Inma no Hado chapter 202

Inma no Hado chapter 202: Recovery




Rika and Ryoko are ardent and do a thick double fellatio on Kenichi´s crotch. These two young beautiful nurses are licking the meat pillar of Kenichi who was seriously injured and had been carried here today. Kenichi´s penis is soaking wet from their salivas and telling the act which has been done for a while now.

(Aah, what is wrong with me…why do I feel it so much…)
(It feels good…I feel it…. Nooo…)

It was a strange sensation. Fellatio is something done by a woman to give pleasure unilaterally to a man and let a woman obtain mental pleasure. It is completely different in this case with Kenichi, the more they do the fellatio, the more pleasure they feel. Therefore, Rika and Ryoko are pursuing their own pleasure instead of giving it to Kenichi.

(I want to suck…aaa…I want it…)

Both nurses fill their mouth with the penis and let it rub against the upper jaw and the cheeks to obtain pleasure. However, they want to suck it deeper into their throat.

“Aaaa! There…there…is not good!!”

On the other hand, Misao dressed in torn stockings and wearing her pink nurse clothes is straddling over Kenichi´s face to let him taste her secret place. She endures it desperately by grabbing the bed end and holding her mouth closed with the other hand to not raise a big voice in the ward at midnight.

“Hiiii!! Aaaa…”

But Kenichi´s tongue sneaked from the side of her pink design panty inside and licked the honey juice directly, so that Misao can’t suppress her voice of pleasure. Her crotch is smelling because she has worked a lot today so that a thick female smell drifts and stimulates Kenichi´s abnormal desire.

“Ahiii! Aaaahuuuu!”

Misao who is soon getting married can’t drown to the pleasure as she still resists Kenichi´s unbelievable technique.

(Why…. Why…)

She reaches climax when the tongue entered inside her vagina hole and love juice with a high viscosity is spitted out. The sexual desire springing from the interior of her body became so sensitive that it was abnormal and she wanted to devour more pleasure. It is a greater pleasure than with her gentle fiancee and the guilt is frosted rapidly with reason. No, the feeling of guilt becomes the spice which adds to the pleasure.

“Hey, I’ll put it in, so straddle over me…”
“But… but, doing such a thing, your wound…”

Kenichi was tormented by the sense of hunger now and ordered Misao to have sex with him but she was still a bit hesistant. The reason for that is that Kenichi has undergone a big operation in this hospital today. It is not amusing even in the state of absolute rest now if you think by common sense.

“It’s fine, so straddle over me”

Power left Misao´s body at once and her reason was numbed. The big nurse shifts her body as it is and presses the tip against the greatly opened mouth after she took the penis from Rika and Ryoko.

“Yes…. Like this…”

It is abnormal to have sex with a patient in the ward at midnight and two colleagues are staring how her shameful part is devoured. But the inner desires disappears and the spice called immorality spread more and more.

“Such a big one …”
“Aah, don’t look…. Aaaaa!!!”

Contrary to her lines, Misao moves her hips boldly and invites Kenichi´s strong colt to her honey jar. The love juice helps when Misao put her weight down and swallowed the penis.


This busty nurse was made to be in estrus with magic to be satisfied by the pleasure given by Kenichi from the beginning. Misao drowns in the rich pleasure which can never be obtained by her fiance and spills a lot of love liquid.


Her slender neck fall behind. This beauty of a nurse is burnt by the flame of ecstasy and her whole body has convulsions. Something like a white mist rises from her body and is sucked into Kenichi´s body before long.

Tasting the tightening of Misao, Kenichi absorbs her energy hungrily. Because the energy which had been accumulated had been used for the treatment of the injury, the present Kenichi has almost no energy left.


The energy taken from Misao is immediately sucked into his body like a water storm. At the same time, vitality rises in his body and the brain begins to rotate rapidly. Moreover power springs up from the interior of his body.

(More…. More…more…)

Although a minimal repair was made, the damage on his body and internal organs is still large and needs more biological energy to fully heal. The Inma demands Kenichi to steal more energy from the girls in front of him.

“Hey, you go up to bed too”
“…Nooo…it’s embarrassing…”

The slender, beautiful nurse Rika rises as being manipulated and lifts her skirt up like Misao a little while ago and with a red face she straddles over Kenichi´s face as ordered.

“Aaa…do, don’t look so close…”

Kenichi tears her white stockings in front of her eyes and moves the beige panty aside, before he applies his face against her crotch


Her wet pussy is licked and Rika also release a large amount of energy together with hot love fluids. It becomes a white mist and is absorbed by Kenichi immediately.

(More…. More…more…)

Kenichi´s lower part is occupied by Misao and Rika has his mouth as he sips and drinks her dense and shameful juice.



The orgy with the three nurses until the morning caused surprisement to the doctor in charge who came to Kenichi in the morning.

“I can not believe that, in spite of the fact that there are no scars of the knife anywhere, the damage to your organs has already recovered completely”

While looking at the image of the X-ray and ultrasound diagnosis, the doctor who took a large gauze of the side confirmed that the scar of the stab wound has healed and let him shake his head out of shock.

“Then I can leave the hospital, right?”

When Kenichi asks, the tall doctor spit out a sigh.

“I don’t know…. Anyway, as long as we believe in the equipment, you´re in a healthy state…”

Normally Kenichi should be hospitalized for one month, but there is nothing the doctor can do for a patient who no longer needs treatment. The tall doctor looks at Kenichi who sits in front of him again and feels horror and curiosity for the recovery power of that man.

“By the way…”

While wearing pajamas, Kenichi asks casually.

“What is?”
“You’re getting married soon, right?”
“Who told you that? Ah, Misao……no, Nakano-kun”

The doctor scratches his head and is embarrassed.

“I envy you that you can marry such a beautiful woman”
“No, that…”

The handsome doctor responds in a altogether tone while being shy a little. His face shows that he is really happy.

While looking at the face of such a doctor, Kenichi recalls the silliness that Misao showed in his bed in the morning and grind. The busty nurse fainted around 1 o’clock, opened her eyes again around 2 o’clock and was raped in doggy style at 3 o’clock as she begged for Kenichi´s ejaculation.

The beautiful nurse who went mad from the lust was able to move her hips strongly at a altitude to make it easy for Kenichi to penetrate her from below.

Not able to endure the temptation of such an Misao, Kenichi grabbed her big milks from behind and poured plenty of his seeds into the cervix of Misao as he has his anus licked by Rika and he tongue kissed Ryoko. The beautiful woman who went mad out of lust had no reason left behind and accepted Kenichi´s semen into her womb on a dangerous day.

The three pretty nurses who finished their night shift went home while feeling dizzy and having a lot of semen poured inside their wombs. The semen which has an addictive like narcotic is poured into their wombs and let them become new slaves who are obedient meat slave who dedicates their minds and bodies anywhere at anytime whenever Kenichi requested.

(I’ll fully embrace her until the wedding ceremony, so I’ll do the work for you…)

Misao, Rika and Ryoko who are looking forward to meet Kenichi again have changed their contact details with him. This doctor who is Misao´s fiance never notices Kenichi´s wicked laughter.


When the doctor goes out, a lovely and beautiful girl with an innocent face entered the sickroom. No, strictly speaking she is not a beautiful girl. Her age is 27 and she is a full-fledged adult beauty.

When that beautiful woman opens the door without a sound, she slips inside the sickroom and came near the bed. Kenichi, who had been aware of her though the black wave by the time she came here, isn’t surprised seeing Masako Muto who suddenly appeared.

“You’ve completely recovered already…. I asked the nurse outside”

Masako stares at Kenichi with hot eyes. In her face you can see, that she confirmed the appearance of her resurrected master and her expression is a mixture of relief and rapture. She found Kenichi laying on the street with a knife stuck in his belly, so she was panicking with despair and fear just a few hours ago.

You found me and carried me here”
“Yes…. I’m sorry that I was not able to protect you…”

Masako is a former member of “SHADO” who fell to the dark side becoming a sex slave of Kenichi and supports him from the shadow with Arisa and Noriko.

“What about Noriko and Arisa?”
“Noriko is here too, she is talking to the people of the hospital. It was good that there were not many witnesses at midnight”

Kenichi was stabbed by a knife, but it shouldn’t be found out by the police. Fortunately, there were no witnesses on the street of late midnight and this matter isn’t something big that someone from the hospital will contact the police. Noriko who is good at hypnosis is going to replace their memories of this case.

“Arisa-chan remains in the apartment and is searching for the perpetrator…. It seems that she is hacking thoroughly whether there is no image of a security camera that photographed the scene”

Masako gradually changes her expression while explaining. It is not analogy like Pavlov’s dog, but red lust dominates her whole body like the condition reflection because she is under the influence of Kenichi´s wave. Masako´s body is already emitting a pink aura.


Masako who is completely in estrus emits a strong female fragrance from her body as she hugs Kenichi who is laying in a white, clean bed. It becomes a deep kissing immediately and tongues are exchanged excitedly.

Masako´s body with moderately meat is plump and it is comfortable to to touch her chest which lifted up her lovely pink blouse. This ripe body is embraced in Kenichi´s arms.


“Aaa! Masako-chan is sly!!”
“…Because, I supply energy to Kenichi-sama, I won’t give it to you…. Aaa…I feel it there…not good…”

When Noriko who finished the concealment work came to the sickroom, Masako already sucked on Kenichi´s dick in the sixty-nine position wearing clothes, giving her crotch that appeared from below her mini flared skirt to her beloved Kenichi. Her expression is full of joy to serve Kenichi´s genitals and it also has the colors of delight and lust on it.

“Aah…. Inma-samaa…”

There is a bat-like black bruise on Kenichi´s penis that became black because it bathed in the love juice of many beauties. The former “SHADO” member who knew the meaning of the scar which is the source of Kenichi´s magic squeezes the whole erection slowly by her hand and caress it many times with her tongue.

“Aah…aaaa! Cumm!! Again, I´m cummmingg!!”

Masako has already reached the top many times while licking the shameful dick. When white mist appears from her body, it becomes a whirlpool and it drifts for a while, before it is sucked into Kenichi´s body. At that moment, a black bat can be confirmed by her misted eyes and it shakes as if it is alive.

“Me too…me too…”

Noriko with her huge bust stretches her tongue out and then traces the surface of the lumpy meat stalk. Her face draw close from the opposite side than Masako who is in the sixty-nine position and smears her saliva on the dick. While pressing her big and soft J cup milks against his thigh, Noriko started to lick the scrotum and the lower part of the root.

(Who is the enemy…. But, for the time being, I need to recover…)

Enjoying the double fellatio that these two beauties do, Kenichi stares into the void with his red eyes. The sky in Tokyo is full of black energy and it flows like a black river. It can’t be seen by normal people and the evil power transforms humans who have darkness in their hearts at the same time as giving vigor to those who are lewd.

The existence which cant use magic which is called half-devil increases steadily, because of the evil energy in this metropolis and continues causing events by using magic. In addition, a general person is possessed by an evil mental body and seems to have become a devil host by the momentum which has not been up to now. It would be great for SHADO to be forced to respond to the response and to relax their watchful eyes on Kenichi.

“Aaa…mou…I can not take it anymore…”

Masako can’t endure her desire anymore. She swallows Kenichi´s dick from the side of her favorite pink frilly panty into her wet and burning vagina.


The vagina hole opened its mouth greatly and swallowed the meat harpoon. The giant glans is gradually disappearing into the narrow vagina by being pushed inside mercilessly. Even though there is mucus liquid overflowing from the inside, it does not enter so easily because its size is too big.


Her pussy is completely rubbed by Kenichi´s son and honey juice is overflowing because the mouth can’t shut off. The cowgirl is Masako’s favorite position though it doesn’t suit her pretty face. The stimulation that is carried out is enough narcotic pleasure to make all be thrown away.


Eventually, when her weight is lowered, her brain was glowing and popped like popcorn in a microwave. It vanished from her consciousness that this is a hospital in daytime now and Masako is totally ruled by Kenichi´s penis which penetrates her body from the bottom.

“As usual it’s good…tangling completely…”
“Aaaa…inside…inside is feeling good…”

Kenichi squints his eyes to Masako’s delicious pussy. Because the magic sperm has been poured into her womb many times up to now, the inside is changed to the best genital which is possible now. It is like another living being that twines around the intruder which came inside as if it about to finish its prey off. It is moving so lewdly as it demands semen firmly.

“Aaah…. Touch my boobs…”

On the upper body, Noriko is clinging to her beloved master while pressing her big breasts against him. Noriko only offers her body to Kenichi only and many men who adore her are ignored coldly.

“As usual, you have huge tits…”
“Aah…. Because Kenichi-sama touches them a lot, it looks like they got bigger again…. J-cup got too tight…”

Noriko giggles while watching Kenichi indulge into her boobs with glistening eyes. By the influence of the demon sperm her terrible body has evolved to an even more heinous body.

The gap has tremendous destructive power because her originally huge breasts grow further, while her body remained being slender. A line that goes from the chest that protrudes forward against gravity to a surprisingly slender waist. In addition, it continues to the hips which are plump and from there, it goes down to her long, slender legs. Because Noriko is wearing a thin summer sweater which stuck to her body perfectly, the bombshell line is understood clearly.


As all the men who know Noriko want to do so, Kenichi is the only one who can put his hands inside from the hem of the sweater with the purpose to massage her great tits from the top of the bra. A huge bust that can not be carried with one hand is wonderful and the youthful elasticity is a representation and it is plentiful in the hands. Many men can’t keep their eyes away when they see Noriko´s gigantic chest.


Noriko is intoxicated with a pleasure current that is running through her back because of an light climax that devours her ripe body and she closes her beautiful eyes. The white mist like energy comes out from her body and is absorbed by Kenichi greedily.

(Not yet…more…)

His own voice or the devil in his body? No, it’s not important anymore. Kenichi and the Inma have already fused together and they are now one. His desire is the devil’s desire and the devil´s joy is his joy.

“Ohoooooo!! Agaaaaiinnnn…again, cuuummmiiinnnggg!!”
“I also…I also…aaaaa!!!”

The black bat bruise responds to the sexual energy absorbed from Masako and Noriko. There is no sound and the black wave spreads to the concentric circle and it comes to pierce the wall in the sickroom before long and to wrap the entire hospital before long.

There are more than 100 nurses and female clerks working in the medium-sized general hospital. Kenichi finds beautiful and attractive nurses and clerks with the wave radar and look at them while sucking the sweet tongue of Noriko.

(I guess I’ll eat 5 or 6 more people…)

Kenichi confirms the contents of each person’s clothes with the black wave. The wounded Kenichi gradually regains his power in the sickroom at daytime while being on the search of new beautiful women.

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