have that in common. After being fucked by Kenichi, they all become more pretty and more beautiful, surprising the surrounding men. It is due to the magic sperm filled with the wave of the Inma and every time they repeatedly bathe or drink it, they all become more beautiful and more lascivious, while increasing their loyalty to Kenichi. This is the horror of Kenichi and with the Incubus, they change the bodies of all women in order to gain greater pleasure while at the same time gaining the ownership of the bodies and minds of those girls who are their energy sources.

Junko who has magic semen poured inside her womb for more than half a year has become more beautiful, her bust size got up, her waist becomes slimer and the structure of her vagina has also turned into a complicated and narrow creature. If Usami, her former lover, enters into Junko´s vagina now, he will cum immediately after a few pistons.

That outstanding body that you can understand even from the top of her clothes arouses the desires of any men. When Junko walks in town, every man turns around to her, making their groins hot just by looking at her figure. But of course Junko herself doesn’t show interest to other men at all and is dedicating everything to her beloved Kenichi who drives herself insane.


Junko with a dynamite body unlikely has an orgasm alone by having both breasts that protrude tightly caressed. If a sexually devious obsessor is involved, her ripe body feels a deep orgasm even with petting alone.

Meanwhile, Shiho, who sucked the crotch has kept doing a blowjob all the time and continues to suck hard while spitting out a lot of saliva.

“Aah, let me have a drink… Please let me drink, Kenichi-samaa…”

She is squeezing out the hot cream, while looking up at Kenichi with her slender eyes and Shiho desires a hot finger. A lot of men adore Shiho but she only caress Kenichi´s huge penis as if she lost her reason and she also started to massage his balls.

“Aah, today is also amazing…. My body is still melting…”

When the restless arm finally wakes up her body and keeps her eyes bowling, Junko finished clinging to Kenichi´s neck and replaces Shiho on the crotch before she swallowed the meat gun with her lipstick wearing lips.

All women who are doing such a nasty thing many times so far will spin Kenichi’s pleasures as they knew their respective roles.

Shiho deeply entangles her tongue and drinks sweet saliva. Meanwhile, her hands crawl on Kenichi ‘s chest and even a man´s sensitive nipple are gently stimulated. Her long tongue is like a living thing, intertwining with Kenichi’s tongue lewdly.

When Junko swallowed the glans head all the way into the mouth, she started to suck it obscenely. Her cheeks are crowded moving hard because she uses her tongue violently in her mouth. Junko who knows the weak points of Kenichi from her experiences persistently rubs her tongue around the neck of the gill and the seams. While doing so, she shakes her head up and down rubbing the glans with her tightly tight lips, with passion and skills that would make a professional woman ashamed.

Next Shiho crawls between Kenichi’s open legs and licks the lower part. She stimulates the scrotum by licking it with her tongue. Furthermore, she extends her tongue to Kenichi’s anus and skillfully caress it. At the same time, Ayumi clenches his balls with her fingers and rubbing by using her saliva that she applied before as lotion.

All three important parts of a man are stimulated by three sexy teachers.


Those threes who are good at sexual techniques are simultaneously teasing Kenichi who also raises a voice of pleasure. If it is an average guy, he will reach his limit in less than 10 seconds, even though it is a loser it is likely to lose control.

When grasping the breasts of Ayumi with his left hand and Junko´s chest with his right hand, Kenichi gradually kneaded their chests and enjoys the situation.

(This pleasures…more, give me more…)

Kenichi´s infinite desire is pumped up, which springs up from the back of the body. This is the significance of the existence of the Incubus, which proofs that such an existence exists in this world. The more you enrage all the pleasures of the world, the less greedy you know the place to stay.

The Incubus is like a black hole that absorbs pleasure energy infinitely.

While absorbing the sexual energy of these beautiful women who flowed in constantly, Kenichi was aware that the Inma inside his body started to pump up an ejaculation. By giving body fluids full of magical power to the preys will make their dominance and slavery assured.

“Aah, its going out…. Please…Kenichi’s semen…”

Shiho who understood the fact that Kenichi was ready and preparing for ejaculation, uses her tongue more diligently. Putting her thin and sharpened tongue into his anus she licked the inside of his asshole.


Ejaculating quickly, Kenichi´s penis pulsates and spits out his evil semen. Junko who expect an strong ecstasy keeps her lips tightly and swallowed hard.


While pouring white cloudy liquid into the mouth of Junko, Kenichi tastes the time of bliss. At the same time, Ayumi and Shiho also climb up to paradise and breathe out hotly and provide energy to Kenichi and the Inma.

A surprisingly large amount of semen is released in the mouth of Junko. Junko moved away and shared kisses with Shiho and Ayumi to share the sperm with each other.

“Aah, Junko-san, receives it…”
“Me too…. I want to drink, Kenichi-sama´s semen…”

These beautiful teachers who shared the semen of the Incubus swallowed it and started to laugh. As soon as a light narcissistic runs through their bodies they feel a lot stronger than before.

“Aah, tasty…”
“Nooooh, please give me more…”
“Not good, this time it is me…”

When three people clustered around Kenichi´s meat pillar, they compete for the liquid flowing out from the tip and starts a pretty savage. Mouths with different heat alternates and drink greasily the residual liquid.

They are like drug addicts who swarm in drugs. No, these beautiful women are already addicted to the pleasures brought by Kenichi.

(Well, how do we enjoy today…)

Looking down on the madness of his beautiful sex slaves who started to fight for his crotch, Kenichi thinks about the future.

After having sex with these three female teachers in the chairman’s office, it is also good to eat some female students for reconciliation. Calling the students who finished their clubs and tasting their bodies full of sweet sweat. Tennis club ace Aiko, rhythmic gymnastic ace Rio are the best. It is also not bad to command Natsuki to bring a pretty junior of the cheerleader club and get her virginity. Recently some of the athletic club members who he put his hands on are supposed to be eaten soon.


All three women crawl on all fours on the floor in front of Kenichi and Junko raises her hips high. She is waiting for being fucked by Kenichi by showing him her wet pussy.

“Please…rape Junko…rape me…”

This beautiful teacher calls for sex with her sexual aesthetic appeal. Kenichi felt that his desire became bigger from her appearance, before he holds her rich buttocks while lightly picking up the edge of the mouth.

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