Inma no Hado chapter 222

Inma no Hado chapter 222: Fiance in the toilet



An obscene sound of water is echoing in a small private room. A pink nurse’s hat shakes with the sound and a black big meat spear moves in and out of her red lips. It seems to enjoy the hot mouth of this good-looking nurse out of the situation

The negative energy swirling over the city isn’t visible to ordinary people. As the magical power of it is increasing, its flow is getting fiercer day by day. And as agreeing with it, the number of people who fuse with a devil continues to increase.

(Usami as well…)

A man who was the former principal at the academy where Kenichi works. He robbed his mistress, wife and daughter and let him become a rape criminal. But when they met again he fused with an devil like Kenichi and appeared as a terrible being able to use magical powers. Perhaps the black thought that cursed and hated Kenichi had attracted a evil spirit body.

(It would have been dangerous…if “that” didn’t happen…)

Kenichi doesn’t really remember what happened to him at that time. In his memory that remained a little, a huge amount of power came up and he crushed the enemy in front of them. He overflowed with a huge force of overwhelming power. According to Arisa’s reasoning, it probably was the perfect wave resonance.

Junko Yoshikawa and Yuki Yamaoka are dedicating both body and mind to Kenichi. Evil sperm was poured many times into their wombs and they were exposed to his wave for a long time, so their waves pattern now have a high affinity with Kenichi, making it very easy to resonate. It is a conclusion that they were able to cause the perfect wave resonance by their nearness. In other words, if they were not there then, Kenichi would have been killed by Usami this time. When he thinks about it, cold sweat runs down on his back.

“Muuhuuuuuuu…. Aaa…this…this, really…amazing…”

Misao´s mouth might be tired. She vomits a sigh, but she still crawls her tongue around the surface of Kenichi´s dick and gently licks the tip. The tongue carefully slipped around the overhanging geese and the points that Kenichi feels are stimulated. It is likely that Misao have been trained by a previous man, but it is a technique enough to pass as a manners and customs. This big breast nurse who has a pretty face seems to have abundant experience which is unknown to her fiance.

“Where did you learn that? You´re much better than prostitutes. If your fiance know that you are such a lewd woman, he may cancel your engagement”
“Nooo, don’t say that… ”

Being embarrassed, the obscene movement of the tongue and fingers don’t stop even if it is said so. Misao is influenced by the Inma magic, so she changes into a lewd woman as if you switched a button.

While using her tongue inside her dent mouth, Misao sucks the penis and make a obscene sound.

“You have a face that seems to be innocent. Does your fiance know that you like sucking so much?”
Nooo…don’t say such a mean thing…”

It was surprising for the men who went out with Misao that she is a great service lover. While caressing a huge pillar that is as big as his face, she looks up to appeal with wet eyes. Her fingers sticking to the root and spreading the saliva evenly.

“…Aaah…already…already, please…”

To be driven by the desires rising from her body, the good looking nurse calls for the intercourse with a hot voice. It doesn’t become a deterrent power to her head which became hot that she is in the men’s restroom in the hospital where she works and that the other party is a hospitalized patient.


Misao can’t endure anymore and wants this terrific mass in her womb while giving a blowjob. That day. That night. She is violated all night and she has memorized the pleasure not obtainable by another man. The joy of a woman until it is unreasonable has been carved into her greedy body. She didn’t know that something like that existed. But it’s too late. She already knows it.

“This…this, please give it to me…please…”
“You are ok with raw?”
“No! It is not good…it’s not good, because at the end you ejaculate inside…”

In the end, she allows raw sex which she has never let her fiancé do. The busty nurse with a lovely face and slight drooping eyes was greedy for sexual pleasure as she tends to be a woman with a stressful work. Kenichi smiles with a grin and makes Misao stand towards the wall, before he draws her plump hips near. When he rolled out her thin pink nurse clothing, white stockings emerge that wrap up her pecked hips.


When Kenichi tears it apart with force, the ruffling nylon sound and the scream of Misao rise at the same time. The masochistic busty nurse is excited from the rough treatment different from her fiancé, as her face turned red and she breathed out a hot breath. Kenichi holds his penis and checks the position and penetrates from the side of the pink panty in a stroke.

“Ahiiiiiiii!!! Aaaaaaaa!!!”
“Hey hey…your voice is great…”

Misao released a high-pitched voice. While biting her mouth with a bitter smile, Kenichi gradually breakthrough with his son and splits her vaginal mucosa, before he let Misao taste a good taste of heaven. Misao´s pussy is clinging to the invader strongly and the huge tip repeats moving back and forth, but surely gets inside. After that it pushed through to the far end and there was no beautiful nurse who was raised in sexiness by magical power.

“Hiiiii!! Cummmiiinnnggg!!”

Misao sexually reaches an orgasmus and sex energy rises from her body. It looks like a white fog from Kenichi´s eyes and it drifts for a while before it is sucked into his body. The energy goes around the body and eventually becomes a small ball and it is sucked into the black bruise on the penis.


Kenichi got what he was looking for and he breathes deeply. Because he used a lot of force to cure the tissues of his body, his biological energy is in a state of chaos.

(But how do we avoid SHADO’s pursuit in the future?)

Gaining energy, his thinking becomes smooth. Burying a long arc in the womb of this beauty nurse, Kenichi makes some thoughts while enjoying the tightening inside.

Kenichi completely exposed his identity to Reiko Arisawa. After all he fought equally with a devil host and invoked perfect wave resonance in front of her eyes. It is because Reiko escaped from the scene by the astonishing fact and remembered fear at the same time.

(How will they emerge? Will it start soon?)

He doesn’t know whether Reiko would confess the past history honestly to the members of “SHADO” or thinking of any excuses. If she want to notify other members that Kenichi is a devil host, she has to explain why she knew it and inevitably need to explain that she was at the scene at that time. Why early in the morning was she at such a place, why was Reiko who was a married wife accompanying an devil.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! There! There…deep! Aaa…inside…inside…unbearable…”

While scraping the vaginal meat that wrapped around his penis, Kenichi rubs her huge breast with his hands that turned forward. Piercing the womb that came down seeking children, Misao desperately struggles as she desperately tries to hide her voice. The preeminent inside which Kenichi also tasted last time. The beautiful nurse, whose roots are lustrous, slowly pulls pleasure from herself by slowly moving.

(But there is not much time…)

It is difficult to believe that Reiko will remain silent this way. She clearly knows who the devil king who is the enemy of mankind is. Honestly confessing it, making reasons reasonably, in any case she will tell her subordinates who is the devil king and will start to erase him. She knows Kenichi´s face clearly, so even if he uses pseudonyms it will hardly be deterrent.

(What to do now…)

Kenichi has two measures. Does he flee or fight?

However, even if he escapes, the opponent is an international institution and a professional investigator. Even if he leaves the country, he will be chased forever and ever.

(That means, there is only fighting…)

Sooner or later, they will fight somewhere. However, the opponent is an expert on capturing and erasing devil hosts and are equipped with equipment and weapons to invalidate magic power. If they are truly fighting, there is no chance of winning for Kenichi.

In Arisa’s report, there has been no noticeable movements since yesterday. Beyond the strong security system of “SHADO”, that genius beauty still grasps the trend by hacking even now. If the other party takes action against Kenichi, she should be able to recognize the movement instantaneously.

(Now, what to do…. Well, in any case, if I don’t fully regain the power that I lost, I will not be able to defend myself…)

There is no problem even if he thinks about it forever. So Kenichi concludes that he will taste the treats in front of him.

“…Aaaa…amazing…. This, since I know this, I can’t go back…. Aaaa…again…again, I´m cummingg!!!”

When the thick vagina meat solves its tightness because of the climax, it wriggles to wrap the invader up again. Enjoying the outstanding tightening and friction, Kenichi stimulates it to muzzles the cervix which opened the mouth with the tip.

At the same time, the huge breasts that won’t fit in his palms are squeezed from the top of the pink lace bra.

“Aaaaa!! There! There!!! Aaa! Aa!! Aaaa!!!!”

Misao who ran up to a rainbow-colored ecstasy wriggle her body which was twitching before emitting a high voice. The sex energy emitted from her body is absorbed again and Kenichi keeps occupying the inside without mercy when having her thin waist in one hand.

“Hoooooo!!! Aaaaa!!! Hiiiiiii!!!”

In the deepest part that is never physically reached, the devil’s penis invades with its huge tip calmly and let the sexual feeling of this beautiful nurse explode.

Holding out her buttocks in a private room of the men’s toilet, Misao drowned in sex with another man than her fiance. Then. At the same time as voices approached, someone came into the bathroom with the sound of the door opening. The voice of a man who laughed echoes.


Misao who makes her body become stiff in a moment swallows her voice that was leaking desperately. Snuggling to the back, she tries not to make any noise while enduring the feeling that springs up from her lower part. Anyway, this is the men’s restroom, and if she is found out, it will become a fuss.

“It’s about time soon, right doctor? Was your marriage early next month?”
“Ah, yes”
“I envy you. Nakano-san s a nurse who is famous for her beauty in this hospital. It is really enviable that you are able to marry such a beautiful woman…”

While being violated from behind, Misao holds her breath. Having entered this restroom now was the elite surgeon who was her fiance and the doctor in charge of Kenichi.

“Where is your honeymoon?”
“Yes. With her hopes, I thought of going to Italy or Spain”
“Hohou…. If it was this season, then it is just right”

Apparently, the other party is another doctor. They are talking about the marriage of Misao and the surgeon while adding their line of side. Listening to such a story, Misao who was full of excitement until a little while ago was instantly dispersed and remained stiff.

She is trying to do two things somehow, even her breath is hide.

However, as if ridiculing such frustration and anxiety, when the penis that entered her womb pulsed, that slight movement stimulated the innermost part which is a weak point slightly.


Misao is holding her mouth in a hurry and swallows her scream. Listening to the situation for a while, but apparently the two doctors did not hear it. She looks angry and Misao shakes her head to the right and left while looking back at Kenichi with a crying expression. But when the demon in his pajamas shows a wicked smile, he slowly starts moving his hips again.

“Yaaa…!! Stopp…!!! Hauuuu!!!”

Ignoring the small protest, Kenichi slowly reaches the tip of the depth and thrust the points of pleasure mercilessly.


Misao appeals while shaking her face to the left and right violently. Trying to escape from this situation desperately she suppresses the voice that seems to leak and despite being restrained firmly and not being able to produce loud noises, there is nothing she can do about it.


Her body becomes stiff again and sparks are scattered in front of her eyes and a voice leaks out unexpectedly. Her body which changed shame and fear that may be found ironically and the masochist’s blood into pleasure and the pleasure nerves become easier to feel it than ever. To that evidence her secret place further contracted and squeezed out the penis, so that her long legs are shaking faintly and are about to collapse at any moment.

“Did you hear something?”

At that time, a voice is heard from the outside. Misao froze.

“…No, nothing in particular…”

The other doctor raised a doubt, but fortunately Misao´s fiance, the surgeon, didnt seem to have heard it. But Misao, of course, doesnt live comfortably and emits cold sweats severely throughout her body. It is reasonable because she is having sex with Kenichi just a few meters away from her fiancee who she will be marrying soon.

Her honey pot that clenched the penis in her womb as it binds so as not to move. Even though it is simple inside, it is desperate now and she further squeezes it. The huge and hot meat pillar entangles like a carnivorous beast without teeth.

“Please…dont move as it is…”

Misao begs to the back again. Of course evil Kenichi ignores the wish of such a beautiful woman and slowly but brutally moves his waist and rubs the mucosa.


The hand which gripped the waist is extended and Kenichi hugged Misao´s resisting body and Kenichi further pushed inside by using his waist. He rubs the mucous membranes that became sensitive and the stimulation raises a explosively lust inside Misao. While massaging her big breasts from the top of the bra with his hands, he bite into her white neck. The pain became a catalyst and the pleasure which had been endured spread at a dash.


The pretty nurse isn’t able to endure this time and leaked a high voice involuntarily.

“This time you heard something, didn’t you?”
“Yes, but it sounded like a woman’s voice…”

The two doctors who had finished and washed their hands in line, look back and confirm the voice. Seeing that the back of three private rooms are closed, they looked troubled instinctively.

(In such a place…no way…a patient?)

They feel like they heard a woman’s voice. But in the daytime hospital and in the men’s restroom, the two people who are unable to think that such a thing is happening are wondering what to do as they say.


In one of the three private rooms Misao who was fucked from behind raised a melancholy voice while her mouth was being blocked with a kiss. No, now she is desperately trying to push her lips on Kenichi´s lips on her own, as to stop that her voice leaks out.

(N, No!! No!! Aaaa!!)

Her vagina is tightened by fear and tension, which ironically creates more pleasure thanks to that. The magma named climax rapidly rushes around in Misao´s body seeking an exit and increases the pressure dreadfully. It seems to blow off a heavy lid called reason like the water vapor which has been sealed.

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