Inma no Hado chapter 193

Inma no Hado chapter 193: 12 -year-old masturbation




Exhaling a breath from the lungs and laying the pencil in her hand onto the notebook. The heavy feeling in her chest doesn’t seem to disappear even with the sigh which she doesn’t know how many times she did it today. On the contrary, the feeling is growing rapidly and the frequency increases more and more.

Ema a female sixth grader sat in front of her study desk inside her room and had nothing to do with her hands and sighs. She has to do her homework, but the shocking scene at daytime is swirling inside her head.

A feeling that she couldn’t have imagined by herself until yesterday. When she was unaware of anything, she didn’t understand such complicated feelings.

The world she was in was clear white and black. The bad and the good ones were clear and nothing was lost. The police are good and thieves are evil. It is a bad thing to wield violence and it is good to help people. There was a clear difference, and the distinction was clearly attached.

However, Ema knew it for the first time today. A world that is more complex and where she has no idea what is right and what is wrong. She’s like a 12-year-old girl who’s never imagined and the values of the past were upsetted.

(Such…Such a thing…)

Even now she can remember it clearly. The act of a man and woman in front of her. Moreover, it is not the one done in secret or the one which is full of love. It is the thick skinship were a greedy colt is thrust into the woman with desire like animals.

Of course, as a sixth grader, Ema knows what sex is as knowledge. It is possible to get any information by examining it in the internet. Therefore, it had been known for a long time that a man and a woman do such a thing.

But, in reality, it was different for a girl who didn’t even experienced a kiss. That grotesque sexual act is far beyond her imagination. The connection between two sexual organs.

Especially shocking was that man’s huge dick. Towering wickedly, that weapon was stabbed inside a woman. It looked hideous, ugly and rigid, but the idols in front of her wanted it desperately.


When Ema first heard the story, she suddenly couldn’t believe it. Even when she heard the explanation of Risa, who was her best friend, she thought that it was a joke with Naomi, who was with me.

That would be so. Risa’s description was far beyond common sense and imagination. After all, she said that she has sex with a man who she calls Papa and because of that she becomes beautiful.

Naomi and Ema went to Risa’s house to play with her and both told her that she wanted to dance beautifully like Risa. Of course, they did not seek an answer or advice. Envy made them do that, but after listening to their stories, Risa, who had been thinking for a while, suddenly began to talk about amazing things in a serious way.

She and her mother have sex every night with that man who lives together with them. Moreover, there is another person who is living there and that woman is also having sex with them together. Risa calls that man daddy, but he is not her real father, but like a very important lover to her.

The bottom line is that whenever she is embraced by his body fluids, her energy is roughly shaving and her body is feeling better and Risa realizes that she is getting more and more beautiful. It is not only her but also her mother and that female teacher who is living together with them.

Ema didn’t think she was telling a lie, seriously. However, it is not sure to be able to be believed it at once like such a preposterous absurd on the other hand. And Risa, who had a troubled face made a suggestion.


(What Risa-chan said was true. But…but, there’s really such a thing…)

What Risa suggested is to look at the scene together and confirm it. She said that the aces of the super popular idol group “CGX” that Risa belongs to, Kojima Kumi and Takahashi Mai will have swx with that man.

Today evening. Ema met Naomi and Risa in the lobby of a super-luxury hotel after school. They went straight to the suite on the top floor and hid in the closet together. To see the scene with their own eyes.

When they waited in the dark, Kojima Kumi and Takahashi Mai really came. And, between the door of the closet which had opened before long, an unbelievable spectacle was seen. Kumi and Mai who are super-popular idols and Ema’s goal started to have thick sex with a middle-aged man while wearing their stage costumes.

The act of the man and woman who had been done in front of their eyes was indecent and far exceeding the imagination of Ema who heard about it beforehand. It’s a vivid and hideous act that is far from the Internet and information from her friends. At first, she was desperate to suppress her screams that were likely to leak out of fear and disgust.

(That’s…totally different from my dad. Creepy…)

Unlike her father’s thing that she has seen by chance in the dressing room, it is a strange and bizarre one, that was like an alien coming out of a sci-fi movie. It bristles from the crotch of the man who is naked and it was like an ugly and abnormal living thing which prey on humans.

(But…. Both Kumi and Mai…. Putting that thing inside their dirty hole…)

In front of Naomi’s and her eyes something surprising happened. Two idols kneeled on the spot which was unbelievable and began to lick the genital. They licked it from left and right like a sweet candy and they were so happy doing it that they laughed.

In a dimly lit room, Ema recalls why both white faces and pink tongues were so vivid. And meanwhile, the huge lump shakes. This hideous thing aimed at Ema as if it know that she was hiding in that closet.


The moment she remembered it, her crotch is tickling and Ema raised a voice involuntarily. It’s a strange sensation that she has never felt before, springing up from the depths of her body. At the same time, however, Ema understood that it is not possible to say it to someone else, because it will be embarrassing. Even if it’s her parents or friends.

(It was just as Risa-chan said…. If I drink it, I can become beautiful…)

Kumi and Mai sucked the penis alternately while making an obscene sound and each time it was a ejaculation in their mouths. At first, Ema didn’t understand the meaning of “milk” that both wanted to align in their mouths, but at the same time she was surprised that it was semen and she remembered what Risa saif.

(Surely they recently became beautiful, everyone said it on the internet…)

The two members of Dream Five, the central members of the popular group CGX. Until recently, the popularity was a equal for all five members, but now, in comparison to the other three, Kumi and Mai have slipped out to the top. Their original sweet appearance was further polished and their remarkable transformation was the suspicion of the internet.

Kumi and Mai both begged to receive that man’s semen and not to do it with someone else. When the other three members receive it, they also become as beautiful as they are now and they would catch up. Their voices were serious and didn’t sound like a joke.

On the other hand, Ema couldn’t catch how that man responded, because his voice was very low, but after hearing the answer, she found out that the service of those two idols was even more passionate.

And, in front of Naomi and her who have opened their eyes widely, the top idols severely invited that man to enter their secret hole by spreading their legs.

After that, they saw how they become crazy from the pleasure. At the same time the fear gradually faded away from the closet and Ema wanted to see the act in front of her eyes and even though Naomi and Risa are near her, she has been devoured by it unawarely.

(That’s…that’s…adult sex…)

The black meat with a slow piston showed off to them who watched. Kumi and Mai also yelled when the ominous lump sink into one of the two wombs and made them go crazy. Both secret flowers were ravished strongly and even their big chests were praised.

Kumi was panting in a terrible voice while entwining her long, slender legs with that man’s dark body. Mai who got down on all fours like a dog has rolled up her skirt and was violated from the back. It was a purely vivid act from what Ema had imagined.


And now a strange feeling is springing up from her crotch and Ema is rubbing her thighs wrapped in a cute pink mini skirt against each other. The itching is becoming stronger gradually from a little while ago and it is not possible for her to sit in her chair.

After that intense sex, that man cummed into Kumi’s and Mai’s faces who started to lick each others face clean without leaving any white smelly liquid behind. Their expressions were as entranced as if they had tasted the nectar from heavens, and as said, Ema knew that both of them wanted it from the bottom of their hearts.


Remembering that time, heat swells up from the back of her body.

The moment the man released his sperm, both idols were trembling. At the same time, something sprang up from the interior of her body and Ema suppressed her voice which seemed desperately to leak out.

(Risa-chan and Naomi-chan, too…)

She was not alone. Risa and Naomi, who were peeking together at that moment, were also leaking small voices. Something hot exploded in their bodies like Ema and they must have tasted pleasure which had not been known up to now.

(It feels good…)

Ema has masturbated several times, but there is guilt somehow, and after it ends, she always regret it. So she never continued until the end and always stopped on the way.

(Aaa…it’s embarrassing but pleasant…)

Putting her soft hand in the skirt, she touches her crotch from the top of her cotton panty and an incredibly sharp stimulation rose up, so that Ema raised a cry involuntarily. Perhaps because of the excitement and reason of that spectacle, Ema continues to touch though its always scary.

(No…chest…my chest…)

Her small cute nipples start to erect under the T-shirt. They start to burn and become stiff.

“Aaa…what shall I do…”

So far, Ema has masturbated indirectly by pushing an stuffed animal against the crotch or during shower. She didn’t touch it with her finger as right now, let alone teasing her nipples.

However her chest heats up more and more and is throbbing like a healing wound. One hand enters from the hem of the T-shirt when her mind decided so before long and the nipples are slightly touched by her fingers although Ema hesitated for a while.


A sharp stimulation that she had expected ran through her body and let all muscles in her body become stiff and she screamed. For the first time in her life, this 12-year-old girl rushed to release her hands.

(What shall I do…ah…)

However, her body which once again remembers the pleasure wants more stimulation. Ema was wondering, but once again she put one hand inside the skirt and traced the crotch covered by cotton panty.


It is a pleasure that numbs the core of her head and that it was not possible to get by her former masturbation up to now. The sprout of pleasure still exists surely in her body though it is an immature body that has not developed yet.

(Something is coming out…)

When her finger moved inside from the side of the panty, it was completely muddy. At first Ema thought she was peeing, but soon she realized that it was not urine. The slimy mucus is the same as what was seen on the crotch of Kumi and Mai during daytime.


Touching the slimy part with her fingers, a wonderful feeling which has not been experienced until now springs up from there. The young petal that have been closed up to now starts to awaken and new honey juice might be released.

(It is pleasant…. But…scary…)

The right nipple is caressed with the left hand and Ema’s right hand moves along the circumference of the petal which does not have any pubic hair yet. She still has not the courage to put a finger inside.


When she was moving her fingers, she accidentally hit a sensitive spot and raised her voice. It is a spot which bakes the mind by self-insistence though it is young. The black blood of lust gathered and Ema’s small clitoris started to itch.

(What is…what…scary…aaa, but…)

The pleasure of a different dimension pierces her young body when she carries it with her hands. A stimulation which is a mix of the caress of her undeveloped erogenous zone with the teasing of her nipples.

“Ah…Ah! Ah!!”

It is a weak wave at first, but it increases in size gradually. Ema who is captured by the power of Kenichi is swallowed gradually by the wave and drowned in it. Before long, her little fingers creates a huge wave that moves like a demon and knocks down her reason, shame and fear.

(Not good…mama…it will be found out by mama…)

Her parents are downstairs. However, they might come to this room at any time. However, Ema who began to run recklessly cannot stop the obscene movement of both hands.

(Aah…for that…what will happen if I do it like that…)

What comes to her mind is the ominous genital of the man seen at the hotel. It was a brutal murder weapon that would kill a female. Her body becomes hot and the stimulation from her nipples and clitoris is doubled when recalling the scene were Kumi and Mai sucked that huge penis.

(Wh, What shall I do…aaa…scary…scary!!!)

Ema is frightened instinctively to the upcoming huge wave which attacks her whole body. Because she is a sixth grader, she had no menstruation yet, which is not unreasonable. But this little girl is unaware. During the day, when she peeked at the indecent act of her favorite idols, she was bathed in the black wave that belongs to Kenichi. And, the poison of the Inma is driven into her young body and both her body and mind are already dyed red.

(Aaa! Something’s coming! Something is coming!!)

Sitting on her chair in front of the desk with her school bag, Ema is frightened to the premonition of ecstasy for the first time in her life. She moves accurately as if her fingers are manipulated by something and her young mind and body are invited to the bottomless swamp of pleasure without worrying about the owner’s reason and hesitation even if it is the first full-blown masturbation.


When her nipples are touched a little, a sharp pleasure and pain runs through her spine. Ema spread her fingers and scooped up the fresh honey, before she groped the erected clitoris. Instinctively she exhales a hot sigh from her small open mouth.

In the neighborhood, she is the number one elementary school girl. Students from different schools come to see her face because she is cute. No one would believe that such a young girl is masturbating in her room and releasing hot sighs. The reason for that is the dick of that man that came up in her mind.

(There…there is something like that…)

With that incredibly huge penis, it’s incredibly easy to imagine the scene where she is being raped by it and the pleasure doubles.

(I…I will cry if I do such a thing…)

The man will take a rough breath before he bounce on her without regard to Ema’s shy resistance. Her chest which has not grown yet is sucked and rubbed and even her first kiss will be stolen by him. He will spreads her slender legs open which don’t have any fat on it and expose her secret place where no pubic hair grow yet. He will surely lick her embarrassing part because he is a pervert and Ema can’t do anything as she is held down on the bed.

(Yadaaaa!! Nooo!! Thats scary!!)

The man will then start to invade her body before long which is disliked greatly. He presses his body on Ema’s young body while breathing out a rough breath. His black meat pillar that towers between his legs will be pushed inside her vagina.


Imagining that scene of being raped and losing her virginity, Ema reached the climax. That joy let her whole body become powerless which trembles while leaning against the chair.

(Aaa…great…. It feels good…)

After reaching the climax, Ema’s brain will be roasted by the strong pleasure current and she won’t be able to think about anything for a while and it will only be blank inside her head.


The 12-year-old Ema received an orgasm for the first time and her body is shaking.

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