Inma no Hado chapter 158

Inma no Hado chapter 158: A phone call from her husband



In a luxury hotel suite. On the king-size bed, Kenichi lies on his back, and he is relaxed in pleasure. But even if someone were in the room, he could not see the man’s nudity. His body was covered by six starving wives who are like ants that flock to sugar.

“Aaaa…this…this is good…”

On his waist is Ellis girls high school music teacher, Tomoda Takada which is a newly married woman. Tomomi who dedicated her virginity to Kenichi at her wedding night, continues to have an affair with Kenichi so much that she will become hazy, because of the depth of pleasure.

His huge meat pillar is almost completely swallowed in Tomomi´s pussy and it is occupied by pushing and spreading the narrow inside while being soaked in the lewd honey that was vomited. To the stimulation Tomomi first cries out of pain, but she adapts as soon as the expansion feeling is felt. When the huge glans is congested and hits her sensitive uterine hole, Tomomi shrinks and releases some juice.

“Here…you feel comfortable?”
“Aah. Do it more…”

On the upper body, Yamaji Yumiko and Miki Endo hung from left and right and stimulated his nipples with their tongues and fingers to make Kenichi feel good. Such an act which has not been done to their husbands has been imitated by observing other women who had been together in such orgies many times. They become crazy and the caress is deepened further when Kenichi reacts to the stimulation they created.

The reason why these two are shaking their body with a face that seems to be painful occasionally is that Kenichi´s hands entered inside their panties and plays with the petals of Yumiko and Miki. They are stimulated by Kenichi´s finger and the clitoris which became muddy completely, continues to melt even if it is caressed many times.

Yumiko´s husband became a plant human by cerebral hemorrhage, so she became the president of the Yamaji construction company now. Of course, she was a model and former Miss Japan and has no experience of running a company. However, the management is left to Arisa and the father of Asakura Ruriko who also is a sex slave and the company received an loan of a bank. As a result of being an excellent and sincere president, new orders are starting to explode, than before.

Miki Endo who was a gravure model and had retired after marriage, has recently made her comeback. Miki who stands in front of the camera again has polished her beauty than before, though her husband seems to have objected she ignored him.

Women who continued receiving the magic sperm that Kenichi shoots in the wombs are constantly exposed to his wave from the inside of their body. As a result, their beauty and skin are polished from the inside through active metabolism. Since Miki returned to being a gravure model, her popularity has increased instead of before.


The other women who cling to Kenichi´s legs from left and right and carefully sucking his toes are Yoko Aikawa, the chairman of Ellis girls high school and Chizuko Asakura, the mother of Ruriko who graduated this year. Both of them have sexual and expressful facial expressions and they are waiting for their turn while spinning pleasure.

Two mature women, suck the toes with their red lipstick wearing lips and entwine their tongues. They carefully crawl their tongue between the toes and smear their saliva on it. Kenichi´s thighs are stimulated by their rich chests which lifts up their dresses.

Collective service by beautiful wives. The five females, who belong to Kenichi, repeat their obscene service while being absorbed and releasing their distorted love from their whole bodies.

“Aaaa!! There is not good!! Aaaa!!”

And Reiko Arisawa.

A clear brain and leadership, this woman continues to climb the stairs of career smoothly. This beautiful woman who has already arrived at the important position of a director in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police in the youth has continued raising the voice of a kitten since a little while ago.

Reiko who put her hand on the headboard and knees on the bed, is attacked by climaxes all the time and trembles her body. There is no power in her open legs and they seem likely to collapse any time.

Kenichi ‘s head enters into her flare skirt and enjoys the taste of her crotch. His ferocious tongue and lusty lips licks the opened secret part and drinks the overflowing honey, before invading his tongue while drinking and driving Reiko into ecstasy from a little while ago. The body of this mature woman who was left alone for a month seems to have desired it and it seems that there is no limit even though she is exhausted.

The sexual energy that is exhaled from the six beautiful girls will be blended into Kenichi as a white whirlpool each time and then taken into his body. It is the source of the greedy Incubus, so that Kenichi who is the host can use the magic power.

Kenichi’s body that absorbed the white masses emitted a black wave that spreads through the room. Eventually it penetrates the walls and floor of the room and spreads to the whole hotel. Kenichi who evolved into an intermediate Inma is powerful and his abilities works now even outside from school.


How many beautiful women and girls have become an victim up to now? Kenichi doesn’t know exactly that anymore. His desire to drive recklessly is infinity and it seems to increase even more.

Kenichi who was careful at first was confidently repulsing the enemies who have been facing him. The power of the Incubus also increased and some excellent hand pieces were also made. Today if he perfectly degenerates Reiko who is the head of “SHADO”, his own glory will be more solid.

Hope and desire are gathered in a big city as much as people, but in this city full of desire it becomes a river of black energy and slowly goes over the sky which is covered with black clouds. The flow of which the sanctity and the wickedness should supposedly cancel each other is dominated by the overwhelming black flow and is increasing its power day by day.

(Today is more intense than usual…)

It is absolutely invisible for human eyes, but it can be clearly seen through his red eyes. It is a flow that Kenichi feels whenever he come to this room at the top of this hotel rising from the ground, but recently it has surprisingly increased its intensity. It is like a muddy stream after heavy rain, catastrophic momentum that involves everything.

Responding to it, he feels that his magical power is increasing. His whole body became a huge power station and the power springs infinitely. If he can destroy the world, he is absolutely strong enough to believe himself.

While enjoying the sweet caress of a married woman, Kenichi looked at the black torrent with his magical eyes.


“Again! Again, I am the only one! Hiiiiiiiaaaa!!!!”

The joyful voice of Reiko has continued since a while ago.

Beyond that, the beautiful wives changed places with each other and in turn they engaged with their beloved master. After Tomomi came Miki, followed by Chizuko, Yoko and now Yumiko is using her waist intensely. These wives greedily pleasured with hopeless hips continue to supply energy to Kenichi carefully over and over again.

In the meantime Reiko who was straddling with a face riding, has never given the pleasures of the end even though she has sucked his crotch and enduring silently. Even though she was seeking the wild moving of this thing while being firmly held at her waist she wants her sensitive part pierced in the end.


When Reiko finally got released, the mad craving reached its peak. After being left alone for a month, she continued to be impatient and her whole body seemed to swell up to the frustration.

“Crawl there”

While having his whole body caressed by five beautiful women, Kenichi orders briefly. However, Reiko who doesn’t understand anything cannot move her body, while writhing.

“On all fours, turn your ass over here”

Reiko who understood the meaning at last finally moved her body after murmuring a little. Although she hesitated for a while, she gently crawls on the bed obediently and raises her ass towards Kenichi with a hot glance.


With an embarrassed face, Reiko who raises her peach buttocks wrapped in a skirt invited Kenichi.

That moment. Eight huge red tentacles are launched from the back of Kenichi, spreading radially and aiming at the body of Reiko. Their thickness and red glow is the greatest thing ever. With the strength and brutality that embodies all the desires of this city, he is aiming for the prey in front of him.

Kenichi´s red eyes shine in the dark room, before the eight tentacles attack the pitiful wife with intensity like a carnivorous beast that is hungry.


Reiko’s aura which was totally estranged and pink was eroded by the violent wave of those red tentacles, before it was dyed to a poisonous color. Besides her chest and groin, as well as her head, face, hands, legs, torso, thighs and fingers, the hidden sex sensory nerve are exposed and the desire inside her pussy explodes and expands.

It is a providence that an animal possesses from the primitive age to preserve seeds. Expression of a female instinctive desire to want to inherit a strong male gene.

It is not affection. No love either. There is nor goodwill either. Pure desire called lust. It was stenciled at the genetic level, animal desire.

“Hiiiiii!!! Aaa!! Quickly!!! Quuicckkllyy!!”

Her cry is similar to a scream. This ripe 39-year old married woman raises her ass and her legs because of craving for sexual intercourse with a man other than his husband. At this moment there is no husband and children inside Reiko´s mind and the reason and ethics as a police officer are also erased.

When Kenichi approaches and turns up her skirt, tears her stockings and expose her panty a large amount of mucus is flowing out from there. It is not a metaphor, it gushes out and stains the panty, it is flowing like a thick river down her thighs.

“Aaaa…already…already, not good…hurry up”

Reiko is like dementia and repeats the same thing like a naughty. At that time, Kenichi, whose perceptual radar became sensitive, did not miss a faint electronic sound. It is heard from Reiko’s handbag and he orders Yoko to get it.

Really it is Reiko’s smartphone, and it shows an incoming call with the light electronic sound. Kenichi who smiled when he saw the name floating on the display turned on the call button and push it against the ear of Reiko.

『Hello? Hello? Reiko?』

She clearly heard the voice of Michio, who is unmistakably her husband. It was Reiko who did not know who at first, but as soon as she understands the facts cold sweat sprayed throughout her body.

“…D, Dear!”

Reiko thought that she shouldn’t answer, but it is already late. Sure enough, her husband who confirmed Reiko’s voice heard from the speaker responses quickly as if he could not hide his irritation.

『Hey! Where are you now? What time do you think it is? It’s already 11 o’clock! If it becomes too late, why don’t you contact me!!』

When he says so, Reiko noticed that she didn’t inform her husband that she will be late today through mail. Her husband also comes home early and recently it is common to have dinner together. So recently it was supposed to be in contact with each other so that either is not unilaterally completed.

“…I, I´m sorry…. Kyaa, I was busy with a sudden incident…”

With her head confused by the desire, Reiko answers the telephone to the utmost at last.


At that time, she feels a hot mass in her crotch and desperately suppress the scream that seems to leak out. Well, at such a time, Kenichi´s huge penis rubbed against her petal which became aroused and the honey is rigidly wrapped. Of course it was the stimulation she wanted, therefore she blocked her mouth with a hand so that the excitement doesn’t leak.

『…I, Is that so…a, are you coming home already?』

My husband, who was gentle and calm, has been frustrated so much lately. Even in bed, there are places where he is actively seeking Reiko and trying to show off his dignity and colt. Of course, the pride of her husband should be brazen usual.

“A, ah, that is…”

To say, Reiko understands. She cannot go home as it is. If she doesn’t accept this strong penis into her crotch now, this dry body will never be satisfied. And, it is the highest pleasure that can’t be tasted from her husband.

“I, I’m sorry…I think I will be late today…hiiiiii!!”

A huge heat broke into the bottom of the body. It was an invasion of just a few centimeters, but it ran a lightning-like blitz all over her body and let Reiko squeeze a scream out of her open mouth.

『Wh, where are you? Is there something wrong?』

Her husband questions her on the other side of the telephone. No, maybe it was cross. He didn’t missed to hear the piece of sweet pleasure mixed in her scream and might have an instant insight into the situation.

“B, By all means…guuuuuu!!!”

Kenichi´s dick sank into Reiko. Her body was made to estrus to the limit with the eight tentacles, even though she reacts with a slight stimulation. Now she tasted a huge penis that is a testament of a real colt. Reiko’s efforts to close her mouths desperately are useless in front of this explosive pleasure storm.

『What happened? Hey! Reiko! What are you doing now!!』
“Hiiiiiii!! Aaaaaaaa!!!!”

A cold cry comes from her mouth. Reiko who held her smartphone and crawled on all fours, has no way to prevent it. Her animal-like voice overflows from her mouth and it cannot be stopped any longer.

『Hey! Answer me! Where are you! Are you really working!!』
“Aaaaaaaguuuuuu!!! Hiuuuuuuuu!!!”

A huge meat weapon entered. Her vagina and waist melts. Her whole body melts. Even her brain and reason melts.

It doesn’t matter anymore. Before this overwhelming pleasure, everything was fine. The flame of rejoicing to the cellular level is blown out to a genuine pleasure that her ripe body received and welcomed. Reiko endures the storm of ecstasy throughout her body.

『You, what are you doing! You are…you are my wife!!』

An explosion that caused the entire body to fall apart occurred when the last gap was buried with a savage waist thrust. Her husband’s poor thing never reached the deepest part that was hit with this meat hammer and will paralyze all nerves in the brain. Reiko no longer hears the voice of her husband through the phone and dont even understand where she is now.

Her greedy body finally entangled with this magnificent penis and astir to squeeze the seed. The mucous membrane who squeezed the intruder wrapped strongly after not tasting it for a month.

Reiko was overflowing with a sense of noble justice, but in this moment she fell into the hands of an devil. The black flow in the sky responded as if it blessed and the intensity increased more and more.

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