Inma no Hado chapter 196

Inma no Hado chapter 196: Love



The distance with Kenichi is just 10 cm. A distance to reach easily if you stretch your neck. Keiko who was holding his shoulder was reaching out to hold his hand as desired.

However Kenichi abruptly leaves from her body and starts walking again to the entrance. Keiko loses her balance and falls down in the hallway, sitting on her butt.

“I will going home. It’s already too late”

Kenichi who is trying to put on his shoes as if there was nothing said so. Keiko is not able to understand it so suddenly, but seeing his back, she becomes panic from what to do.

“Th, That…”

Because of this sudden situation, does her big brain which is dyed in pink can’t follow. Keiko is sitting in the hallway with hollow eyes and trying to figure out what happened.

She wanted him to return a little while ago, but now she is looking at her former classmate who she should have hated. Her body still has a little bit of reason left, because of this sudden cold treatment. It is not possible to do nothing right now. If she doesn’t process the desire that overflows in her body, she probably will go crazy.


Keiko wanted to say “Wait for a moment”, but her reason puts the brake in a hurry. If she stalls here, she will surely betray her husband. The last breakwater which remains in this chaste wife is trying to manage to dam the large wave of lust.

(What shall I do…aaa…what shall I do…)

If the other party is her husband, she would cling to him at once. Of course, Keiko doesn’t usually do such a thing, but now a fierce and shameful sexual desire dominates her reason and body. It is not even her husband, she is feeling lust for.

(Aaa…as it is…that…)

If she is left as it is, Keiko might go mad. The overflowing flower honey is now wetting her panty and pantyhose and is even overflowing from her buttocks. Her womb is aching and it awaits a hot and sturdy blow right now.

Keiko writhes on balance of reason and desire. Her peaceful life suddenly changed into abnormality.

At that time, Keiko suddenly remembered. That summer day in third grade. A child has his pants taken off by a bully who pinned him down at the time of cleaning the classroom. What came out of it was a ugly, but monstrous thing.

The moment she saw it, she remembered that the girls were glaring at it. Looking at that black long penis, Keiko also screamed in amazement. Anyway, it was a lot bigger than the one of her father who she had seen by chance several times.


The moment she remembered that day, the dam inside her mind collapsed. It is a strong colt which is completely different from her husband’s small and slender thing. It revived vividly when it slept in the hippocampus, and the reason which had been remaining until now vanished.

“…Mi, Midou-kun…wait…”

Keiko instinctively said these words and her regret is drowned in the rough sea of lust at once.

Kenichi came back again to Keiko when he slowly stood up and heard her words. They’re just a few steps away, but it seems like a long journey through the executioner.

Kenichi who came near stopped next to Keiko who was still sitting down. His crotch is just before her face. Kenichi who hadn’t said anything for a while suddenly began to open the front of his trousers after a while.


In front of the boxer shorts that appear, a huge bulge can be seen in that dim light. The black colored boxer shorts are pushed up and the unreasonable mass in it is projected.

“Nooo…. Wh, What…”

The words of refusal are swallowed down and Keiko cant take her eyes off. Obviously, it’s a big bulge.

Kenichi was silent for a while, but opened his mouth before long.

“You want to see it? Just like that time”

That’s right. It is so. At that moment Keiko remembered everything.

That day, that time. All the girls were staring at the crotch of the bullied Kenichi while saying disgusting things. And at that night, she might have tried to remember that thing.

(I remembered…. I remembered…. That day…I…)

The fifteen-year-old Keiko who began to become interested in sex, secretly masturbates in her room at that day. She imagined herself to be fucked by this strong colt who she saw close for the first time and tasted an orgasm during masturbation for the first time in her life.

“At that time I was still a kid. Now it’s not like that”

The tone changes completely and the former bullied Kenichi is looking down at Keiko his former classmate who was the prettiest girl at his school.

“You wanted to see it? Then you can come closer”

As soon as she heard these words, Keiko started to look at Kenichi’s son and she understood that her face became red at the same time as her body became hot. However, it is not possible to stop her glance with all strength as if she is under an invisible magnetic force.

“Here, you want to touch it, dont you?”
“…Su, such a thing…such a thing…”

Keiko who spins words of denial, tried to look away. She feels the breath of the strong colt which affects the lust inside her body. At the same time, she feels something coming out of her.

(Am, Amazing…this, this is the real thing…)

The bulge in front of her was too huge. Her eyes that are familiar with her husband’s thing can recognize that this one is a size that is unimaginable beyond her imagination. She wants to check the contents. She wants to touch and taste it. A female’s desire and curiosity swell up inside her body.

(Just a bit…I just touch it…)

Keiko is timid while making excuses in her mind without anyone hearing it. On her right hand she is wearing a sparkling silver wedding ring. Her fingertips, which are neatly groomed are trembling faintly.


She is hesitating of touching and feeling it. Her reaction is just like a middle school student though she is a married woman now. Her thin, white, supple fingers gently touch the mass pushing up the black boxer shorts.


Tracing the smooth shorts surface with her fingers. While crawling her hand along the root, she confirms the mass inside. Keiko who is accustomed to such an act, stimulates it accurately.

(Aaaa…its getting bigger…. Again…)

Kenichi’s penis expands further when it is traced by her hand. At first, it was only the fingertips, but Keiko started to use her fingers and palm in turns. Keiko is becoming more and more absorbed in her reaction and actions. Before long, she is stroking it with both hands, even clutching it over the cloth to confirm the hardness occasionally.

“It’s getting cramped soon, please lower my pants”

Kenichi who looked down from the top was seen and Keiko was hesitant for a while, but she gradually lowered both ends of the boxer pants. It was caught by that a huge thing and did not come off, but it finally showed up when Keiko pulled it down with force.


A huge meat pillar appeared with a trembling air. A woman who is married should usually scream of fear to the appearance which is mysterious and inhuman more than her imagination.

(Wh, What!! This!!! What is this…!!!)

The penis in her memory was big, but it became a monster size now. That’s not all. The color, shape and smell are clearly understood because it is directly in front of her eyes and nose. It is something like a huge harpoon that aims at its frightening prey. In addition, a thick smell enters her nose.

“Hey, hold it”

That huge mass is incredibly floating in the air against gravity. Every time Kenichi moves his body a little, his son wiggled in front of her eyes and as being told, Keiko stretches her hands out.


Her cold and slender fingers entangled around this deadly meat weapon. Touching the sticky surface tells her that it is not an imitation, but a real penis. Moreover, it is understood that the hot meat is twitching when touching it by hand.

(Yaaa…. It is still big…and hard…)

The penis further increases its volume and hardness by the stimulation of Keiko’s hand. This huge penis has reached a certain degree and it is astonishing that it is not yet fully erected. This thing can’t be compared to her husband.

(How much…How much harder will it become…)

Becoming crazy today, this marvelous married woman squeezes another man’s penis in the hallway at her home.


(That Ogawa…. Becoming like this…)

Going to the house of his former classmate who had bullied him in old times and meeting his wife which was Kenichi’s first love, Kenichi also became excited tremendously. After he met her for the first time in seventh grade, he always liked her.

To Keiko who was popular and the number one girl at school, Kenichi had a crush for a long time. When he heard the rumor that Keiko started going out with Shioya when they were in second grade, he cried in his futon all night. Of course, it was painful that the woman who he liked became another man’s girl though it was understood that she would never become his lover by any chance because it was hard.

The love from that time hasn’t been forgotten even after high school, university and as a working member of society.

Right now his first crush treats his penis in front of his eyes. Although she was in estrus with magic, it is only the beginning. Keiko who had accumulated sexual desire originally wouldn’t withstand the frustration in her body and would fall fast by herself even if Kenichi doesn’t use his magic, because she is faithful to her desire.

(I was so hungry that I was almost starving…)

Keiko probably hasn’t had much sex lately with her husband, Shioya. It is natural because it is said that it became ten years since they married when dating in middle school. Inside Keiko’s 33-year-old body, lust, which was not even noticed, was accumulating like magma in an active volcano. It’s just her aura that is lightly eroded by Kenichi’s tentacles and is pouring out easily with pressure from inside.

(Having a face that want it so much, I want to show it to Shioya…)

Keiko earnestly caresses the erected penis while sitting down in the hallway with her mouth wide opened. lt is totally different from Shioya and this thing would be able to deprive her of her soul. This is the typical look that a starving wife shows when she sees Kenichi’s penis.

(Its a bit smelly…)

Kenichi grins. If you look well, the penis is a little dull where Keiko’s hand is touching.

Kenichi has eaten two amazing-looking women just a while ago and his son was bathed in love juice as he received new sex energy.

After Shioya was drunk, Kenichi made the popular cabaret girls Kanon and Momoko be in estrus in the high-quality sushi shop using magic and embraced their young bodies. He fucked Kanon who went down on all fours on the tatami mat from the back and Momoko who spread her crotch greatly at missionary posture.

Kanon and Momoko also seemed to have a fledged lover and at first they disliked it, but they fell easily when they were penetrated. When the part was felt which was rubbed by his penis powerfully, it made Kanon go in agony.

It was about 30 minutes, but the agony squeal of two people full of pleasure could be heard. Both women who were exhausted by having their energy squeezed out wouldn’t be able to obtain such pleasure from another man.

(I didnt ejaculate recently…)

The penis which wants to ejaculate has released pre-cum as soon as possible. The bruise shaped like a bat on its surface is like a black hole that continues to seek more pleasure and caress.

“Aaa…it feels good…”

Keiko skillfully uses her cold hand like a prostitute. She caresses the penis of another man than her husband as she is encouraged by these words. Her eyes are losing focus, but she doesn’t remove her gaze from the meat weapon that rises in front of her eyes.

“What is it? Do you like it?”

(…Aaaa…. Th,This…is completely different…)

Keiko has squeezed it many times to confirm the size and hardness from a little while ago. It is bigger than a little while ago and there is a difference more than the double when it is completely erected compared with her husband. She treats Kenichi´s penis with both hands.

“How is it compared to Shioya?”

Kenichi pointed it out towards Keiko. He has noticed that she was comparing his son with the one of her loved husband, therefore he is looking down from above and Keiko quickly released her hands. She is unable to raise her face because she is embarrassed.

(What to do now…)

That’s the only thought in her mind right now.

It is understood that Keiko who is completely sexual excited wants to have this strong colt and want to take it in her hands. Anyway, the biological aura which wraps Keiko’s body is dyed red by Kenichi´s tentacles. But still she shows shyness, which pours oil in the rather fiery animalism.

“Do you not know another penis than your husband? Is that alright for the rest of your life?”
“…Of, Of course…. Of course I have…”

Keiko was going to answer with a resolute attitude. However, the ending was weak,and it becomes scarcely audible.

She got married soon after graduating from high school, so it’s almost ten years. She has never dated a man other than her husband and she has never kissed or had sex with someone else. Therefore, Keiko’s sexual experience is only with her husband and she does not have the slightest idea how much it is in the world in general.

(But…what if…I could put this in…)

Kenichi´s meat spear still protrudes strongly in front of her eyes. Looking at it with a upward glance, she quickly looked down in panic. However, her mind has already memorized the feeling of that thing in her cold hands. In response to it, the female desires inside her is now waiting for the invasion impatiently.

(Aaa…wh, what should I do…)

Keiko who was the number one girl in middle school was clung desperately to reason which became burned like a lifeline which decided the fate of her as she was in front of Kenichi and her body started to burn strongly.

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